Chapter 2562: I am not a Bully

“It seems that the young lady of the Yanluo clan has changed her mind. She has completely fallen into Zhang Ruochen’s arms. Yuan Qianmo is indeed miserable.”

“He already has a child. What’s done cannot be undone. Humph, Zhang Ruochen’s luck with women is so good that it makes people envious. Now, he has the support of both Devala and the Yanluo clan.”

“Don’t worry. The more you get, the more people will hate you. Such a person won’t be able to live for long. Marriage is just an unorthodox method. The path itself depends on one’s own strength.”

Nan Sheng and Hai Ke exchanged a few words of pleasantries. Then they turned around and entered Devonian. They left this place to the leader of the Rotkins.

What could the Rotkins clan leader do? Did he have to wait for Zhang Ruochen to take out the Destiny Token before surrendering?

Zhang Ruochen’s challenge was fake. His real motive was to kill to vent out his anger.

The Rotkins Clan Emperor found an old Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saint who didn’t have much time left to live and asked him to accept Zhang Ruochen’s challenge. If he died at Zhang Ruochen’s hands, his clan members would receive all kinds of benefits.

The old Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saint said, “Clan Emperor, you don’t have to say anything. Zhang Ruochen has gone too far. I will accept his challenge even if you don’t come to me. Otherwise, the cultivators all over the world will think that the Rotkins are cowards. I don’t have more than a hundred years left anyway. If worst comes to worst, I’ll just self-detonate my Sainthood Source and die with him.”

Zhang Ruochen’s spiritual power was strong. He heard their discussion clearly, “Xu Ze Supreme Saint is undoubtedly an elder,” he said. “He should stay in the clan to rest and die at an old age. The Clan Emperor had sent him to fight. He wasn’t afraid of turning the cultivators’ hearts cold. I heard that there’s a Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saint in the Rotkins. His name is Huo Li, and he can be considered a powerful figure. Let him come out and fight with me.”

“Zhang Ruochen, don’t even think about it!”

The Rotkins Emperor roared and suddenly stepped out. His corrosive killing intent turned into a fierce hurricane.

Huo Li had fused with Grade Five Saintwill. He was a hero who would be qualified to become a TrueGod in the future. There was only one God Candidate like this in the entire Rotkins. It represented the Rotkins’ hope for the future.

If anything happened to him, the Rotkins would have to wait many years before they could give birth to another God Candidate.

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t afraid of the Emperor’s Saint Aura at all. He used the sound wave Saint Techniques, saying. “Huo Li, come out and fight with me. Don’t let an elder about to die sacrifice himself in your place. You should know that if you’re too weak to fight with me today, you won’t dare to face the Divine Tribulation even if you’ve reached the Paramount Realm in the future. What’s the difference between living like this and dying?”


A streak of blinding fire flew out of the Rotkins sacred ground and landed below the Sevenstar Imperial Palace.

Huo Li wasn’t a human-shaped cultivator. His body was like a giant lizard, and he said in a deep voice, “Zhang Ruochen, you don’t have to provoke me with words. Based on your previous humiliation and belittlement of the Rotkins, I will fight to the death with you today.”

The Rotkins emperor advised, “Don’t be fooled by him.”

“Clan Emperor, although Zhang Ruochen is hateful, he is right about one thing. If I don’t fight today, it will be difficult for me to break through the mental barrier and reach the Banshi Isshou Realm, let alone achieve divinity.”

“Fight! Fight for the dignity of the Rotkins.”

“Fight! Fight to avenge the shame.”

“Fight! Fight for yourself!”

He shouted three words in a row.

After shouting the first battle cry, Huo Li ignited the Saint Blood in his body.

After shouting the second battle cry, Huo Li burned his lifespan crazily.

After shouting the battle cry, the Sainthood Source in Huo Li’s body burst into flames.

Every time he shouted a battle cry, the energy fluctuation within his body would double. After shouting the third battle cry, Huo Li’s condition had reached an unprecedented peak. He could even self-destruct his Sainthood Source with just a thought.

