Zhou Zhou looked at the God Spirits who had chosen to surrender to "Him".

There were a total of 19 of them.

Among them, there were three High-Tier Deity-levels, five Mid-Tier Deity-levels, and 11 Low-Tier Deity-levels.

At this moment, they were all suppressed by the Divine Battlefield here and had only recovered their Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade strength.

Zhou Zhou waved his right hand, and an invisible Lord law gently brushed past "Them". Then, these God Spirits were suddenly pleasantly surprised to discover that the power of the domain that had been suppressing "Them" previously had quickly disappeared like melting snow.

<nulli>Boom boom boom boom boom boom…

A shocking aura erupted from their bodies, and they had already recovered their original strength.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!"

The God Spirits said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded, then counted with his fingers and muttered, "I don't think I can make it in time."

"Then let's try this ability."

Zhou Zhou closed his eyes and sat cross-legged in the void.

The God Spirits did not say anything when they saw this. Even though they did not know what had happened, they still consciously protected their new Master God.

At the same time, in the territory of the Human Race—Knight Empire.

The Virtuous Titan City.

The Virtuous Titan Race was originally the base of the Virtuous Titan Race.

This was originally a savage human Tribe. Later on, when the upper echelons of the human race discovered that the Virtuous Titan Race was talented and even had the potential to become empire-level soldier type, they spent a large amount of resources to forcibly transform this Tribe into a huge city ranked amongst the top 10 of the human race.

The Virtuous Titan Race did not let down the human race's investment.

The empire-level soldier type—Army Extermination Knight and the empire-level soldier type—Fire Dragon Sword Immortal—could be said to be the twin walls of the human race and had protected the human race for countless years.

Even though they had suffered countless casualties because of this, the races where these two soldier types were from had always been willing to fight for the human race without any regrets.

This situation only quickly eased after Zhou Zhou exported two billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificates to the human race.

The Class Change Certificate could allow an ordinary close combat soldier type to directly become a powerful high-level soldier type after less than a second of use after all.

Therefore, after the humans obtained the two billion Empire-level soldier type Class Change Certificate, they directly summoned two billion human soldiers to use it, making them two billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers.

Compared to the 100 million Army Extermination Knights and Fire Dragon Sword Immortal,

Two billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers was a number that humans did not even dare to think about in the past.

Their participation directly increased the strength of the human race by several times!

It even made the upper echelons of the human race, who had originally planned to retreat to the Primordial World, a little hot-blooded and want to stay and protect the territory of the human race.

It was only when the Yellow Emperor and the others stepped forward to dissuade them, indicating that the enemy was very powerful and not something that two billion imperial-level soldier types could deal with, that they reluctantly agreed to continue retreating into the Primordial World's racial strategy.

At this moment, the entire Virtuous Titan City was in flames of war.

Five different races led more than five billion soldiers to besiege this huge city.

At this moment, there were only 800 million Blazing Sun Army soldiers led by Haros, three Extreme Dragon Race soldiers, Nezario, more than 50 million fog monster soldiers, more than one million Army Extermination Knights, more than 20 million Virtuous Titan Race soldiers, and more than 50 million ordinary human soldiers in the city.

Even though the human side's troops were far inferior to the enemy's soldiers, what made the ordinary Human Subjects watching the battle feel unbelievable and pleasantly surprised was that their Human soldiers were actually suppressing the five soldiers of the people of foreign races.

In front of the 800 million soldiers of the Blazing Sun Army, the five billion soldiers of the people of foreign races did not seem to be able to resist at all.

In fact, they were crushing them!

This was an absolute direct suppression in terms of the combat strength of the soldier type!

"As expected of Councilor Blazing Sun's soldier. His combat strength is simply breathtaking!"

"The Yin Ghost Clan, the Luosha Clan, the Blood Moon Clan, the Heaven Hidden Clan, and the Shadow Clan! These five races have always been eyeing us humans covetously. This time, they really took advantage of the Human Clan's weak period to attack us. Hahahaha… Who would have thought that they would encounter our Speaker Blazing Sun!"

