Chapter 2559: Hai Ke and Nan Sheng

Yan Zhexian didn’t know if she wanted to return Zhang Ruochen’s favor or if she felt Zhang Ruochen was honest enough, but she agreed.

However, she had a condition.

Since Zhang Ruochen claimed he was taking her out to visit places of interest, he had to keep his word.

Hearing this condition, Zhang Ruochen was very surprised. He thought she would take the opportunity to extort. He couldn’t help but think. Did Yan Zhexian have other motives?

“Are you going to agree or not?” Yan Zhexian pouted and urged.

“Sure! I’ve been in seclusion for many days. I’d be very active physically after a forced quiet. It’s a good thing to take this opportunity to walk around and broaden my horizons.” Zhang Ruochen agreed.

Both of them entered the Sevenstar Imperial Palace.

The 18 Six-Tribulation Ghost Lords carried the colossal palace and rolled up a thick, cold ghost fog. They swaggered toward the Rotkins scared ground.

Le sat on the stone steps outside the palace, holding his iron sword diagonally. He was thinking alone and coldly. No one knew what he was thinking.

The seven monks, led by Sikong the Elder and Sikong the Younger, followed behind.

“Walk faster. You are dilly-dallying.”

Sikong the Elder knocked Zhen Sha’s butt. Zhen Sha wasn’t angry. He took more giant steps.

Zhen Se “Que Shenzi” and Zhen Nu “Tian Shuzi” were ecstatic when they heard Zhang Ruochen was going to the Rotkins scared ground. Then they began to feel anxious.

They were ecstatic because almost all the great Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death were gathered in the Rotkins scared ground. Zhang Ruochen’s trip would definitely be disastrous. They could also regain their freedom.

They felt anxious because how could Zhang Ruochen go to the Rotkins scared ground if he didn’t have a certain amount of confidence?

What was Zhang Ruochen’s purpose for going to the Rotkins scared ground?

Moreover, wouldn’t they be laughed at for the rest of their lives if they went to the Rotkins scared ground and let the great Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death see them with their current appearance?

In the Sevenstar Imperial Palace.

Yan Zhexian asked, “The Heaven and Earth Slaughterer who helped me win the bet in the House of Enchanteurs of the Divine Domain of Destiny was transformed by you, right?”


Zhang Ruochen answered while counting the boxes he got from the Wulvers.


“No reason. It’s nothing.”

Yan Zhexian was not satisfied with this answer. She said, “It’s because of the child in my belly, right?”

Zhang Ruochen counted everything and put them all into his Ring of Dimensions. Then he stared at her thoughtfully and answered, “Actually, I already know that there is no intimate relationship between us.”

A touch of embarrassment appeared on Yan Zhexian’s fair face after she heard this.

It turned out that…

He already knew!

Zhang Ruochen continued, “But outsiders don’t know it. We should get closer and display affection so the Yanluo clan won’t be embarrassed. This is what you think, right?”

Yan Zhexian’s embarrassment disappeared. Her expression turned cold. She said, “It’s good that you know. So you’d better don’t have improper thoughts about me. Our relationship can only stay at the level of cooperation.”

“I understand. That’s what I need too,” Zhang Ruochen said straightforwardly.


Yan Zhexian snorted and walked out of the palace in a hurry.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t chase after her. Instead, he took out the Quasi-Emperor Grade Sacred Pill, “Saint Soul Pill,” which he had just obtained. He was going to swallow and refine it.

Yan Zhexian, who had walked to the door, suddenly stopped. She turned around and said rudely, “The Fane of Death is the greatness in the Deathkin. It has a deep foundation and many masters. You’d better be careful.”

“Thank you for your concern, Miss Zhexian.” Zhang Ruochen sat on the ground and bowed to her.

Yan Zhexian waved her sleeve and left. She felt inexplicable resentment in her heart. She thought to herself, “It’s just a deal. I’ll just treat it as an act for all the cultivators in the world to see. Otherwise, those guys will secretly laugh at me or criticize the Yanluo clan. It’s really annoying.”

The Royal City of Hundred Clans, which constantly gathered the talented and able, was again in an uproar today.

After many days, Zhang Ruochen swaggered on the streets again. He was still riding the Sevenstar Imperial Palace, which was incredibly high-profile. What surprised everyone was the seven monks following behind the Sevenstar Imperial Palace.

“What do I see? Is that Que Shenzi?”

“There are Tian Shuzi and three White Reaper.”

“My god! Why are they all shaved and wearing monk robes? Are they really going to convert to Buddhist Sect?”

“Five Banshi Isshou Realm Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death had become monks. This is a rare occurrence even in the Yuanhui period.”

“Zhang Ruochen is too bold. We’re going to see some fun. Just wait and see. The Fane of Death will definitely take action.”

Everyone spread the news one after another. More and more cultivators followed behind the Sevenstar Imperial Palace to watch.

The scared ground of the Rotkins was called the Devourer Swamp.

It was a black swamp that covered a hundred miles. There were many ghost mountains and shade peaks around it. It was like a basin, so it was called the Devourer Swamp.

The Devourer Swamp was barren. It was filled with Yin all year round. Its corruption power was strong.

Two important figures from the Fane of Death came to the Devourer Swamp today. One was called Hai Ke, and the other was called Nan Sheng.