“As expected of Huo Li. He is indeed the pride of the Rotkins. To be able to fuse with Grade Five Saintwill as a God Candidate is extraordinary.”

“Zhang Ruochen has gone too far this time. He might fail miserably.”

As everyone was discussing, Zhang Ruochen, who had flown out of the Sevenstar Imperial Palace, slashed down with his sword. He clashed with Huo Li, who had used the divine flame Saint Technique.


Huo Li’s Neverwither physique was split into two.

His corpse fell to the ground.

Zhang Ruochen had returned to the Sevenstar Imperial Palace without anyone noticing. He wiped the blood off the Ancient Abyssal Blade and said, “Let’s Go! Next stop, we’ll challenge the Sengens. No, we’ll go to the Sengens instead to apologize.”


The 18 Six-Tribulation Ghost Lords lifted the Sevenstar Imperial Palace and left.

Xue Tu stared at the two halves of Huo Li’s corpse and licked his lips. But when he saw the Rotkins Emperor rush over to it with murderous intent, he suppressed his agitation and could only sigh. “What a waste! There’s so much good blood.”

Outside Devonian, countless spectators were still stunned.

One sword blow!

With just one blow from his sword, Zhang Ruochen had killed the only God Candidate of the Rotkins. Huo Li didn’t even have the chance to self-detonate his Sainthood Source.

The young man was still too impulsive!

It wasn’t wrong to admit defeat in front of absolute power.

Some people were amazed by Zhang Ruochen’s Swordsmanship, some sympathized with the Rotkins, and some envied Zhang Ruochen for being favored by the eldest daughter of the Yanluo clan. In short, they had many mixed feelings, and even their thoughts of discussion had faded away.

“Did you hear what Zhang Ruochen said just now? Challenging the Sengens?”

“No, he said he was going to the Sengens to apologize.”

“Let’s go. No matter what Zhang Ruochen will do, we can’t miss this show.”

A group of cultivators followed behind Sevenstar Imperial Palace and swarmed toward the Sengens.

The Sengens cultivators hurriedly rushed back to their sacred ground and reported the terrible bad news to the clan Emperor.


The Sengens’s sacred ground wasn’t far from the Rotkins sacred ground. So Zhang Ruochen arrived in an instant.

The Sengens’s Emperor, Princess Xue Lai, and the Supreme Saints were already waiting outside the mountain gate.

Their expressions were grave and anxious, especially Princess Xue Lai’s. She wondered if Zhang Ruochen was jealous of her when she drove Tian Shuzi to deal with Zhang Ruochen. Maybe that was why he chose the Sengens as his second target.

In Ghostwood Manor, she felt that Zhang Ruochen was very much prejudiced against her.

If she had known that Zhang Ruochen was a vengeful person, she wouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place.

It was a fight between immortals and mere mortals that suffered the most.

The Sevenstar Imperial Palace arrived at the Sengens sacred ground. It stopped slowly. Ten boxes of Godstones were lifted up again. They opened one by one, and divine light shone for thousands of feet.

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the palace and said, “I pay my respects to the Clan Emperor. There are three things that I came for to pay a visit to the Sengens.”

“The first is the day I entered the city. Princess Xue Lai once invited me to visit the Sengens, but I was at a critical moment of cultivation and couldn’t respond immediately. I heard that Princess Xue Lai and the Sengens held a grudge against me because of this. That should not have happened, so this visit is to resolve the conflict and misunderstanding between the two sides.”

“As expected, I have offended Zhang Ruochen. He is targeting me.” Princess Xue Lai looked at the Clan Emperor’s mother. She wanted to take the blame by herself without implicating the entire Sengens.

The Sengens clan emperor stopped her. He took a dozen steps forward, “Saint Ruochen, you don’t have to be so polite. Actually, the Sengens and Xue Lai have never held a grudge against you. On the contrary, Xue Lai has mentioned you many times in front of me. She claims that you’re a genius and admires you exceedingly.”

