Zhou Zhou nodded slightly and clicked on the upgrade requirements to upgrade his territory to Epic-Tier Advance Grade.

[Construction Upgrade: 100 trillion units of wood, 100 trillion units of fine sand, 100 trillion units of metal, 100 trillion units of stone, 100,000 Epic-Tier Mist Core, 100 million Origin Crystals, one billion units of basic elemental gems, 100 million units of Thunder Element Gems, 100 million units of life elemental gems, 100 million units of death elemental gems, three other Epic-Tier cities, 1,000 Epic-Tier Lifestyle Professionals, 10,000 Epic-Tier Military Professionals, 50 racial heroes, three Epic-Tier Territory Orders!]

A smile appeared on "His" face after he finished reading it.

This was because he realized that "He" had satisfied all the conditions listed!

Without any hesitation, Zhou Zhou took out 400 trillion units of basic materials, 100,000 Epic-Tier Mist Cores, 100 million Origin Crystals, 1 billion basic elemental gems, 300 million high-level elemental gems, and three other Epic-Tier Territory Orders to level up.

The next second, all the materials needed to level up disappeared.


An illusory silver light immediately covered the core of the Divine Kingdom, which was where the small Blessed Land was.

A moment later…

The illusory silver light dissipated.

A new text notification appeared.

[Congratulations, your small Epic-Tier Intermediate Grade Blessed Land has been upgraded to an Epic-Tier Advance Grade building!]

[Your territory has been upgraded to an Epic-Tier Advance Grade territory!]

[Your Intermediate Epic-Tier Blessed Land Myriad Formation has been upgraded to an Epic-Tier Advance Grade Blessed Land Myriad Formation.]

[Durability of Territory Stone Tablet increased to: 100 billion / 100 billion!]

[Your territory has expanded to 1,000,000 km x 1,000,000 km x 100,000 km!]

[All fog monsters within the territory of the new territory have been expelled!]

[Scarlet Fog will not appear in any of your territories!]

[You have received an upgrade reward: Basic Construction Blueprint Treasure Chest (Extraordinary-Tier Elementary Grade)!]

Lord Talent Notification: The upper limit of the enemy lord's power that you can use Incite Defection has reached the upper limit of the Lord Talent. You can't continue to increase it for the time being!

[Lord Talent Hint: Your Monster Ranches can be upgraded!]

[Lord Talent Hint: Your Mysterious Caravan faction has increased!]

[Lord Talent Hint: The strength of the clergy in your Goddess of Life's shelter has increased!]

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

It felt great to upgrade to an Epic-Tier Advance Grade territory in one go.

However, with "His" personal strength, it was actually very normal for him to have a high-level empire.

Unfortunately, "He" had only been in the Supreme Continent for a short period of time. Therefore, even though "His" strength had reached the standard, the power levels of the territories under "His" command could not keep up with "His" pace for the time being.

There was nothing he could do about this. He could not rush it. He could only take it slow.

Fortunately, Zhou Zhou was ridiculously strong. He could rely on his own strength to increase the development speed of the entire territory!

For other Lords of the same level, upgrading their territory twice in a row was definitely something that could make all the Lords' jaws drop.

However, if they knew that Zhou Zhou's strength was comparable to a True God-Tier, they would immediately understand.

This was the benefit of being extremely powerful.

Zhou Zhou looked at the notifications of the two batches of territory upgrades in front of him. His gaze quickly landed on the information of Incite Defection.

"He" was taken aback.

"Has Incite Defection reached the upper limit of the Lord Talent?"

"The upper limit of the Lord Talent…"

Zhou Zhou pondered over these words and quickly had an idea.

Perhaps this was the upper limit of the Legendary-Tier Lord Talent— Incite Defection.

In the future, when "His" Incite Defection advanced to the Mythical-Tier, Unique level of the Lord Talent, this talent might be able to be upgraded again.

With "His" talent as the king of spoils of war, "He" could at most create spoils of war at the level of an Advance Grade Master God-Tier, but "He" could not create spoils of war at the level of a Supreme God Realm.

