The price of resurrecting a True God-Tier was indeed terrifying.

"He" had 100 True God-Tier Elementary Grade Divine Crystals.

Original items usually referred to treasures related to the life of a True God-Tier. For example, a divine artifact that recognized its master or a part of a True God-Tier's divine body.

If he was lucky, there was a high chance that he could find it.

On the other hand, 100,000 Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals were more terrifying.

A Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystal represented a Holy Spirit-Tier Believer in reality.

100,000 Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals represented 100,000 Holy Spirit-Tier Believers!

With so many Holy Spirits dying and taking out Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals to use, even Master Gods would feel the pinch, let alone True Gods.

In fact, if a Master God-Tier suffered such a loss, they would probably be furious and even be willing to start a Master God-Tier-level war!

Even for Zhou Zhou, who had the King of Loots,

100,000 Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals also represented the spoils of war that 100,000 fanatic believer-level enemies had obtained from "His" hands.

Such a price was not small!

This was the difficulty of resurrecting a True God-Tier…

Zhou Zhou sighed inwardly.

"He" had originally thought that if he had enough Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals, he might be able to revive the Buddha Lord. This way, he could also increase the combat power of a True God-Tier for the human race.

But from the looks of it now, it probably wouldn't work.

"He" only had 70,000 to 80,000 Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals. He could not even revive a True God-Tier Elementary Grade God Spirit.

Not to mention reviving a True God-Tier Intermediate Grade existence like the Buddha Lord.

However, even so, with Carol Moeli's current strength as a True God-Tier Elementary Grade, she could revive any God Spirit in "His" territory.

In "His" current territory, other than Carol Moeli, who had just been born, there were no other True God-Tier existences after all.

Other than "Him", any God Spirit in the territory wouldn't have to worry about death in the future.

As for Zhou Zhou himself, as an existence who also knew the Great Resurrection Spell,

"He" could sense that the price of resurrecting "Himself" was almost equivalent to resurrecting a True God-Tier.

Therefore, he didn't expect Carol Moeli to revive him for the time being.


As long as he didn't leave the supreme continent, there shouldn't be any existence in the entire supreme continent that could beat "He" to the point where "He" needed to be resurrected.

Then, Zhou Zhou chatted with "Them" for a while before letting "Them" leave.

As for Zhou Zhou, he returned to the Divine Kingdom's Myriad Ingot Palace and entered the time world of the Reincarnation Sacred Palace to begin his cultivation.

After entering the divine body of Nezario, Zhou Zhou had more understanding of the Lord's Law and the Law governed by the Lord's Law. "He" felt that he was not far from the Low-Tier Deity Level Intermediate Grade God Spirit.

The night passed uneventfully.

The next morning, Zhou Zhou walked out of the Reincarnation Sacred Palace and went straight to Mu Gu's palace not far away.

The Patriarchal Division.

This was Mu Gu's official base. It was also Mu Gu's usual office and resting place.

When Zhou Zhou arrived, he saw Mu Gu sitting cross-legged on a scarlet mat.

Strands of scarlet aura surrounded "He" as a distorted and crazy nomological aura emitted from "Him."

However, his expression was very calm, forming a sharp contrast with the aura of laws on "Him".

The Crimson Law…

Zhou Zhou muttered.

What was the Crimson Law?

As a Lord God Spirit who ruled over the Mu Valley, Zhou Zhou had some understanding of this law.

If the universe was a life.

Then, "His" normal personality, which was usually displayed in front of outsiders, was equivalent to the endless laws governed by the Lord's laws and the Lord's laws.

And being oppressed by reality, unknown to outsiders, the twisted personality hidden deep in the depths of human nature, suppressed, was the Crimson Rule.

The two of them complemented each other and restrained each other's hostility. Together, they formed the unique life form of the universe.

According to the heritage records in "His" bloodline:

The Supreme Will and the Crimson Overlord had been fighting each other since the beginning of the primordial chaos. This continued until now and gradually formed the current situation.

