Chapter 2561: Martial Senior Sister-in-law

Zhang Ruochen said grandly, “You can have these ten boxes of Godstones if you want them. Let the strongest Rotkins in the Hundred-Shackle Realm or the Thousand-Koan Realm collect them. If they can defeat me, they can take them all.”

Yan Zhexian stood in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace and looked at Zhang Ruochen’s domineering back. He felt a little absent-minded.

This guy had been gentle and meek before, but how had he become so fierce and aggressive within a short span of time? Who in the world didn’t know Zhang Ruochen’s strength?

Had he become schizophrenic?

Both Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi, who had planned to escape to the Fane of Death camp, were also shocked. At this moment, Zhang Ruochen’s killing intent had soared to the sky as if he had changed into a different person. They couldn’t decide at that moment.

The Rotkins Emperor was stunned for a moment. Then he laughed out loud. “What a great title for a future Wargod. The warring oath is also declared out loud enough. But why should the Rotkins accept the challenge?”

The Rotkins Emperor’s move may seem weak, but it was very effective.

If they sent out the strongest of the Rotkins’s Hundred-Shackle Realm and Thousand-Koan Realm, and Zhang Ruochen then killed those, it would be a considerable loss. After all, there were only dozens of Supreme Saints in the entire Rotkins.

Zhang Ruochen patted the Wargod Belt, “I brought the Immortal Vampires’ Wargod Belt here,” he said. “I now represent the entire Immortal Vampires, and I challenge you in the name of Wargods. Do the Rotkins want to look down on the Immortal Vampires, the Fane of Immortality or do they care not even about the 13 Immortal Vampires’ Wargods?”

Zhang Ruochen’s every word was like a sharp sword, piercing the weakest part of the Rotkins Emperor’s heart.

He finally understood that if the Rotkins didn’t accept the challenge today, they would offend the entire Immortal Vampires. The other 12 successors of the Wargods might even harbor evil thoughts towards the Rotkins.

Although the Immortal Vampires present felt that Zhang Ruochen’s current cultivation wasn’t enough to command the entire Immortal Vampires, they respected the Wargod Belt and regarded it with extreme conviction.

Therefore, they all had unpleasant looks in their eyes.

The Rotkins are just a small clan. You dare to reject my challenge with a Wargod’s Belt to you and disrespect me?

A broad-shouldered and burly figure charged out of the crowd with a bloody murderous aura around him and roared, “Those who wear the Wargod Belt are like the Wargod himself. It is your greatest honor for a Wargod of the Immortal Vampires to challenge you. If you don’t accept the challenge, you are humiliating the Wargod. For those who humiliate the Wargod, we Immortal Vampires would attack together as one.”

“Those who humiliate the Wargod, we will attack together as one.”

“Those who humiliate the Wargod, we will attack together as one.”

All the Immortal Vampires present roared in unison.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the burly Immortal Vampire cultivator. He was slightly surprised that it was Xue Tu.

Xue Tu turned around and bowed to Zhang Ruochen, who was standing on the Sevenstar Imperial Palace, “How dare the Rotkins be disrespectful to the Wargod?” he continued. “Your junior can’t take it anymore. Senior, why don’t you take out the Destiny Token and challenge them in the name of the twelve Reverends of the Fane of Destiny. I’d like to see if the Rotkins do not even care about the Fane of Destiny.”


The Rotkins Emperor was shocked. He didn’t expect the Immortal Vampire Supreme Saint to be even more ruthless than Zhang Ruochen. Was he trying to wipe out the Rotkins?

A loud voice came from the mountain gate of the Rotkins sacred ground. “You’re the Scion of the Immortal Vampires. How can you bully a small clan? How about I challenge the Supreme Saint Ruochen instead? I wonder if you would accept my challenge.”

Nan Sheng and Hai Ke walked out from the array gate of light.

It was Nan Sheng who had spoken.

The Rotkins Emperor let out a long sigh of relief and retreated to the side.

Xue Tu’s expression changed drastically when he saw these two. He was filled with regret. He wouldn’t have shown himself if he had known they would come to the Royal City of Hundred Clans.

Not only would he not be able to gain anything from Zhang Ruochen, but he might also have to die here today.

But it was too late to have regrets!

Now, he had to persevere even if he had to bite the bullet.


All the cultivators in the surroundings burst into chaos.

“Nan Sheng actually came to the Royal City of Hundred Clans. He is the direct disciple of the Seven Elders, a figure from the South-Haven.”

“Hai Ke has a divine body. When he was in the Hundred-Shackle Realm, he could defeat a Supreme Saint at the peak of the Thousand-Koan Realm. After so many years, his cultivation has surely reached a terrifying level.”

“Zhang Ruochen has messed up this time. There is a big chance that he might die today.”

