The Yellow Emperor and the others stared blankly at this Master God-Tier Elementary Grade Sun God God Spirit Inheritance.

They never expected that such an extremely precious Master God-Tier inheritance would be thrown lightly onto the table by Zhou Zhou, saying that it was going to be given to them humans?

They were in a daze.

Are we… dreaming?

This was a complete Master God-Tier inheritance!

As long as someone grasped "Him", it was equivalent to having a path that led straight to the Master God-Tier.

As long as he slowly honed himself and completely absorbed the inheritance recorded in the Book of The God Spirit, coupled with the fact that he did not die midway, there was almost an 80% chance of him becoming a Master God-Tier!

Zhou Zhou was equivalent to sending a future Master God-Tier to the human race!

The Heavenly Bodhisattva of Light had the same thought.

"He" looked at Zhou Zhou in a daze.

A Master God-Tier legacy was casually taken out by "Him" just like that?!

Why did he think that he could teach "Him" a lesson when he saw an existence that treated the Master God-Tier's inheritance as an ordinary treasure?

"This is too precious. We can't accept it."

The Yellow Emperor resisted the temptation in his heart and said, "You can leave it to your Holy Spirit-level Worshipped God Spirit. In the future, it might be possible for your Pantheon Group to have a god-level subordinate who is at least a True God-Tier or even a Master God-Tier."

"They will naturally have their own opportunities."

Zhou Zhou smiled and did not take back the Book of The God Spirit.

"The human race… really needs another Master God-Tier."

"Instead of rejecting this Book of The God Spirit, why don't you think about who to use this book for?"

The Yellow Emperor and company were silent. In the end, they decided to accept Zhou Zhou's good intentions.

Just as Zhou Zhou had said,

the human race really needed a Master God-Tier now.

If a Master God-Tier could appear, they would not have to abandon their homeland and retreat to the Primordial World.

"They" could even openly protect Zhou Zhou, the Strongest Lord of All Races, without being threatened by other high-level bloodline races.

Even if the other villains knew that Zhou Zhou would suppress the Lords of their race, they did not dare to say anything, much less join forces to attack the human race.

This was because a race with a Master God-Tier was already qualified to compete for the position of the Lord of All Races!

"The entire human race has to thank you."

"From today onwards, I will order the craftsmen to erect monuments, temples, or books in various areas of the human race to record and praise your contributions to the human race. From then on, you will establish your faith in the entire human race!"

The Yellow Emperor said solemnly.

Zhou Zhou was stunned.

Establish my faith?

This was no small matter.

It had to be known that only Regal Pangu could do this in the entire human race.

But who was Regal Pangu?

It was a great existence that had led the human race to overcome all obstacles since the birth of the human race. It had gone from being weak to powerful and established the foundation and foundation of the human race.

It could be said that without Regal Pangu, the human race might not even be able to withstand the weak stage and would disappear from the history of the myriad races.

It was not impossible.

After countless years of tempering, countless races were on the verge of extinction as soon as they were born. Some did not even leave their names behind.

It was precisely because Pangu had such achievements that "He" was qualified to be called a Regal and establish a belief that belonged to "Him" in the entire human race.

Of course, the Yellow Emperor and the others also had faith, and there were quite a few of them.

It even spread throughout the myriad worlds with the legend of Regal Pangu.

However, their faith was spontaneously established by human factions from all walks of life. They were grateful for their various contributions to the human race.

It was not like Regal Pangu, who was determined by the higher-ups of the entire human race and led by the officials. They requested that the faith of Regal Pangu must be widely spread among the human factions of the various worlds by erecting monuments, temples, or books.

The difference between the two was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Zhou Zhou knew that he had done many things to the human race.

However, it was not to the level of Regal Pangu, right?

But it had to be said that

Zhou Zhou was very tempted.

The human race had a huge population in the High Continent!

It was estimated to be at least a trillion!

The faith brought by so many people would be extremely shocking.

As a God of Lords, Zhou Zhou had to meet at least four criteria in order to advance to a higher level.

First: Naturally, it was the Lord's Law comprehension. In order to raise his Lord Law Skill to a higher level, he needed to comprehend more Lord Law Skills.

Second: Promotion energy.

This was not difficult the Blessing of the War God.

Third: The territory level had to be raised to the level of a God Spirit.

Fourth: Faith.

The Lord's Law itself was a God's Path that cultivated both the Law Path and the Faith Path.

Law comprehension and faith quantity were indispensable.

Even though the Subjects under Zhou Zhou could temporarily provide him with the amount of faith to advance to a higher level of God Spirit,

when "He" needed to become a True God-Tier or even a Master God-Tier in the future, the amount of faith "He" needed would be enormous.

Therefore, it was naturally best if "He" could obtain the faith of humans.

This would satisfy "His" need for faith when the time came.

However, he could not just satisfy the quantity.

The higher the quality of faith, the better.

Such a combination of quantity and quality could allow humans to provide him with an extremely large and pure faith, allowing "Him" to go further.

Therefore, after pondering for a long time, Zhou Zhou said,

"There's no need for that for now."

"In the end, this great strategy of retreating to the Primordial World was started by me. Although the people in the clan saw my high potential, I'm afraid there will only be more people who are dissatisfied with me. After all, I indirectly caused them to give up their homes and be displaced."

"If I forcefully spread my faith at this time, I'm afraid it won't end well."

"How about this?"

"It's not too late to spread my faith when I can lead the humans out of the Primordial World and not fear the attacks of high-level bloodline races."

Zhou Zhou asked.

"Just as well."

The Yellow Emperor looked at Zhou Zhou in surprise. He didn't expect "He" to deal with the faith of the entire human race so calmly. "He" nodded and said, "This is indeed not the best time to spread your faith."

"But I have to tell you something."

"You will create your Divine Kingdom star in the starry sky with your successful ascension."

"Your myths and legends have already spread throughout the High Continent and even the myriad worlds."

"For example, defeating a pseudo True God-Tier people of foreign races, killing three True Gods, ascending to the top of the last Strongest Lord of All Races, and spreading the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier inheritance among the humans to increase the strength of the human race. You even have a legend of the Yellow Talisman Dao Lord in the myriad worlds…"

"We haven't been officially sent your order to spread your faith,

but in fact, your faith has already begun to spread among the humans."

"In the future, as long as you create more myths and legends, you will naturally conquer more humans and even people of foreign races and become your admirer or even Believers."

Zhou Zhou smiled and nodded.

The things "He" had done were not in vain.

And now, "His" strength was comparable to a True God-Tier.

It wouldn't be difficult to create some more True God-Tier myths and legends.

In the future, as long as he did not provoke stronger experts, he would just cause more trouble.

"By the way, I can give this to you now that we are meeting."

After the Yellow Emperor finished speaking, he took out a dark purple jade slip and handed it to Zhou Zhou.

"What's this?" Zhou Zhou asked as he took it.

"You can see for yourself." The Yellow Emperor and company smiled.

Zhou Zhou was even more curious.

"He" looked at the jade slip in his hand and entered it with his divine consciousness. Then, his eyes widened slightly.

"This is…"

"The Regal Pangu's inheritance?!" "He" said in surprise.