As Zhou Zhou fused with this Child of Nature bloodline, a warm energy quickly radiated throughout "His" divine body, making "He" feel that his Chaotic Human bloodline had evolved again.

"He" opened his eyes and looked at the text notification in front of him.

[You have absorbed one Child of Nature Bloodline (High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade)!]

[Your Chaos Human bloodline has unearthed more potential and advanced to the Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade!]

[Your Six Senses powers have been greatly enhanced!]

[You have awakened the Mid-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade. Chaos Human Talent - Chaos Law Talent!]

[You have awakened the High-Tier Deity-Level Advance Grade Child of Nature Talent—Nature Language!

[You have awakened the High-Tier Deity-Level Advance Grade Child of Nature Talent—Nature Coordination!]

[You have awakened the High-Tier Deity-Level Advance Grade Child of Nature Talent—Nature Elemental Control!]

[You have awakened the High-Tier Deity—Advance Grade Child of Nature Talent—All Things Affinity!]

[You have awakened the High-Tier Deity—Advance Grade Child of Nature Talent—Summon the God of Oak!]

[You have awakened the High-Tier Deity—Advance Grade Child of Nature Talent—Creation Elf!]

[You have mastered the common knowledge of the elves!]

[You have grasped the secret inheritance of the elves!]

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows in surprise.

This High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade bloodline actually allowed his Chaos Human bloodline to advance to the Mid-Tier Deity-level?

One had to know that the First Demon's bloodline, as the top bloodline of a Master God-Tier Advance Grade, could only elevate his Chaotic Human bloodline from Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade to Low-Tier Deity Level Advance Grade.

Even this did not allow him to break through the bottleneck of the Mid-Tier Deity-level and reach the Mid-Tier Deity-level bloodline.

This was strange.

Out of curiosity, "He" carefully recalled the feeling of his bloodline advancement. After a long while, "He" finally realized something.

"So after I absorbed the First Demon Deep Abyss bloodline last time, my Chaos Human bloodline has already reached the critical point of advancement."

"This High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade's Child of Nature bloodline is only the last straw that breaks the camel's back."

Zhou Zhou thought to himself.

Then, "He" opened it to check the specific information of these bloodline awakening abilities.

The first was naturally the Chaos Law Talent awakened from the Chaos Human bloodline.

[Race Talent Name: Chaos Law Talent]

[Talent Level: Mid-Tier Deity-level Elementary Grade - Enhanceable]

[Talent Description: The Chaos Humans are the strongest race that cultivates the Chaos Laws. Even Chaos Beasts can't compare to them.]

When Chaos Humans began to comprehend laws, it was easier for them to comprehend the Chaos laws.

After mastering the Chaos Laws, the Chaos Humans would cultivate the Chaos Laws faster than other life forms.

When using the Chaos Law Skill, the power of the Chaos Human Race's Chaos Law Skill would be even stronger.

When the Chaos Humans advance to a higher level of God Spirit through the Chaos Laws, there will be a higher chance of success.]

"Chaos Law Talent… is useless to me."

Zhou Zhou looked at this talent and shook his head indifferently.

If anyone else obtained this talent, they would definitely be overjoyed.

This was because the strength of the Chaotic Laws could be considered one of the best even among the endless Laws.

However, "He" walked the supreme laws that transcended the laws of Chaos!

Cultivate the Laws of Chaos?

Wouldn't it be better for "He" to find a Subject who cultivated the Laws of Chaos and use the Lord's Law Skill to control the other party's nomological comprehension and Law Skill?

"He" didn't mind and looked at the other Child of Natureren's racial talents.

[Race Talent Name: Words of Nature]

[Talent Level: High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade]

[Talent Description: The possessor of the Child of Nature's bloodline is born with the magical language to communicate with all things in nature. Moreover, most natural creatures are willing to communicate with the Child of Nature.]

[Racial Talent Name: Nature Coordination]

[Talent Level: High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade]

[Talent Description: The possessor of the Child of Nature bloodline is born with the ability to coordinate the various energies in the body with the outside world and allow them to coexist harmoniously without conflict.]

[Race Talent Name: Nature Elemental Control]

[Talent Level: High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade]

[Talent Description: The possessor of the Child of Nature bloodline can control any form of natural energy, including but not limited to earth, water, wind, fire, lightning, light, dark, and other natural energy.

