Zhou Zhou looked at the thirteen God Spirits in front of him.

These 13 God Spirits were the God Spirits of the Vopolius Pantheon who had yet to surrender.

At this moment, they were imprisoned in the grayish-black prison. There was no divine power aura on their bodies at all. They were like ordinary life forms.

This was the terrifying aspect of the Nine Hell Fiendcelestial Prison!

"He" could suppress the divine power of ordinary God Spirits and even True God-Tier God Spirits. Not only did "He" not have any hope of escaping, "He" even had to constantly be in a state of panic and fear after losing "His" power.

At this moment, these God Spirits were in this mentality and looked like they were at a loss.

When Zhou Zhou's figure appeared in front of these God Spirits, it was as if they had seen their savior. They pounced over and begged Zhou Zhou for mercy in tears.

"Your Excellency Regal, please spare me. I'm willing to surrender. I'm willing to surrender!"

"Your Excellency, I, Argus, am willing to follow you. From now on, I will be irreconcilable with Vopolius!"

"Your Excellency Regal, I'm willing to be your subject. Please give me a chance."

The Gods begged for mercy and surrendered.

Zhou Zhou looked at them with disappointment in his eyes.

This group of God Spirits simply did not have any willpower at all. In the future, not to mention advancing to the True God-Tier, they might not even be able to advance to the High-Tier Deity-level.

Living too long didn't seem like a good thing.

"They" no longer had the fighting spirit of not fearing death when they ascended to the God Spirit Realm. They had already fallen into the eternal life and power of the God Spirits. When they encountered a little setback, they could not help but reveal their ugly state.

At that moment, Zhou Zhou did not even want to subdue "Them". He wanted to kill "Them" with a single palm strike and take "Their" spoils of war to pave the way for his Legendary-Tier soldiers to advance in the future.

However, after some thought, "He" gave up on this idea.

Never mind. So be it.

Fallen gods were also God Spirits. It was not a problem for them to be "His" lackeys.

Furthermore, after they joined the Blazing Sun Kingdom, they could use their Lord Talent to subtly increase their loyalty to themselves and the Blazing Sun Kingdom. As time passed, this kind of betrayal of their leader should not happen again.

"Are you willing to join my Blazing Sun Kingdom and drive it for me?"

Zhou Zhou said calmly.

"Yes, yes!"

"I'm willing to join the Blazing Sun Kingdom!"

"I'm willing to fight for His Majesty!"

"His Majesty's glory is our glory. His Majesty's sword is our sword!"

The Deities shouted.

Zhou Zhou acknowledged.

"Say that you're willing to join the Blazing Sun Kingdom."

The Gods did not dare to be negligent and hurriedly said that they were willing to join the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Information about these God Spirits joining the Blazing Sun Kingdom appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

At this point, these 32 God Spirit members of the Vopolius Pantheon had all become Zhou Zhou's subordinates.

If True God-Tier Vopolius knew about this, he would probably be infuriated.

Originally, "He" had wanted to use this matter to express goodwill to those high-level bloodline races and even top-notch bloodline races, so as to obtain the investment of those top-notch gods.

In the end, it was great.

He hadn't gotten any benefits yet, but he didn't have much manpower left.

From now on, this True God-Tier would probably hate Zhou Zhou even more.

However, Zhou Zhou did not care about this at all.

Before "He" had provoked this True God-Tier, "He" had not been afraid of him, let alone now that the other party was in a loss position. "He" also had some friendship with Octavel, who had regained control of the complete True God-Tier.

If the other party dared to attack him, Octavel would personally take action on "His" behalf to avenge the damage to the True God-Tier.

He didn't think too much about it.

Zhou Zhou got the soldiers guarding the Heavenly Prison to open the cell door. After letting them out, he slowly walked towards the Heavenly Prison where the scarlet God Spirit was imprisoned.

"I saved one Incite Defection. Not bad."

In front of the prison where the Scarlet God Spirit was imprisoned.

A group of Lords from the Star Alliance was there.

"They" stood in front of the prison that imprisoned the Scarlet God Spirits of different factions and were using Incite Defection, hoping to make these Scarlet God Spirits their subordinates.

"Yes! I managed to obtain one Scarlet God Spirit through Incite Defection!"

"I've also Incite Defection!"

