Chapter 2558: Sightseeing with a Beauty

Seeing Zhang Ruochen was in a difficult position, the emperor of Terra Demons was sensible and did not continue to ask.

After all, it was good to have a marriage, but it did not matter if it did not work out. When Xuan Qingying broke through to the Paramount Realm, she had a chance to become a god’s concubine. It was also a way to rise.

Zhang Ruochen was in a difficult position not because he was honest nor uninterested in beauty. It was just that he did not want to leave too many flaws for himself.

Think about it. Once he agreed with the emperor of Terra Demons, he would be responsible for Xuan Qingying, a woman he had no feelings for.

Zhang Ruochen had so many enemies in Celestial Court and Infernal Court. If those enemies caught this flaw and took Xuan Qingying away, they would threaten him. Should he save her or not?

Conversely, Luo Sha and Yan Zhexian would not have him worried so much.

Even if the gods caught them, they would risk the extinction of their clans.

Shortly after Fortune Palace’s High Priest left, Xuan Qingying was ordered by the emperor to deliver the Stellar Soul of God that was stored in the divine crystal to Zhang Ruochen.

Xuan Qingying left after Zhang Ruochen exchanged some pleasantries and thanked her.

She didn’t seem to know that the emperor had sent her here for another reason.

The Terra Demons had sent more Stellar Soul of God than the Wargod Bloodximius had left in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace. After Zhang Ruochen refined them, his saint soul and spiritual power improved significantly.

However, it was still far from enough.

He had to elevate his saint soul to a level stronger than Lan Ying. It required a vast amount of resources.

This was not only practicing the Heaven Sword Soul and the Grade Three Swordsmanship Saintwill but also paving the way for Zhang Ruochen to become a god faster and easier.

It would be best if he could elevate his saint soul to a level comparable to the divine soul.

However, it would take a long time for Fortune Palace’s High Priest to mobilize resources, and Zhang Ruochen’s time was extremely precious. He could not just wait.

He had to act.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen was shocked. ‘I got it. I have a misunderstanding idea. How could the Royal City of Hundred Clans not have cultivation resources like Divine Sword-Lacquer and Pill of Nether-Soul? However, the shops or Chambers of Commerce did not sell these cultivation resources. They were stored in the sacred ground of the various clans.

‘However, these small clans could not sell their precious cultivation resources to me. What should I do?’

Not long after, Zhang Ruochen had an idea. He then went to look for Yan Zhexian.

Yan Zhexian did not expect Zhang Ruochen to take the initiative to look for her. Moreover, he had invited her to visit the places of interest in the Royal City of Hundred Clans. She had wanted to refuse, but she was conflicted when she remembered that Zhang Ruochen had saved her.

Yan Yu had been whispering many nice things about Zhang Ruochen in her ear lately.

She had looked up Zhang Ruochen’s detailed information and knew that Zhang Ruochen had joined the Infernal Court to save his son and daughter. He had been forced to do so and was not the kind of betrayer or cold-blooded and ruthless killer she had thought he was.

Yan Yu had analyzed the subtleties of Zhang Ruochen’s situation for her. He had come to the Infernal Court to do many extreme things. In fact, he had done so because he wanted the warlords. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to survive in the Infernal Court.

Yan Zhexian couldn’t trust any cultivators, but she trusted her uncle very much.

Thinking about it carefully, she felt Zhang Ruochen was quite pitiful. He didn’t look as annoying as before, so she agreed.

After returning to the Terra Demon’s sacred land, Yan Yu first went to see Yan Huangtu, who was recuperating, and asked him carefully if he had really said anything to humiliate Zhang Ruochen.

Yan Huangtu wanted to cry yet tearless. ‘Why didn’t even my brother believe me? Do I look like someone with a running mouth?’

After a while, Yan Yu walked out of Yan Huangtu’s recuperating courtyard. His eyes became cold.

If the cultivators of Fane of Death really dared to plot against his own brother, he had to give them a solemn warning.

A Yanluo clan’s cultivator walked over quickly. He knelt on one knee and reported that Zhang Ruochen had taken Yan Zhexian away.

Yan Yu was slightly surprised when he heard it. He asked, “Zhang Ruochen took the initiative?”

“Yes. I heard that Zhang Ruochen wanted to show her the places of interest in the Royal City of Hundred Clans. She agreed after a moment of hesitation!”

Yan Yu smiled and said, “That’s good news! But…”

Yan Yu thought of a person. She was Peach Blossom, the top-ranked killer of Empyrean Assassins.

‘That woman is in the city, but she has not shown up. What if she attacks Zhang Ruochen?

‘Zhang Ruochen is a smart person. He should have thought of this. But why did he still plan to do it? Is he trying to lure the Peach Blossom out on purpose?’

Yan Yu was not worried about Yan Zhexian’s safety. The Ancient God of Knowledge had been furious ever since the assassination attempt took place at Hoth. He sent someone to deliver a Divine Talisman Robe immediately.

Yes, there was only one.

And he gave it to Yan Zhexian instead of Yan Huangtu, who had also experienced death.

It was not that Yan Huangtu was not valued, but the gods of the Yanluo clan believed the truly powerful should endure more trials. However, Yan Zhexian was a woman, and she was on a different path. Her talent was reflected more in Talisman.

Zhang Ruochen was also afraid of Peach Blossom, so his first stop was straight to the Wulvers.

“The Seven Mountain Chain of the Wulvers’ sacred ground was one of the top ten great sceneries in the Royal City of Hundred Clans. It was magnificent and spectacular. Standing on the first peak, you can see the majestic Demonic Sea of Clouds. The lord ancestor of the Wulvers, Fenrir, once captured a shining star from the sky and fixed it in the sky above the sacred ground, turning it into a bright moon that never falls.”