In fact, in the beginning, the battle between the Supreme Will and the Crimson Overlord had always been on par. In fact, the Supreme Will even had the upper hand and suppressed the Crimson Overlord.

However, for some unknown reason, the Crimson Overlord's power suddenly increased greatly. It actually suppressed the supreme will and even invaded more than half of the myriad worlds under the supreme will. In the end, more than half of the supreme will's headquarters was invaded by the Crimson Overlord.

Seeing that the local Lords that he had nurtured were unable to resist the invasion of the Crimson Overlord, the Supreme Will gave up on the idea of selecting the Lord of All Races from among them. Then, he started this Lord of All Races Contest and wanted to choose the Lord of All Races from the various races in the myriad worlds.

Only then did Zhou Zhou have the chance to come to the supreme continent.

Speaking of which, Zhou Zhou might even have to thank the Crimson Overlord.

If not for the Crimson Overlord suddenly increasing the pressure on the supreme will, Zhou Zhou might not have been able to come into contact with supernatural powers until his death and would not have seen such a magnificent era of ten thousand races fighting for supremacy!

"He" shook "His" head and threw away the messy thoughts in "His" mind.

At this moment, Mu Gu opened his eyes and saw Zhou Zhou immediately.

"Greetings, Your Majesty!"

Mu Gu immediately stood up and said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded. "Has Bai Yun already led the troops in?"

"Yes, Your Majesty." Mu Gu nodded and said, "It will probably be over very soon… Hmm, it's already over!"

"Yes, Your Majesty." Mu Gu nodded and said, "It will probably be over very soon… Hmm, it's already over!"

The next second, a figure flew out of Mu Gu's palm and quickly returned to its normal size before landing on the ground beside him.

It was Bai Yun!

At this moment, Bai Yun's face was filled with excitement. But soon, "He" saw Zhou Zhou beside her. "He" hurriedly said respectfully, "Greetings, Your Majesty!"

"Have you cleaned up the Ranchland Plane?"

Zhou Zhou asked with a smile.

"It's been liquidated." Bai Yun nodded and handed a Spatial Ring to Zhou Zhou. "This is the spoils of war of all the ranch monsters. Please take a look, Your Majesty."

Zhou Zhou took the Spatial Ring and entered it with his spiritual will. Then, he ignored the other huge amount of Loots and looked directly at the four mountain-like books.

These four books were the recruitment books and Class Change Certificates that "He" had been looking forward to for a long time!

"He" held back the excitement in his heart and scanned these recruitment books and Class Change Certificates with his spiritual will. After obtaining the exact number, a smile finally appeared on his face.

"13.5 billion 'Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Recruitment Books', 13.5 billion 'Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate', 3.75 trillion 'Violent Storm Spirit Recruitment Books', and 3.75 trillion 'Violent Storm Spirit Class Change Certificate'…"

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction. Then, he brought the recruitment books and Class Change Certificates to the Gate of Summoning and threw them in. He called for 20 Galaxy ships and got all the soldiers to appear in the inner world of the Galaxy. Then, he used 100 Epic-Tier Mist Cores to summon all the soldiers at once.

In an instant!

The internal world of the 20 Galaxy ships became crowded almost instantly.

All the soldiers were among them. Even though they were all black iron-level recruits, they exuded an extraordinary aura.

They had strict military discipline, consciously stood in line and looked orderly.

Zhou Zhou looked at these new recruits and nodded in satisfaction.

"He" originally had 15,957,371,102 soldiers under "Him." With these 17,250,000,000 new recruits, "His" number of soldiers directly exceeded 30 billion, reaching a terrifying 33,273,371,102 soldiers!

Together with the Star Alliance's 3,417 million soldiers.

"He" had nearly 40 billion soldiers under his command now!

Even though most of them were new recruits, when they gathered together, just the accumulation of their numbers was enough to possess extremely terrifying combat strength!