Presumably, when all the Lord Talents were upgraded to the end, their upper limit should be Master God-Tier Advance Grade.

Zhou Zhou felt that his guess should be right.

"He" did not think too much about it and looked at the materials needed to upgrade his territory to the Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade.

[Construction Upgrade: 1,000 trillion units of wood, 1,000 trillion units of fine sand, 1,000 trillion units of metal, 1,000 trillion units of stone, 10,000 Legendary-Tier Mist Core, one billion Origin Crystals, 10 billion units of basic elemental gems, one billion units of Thunder Element Gems, one billion units of life elemental gems, one billion units of death elemental gems, one Legendary-Tier city, 100 Legendary-Tier Lifestyle Professionals, 1,000 Legendary-Tier Military Professionals, 100 Race Heroes, one Legendary-Tier Territory Order!]

When Zhou Zhou saw this upgrade requirement, he clicked his tongue.

Good God!

The various upgrade requirements had increased by 10 times!

However, he could still satisfy basic materials, Mist Core, Origin Crystals, basic elemental gems, Thunder Element Gems, Legendary-Tier Lifestyle Professionals, Military Professionals, and racial heroes.

However, the life elemental gems, death elemental gems, Legendary-Tier cities, and Legendary-Tier Territory Tokens were still not enough.

"A Legendary-Tier city can be easily satisfied after I help the humans of the three empires retreat to the Primordial World and take over the territories of the three human empires."

"I don't have a Legendary-Tier Territory Token yet."

"In addition, life elemental gems and death elemental gems…"

Zhou Zhou looked at the gemstone reserves after his upgrade.

He realized that after two upgrades, he still had more than 10 million life elemental gems and more than 30 million death elemental gems.

He was far from the one billion units of life elemental gems and one billion units of death elemental gems needed to level up.

"No wonder the advancement of those kingdoms and empires is measured in a hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years, a hundred thousand years, or even a million years."

"The requirements for this upgrade are too exaggerated."

Zhou Zhou felt helpless and could only give up on the idea of continuing to level up.

Then, "He" sensed the feeling after the territory was upgraded.

First and foremost, it was not the territory itself, but "His" Divine Kingdom.

After experiencing two upgrades, the small Blessed Land that was the foundation of the Divine Kingdom also increased by two levels in a row. With this, the Divine Kingdom and the Divine Kingdom world also expanded a lot.

Originally, when "He" was at the Epic-Tier Elementary Grade, the diameter of "His" Divine Kingdom was 90 million kilometers. With the Divine Kingdom as the core, the diameter of the Divine Kingdom world was a billion light-years!

Now that "He" had upgraded to an Epic-Tier Advance Grade, the diameter of "His" Divine Kingdom had increased from 90 million kilometers to 270 million kilometers!

The diameter of "His" Divine Kingdom world had increased from a billion light-years to three billion light-years!

Even though this diameter was not as big as the Divine Kingdom World of an Intermediate True God-Tier God Spirit, it was not far off.

However, Zhou Zhou was only a Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade.

In comparison, this improvement could not be said to be exaggerated!

As the beneficiary himself, Zhou Zhou felt that the improvement of his Divine Kingdom world was a little ridiculous.

However, this might be the power of a Lord Law God Spirit.

His current true combat strength was close to the level of an Intermediate True God-Tier after all.

As for the size of "His" Divine Kingdom world, it was similar to the size of an Intermediate True God-Tier God Spirit's Divine Kingdom world, so he felt that there was no problem.

Then, Zhou Zhou called Aliya over and asked "Him" to call Mu Gu, Zheng Fugui, and Carol Moeli over. "He" then entered the world of the Divine Kingdom and took a stroll.

It had to be said that the upgraded Divine Kingdom was much better than before in all aspects, be it construction, environment, energy density, energy level, or so on.

The only regret was that the Divine Kingdom and the Divine Kingdom world looked empty.

"I can find an opportunity to create some continents, planets, and so on."

"To enrich my Divine Kingdom world."

Zhou Zhou looked at his Divine Kingdom and Divine Kingdom world and began to ponder.