Nezario did not have any regrets about killing these people of foreign race God Spirits.

With the King of Loots around, "He" could definitely drop a God Spirit legacy of a higher level after all.

As long as these three divine inheritances were given to the Legendary-Tier soldiers under "Him" to use, it wouldn't be long before "They" could use the ready-made divine path in the Book of The God Spirit to advance to become gods.

Moreover, it was a God Spirit with higher potential in the future!

Compared to Zhou Zhou using forceful methods to subdue the God Spirits of the people of foreign races,

Actually, the latter was more valuable to Zhou Zhou.

With the Legendary-Tier Lord Talent—Blessing of the War God—Zhou Zhou's subordinates would be able to unleash the value of the inheritance of a high-level God Spirit in a few days, reaching a level of strength equivalent to being subdued by a God Spirit or even higher after all.

That would be more beneficial to "Him".

Nezario looked at Haros and the others.

"Continue to clean up the enemy here while I continue to support the other soldiers." "He" said.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Even though the gods were a little ashamed that they actually needed His Majesty to risk his life to save the situation, they knew that their strength was not enough to deal with this conspiracy that involved all the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom. Therefore, they could only listen obediently.

However, they had already decided to try their best to kill as many enemies as possible and increase their strength to the extent that they did not need His Majesty's help.

Nezario nodded slightly when he saw this. Then, "He" looked at Yu Ling.

"Princess Yu Ling, long time no see."

"His" voice sounded in Yu Ling's heart.

"Long time no see, Blazing Sun… Your Excellency Common People's Regal."

Yu Ling was stunned for a moment before saying with a complicated tone.

The two of them had clearly not seen each other for a few days, but there was already a huge gap between their statuses.

She felt that she was getting further and further away from this Common People's Regal.

"Haha, we've known each other for a long time. You don't have to be so polite."

Zhou Zhou chuckled and said, "Let's address each other as before in private."

Yu Ling was stunned for a moment before a bright smile appeared on her face.

She nodded vigorously.

Zhou Zhou nodded when he saw this. Following that, "He" spread out his True God-Tier-level divine sense and covered a radius of ten billion kilometers in the blink of an eye. Then, "He" quickly found the nearest faction of the Blazing Sun Kingdom. With a thought, "His" massive Dragon God body instantly vanished.

A few seconds later, "He" instantly transmitted to an area more than 100 million kilometers away.

This was also a city in the Knight Empire.

Zhou Zhou didn't know what city it was exactly, but "He" could see Guo Qiao and the other God Spirits leading a billion soldiers to protect the human Subjects in the city while resisting the invading people of foreign races.

Moreover, just like what Haros and the others had encountered, they were also being attacked by nearly 30 God Spirits of the people of foreign races.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he directly flew down. With a sweep of the abyssal holy fire, this group of gods, who were at most High-Tier Deity-level, were burned to death by "He" and turned into Loots that "He" swallowed.

"That's… Lord Nezario?!"

"Lord Nezario is actually so powerful? There are so many God Spirits, yet none of them can withstand a mouthful of "His" flames?"

"Wait, that's not right… Lord Nezario's aura is His Majesty's aura. His Majesty is here! Greetings, His Majesty!"

"Greetings, Your Majesty!"

"Greetings, Your Majesty!"

The soldiers and God Spirits were extremely excited.

"Continue to protect the humans and retreat."

"I'll go elsewhere to help."

Zhou Zhou scanned the crowd with his dragon eyes and said in a booming voice.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" xn

Everyone said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded and teleported elsewhere.

Only the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom and the soldiers of the human territories were left to discuss the legend of the Common People's Regal.

In the following period of time, Zhou Zhou rode on Nezario's dragon body and relied on his infinite teleportation ability to slaughter all the God Spirits of the people of foreign races in the human territory, obtaining the spoils of war of more than 300 God Spirits.

Zhou Zhou was not surprised by this number.

Among these God Spirits, other than the Gods of the fallen nations and the Gods they had invited to help, there were also the Gods who wanted to stop the humans from retreating to the surrounding people of foreign races and the Gods they had invited to help after all.

In total, there were already more than 50 racial factions involved in the four factions. It was very normal for so many God Spirits to appear.

But now, these God Spirit corpses had benefited Zhou Zhou.

"He" relied on the King of Loots to extract the corpses of these God Spirits and directly obtained more than 300 God Spirit Inheritances of the lowest Mid-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade God Spirits and the highest True God-Tier Advance Grade God Spirits.

There were more than 300 divine artifacts below the High-Tier Deity-level.

And there were as many as 36 True God-Tier Divine Artifacts!

Unfortunately, "He" only had one High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade God Spirit subordinate, Haros.

The distance between "He" and a True God-Tier was naturally long enough in terms of promotion energy.

However, in terms of law comprehension, he was still lacking.

Zhou Zhou had already decided to return and give "Him" a True God-Tier-level Book of The God Spirit.

At that time, he would go into seclusion in the Time World for a thousand years and absorb all the nomological comprehension. He would definitely be able to advance to the True God-Tier level the moment he came out of the Time World!

When the time comes…

A true True God-Tier combat power would appear in "His" territory.

When they encountered danger in the future,

there would be no need for him to take action personally.

A moment later…

Human Race— The Saha Empire.

Emptiness City.

The founder of this city was one of the ten great disciples of Buddha, Subhuti.

Subhuti's achievements in Buddhism were known as the number one in Emptiness. Therefore, this city was named after Emptiness.

At this moment, in a Buddhist temple in this city.

A few people were sitting inside.

Among them were Zhou Zhou's divine power phantom, the Yellow Emperor's divine power projection, Bai He, Patriarch Lu, the Heavenly Bodhisattva of Light—Royegar, Mountain Lord Fangcun—Subhuti, and a… furry monkey.

No, it should be called the Victorious Fighting Buddha—Sun Wukong.

Zhou Zhou did not expect this either.

He had actually encountered a Great Sage during this trip to the Emptiness City.

As for why they were gathered here, it was purely an accident.

Zhou Zhou was riding on Nezario to clean up the God Spirits of the people of foreign races one by one. In the end, he happened to encounter Bai He and Patriarch Lu, who were also supervising the battle in Emptiness City.

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he flew down and started chatting with them.

At the same time, "He" also had some questions for "Him."

"Master, why don't I leave first? I'll guard the door for you, okay?"

No matter how bold Sun Wukong was, he still didn't dare to speak loudly in front of these True God-Tier existences.

"He" whispered to Subhuti.

"You little monkey." Before Subhuti could speak, Ancestor Lu laughed and said, "Back when you wreaked havoc in the Primordial World, I've never seen you so timid. Why are you so restrained today?"

"I was young back then…" Sun Wukong was a little embarrassed. "My hostility back then had already melted into the endless Buddhist scriptures in the past. Now, I'm already a mature and steady Victorious Fighting Buddha."

"Previously, when the Great Sage was fighting the enemy on the battlefield, I didn't see any maturity or stability." Zhou Zhou smiled.

"I'm the Victorious Fighting Buddha after all."

Sun Wukong, on the other hand, was very pleased with himself.

"Everyone, let me and my disciple leave first."

Subhuti smiled and said, "'He' is indeed not suitable for such a serious scene."

"Sure." They nodded.

Subhuti nodded as well. After bowing to everyone, he left with Sun Wukong.