“Even if Nan Sheng and Hai Ke kill Zhang Ruochen, no one will dare to say anything. Don’t tell me that the deities of the Xue Jue Family dare to attack Apeiron Sea and South-Haven?”

All the Immortal Vampires present sighed. There are even some that blamed Zhang Ruochen.

If Zhang Ruochen were killed by Nan Sheng and Hai Ke while wearing the Wargod Belt, it would be a disgrace to the entire Immortal Vampires.

The cultivators of the Fane of Death and the Rotkins all smiled mockingly.

“Let’s see how Zhang Ruochen ends up.”

“It is best for him to run. In any case, he’s still a Master of Time and Space and should be very good at running for his life.”

“We’re surrounded by the Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death. How can we run?”

“If I were Zhang Ruochen, I would immediately self-detonate my Sainthood Source since I’ve made a fatal mistake and could at least die a heroic death. Otherwise, there is a chance of being humiliated after one has been captured by Nan Sheng and Hai Ke. Not only would he be disrespected, but the entire Immortal Vampires would also be affected.”

Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi were overjoyed. They looked at each other and rushed toward Nan Sheng and Hai Ke.

They could finally escape!



Zhang Ruochen made a decisive move and slashed twice.

The razor-sharp sword flew out and chopped off their legs.

Their legs stayed where they were, but the upper bodies flew forward and fell to the ground. The torsos thrashed around and bled profusely.

Half of Que Shenzi and Tian Shuzi’s bodies lay on the ground, staring at Zhang Ruochen in a daze. You’ve changed, Zhang Ruochen! You’ve changed! You’ve really changed!

You used to say that you wanted to resolve your grudges and were extremely kind and friendly. How could you suddenly become so cold-blooded and heartless?

All these years of referring to you as “Ancestral Master” had been in vain!

Zhang Ruochen’s tone was cold. “Xue Tu, their legs are yours. If they dare to run again, kill them! They’re really stubborn.”

Xue Tu was delighted. He stared at the four legs on the ground with fevered eyes.

The legs were filled with the fresh blood of Banshi Isshou Realm Supreme Saints. It was an irresistible temptation for the Immortal Vampires. Their cultivation could increase by a large margin by consuming the blood.

“You’re courting death.”

Hai Ke roared. Blinding divine light surged out of his body. He flew up like a blazing sun.

Dense Precepts surged out of the divine light. There were nine trillion Precepts, more than 90% of all Paramount Realm Supreme Saints. Only Demigods had more Precepts than him.

But he was still in the Banshi Isshou Realm. He hadn’t formed a Paramount physique.

In other words, he could be called a Demigod once he broke through.

Hai Ke’s fist was as big as a water tank. It was earth-shattering. The force it emitted sent Tian Shuzi, Que Shenzi, and Xue Tu flying like falling leaves.

Fei Zhong’s puppet rushed out behind Zhang Ruochen. It wielded a battle ax and swung it at Hai Ke.


Fei Zhong’s puppet’s battle strength was close to that of a Paramount Realm Supreme Saint. Even Tian Shuzi, who had cultivated five trillion Precepts, could only fight with it to a draw.

However, before Fei Zhong’s puppet’s battle ax could get close to Hai Ke’s fist, its arm exploded with a crackling sound.


Fei Zhong’s broken puppet body and the ax flew back and smashed heavily on the steps of the Sevenstar Imperial Palace.

Hai Ke laughed loudly. The power of his fist did not decrease as it struck Zhang Ruochen, who was standing upright.

Zhang Ruochen’s hair and clothes were blown back by the wind of the fist. Suddenly, purple vines alight with thunderflame unfurled out from his back.

Hundreds and thousands of purple vines twisted together to form a palm print that was bigger than Zhang Ruochen’s body.


The fist and palm collided.

The palm print of the vines exploded and turned into broken branches and leaves.

Hai Ke flew back. After landing on the ground, he took three steps back to stabilize himself. He stared at Zhang Ruochen, who was still standing in front of the Sevenstar Imperial Palace in surprise, and asked, “Has your Saint Devourer reached the Paramount Realm?”

Hai Ke was arrogant, but he wasn’t blind and arrogant. He had checked Zhang Ruochen’s background information beforehand.

The Saint Devourer’s voice rang in Zhang Ruochen’s ears. “Master, this person is powerful. I’m no match for him.”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t change his expression. He nodded slightly.

The corner of Xue Tu’s mouth had bloody scars. Seeing that Hai Ke had been pushed back, he was overjoyed. He rushed to the bottom of the Sevenstar Imperial Palace again and laughed. “It seems that one look is worth a thousand words. The famous Hai Ke can’t even defeat a plant my senior had raised.”

