Everyone watched Zhou Zhou leave.

Bai He came back to his senses and said with a smile, "Every time I see the Lord of The Blazing Sun, he gives me a different kind of surprise."

"The next time we meet, "He" might become even stronger."

"I hope so."

The Yellow Emperor and Patriarch Lu were also looking forward to it.

Zhou Zhou opened his eyes in the Divine Battlefield.

"He" looked around and realized that the nineteen deities who had surrendered were protecting him.

When he discovered that "He" had woken up, he immediately flew in front of "He."

"I've already finished my business."

Zhou Zhou looked at "Them". "Next, This King is going somewhere. You can follow This King or leave the Divine Battlefield and wait for me outside the battlefield."

The Gods didn't hesitate at all.

"We follow Your Majesty!"

Zhou Zhou nodded and didn't say anything else. He followed the Spiritual Maiden's instructions and flew in the direction of the Regional Token.

Seeing that these subordinate God Spirits could not keep up with his speed, Zhou Zhou waved his right hand and brought them along.

A moment later…

Zhou Zhou arrived at a wasteland.

This wasteland was one of the few places in the entire Divine Battlefield that did not have many plants and creatures. However, because the Divine Battlefield was very vast, this place was not too conspicuous.

Zhou Zhou flew down with a group of God Spirits and landed on a patch of sand. He looked at a clump of grass under his feet.

The other God Spirits looked at the grass. No matter how they looked at it, they could not see anything special about it.

However, Zhou Zhou only took a glance before his gaze landed on one of the ordinary and even slightly wilted grass.

"He" raised his hand and beckoned. The grass flew up and landed in "His" palm. Then, the surface of the grass changed and finally returned to a palm-sized golden token.

It was a High-Tier Deity-level Regional Token!

Zhou Zhou looked at the Regional Token.

Words appeared.

[Treasure Name: Regional Token]

[Region Name: Sprite Cultivator God Domain (changeable)]

[Area Grade: High-Tier Deity-level]

[Area area: Approximately 6 trillion 358.5 billion square kilometers]

[Treasure Introduction: A Region Token of the Sprite Cultivator Divine Domain. A Lord who possesses the Region Token and integrates it into the Territory Stone Tablet/Kingdom Golden Tablet/Kingdom Jade Tablet/Divine Kingdom Divine Tablet will become the Region Lord of the Sprite Cultivator Divine Domain and obtain an exclusive Region Treasure Chest!]

Zhou Zhou looked at the information on the Regional Token and a faint smile appeared on his lips.

"He" also did not expect that he had not even obtained a regional territory at the lower-god level. Now that he had obtained it, it was a regional territory at the High-Tier Deity-level!

"This is the benefit of having strength that surpasses the 'version'!"

"You can obtain items that surpass the 'version'." Zhou Zhou thought.

True God-Tier strength!

Under normal circumstances, he would definitely be a top-notch combatant in the later stages of the Lord of All Races Competition.

Right now, they couldn't even gather a single Worshiped God Spirit. The Lord of All Races wasn't even in the middle stage, and he already had the combat power of the late stage.

Under such circumstances, although it was a little ridiculous to obtain a territory of this level, it was normal.

"When we return to the territory, we'll fuse it."

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

Then, "He" turned to look at the God Spirits.

"Let's go. Leave this Divine Battlefield with me." "He" said.

"Yes, Your Majesty." The God Spirits said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou acknowledged.

Then, with a thought, he teleported with these God Spirits and left the battlefield together.

Outside the Divine Battlefield, many factions were waiting here.

The ones who were waiting the most anxiously were naturally the Elven Empire and the Vopolius Pantheon.

The final ownership of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts fragment of the Spirit Nurturing Stone Seed would not only determine whether the Elven Empire could advance to the Elven Divine Kingdom, but it would also directly affect the rise and fall of the two True God-Tier Pantheon Groups.

Who wouldn't care? Who wouldn't care?

At this moment, above the thick fog formed by the surging death aura,

An invisible spatial fluctuation appeared, then, he saw the 19 God Spirits led by Zhou Zhou appear almost at the same time.

Thick spatial power erupted, forming a spatial passageway with endless suction behind it, directly sucking it into the spatial rift.

All the forces present were stunned.

Weren't the God Spirits behind the Common People's Regal the God Spirits of the Vopolius God System?

Why were they following behind the Common People's Regal and acting like respectful lackeys?

The living beings of the Vopolius Pantheon had a bad feeling.

In contrast, when Elizariel and the others saw Zhou Zhou appear together with the gods of the Vopolius God System, she immediately had an extremely bold guess.

Moreover, when "They" flew towards "Him," "He" was already extremely certain that "He" had guessed correctly.

"Your Excellency Elizariel."

Zhou Zhou came in front of "He" and said with a smile.

"Greetings, Your Excellency Regal." Elizariel suppressed her excitement and looked at Zhou Zhou with sparkling eyes. "May I ask about the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts fragment of the Spirit Nurturing Stone Seed…"

"It's already in my hands." Zhou Zhou didn't wait for "He" to finish speaking. He stretched out his right hand, and an incomplete emerald-green gem appeared in his palm. It was the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts fragment of the Spirit Nurturing Stone Seed.

"There you go."

"He" directly threw it to Elizariel.

Elizariel was shocked and hurriedly reached out to take it. Only then did she receive this fragment of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. Then, she couldn't help but grumble, "Your Excellency, this is a fragment of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. It can be considered a precious treasure in the myriad worlds. Please be careful."

Zhou Zhou nodded nonchalantly.

Could "He" say that he had already obtained dozens of True God-Tier Divine Artifacts with the help of this Divine Battlefield?

It was just a fragment of a True God-Tier Divine Artifact. "He" really didn't care.

Then, "He" looked at the text notification that had just appeared in front of him.

[Hint! Elven Empire Faction Quests: Missing True God-Tier Divine Artifacts Fragment (Legendary-Tier Advance Grade, Unique) Completed!]

[300 million faction points, a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade Nature Child Elf Bloodline, the loyalty of 10,000 Nature Elves, and 10,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores have been distributed!]

[Your diplomatic relations with the Elven Empire have been raised to the level of 'Worship'!]

[You have obtained the friendship of the Original Elven Empress, Elizariel. At the same time, Elizariel will help you increase your ranking in the King of Ten Thousand Kings event!]

When Zhou Zhou saw this, he opened the faction points rankings.

[First place: Human—Lord of The Blazing Sun—2,199,000,000 faction points!]

[Second place: Original Spirit Race—True Lord—2,150,000,000 faction points!]

[Third place: Shepherds God Race—Heaven Chasing Lord—1,835,000,000 faction points!]

[Fourth place: Chaos Gods Race—Great One Lord—1,612,000,000 faction points!]

[Fifth place: Myriad Spirit Race—Spiritual Venerable Lord—1,350,000,000 faction points!]

Zhou Zhou smiled.

He had finally taken first place again.

However, the gap between "Him" and the second place wasn't big. "He" still had to earn more faction points to widen the gap.