Zhou Zhou hung the Sword Of New Dimension Creation back on his waist and looked at the Spiritual Venerable Lords.

After watching for a while, "He" couldn't help but click his tongue in wonder.

Even though these Spirit Race beings were not as noble as the Original Spirit Race in terms of bloodline,

"They" were equivalent to the Mountain God, River God, and other God Spirits.

In the future, at the very least, "They" would become God Spirits.

He did not think too much about it and casually asked, "Have you seen the Shepherds God Race?"

"He" planned to use his last Incite Defection attempt today on the Shepherds God Race.

Such a high-level bloodline race ranked in the top three of the Heavens also existed under "Him."

"The Shepherds God Race…"

The Spiritual Venerable Lord looked at the Earth Spirit behind him, which was made of fragrant soil. "He" looked a little old. It was unknown how long "He" had existed before such a Spirit was born. "Lord Earthfall, can you check where the Shepherds God Race is now?"

"I'll try."

Lord Earthfall nodded kindly. Then, he lay down and said a few words in the language of the Spirit Race to the ground. The gist of it was to ask about the existence of the Shepherds God Race.

After asking, "He" pressed his ear to the ground and began to listen.

A moment later…

"He" stood up and said to the Spiritual Venerable Lord,

"The hazy Earth Consciousness of this Divine Domain tells me that the Shepherds God Race left not long ago."

"Their departure coincided with Your Excellency's arrival at this battlefield."

Stunned, the Spiritual Venerable Lord looked at Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou looked at Lord Earthfall for a while before slowly nodding.

As a Regal, "He" could easily see through the thoughts of non-God Spirits.

Therefore, "He" could tell that this Lord Earthfall wasn't lying to him.

"He actually ran away."

"That's wise."

Zhou Zhou felt a little regretful.

It seemed like he would not be able to obtain the Shepherds God Race members this time.

"His" gaze landed on the Spiritual Venerable Lord and the Myriad Spirit Race behind "He" again. Then, "He" smiled and said,

"I'll give you a chance to attack me. Otherwise, you won't be convinced if you hand over the Spiritual Maiden."

They were stunned for a moment before quickly shaking their heads.

"We're not unconvinced. We're willing to hand over the Spiritual Maiden. Moreover, we sincerely feel that the Spiritual Maiden will have a brighter future by Your Excellency's side than by our side."

At the end of his speech, apart from the Spiritual Venerable Lords, everyone else was envious.

That was a complete spirit of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts!

This had already far surpassed them.

Even Spiritual Venerable Lords were on par with him.

"Just do as I say. I don't want to say it a third time."

Zhou Zhou said calmly.

Their hearts trembled.

Even though they did not know what His Excellency's intentions were, they could only follow His Excellency's request.

"Pardon me, Your Excellency."

The Spiritual Venerable Lord said respectfully and then ordered in a deep voice.

"Attack His Excellency with all your might. Don't hold back!"

"Yes!" They chorused.

Then, all kinds of colorful nomological powers attacked Zhou Zhou.

Law Skill—Myriad Mountains, Law Skill—Heavenly River Waterfall, Law Skill—Meteor Fire, Law Skill—Layered Waves…

The Spiritual Venerable Lord watched as dozens of Law Skills shot towards Zhou Zhou. He calmly raised his right palm and waved it gently. A seven-colored light swept past Zhou Zhou.

Law Skill—Lose Spirituality!

This kind of Law Skill could make a life form lose its spirituality, causing it to fall into a dead state and be at the mercy of others. Even Law Skills would lose their spirituality and power. This was a Spiritual Venerable Lord's specialty.

The Spiritual Venerable Lord had done a lot of cross-ranking battles and had even severely injured a God Spirit with this Law Skill.

Moreover, the Spiritual Venerable Lord back then was only at Epic-Tier Advance Grade.

The Spiritual Venerable Lord, who was now at Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade, was confident that he could temporarily make Mid-Tier Deity-levels lose themselves after using this Law Skill.

Not to mention Zhou Zhou, who was only at Legendary-Tier Advance Grade.

Facing the attacks of the Myriad Spirit Race,

Zhou Zhou's expression did not change as he quietly watched these attacks shoot towards him.

Just as the Myriad Spirit Race members were looking forward to it and feeling nervous…

These attacks didn't seem to hit anything. They passed through Zhou Zhou's body without injuring him at all.

"He" was still standing quietly in the sky, as if nothing had happened.

"How can this be?"

The Myriad Spirit Race members widened their eyes and looked at this scene in disbelief.

After the initial shock, the Spiritual Venerable Lord immediately used "His" spiritual perception to carefully sense Zhou Zhou's surroundings.

After a moment, "He" could barely make out a few details.

There seemed to be an invisible space-time barrier around this Excellency.

It was this space-time barrier that isolated Common People's Regal from "Their" attacks, making it seem like "Their" attacks did not hit Zhou Zhou.

Indeed, it did not hit the target.

How could "Their" attacks injure Zhou Zhou when they were in two completely different spacetimes?

Unless "He" had clansmen who were involved in the Law of Space or the Law of Time, they wouldn't be able to affect Zhou Zhou at all.

"So His Majesty has been invincible for a long time."

The Spiritual Venerable Lord smiled bitterly.

Zhou Zhou's expression was calm and he did not speak.

This group of Myriad Spirit Race beings was indeed very weak.

They could not even break the most basic ability of "His" the Sword Of New Dimension Creation—Spatiotemporal Region, not to mention injuring "Him".

But then again, his Sword Of New Dimension Creation seemed to have improved after absorbing the Spiritual Maiden as the source of the world and starting to evolve earth, water, wind, and fire to create the Chaotic World.

When this chaotic world opened up by the Sword Of New Dimension Creation evolved into a Middle World in the future, it should be able to advance to a True God-Tier Advance Grade divine artifact!

If it was upgraded to the Boundless Universe, it even had a chance of upgrading to a Master God-Tier divine artifact!

Looking at it this way…

The potential of this Sword Of New Dimension Creation was actually not inferior to "His" Universe Destroying Blade at all.

He didn't think too much about this.

"He" looked at the text notification that appeared in front of him.

[Prompt: You have activated your Lord exclusive talent, Incite Defection!]

[Incite Defection has taken effect!]

[Lord Talent Notification: A total of 12 White Platinum-Tier Myriad Spirit Race members, three Diamond-Tier Myriad Spirit Race members, and one Extraordinary-Tier Myriad Spirit Race member have betrayed their overlord faction and become your loyal subordinates!]

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

"He" deliberately let this group of Myriad Spirit Race members attack him just for this Incite Defection.

16 members of the Myriad Spirit Race. Not bad at all.

"He" took one last look at "Them" and didn't say a word. "He" turned around and left.

Seeing this Your Excellency leave, the Myriad Spirit Race members heaved a sigh of relief.

"Your Excellency Common People's Regal is giving us too much pressure."

Gao Feng said with lingering fear.

"He has become a Regal after all. He can also kill three True God-Tiers as a lesser god. It's no wonder that such an existence gives us a lot of pressure." Another Myriad Spirit Race member said.

"Sigh, even the Shepherds God Race has been scared away. It's already not bad that we didn't immediately escape facing this Excellency." The other Myriad Spirit Race member comforted himself.

The other Myriad Spirit Race members also began to discuss this lord.

"Is the position of Lord of All Races in this Lord of All Races Contest going to fall into this person's hands?" Lord Earthfall muttered as he watched Zhou Zhou leave.