When controlling these natural energies, the Child of Nature can control them more meticulously than ordinary life forms. From there, he can perfectly use the natural energies under his control.]

[Race Talent Name: All Things Affinity]

[Talent Level: High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade]

[Talent Description: As the favored child of the laws of nature, the Child of Nature is born with a natural affinity for all things in nature. It is easier to obtain the various opportunities hidden in nature. Sometimes, he can even obtain the help of the will of nature.]

[Race Talent Name: Summon the God of Oak]

[Talent Level: High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade]

[Talent Description: As the favored child of nature's will, the Child of Nature is born to receive the protection of nature's will.

When the Child of Nature is in danger, he can summon a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade God of Oak to protect himself. When he is out of danger, the God of Oak will return to his own will and continue to serve the Nature Will until he is summoned by the Child of Nature again.]

[Race Talent Name: Creation Elf]

[Talent Level: High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade]

[Talent Description: Child of Nature is both a favored child of nature's will and a top-notch elven bloodline lifeform.]

It could use its Child of Nature Sacred Blood to create wood-element sprites that were loyal to it.

The more Child of Nature Sacred Blood used, the more precious it would be, and the stronger the wood-element sprite created would be, and the higher its potential would be.]

After Zhou Zhou saw Child of Nature's talent, he could not help but raise his eyebrows.

This ability awakened from the Child of Nature bloodline was really not bad.

Just summoning the God of Oak made the Child of Nature's bloodline very strong.

As for the other Faction Quests rewards…

300 million faction points and 10,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores were needless to say.

Zhou Zhou glanced at the attributes of the 10,000 Nature Elves.

However, to Zhou Zhou's satisfaction:

The 10,000 Nature Elves rewarded by the faction mission were indeed the high elves of the elves. The worst of them were actually Legendary-Tier, and the highest was even a Nature Elf with potential at the High-Tier Deity-level.

Zhou Zhou immediately decided to incorporate most of them into the Blazing Sun Army, while a small portion would be incorporated into the Heavenly Map Army.

Zhou Zhou currently had four main battle troops and one Homeland Defense Army under his command!

The Homeland Defense Army was in charge of the domestic territory and did not have many combat opportunities. It was not suitable for them to quickly increase their strength. These nature elves who urgently needed to convert their potential into strength naturally could not be arranged there.

As for the Dragon God Army and the Monster Army, they only accepted dragons and monsters, which was not suitable for the Nature Elves.

Under such circumstances, the Blazing Sun Army and the Heavenly Map Army were naturally the best choices.

In particular, the bloodline ability of the nature elves was very suitable to be a scout. That was why Zhou Zhou had given a portion of the Heavenly Map Army to Wu Tu.

As for the final reward of 'raising diplomatic relations with the Elven Empire to the level of 'worship' and 'obtaining the friendship of the Original Elven Empress, Elizariel,' at the same time, Elizariel would help him raise his ranking in the King of Ten Thousand Kings' event, these non-material rewards were also very beneficial to the future development of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

However, he had to wait for the benefits to come out.

After checking all the rewards, Zhou Zhou recalled what Octavel had said to him previously.

"He" shook his head.

Zhou Zhou did not want to get involved in a Divine Kingdom-level war just yet.

Who knew how many True God-Tier existences would be involved in a Divine Kingdom?

Furthermore, as a Divine Kingdom-level Lord faction, "His" influence was not as simple as being worshiped by a True God-Tier.

Even if "He" was just a newly established Divine Kingdom Lord faction, it was possible for "He" to use methods at the top of the True God-Tier or even at the Master God-Tier level.

Even though Zhou Zhou looked extremely glorious now, and even the super experts outside said that "He" was the strongest God Spirit that was comparable to a True God-Tier,

But so what? It was not as if he had reached the peak of True God-Tier.

Zhou Zhou was very clear-headed.

Therefore, "He" didn't agree to Octavel's request. Instead, "He" said "cowardly" that "He" wanted to return to the human race.

"What True God-Tier corpses, True God-Tier bloodlines…"

"Nothing is more important than my life."

"When I increase my strength step by step and reach the True God-Tier or even the Master God-Tier level."

"Can't I just get whatever 'He' says?" Zhou Zhou muttered in his heart.

"He" wouldn't be so stupid as to be a suicide squad for others.