"Even though there aren't many empire-level soldiers in the other party's army, which is one of the reasons why the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom have such a huge advantage, the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom seem to be very strong."

"I can also tell that the Army Extermination Knight of the Virtuous Titan Race seems to be far inferior to the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Army, who also have imperial-level soldier types."

"That's called the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier! It's already the strongest soldier type of our human race."

"I heard that Speaker Blazing Sun provided a large number of 'Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificates' for our human race. His Excellency the Yellow Emperor even stipulated that anyone who has contributed to our human race and has the ambition to enter the battlefield to fight for us can exchange for a 'Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate' for free. I heard that many Virtuous Titan Race members have already given up on the path of the Army Extermination Knight in the future and are prepared to walk the path of the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier. My contributions should be enough. I want to exchange for another one too."

"Me too."

"Let's go together."

"It's a pity that my contribution isn't enough…"

The ordinary Subjects in Virtuous Titan City who were watching the battle discussed among themselves after seeing the intense battle on the battlefield.

The appearance of a large number of Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificates had too much of an impact on the human race.

Zhou Zhou had unknowingly established an extremely terrifying prestige in the human race and had also affected the future development of the human race.

At the same time, Yuan Cong was in a fierce battle with a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade God which suddenly threw out a black-purple thunder ball.

An extremely strong sense of danger suddenly appeared in Yuan Cong's heart.

Without thinking, "He" left the spot at an extremely fast speed. However, before "He" could run far, the black-purple thunder ball exploded. The range of the explosion covered an area with a diameter of more than three million kilometers. The violent explosion sent "He" flying to the ground.

"Haha." The High-Tier Deity-level God Spirit from the Yin Ghost Clan sneered when "He" saw this.

This Yin Ghost Thunder was a supreme secret treasure of their race, and it was extremely difficult to refine.

Not only did it require a large number of God-Tier materials, it also required a large amount of time and energy from the God Spirits to refine one.

Unfortunately, it could only be used once.

After using it, even if it was used up, it would have to find another Yin Ghost Clan God Spirit and continue to spend a lot of time and energy to refine it again.

However, even though there were many difficulties in refining this Yin Ghost Thunder,

"His" might was also extremely astonishing.

The explosive power of a Yin Ghost Thunder was comparable to the combined attack of three top-notch High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade experts.

The Yin Ghost Clan had existed for hundreds of thousands of years. With this powerful Yin Ghost Lightning, they had killed countless powerful enemies and survived countless genocides.

Therefore, when Yuan Cong was struck by the Yin Ghost Thunder, this High-Tier Deity-level God Spirit was certain that this powerful Blazing Sun Kingdom God Spirit was definitely dead.

However, "He" still felt a lingering fear when "He" thought of the combat strength "He" had just displayed.

Then, "He" couldn't help but curse,

"Are all the God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom so abnormal?"

"A Mid-Tier Deity-level battled with an old High-Tier Deity-level like me and actually made me unable to withstand it. I almost died and had no choice but to use the supreme secret treasure of my race."

"This is my life-saving treasure!"

"His" heart ached.

There would be one else every time he used one.

"He" only had two in total.

After this battle, in the next hundred years, "He" would probably have to spend all his time and energy on refining this Yin Ghost Thunder.

Just as "He" wanted to leave this place to deal with the other God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom…

"He" suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned his head abruptly. He held onto the huge area that was enveloped by the black-purple lightning.

These purple-black lightning bolts were normal for a second.

The next second, it was as if they had encountered a vortex as they crazily surged towards the ground.

Under the crazy suction of the vortex, not much of the black-purple lightning was left in less than a moment, revealing the two figures inside.

One of the figures was Yuan Cong.

There was an unfathomable pitch-black World Fissure in "His" palm. One could vaguely see a real world inside with billions of life forms.

The strange lightning created by the black-purple Yin Ghost Thunder was absorbed by this World Fissure.

And the other living being that survived behind "Him" was Princess Yu Ling, whom Zhou Zhou had not seen for a long time.

At this moment, the princess of the Knight Empire looked at the destruction around her with a shocked expression.