Two of them were in the Banshi Isshou Realm but had already entered the Tome of the Divines. They were even more famous than Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi in the Deathkin. Yuan Qianmo had personally written a letter to invite them over.

The Rotkins scared ground held a grand saint feast to welcome the two of them.

A group of beautiful Rakshasi placed a jade plate with a human head on top of their heads. They formed a long line and presented it to Nan Sheng one by one.

“Nan Sheng likes to eat human heads” was a well-known fact in the entire Infernal Court.

On the other side, a group of Immortal Vampire maidservants with wings held jade bowls filled with babies and presented them to the Hai Ke.

“Hai Ke likes to eat baby. He eats 800 babies every day” was also famous.

Nan Sheng and Hai Ke sat at the top. The Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death and Yuan Benji sat on the left and right sides.

As for the cultivators of the Rotkins, including the emperor, all stood and waited on them carefully.

“I ate 1,000 babies today. I’m full. Keep the rest and give them to me tomorrow.”

After Hai Ke had eaten the 1,000th baby, he grabbed two Immortal Vampire maidservants with each hand and held them in his arms. He pinched them so hard that they cried out in pain.

Just like how the Immortal Vampire could capture the Six-Tribulation Ghost Lord to carry the palace, it was usual for other clans to take the Immortal Vampire as their slaves. However, doing so in a formal situation was humiliating to some extent.

The 18 Six-Tribulation Ghost Lords who had helped Zhang Ruochen carry the Sevenstar Imperial Palace were deliberately done by Wargod Bloodximius to disgust the Ghost Master.

After Nan Sheng ate 1,000 human heads, he waved his hand to signal the Rakshasi to leave.

He was different from Hai Ke. He was a very refined man who looked similar to humans. He had two strands of white hair on his temples.

Nan Sheng said, “I was practicing in the south. If I didn’t show respect to Yuan Qianmo, I wouldn’t have come. Who can tell me why the Fane of Death, strong like a school of silver carp moving down a stream, was humiliated by a Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saint?”

Hai Ke revealed his sharp fangs and laughed sinisterly, “A bunch of losers. Even if Zhang Ruochen has superhuman powers, he’s only in the Hundred-Shackle Realm. He captured five Banshi Isshou Realm Supreme Saints. How can you still sit here? Losers. All of you are losers.”

The Fane of Death’s Supreme Saints were all embarrassed and nervous. No one dared to argue.

After all, both of them had terrifying backgrounds. If nothing went wrong, they would take over Yuan Qianmo’s position and become the pillar of the Fane of Death.

They had eaten the head of a Supreme Saint of the Fane of Death in their rage. They only would be reprimanded by the gods at most.

Yuan Benji laughed dryly, “Zhang Ruochen’s demigod body is powerful. He has a huge advantage in the Royal City of Hundred Clans.”

Another Supreme Saint quickly added, “That’s right. The environment is too favorable for him. If it were anywhere else, Tian Shuzi and Que Shenzi wouldn’t have lost to him.”

“He has a demigod body? So what? He only has brute force. Haha, I also have brute force.” Hai Ke’s arms were as thick as an elephant’s leg. The two Immortal Vampire maidservants in his arms were crushed into two balls of blood mist with two explosions.

The other Immortal Vampire maidservants were so scared that they knelt on the ground and trembled.

Nan Sheng smiled calmly and said, “Who can compare to Hai Ke in terms of physical strength? His physical body is divine and has been tempered in the Apeiron Sea for thousands of years. Let alone a demigod’s physical body, even some weaker Paramount physique can be shattered with one punch.”

Hai Ke was from Deathkin, but he had been transformed from a god’s corpse.

“Zhang Ruochen’s spiritual power is also extreme,” Yuan Benji said.

Nan Sheng’s eyes flashed with contempt. He chanted the word “Xing”.


Countless figures appeared in heaven and earth.

Nan Sheng’s spiritual power formed each figure.


Another word rang out.

The figures in the sky rushed into Nan Sheng’s body like a hummingbird returning to its nest.

Nan Sheng said, “Who do you think has stronger spiritual power? Zhang Ruochen or me?”

Yuan Benji laughed out loud. “Nan Sheng is under the Seven Elders of South-Haven. Zhang Ruochen naturally can’t compare with him in terms of the strength and the use of spiritual power.”

Legend had four legendary figures in the Infernal Court with spiritual power at the 90th level.

Yama Grand Supreme, Void Disaster Palace.

Starry Ocean Fisherman, South-Haven Life-Death Ruins.

The Seven Elders Yuan Benji mentioned were the seventh disciple of the South-Haven Life-Death Ruins. Every disciple of that person was named after a number.

Seven was his last disciple.

Many gods had to address him as the Seven Elders even though he was only the seventh disciple.

Of course, these four spiritual power legends were all proverbs left behind 100,000 years ago. They were famous throughout the world during the Divine Wars.

No one knew whether any of them had died in the past 100,000 years.

It was also unknown whether a new 90th level of spiritual power had been born.

Hai Ke couldn’t wait any longer. He said, “Let’s go and capture that kid now. I’ll definitely let him understand what it means can neither live nor die. A demigod’s body, right? I’ll tear him apart with my own hands.”

Suddenly, a cultivator of the Rotkins rushed to the bottom of the steps of the saint feast with a terrified expression. He said anxiously, “Z-Zhang Ruochen is here. Zhang Ruochen i-is in the scared ground…”