Yu Ling quickly came back to her senses and immediately bowed to Yuan Cong. She said solemnly and gratefully,

"Thank you for your help, Senior."

"You have the gratitude of Yu Ling, Princess of the Kingdom of Knights."

"A life as weak as an ant." Yuan Cong could not be bothered with her and said indifferently, "Don't thank me. I only saved your life because I knew that you knew our emperor."

"Hurry up and escape. I won't save you again."

With that…

"He" pointed casually at her glabella.

Yu Ling felt a large amount of Sword Dao knowledge surge into her brain as if she had been enlightened.

At this moment, Yu Ling instantly realized that with the help of this Blazing Sun Kingdom God Spirit expert, her comprehension of the Sword Dao had actually risen to a height infinitely close to the level of a God Spirit.

As long as she mastered these Sword Dao comprehensions and comprehended her Sword Dao nomological skill, she would definitely be able to advance to become a Sword Dao God Spirit with an extremely strong foundation.

Yu Ling was shocked.

What kind of technique was this?

"What you accept is only the sword technique comprehension of the legendary believers who cultivate the path of the Sword Dao and the Laws in my world."

"I gave it to you using a secret technique unique to the Original Spirit Race."

"You're making a fuss."

"Don't die on the run."

After saying that, Yuan Cong flew into the sky and fought with the shocked Yin Ghost Clan God Spirit again.


Yu Ling nodded and did not say anything stupid like 'I want to fight alongside you, Senior'. She turned around and was about to leave quickly.

Her self-awareness was clear.

The battlefield of this God Spirit senior was not something a legendary Advance Grade like her, who had relied on the treasures given by her father to forcefully advance, could step into.

If she dared to interfere even a little, she would definitely die a horrible death.

However, before she could run far, she heard a bang. A figure descended from the sky and smashed into the ground not far away, creating a huge pit with a diameter of ten thousand meters.

Then, a silver figure soared into the sky and floated in the sky. He looked at a place even higher with a solemn expression.

It was the Yuan Cong.

Yu Ling's expression changed and she hurriedly looked over. Then, her face immediately turned pale.

"This… Where did so many God Spirits come from!" Yu Ling cried out.

At some point in time, more than 20 God Spirits of the people of foreign races had appeared in the sky. They stared at the soldiers and God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom covetously. A portion of the God Spirits of the people of foreign races had intense hatred in their eyes, while the other God Spirits either looked indifferently or eagerly at the soldiers and God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

"Looks like we've been ambushed."

Yu Ling wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and said coldly.

Nezario, Haros, Luo Sheng, and a Low-Level God Spirit also flew over from afar.

They stood side by side. Only Nezario was floating in the sky, looking at the scarlet God Spirit that was also sneering at them in the sky.

"These God Spirits seem to be remnants of the kingdoms that we conquered previously."

"Some of them escaped before we arrived when we conquered those kingdoms. Some of them were not in the kingdom at all and were traveling outside to search for God-Tier resources. Some of them were worshiped by the gods of the fallen kingdoms that we did not capture at that time."

"I didn't expect them to make a comeback today." Haros said.

The other Gods didn't say anything.

In a kingdom-level battle, it was normal for a few enemy experts to escape.

They just did not expect that these God Spirits would actually dare to appear in front of them again.

Was it because His Majesty was not around that they felt that they could take advantage of the situation?

"I'll contact His Majesty."

Haros immediately wanted to contact Zhou Zhou through his personal terminal.

But soon, "His" expression changed.

"I can't contact him. According to the feedback from the terminal, His Majesty seems to be in a spacetime array at least at the High-Tier Deity-level. My personal terminal version is too low, so I can't send a message to His Majesty."

"Hurry up and upgrade your personal terminal to the super Galaxy personal terminal version 9090ti. Recently, Wen Ya is going to hold a huge price reduction to promote this new product. Even though the price is a little expensive, I heard that it's made entirely of True God-Tier materials. Even if you're trapped in a True God-Tier array, you can send news out. It can save your life at critical moments."

Nezario sent a message in his mind.


"He" opened "His" dragon mouth and saw a silver, mechanical-looking personal terminal that looked like an exquisite miniature Galaxy embedded in "His" black dragon tongue.

The other Gods were envious.

Just this personal terminal made of True God-Tier materials was comparable to a small-scale True God Elementary Grade divine artifact.

"You bought it?" Luo Sheng asked.

"His Majesty gave it to me." Nezario said.

The others: "…"

Everyone said irrelevant words, not worried about His Majesty's safety at all.

Existences that could threaten Zhou Zhou's life in the High Continent were probably not even born yet.

What they were worried about should be their own safety.


Just as Nezario was about to talk more about the benefits of this MDT, he suddenly froze and looked at the starry sky in surprise.

An illusory star emitting the light of thousands of laws shot over from the distant starry sky and rushed into Nezario's glabella in the blink of an eye.

Nezario actually did not dodge and allowed the illusory star to fuse into his body.

The aura on "His" quietly changed.

It was like the arrival of a Regal, as if a God Emperor was alive and all the Gods had submitted to it.

The other God Spirits saw the change in Nezario's temperament and seemed to realize something. They suddenly knelt down respectfully and excitedly to Nezario.

"Greetings, Your Majesty!"

Nezario slowly opened his dragon eyes.

"Stand down." "He" said.

"Yes." The God Spirits bowed respectfully and retreated to Nezario's back without hesitation. No, it should be Zhou Zhou who controlled the back of Nezario's dragon body with the Divine Art.

"He" glanced at his new divine body and nodded slightly. Then, he looked at the God Spirits of the people of foreign races in the sky.

It was just a glance.

The God Spirits were terrified.

"God… God's Descent Spell… The aura of the thousands of laws from the stars just now, could it be the signature Myriad Methods Star Palm of the Common People's Regal?" A God Spirit from a people of foreign race screamed, mixed with fear and jealousy. "How did 'He' become a Holy Spirit-Tier Believer right after becoming a God Spirit!?"

"How would I know?!"


Before he could say the word 'run', he saw Nezario suddenly use the Law Skill 'King' to raise his aura to the level of True God-Tier Elementary Grade.

Then, it suddenly opened its dragon mouth, and an incomparably pitch-black and terrifying flame with a rich abyssal aura appeared, as if endless demons were wailing in it!

It was Nezario's best and most powerful intrinsic Law Skill—Abyssal Sacred Fire!

Before these God Spirits could react, they were buried in this Abyssal Sacred Fire. In the blink of an eye, their auras disappeared.

After the Abyssal Sacred Fire disappeared, only rich loots were left floating in the air. They were summoned by 'Nezario' with a thought and swallowed into his stomach.

The world fell silent.

All the living beings looked at Nezario in shock.

Nezario, on the other hand, only burped lazily.