After Mu Gu left, Zheng Fugui stepped forward.

"Your Majesty, the number of Mysterious Merchants has increased from 500,000 to two million!"

"The number of carriages transporting goods has also increased to two million!"

"Also, all the Mysterious Merchant's abilities have been upgraded to Epic-Tier Advance Grade."

"The internal space of each Mysterious Merchant's mysterious ring has also increased from the original 50 million cubic meters to 200 million cubic meters!"

"In the end, our treasure-hunting ability increased again. If nothing goes wrong, we can basically bring back two or three treasures when we go out to do business in the future."

"Not bad." A smile appeared on Zhou Zhou's face again.

Now that "His" territory was getting larger and larger, he could produce more and more territorial goods. It was the time for the trade industry to develop rapidly.

At this time, the Mysterious Merchant's ability had improved. Not only could "He" exchange goods from the Sun Kingdom and carry out large-scale trade activities, but it could also bring astonishing financial and tax revenue to "His" territory.

While "He" had obtained hundreds of millions of Mist Cores in one war, his expenditure was also high!

Nearly 20 billion soldiers would have to spend a huge amount of Mist Core just for food every day!

Not to mention that with the upgrade of the Monster Ranch, nearly 20 billion new people would appear in "He"'s territory every day!

Every time this new population increased, it meant that the Blazing Sun Kingdom's financial expenditure would increase by a large margin!

Therefore, even though the Blazing Sun Kingdom's daily income was extremely high, their expenses were also extremely high.

In fact, if the Blazing Sun Kingdom did not carry out any income-generating activities from now on and only carried out daily expenditure activities to support the soldiers and Subjects under its command, the Blazing Sun Kingdom would fall into a financial crisis in less than a month!

Of course, this was just a hypothetical.

The Blazing Sun Kingdom naturally wouldn't not do anything to increase their income.

Even if they disregarded the greatest gains from the war, the Blazing Sun Kingdom already had many sources of income that could be said to be pillars.

Whether it was the daily income of the Monster Ranch, the income of the Jade Sun Tree, the income of the crops, the normal business tax income, or even the income of the virtual game business that had just risen, each of these five incomes could support the current Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Not to mention other income channels, such as tourism, food, clothing, and technological products.

It was these large and small sources of income that allowed the Blazing Sun Kingdom's finances to maintain an extremely high surplus!

For now:

Not to mention 20 billion, it was probably only when there were 200 billion soldiers and trillions of Subjects that the Blazing Sun Kingdom's financial income would begin to become strenuous.

Of course, if Zhou Zhou was willing to sell the divine artifact in "His" hands, it would be another matter.

Those tens of millions of divine artifacts and nearly a hundred True God-Tier Divine Artifacts were Zhou Zhou's greatest fixed assets and wealth!

However, unless the Blazing Sun Kingdom was unable to make ends meet, Zhou Zhou did not intend to sell these divine artifacts.

He looked at Carol Moeli and then "His" expression changed slightly.

This was because "He" could actually sense the aura of a True God-Tier from the other party!

"Your Majesty, the Shelter of the Goddess of Life now has a total of 500 million clergymen, 500 million priests, 500 million nuns, and 5 billion Holy Knights of Life."

"My strength has advanced to the True God-Tier Elementary Grade!" Carol Moeli smiled.

As soon as these words were spoken, other than Zhou Zhou, Mu Gu and Zheng Fugui were also taken aback.

Carol Moeli had become a True God-Tier God Spirit?!

This… This should be the first True God-Tier in the entire Blazing Sun Kingdom, right?!

Even though His Majesty had the battle prowess of a True God-Tier Elementary Grade and was even close to an Intermediate True God-Tier, all the races knew that His Majesty's true strength was only at the Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade after all.

This set off the terror of the Common People's Regal's future!

Even Low-Tier Deity Level Elementary Grade was like this.

If "He" really reached the True God-Tier, wouldn't "He" go against the Master God-Tier?

Zhou Zhou nodded with a smile after hearing Carol Moeli's words.

"My Blazing Sun Kingdom has finally given birth to a true True God-Tier expert. Congratulations."

"Unfortunately, if I want you to take action, I still have to pay. Furthermore, it's a True God-Tier Divine Crystals or a Holy Spirit-Tier Heart of Faith."

Towards the end, "He" pretended to be helpless.

The Shelter of the Goddess of Life was Zhou Zhou's personal Lord Talent.

However, it was just like the Knight Temple. It only gave this network resource to Zhou Zhou so that he could spend some money to use it.

And "He" didn't directly transfer all the connections to Zhou Zhou's name and let "He" control them unconditionally.

If that was the case, Bai He would have long become "His" subordinate.

However, even so, Zhou Zhou really did not lack True God-Tier Mist Cores or Holy Spirit Faith Cores.

Therefore, it was not a big problem to hire Carol Moeli, who was a lower True God-Tier. He just needed to pay attention to the frequency.

Carol Moeli only smiled and didn't dare to say anything.

As the creator of the Lord's laws, "He" was a direct subordinate of the Goddess of Life. Even though "He" was also a fanatic believer of His Majesty, "He" really wanted to work for His Majesty for free.

However, "He" really didn't have any authority. "He" really had no choice.

Zhou Zhou was still sizing up Carol Moeli.

"He" knew Carol Moeli's difficulties, so "He" naturally wouldn't blame "He" for having no choice.

"He" looked at Carol Moeli because he suddenly had another thought.

"Can you revive a True God-Tier now?" Zhou Zhou suddenly asked.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Carol Moeli didn't deny it.

However, "He" hesitated for a moment before saying, "However, the price is very high."

"At what price?"

Zhou Zhou immediately asked.

"I'm now a Cardinal below the True God-Tier. I'm comparable to the Pope of some churches in the Boundless Universe."

"With my current ability, I can resurrect God Spirits below the True God-Tier at most."

"The basic conditions for resurrecting a low-level True God-Tier God Spirit are 100,000 Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals, 100 low-level True God-Tier Elementary Grade Divine Crystals, and one True God-Tier intrinsic item."

"Apart from that, to cast the Great Resurrection Spell at the True God-Tier level, we have to invite the Goddess of Life herself. Otherwise, the divine power clone that the Goddess of Life descends will not be able to withstand the divine power requirement to cast the Great Resurrection Spell."

"With my current strength, I have to rest for at least a year to use a Great Resurrection Spell of this level."

"Of course, I can shorten this time if I use some True God-Tier supplements." Carol Moeli said truthfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded thoughtfully.