Killing intent surged in Hai Ke’s eyes, and he was so angry that he laughed out loud. “Haha! So what if it was a Saint Devourer of the Paramount Realm? I was just testing it out with a punch. Now, I officially challenge you. Zhang Ruochen, do you dare to accept? It doesn’t matter who wins or loses; there’s only life and death.”

Xue Tu laughed again. “I’ve never heard of cultivators with low cultivation challenging cultivators with high cultivation. For cultivators at two realms higher challenging cultivators with lower realms. “Hai Ke, you’ve lost all the respect of the Apeiron Sea !”

Hai Ke glared at him coldly.

“Senior, save me,” Xue Tu said.

Zhang Ruochen swiped his finger and opened the Sevenstar Imperial Palace’s Defensive Array to let him in.

Xue Tu stood on the steps of the Sevenstar Imperial Palace. He felt much safer and called out to Hai Ke again, “What would the lord guarding the Apeiron Sea think if he knew that his disciple was so weak? If I were you, I would challenge the top figures of the Paramount Realm and fight them to the death, such as Wuma Jiuxing, Yuan Qianmo, and Ji Fanxin.”

Hai Ke was so angry that his entire body was trembling. He bared his sharp fangs and ordered with a hideous smile, “Let’s attack together and break through the Sevenstar Imperial Palace’s defensive formation. Kill that talkative Immortal Vampire Supreme Saint first, and then kill Zhang Ruochen.”


The Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death all summoned their sacred artifact and unleashed waves of destructive power.

The cultivators who were watching the battle nearby retreated farther away.

If this wave of attacks landed, all the cultivators in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace would be scared out of their wits, let alone it breaking through the Sevenstar Imperial Palace. Zhang Ruochen had finally caused his own demise.

Xue Tu looked at the sacred artifacts rising one by one. His back felt cold, and he turned to look at Zhang Ruochen. He wanted to ask, “Senior, should we run?”

However, he could not open his mouth. He did not say a word.

Zhang Ruochen did not seem to have prepared any trump cards. He just stood there as if he was waiting to die.

Just as Xue Tu was severely regretting his decision, a beautiful figure walked out of the Sevenstar Imperial Palace. Her white robe fluttered in the wind. She was gorgeous and spoke to all the Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death, “The legendary Hai Ke and Nan Sheng disappointed us immeasurably. Does the Fane of Death not even have a decent cultivator to send?”

Nan Sheng saw Yan Zhexian standing beside Zhang Ruochen and was slightly shocked. He immediately sent a voice transmission to stop the Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death who were preparing to attack.

What a joke. Zhang Ruochen could kill as he liked, but if Yan Zhexian also died in the Sevenstar Imperial Palace, the matter would be blown up! Even if he escaped back to the South-Haven, he would not be able to avoid trouble.

Xue Tu, who was initially feeling numb and even a little desperate, saw Yan Zhexian, and the worry in his heart was swept away. He quickly cupped his fists together and smiled, “So you are here too, my sister-in-law. What you said is true; the Fane of Death has indeed done a disgrace. A Banshi Isshou Realm Supreme Saint challenging a Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saint, the Immortal Vampires, and the Yanluo clan has never been such a joke.”

“Aiya, you are pregnant. What if these Supreme Saints of the Fane of Death acted too heavily and caused you to be sick? What should we do then? Who can shoulder this responsibility?”


Xue Tu kept calling her “Sister-in-law,” which made Sikong the Elder and Sikong the Younger standing not far away to stare at each other. When Scion Xue Tu led the army to attack the Sword Vault in Kunlun… why didn’t they see that he was such an intelligent guy?



The two monks closed their eyes and chanted the name of Buddha.

Hai Ke and Nan Sheng’s faces turned grave. The cultivators of the Rotkins, including the other Supreme Saints of the Death God Hall, could ignore their reputation, but the two of them couldn’t.

Yan Zhexian’s appearance caught them off guard.

It seemed impossible to kill Zhang Ruochen with lightning speed!

Yan Zhexian said, “Zhang Ruochen is challenging the Rotkins. I absolutely have no objection if the Fane of Death wants to stand up for the Rotkins and send out the Hundred-Shackle Realm and the Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saints. “However, if Nan Sheng and Hai Ke make a move, can I go and find a second uncle to challenge you?”


Xue Tu roared and said with a smile.

He had never dreamed that his senior would be so powerful. He had even taken down the eldest daughter of the Yanluo clan. What was there to be afraid of? It might be more beneficial to curry favor with the eldest daughter of the Yanluo clan than to curry favor with his seniors.

Nan Sheng and Hai Ke communicated with each other telepathically. Ultimately, they decided not to fight head-on with the Yanluo clan. It wasn’t too late to find a chance to kill Zhang Ruochen after they left the Royal City of Hundred Clans.