Xue Tu said, “If that’s the case, let Princess Xue Lai marry my senior. I won’t argue with you over that matter anymore!”

Zhang Ruochen glared at him, scaring Xue Tu into silence.

Zhang Ruochen bowed to the Sengens Emperor and said humbly, “So it’s really a misunderstanding. I feel much better now! The Emperor must accept these ten boxes of Godstones as my apology.”

The Emperor shook his head quickly and said gently, “Since it’s a misunderstanding, how can there be compensation as an apology?”

Zhang Ruochen laughed. “The Emperor is right. In that case, let’s talk about the second thing. I want to cultivate the Heaven Sword Soul at the Hundred-Shackle Realm…”

Then Zhang Ruochen told him about the cultivation resources he wanted to buy.

Although the Emperor had been mentally prepared, his noble and elegant face still turned cold.

The cultivation resources Zhang Ruochen wanted were treasures of the clan. They were used to cultivate the God Candidates. How could he sell them so easily?

They were said to be for sale, but who dares to accept Zhang Ruochen’s Godstones?

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Do the Sengens have none at all?”

Just as the Sengens emperor was struck speechless, he heard a voice transmission from the Wulvers Emperor. “Sell the resources to Zhang Ruochen. You can keep the God Candidate alive that way.”

The Sengens Emperor’s thoughts became clear. He suddenly understood everything.

So this was the reason why Zhang Ruochen had made such a big show of apologizing to the other races and showing off his power in the Rotkins.

If he could use some cultivation resources in exchange for the life of the God Candidates in the clan, it would be acceptable.

“The Sengens still has some of the cultivation resources that Supreme Saint Ruochen wants.”

The Emperor immediately sent someone to bring three bottles of Divine Sword-Lacquer.

Zhang Ruochen was overjoyed and said, “Three bottles of the Divine Sword-Lacquer are worth 900 Godstones.”

“These three bottles of the Divine Sword-Lacquer are a gift to Supreme Saint Ruochen. I won’t accept a single divine stone.” The Emperor of the Sengens quickly rejected the offer, afraid that the Godstones would be related to him.

Zhang Ruochen’s expression became serious. “I am truly here to buy cultivation resources. If the Emperor doesn’t accept the Godstones, won’t everyone think that I’m bullying others?”

The voice of the Wulvers Emperor rang out again, “It’s best to accept Zhang Ruochen’s Godstones. You have to accept all of them in order to protect the God Candidate of the clan. Three bottles of Divine Sword-Lacquer can only save your life, but not your cultivation.”


The Sengens didn’t know where the Wulvers Emperor was, but he guessed that Zhang Ruochen must have gone to the Wulvers before he went to the Rotkins.

The Wulvers were very rich. They had sold Zhang Ruochen 3,000 Godstones of cultivation resources, so they had kept the God Candidate of their clan alive.

That should be it!

If Zhang Ruochen was willing to pay 3,000 Godstones to take out those cultivation resources, it seemed that the Sengens didn’t have much to lose.

The Sengens emperor thanked the Wulvers Emperor and said quickly, “Actually, the Sengens still has some Divine Sword-Lacquer. I’ll send someone to get them all.”

“Thank you, Clan Emperor.” Zhang Ruochen bowed again.

Just like that, Zhang Ruochen spent 3,000 Godstones buying ten bottles of Divine Sword-Lacquer from the Sengens.

Back then, he had searched all the saint shops and chambers of commerce in the Royal City of Hundred Clans, but he could only buy half a bottle.

The third thing was to challenge the most powerful Hundred-Shackle Realm and Thousand-Koan Realm Supreme Saints of the Sengens.

Zhang Ruochen used one move each to defeat them. He left ten boxes of Godstones and returned to the Sevenstar Imperial Palace to apologize to the next small clan. Before he left, he didn’t forget to ask Princess Xue Lai if she hated him.

Princess Xue Lai naturally smiled sweetly back. She proclaimed that Scion Ruochen was the one she admired the most and was also the best friend of the Sengens.