The Sacred Fire of the Sun was not rare.

As the Supreme Star, the Sun Star, shone on the myriad worlds, it spread throughout the myriad worlds. It could be said to be everywhere.

However, in the myriad worlds, there were very few life forms who controlled the Sun Sacred Flame.

The key was that it was extremely difficult to extract the Sun Sacred Flame from the light of the Sun Star.

However, Jacker's Sun Sacred Fire Technique had given "Him" an exclusive technique for refining.

The Sun Sacred Fire Technique was created by the Heavenly God Orofa.

As a God born from the sun, "His" method of refining and condensing the sun's holy fire was naturally extremely authoritative.

Zhou Zhou only operated it for a while before condensing a fist-sized Sun Sacred Flame.

"Even though it's only so big, I'm only tempering it, not forging a new divine artifact. It's enough."

"He" looked at the Sacred Fire of the Sun and was rather satisfied.

Then, "He" took out his Universe Destroying Blade and began to temper it with the Sun Sacred Fire.

This True God-Tier Advance Grade divine artifact could be said to be the number one offensive divine artifact among the many True God-Tier Divine Artifacts in "His" hands after all. "He" would probably use this divine artifact frequently in the future.

After tempering this True God-Tier Divine Artifacts, Zhou Zhou planned on tempering the Heaven and Earth Concentric Armor, World-Stepping Boots, Sword Of New Dimension Creation…

After tempering this True God-Tier Divine Artifacts, Zhou Zhou planned on tempering the Heaven and Earth Concentric Armor, World-Stepping Boots, Sword Of New Dimension Creation…

Time passed slowly.

The sky gradually darkened.

Zhou Zhou, who was refining the Universe Destroying Blade, suddenly opened his eyes and looked out of the Divine Kingdom.

Outside the Divine Kingdom, in the Blazing Sun Kingdom, Bai Yun had already led 20 Galaxy victorious squadrons.

Soon, the other party brought a large number of generals into the Divine Kingdom and came in front of Zhou Zhou. Then, he knelt on one knee and said respectfully,

"Your Majesty, we have successfully returned."

"Currently, there are already more than a hundred trillion human clansmen in the territory of the three human empires who have successfully retreated to the Primordial World."

"According to a Legion Commander of the Holy Sword Empire, a third of the human race has retreated to the Primordial World."

"I estimate that within three days, the entire human race should be able to enter the Primordial World."

"This is the summary of our battle against the enemies of the people of foreign races today. Please take a look, Your Majesty."

After Bai Yun finished speaking, she opened her personal terminal and projected the war into the air in front of Zhou Zhou.

Today, in order to protect the human race and retreat to the Primordial World, Bai Yun and the other soldiers and God Spirits had fought a total of 22 billion people of foreign races!

These enemies were enhanced by the titles of the King of Loots and the strongest Lord.

They obtained a total of: 360,000,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores, 2,511,000,000 Epic-Tier Mist Cores, more than 32,056,000,000 Extraordinary-Tier Mist Cores, more than 52,360,000,000 Diamond-Tier Mist Cores, more than 65,032,000,000 White Platinum-Tier Mist Cores, more than 99,088,000,000 Yellow Gold-Tier Mist Cores, more than 246,032,000,000 White Silver-Tier Mist Cores, and more than 542,090,000,000 Green Bronze-Tier Mist Cores!

3.106 trillion skill books and 3.108 equipment, 90,000 trillion units of basic materials, more than 3,080,000,000 units of basic elemental gemstones, more than 10 million units of Thunder Element Gems, more than 120 million units of life elemental gems, More than 150 million units of death elemental gems, 3,090,000,000 Origin Crystals, 40,209,602 Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent Crystal Fragments, 58,816 Holy Spirit-Tier scarlet Divine Crystals, more than 110 million units of Low-Tier Deity Level Divine Crystals, more than six million Low-Tier Deity-Level divine artifacts and also more than 15 million Divine Spark Fragments, God-Tier medicinal herbs, God-Tier ingredients, God-Tier ores, God-Tier blueprints, and other treasures!

Then, he looked at the Incite Defection list and the military strength list.

After today, even though Zhou Zhou had used "His" Incite Defection on the Chaos Gods Race and the Myriad Spirit Race, he had not obtained any additional troops.

However, the Lords of the Star Alliance gave "Him" many surprises.

Previously, after "He" had become a God Spirit, the hundred-odd scarlet God Spirits that had been immobilized had been tried to instigate Incite Defection by the Lords of the Star Alliance after being detained.

The result was very gratifying.

Of the 116 scarlet God Spirits, 40 had been Incite Defection by the 32 Lords of the Star Alliance. Currently, there were still 76 scarlet God Spirits that had not been Incite Defection.

There was no need to be anxious about the remaining 76 scarlet God Spirits.

After the cooldown of the Incite Defection ended tomorrow, he would carry out the Incite Defection until all the Incite Defections were successful.

"Not bad, not bad."

Zhou Zhou was very satisfied with this result.

Before today, he had 18 God Spirits under his command.

Coupled with the 32 God Spirits of the Vopolius Pantheon Group that he had taken down in the Divine Battlefield,

And the 40 scarlet God Spirits that the Star Alliance Masters had Incite Defection on!

He now had a total of 90 God Spirits under his command!

By the time he Incite Defectioned the remaining scarlet God Spirits in the future, the total number of God Spirits under his command would directly exceed a hundred, reaching a total of 162 God Spirits!

Even though this number was far inferior to the factions of the race alliance that wanted to destroy the human race,

However, it could not be underestimated.

Apart from that…

Another group of Lords of the Star Alliance who did not obtain the quota for the Incite Defection had also given Zhou Zhou 421.6 million people of foreign race soldiers after following the army to participate in the war with the foreign races today!

The total number of soldiers under Zhou Zhou's command was 15,957,371,102!

Including the Star Alliance's current total military strength of 3.417 billion, Zhou Zhou's total military strength had already reached an astonishing 19.3 billion!

Among the troops under his command (excluding the Star Alliance):

There were 1,824,059,965 Black Iron-rank soldiers, 2,015,819,633 Green Bronze-Tier soldiers, 3,380,574,412 White Silver-Tier soldiers, 3,240,900,967 Yellow Gold-Tier soldiers, 256,796,880 White Platinum-Tier soldiers, 1,615,421,698 Diamond-Tier soldiers, 1,065,282,526 Extraordinary-Tier soldiers, 159,236,529 Epic-Tier soldiers and 1,205,920 Legendary-Tier soldiers!

As for the God Spirits under him, after today's battle, their strength had also increased astonishingly.

Among them, Ze Wu had advanced to a Mid-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade!

Guo Qiao, Chi Xuantian, and Yuan Cong had advanced to the Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade!

Vicky, Bai Yun, Wu Xin, Feng Luo, Xu An, and Luo Sheng had all advanced to Low-Tier Deity Level Advance Grade!

The strength of the other God Spirits had also increased to a certain extent.

And what surprised Zhou Zhou was…

After today's war, five new Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade God Spirits had appeared in the Blazing Sun Army under his command!

These five newly-advanced Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade deities had all advanced to the Deity Realm by purchasing the Book of The God Spirit in the military merit exchange system.

"The Book of The God Spirit that I obtained is finally starting to work."

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

With the first wave of new God Spirits, there would be a second wave of new God Spirits.

There would be more and more God Spirits under "Him" in the future!