Zhang Ruochen and Yan Zhexian walked into the Wulvers’ sacred ground. They talked as they walked in the mountains, which had the charm of an immortal couple.

Seven monks followed behind them.

Zhen Nu, Zhen Se, Zhen Sha, Zhen Tan, and Zhen Wang each held a box.

Yan Zhexian asked, “Zhang Ruochen, you always cultivate in seclusion. How can you have the mood for sightseeing? Just say it. What is your purpose in coming to the Wulvers’ sacred ground?”

Zhang Ruochen said, “It’s true for sightseeing since I promised your uncle. I also wanted to take this opportunity to visit and apologize to all the clans personally. Miss Zhexian, you should know that I offended all the clans in the Royal City of Hundred Clans because I was cultivating in seclusion in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace during the few days I entered the city. This hatred will be formed if I don’t apologize. I don’t want a group of enemies for no reason.”

Yan Zhexian snorted and gave him a look that said, ‘I knew your intentions weren’t simple.’ She said, “You want to make amends and apologize? What do you mean by bringing me along?”

“Everyone shows their respect to the young lady of the Yanluo clan. Those small clans might not accept my apology, but they might accept for your sake when they see you coming along,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Zhang Ruochen’s words were so lovely that even Yan Zhexian didn’t know how to refute him!

The emporer of the Wulvers received Zhang Ruochen and Yan Zhexian.

With the relationship between Zhang Ruochen and the Wulvers, the apology was just a formality. Both sides laughed off their grudges immediately and began to brag to each other.

Yan Zhexian couldn’t stand their looks. So, she left and visited the places of interest in the sacred ground alone.

Zhang Ruochen and the emperor of the Wulvers started to talk business after she left.

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Have you found out who the traitor is?”

“It’s Jiushou Bailang. He had personally executed by Handae.”

The emperor of the Wulvers’ face was cold, and he stared at Zhang Ruochen. He suddenly smiled, “The five apology gifts from Ruochen are all priceless. I think you came to the Wulvers’ sacred ground for another purpose.”

Zhang Ruochen straightforwardly said his purpose was to practice the Heaven Sword Soul.

It means these five treasures were not gifts of apology but things to buy the resources to improve the Saint Soul and refine the Precepts of Swordsmanship.

The relationship between the Wulvers and Kunlun’s field had never been broken. Of course, they would help Zhang Ruochen.

The Wulvers was worthy of being the third prominent clan in the Royal City of Hundred Clans. The resources they offered were not comparable to the Terra Demon. Zhang Ruochen had gained a lot.

Initially, Zhang Ruochen had another purpose. He wanted to ask Handae, Fenrir’s grandson, to protect him from the assassination of the Peach Blossom. However, to his surprise, Le showed up and claimed he had a way to balance the Peach Blossom and didn’t need the protection of the god.

Although Zhang Ruochen didn’t know where Le’s confidence came from, he still chose to trust him. He didn’t continue to ask for the protection of the god. After all, the gods were of noble status. They couldn’t protect him forever.

At the mountain gate of the Wulvers’ sacred ground, Zhang Ruochen spoke to Le telepathically.

“Do you know Peach Blossom?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Le stood with his sword in his hand silently.

Zhang Ruochen understood. He patted his shoulder and said, “You must be careful. It’s dangerous to fall in love with a woman who is a killer and stronger than you. You volunteered because you worried the gods would ambush her if she tried to assassinate me, right? Do you care about her a lot?”

“Actually, it’s her who has been pestering me. But I don’t want her to die in the hands of the gods. Don’t worry. If she wants to kill you, she must kill me first,” Le said.

Zhang Ruochen was stunned for a while. Then, he showed a look of admiration.

A top-ranked killer emperor was pestering Le. Zhang Ruochen was less afraid. Instead, he looked forward to meeting this girl.

“Where are the cultivators of the Fane of Death Now?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“The Rotkins’ sacred ground. The Rotkins are dependent on the Fane of Death,” Le said.

Zhang Ruochen thought for a moment. “Next stop, we will go to the Rotkins’ sacred ground.”

Yan Zhexian returned from her mountain excursion. She looked at Zhang Ruochen coldly and was highly displeased.

Zhang Ruochen looked apologetic. He walked over and said, “I’m sorry. The emperor of the Wulvers is too warm. I really couldn’t get away. I shouldn’t have left you alone.”

“Don’t talk so much nonsense. Continue apologizing to the other tribes by yourself. Forgive me for not accompanying you!”

How could Yan Zhexian not know that Zhang Ruochen was using her? She wouldn’t mind helping Zhang Ruochen if Zhang Ruochen was sincere enough. It was to return his favor.

However, Zhang Ruochen was entirely perfunctory for her. The so-called visiting the places of interest meant she was enjoying the cool breeze alone on the peak.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen couldn’t let Yan Zhexian go. The most crucial step was going to the Rotkins’ sacred ground.

Many masters of the Fane of Death gathered in the Rotkins’ sacred ground. If Yan Zhexian did not go with him, Zhang Ruochen would be torn to pieces no matter how many trump cards he had. There was no way to execute the following plan.

Zhang Ruochen quickly caught up and said, “Miss Zhexian, let me tell you the truth. I really want to ask you for help this time.”

Then, Zhang Ruochen told her his plan in detail.

It turned out that the apology was also fake. Zhang Ruochen’s purpose was to buy the cultivated resources from the other clans.

“You want to condense the Heaven Sword Soul in the Hundred-Shackle Realm? And you want to practice the Grade Three Swordsmanship Saintwill?” Yan Zhexian stared at Zhang Ruochen in disbelief. She felt that what he said was impossible.

Zhang Ruochen said, “I’m just trying. What if I succeed? Miss Zhexian, can you help me?”