"I'm so envious of the Military Industry Lord. "He" was lucky just now and seemed to have directly Incite Defection two scarlet God Spirits. "He" is now showing off over there."

"The one with the best luck should be the Lord of Spiritual Medicine. Previously, I saw that she seemed to have Incite Defection four scarlet God Spirits at once."

"Sigh, I'm so envious. Why don't I have that fate?"

This was what Zhou Zhou saw when he arrived.

Soon, the Lords of the Star Alliance also saw Zhou Zhou.

"Greetings, Your Majesty!"

"Greetings, Your Majesty!"

"Your Majesty, you're here!"

The Lords said respectfully.

"Continue the Incite Defection."

Zhou Zhou waved his hand and stroked Ling'er's hair. Then, a soldier led them to a prison that covered a large area.

There were a total of 19 scarlet God Spirits in this prison.

"They" were wearing Forbidden Archmage Robes, and they were all Forbidden Archmages of the Crimson Empire.

Zhou Zhou looked at them and nodded slightly.

This was a group of Scarlet God Spirits that had been specially prepared for "Him".

The number of Incite Defection God Spirits that the other Star Alliance members faced was not that many.

"Are you willing to join this king's Blazing Sun Kingdom?"

"If you're willing, I can spare your lives and give you the same status and authority as other God Spirits of the same level."

"If you have good contributions in the future, you will have all the divine artifacts, Divine Spark Fragments, and even the higher-level Book of The God Spirit." Zhou Zhou said.

When the scarlet God Spirits heard this, they were immediately shocked. They did not expect the other party to be willing to give such a high condition, however, they soon sneered.

"A mere divine artifact to get us to betray our supreme faith in Your Excellency the Crimson Overlord?! This mere human Lord is delusional!"

"Hahaha, Common People's Regal, you can ask your human seniors. Our Scarlet God Spirit has fought with the Supreme Will for countless years. How many of us will take the initiative to surrender to the Lord of your Supreme Will camp?"

"Not to mention a mere human Lord like you, even if the Supreme Will comes personally, we will definitely not surrender."

"Your Excellency Crimson Overlord will definitely destroy the Supreme Will in the future and control the entire Supreme Great Cosmos. Then, he will change the name of the Supreme Great Cosmos to the Crimson Great Cosmos!"

"Your Excellency Crimson Overlord will definitely destroy the Supreme Will in the future and control the entire Supreme Great Cosmos. Then, he will change the name of the Supreme Great Cosmos to the Crimson Great Cosmos!"

After hearing "His" words, none of the scarlet God Spirits were moved. They all mocked and ridiculed him.

Zhou Zhou's expression was calm, but he sighed inwardly.

They were both God Spirits.

The difference between the God Spirits of the Vopolius Pantheon and these scarlet God Spirits was too great.

It could be seen from this scene.

There was a reason why the Supreme Will was suppressed by the Crimson Overlord.

"He" didn't think too much about it and couldn't be bothered to waste his breath. "He" directly used Incite Defection to take down eight of the Forbidden Archmages. Then, under the incredulous gazes of the other Scarlet God Spirits, "He" left with the eight Forbidden Archmages who were respectful to "Him."

Right on the heels of that, "He" went to another prison where the Devil God Spirits were imprisoned. "He" used the second Incite Defection, and five Crimson God Spirits of the Devil race became "His" subordinates.

The remaining Scarlet God Spirits would be left to the Lords of the Star Alliance to instigate Incite Defection.

He had to leave some soup for his subordinates.

Just as "He" was about to bring his Incite Defection deity out of the Nine Realms' Fiendcelestial Prison and return to the surface…


The sky above the Blazing Sun Kingdom suddenly changed color.

The clouds in the sky within a radius of ten million miles turned blood-red, emitting the powerful power of the Original Sin.

Higher up in the starry sky, a blood-red Divine Kingdom star suddenly emitted an extremely resplendent blood-red light that illuminated the myriad worlds.

"This is…"

"In the capital city, there's a High-Tier Deity-level God Spirit with the Original Sin Law that's about to become a True God-Tier?"

"Could it be…"

"Your Excellency Geralt!?"

Zhou Zhou muttered when he saw this.

Was a sixth True God-Tier about to appear in the human race?!

"He" was stunned for a moment before a smile appeared on "His" face.

This was great news!