Chapter 2569: The Sense of Wordless Sword Manual

“Can you teach me the Path of Dimension?”


“Can you help me become a god?”

“I can only help you. Whether you can become a god depends on your ability.”

“How long can you extend my life?”

Zhang Ruochen took out a Divine Tree Wooden Jar and threw it to him.

Master Ye You opened the wooden jar and saw the Spring of Life inside. His eyes became fiery. He raised his head and drank wildly.

Xue Tu stopped him and said, “Senior hasn’t agreed yet. How dare you start drinking?”

Master Ye You had finished drinking. He patted the empty wooden jar and sighed with a smile, “This is a very high-quality Spring of Life. It has extended my life for at least ten years. Ah! This wooden jar is also good. I’ll take it!”

“It means you agree to be my in-name disciple since you drank the Spring of Life. You know what will happen to you if you betray the sect, right?” Zhang Ruochen said.

Master Ye You said, “I know, I know. My soul and body will be destroyed. How could I be afraid of this… Ahem, Master, I didn’t mean that. What I mean is this Spring of Life is too little.”

“You will have enough Spring of Life as long as you are obedient,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Master Ye You spread his wrinkled hands and said, “T-This is empty talk…”

A stream of the Spring of Life flew out from Zhang Ruochen’s glabella and flowed around his body, making a pleasant sound of flowing water.

Master Ye You unconsciously knelt down and said, “Master, please accept my bow.”

Ji Fanxin felt that her understanding had collapsed entirely. An old monster who had lived for more than 20,000 years had taken Zhang Ruochen as his Master and called him “Master” straightforwardly.

However, thinking that he could even call Zhang Ruochen “Godfather”, she felt relieved.

Master Ye You did not have as many thoughts as Ji Fanxin. So what if he took Zhang Ruochen as his Master? Taking Zhang Ruochen as his Master would not shorten his life, nor would he break his bones or lose his soul. Instead, he would get free benefits.

How could such a good thing happen in the world?

Only Zhang Ruochen, the second generation of the Xue Jue Family, was so wasteful.

However, to Master Ye You’s disappointment, the Spring of Life turned into a stream and flew back to Zhang Ruochen’s glabella.

Although the Spring of Life could prolong his life, the effect would be reduced quickly if he drank too much. Zhang Ruochen intended to use the Spring of Life as bait to string him along.

Master Ye You rolled his eyes and said, “I heard that Master has received the inheritance of Grand Master and has a Secret Tome of Time and Space. May I have a look at it?”

“No rush. Come and finish setting up the dimensional teleportation array with me.”

Zhang Ruochen took out the Myriad Curse Bead and undid the Curse of Light and Dark on Master Ye You.

Master Ye You relaxed and was stunned. He thought to himself, ‘Zhang Ruochen is so careless. How could he let me recover my cultivation easily? Isn’t he afraid that I will kill him and steal the treasure? No, I can’t act rashly. He must be testing me. I will definitely be killed if I attack.’

Master Ye You kept feeling that Zhang Ruochen couldn’t curse him with his spiritual power, even if he had the Supreme Artifact, the Myriad Curse Bead. There must be some undisclosed power hidden in him.

‘Forget it. I won’t take the risk. There are too many essential figures behind Zhang Ruochen. I can’t afford to offend them. I’d better leave immediately!’

Suddenly, Master Ye You fell into hesitation again. He couldn’t take a step forward.

He believed that he could escape if he wanted to.

But did not he want the Spring of Life on Zhang Ruochen?

Did he not want to learn the Dimensional Inscription, Dimensional Saint Technique, and Dimensional Array on the Secret Tome of Time and Space?

Was Zhang Ruochen bragging that he could help him become a god, or did he really have the ability?

With Master Ye You’s age and his fear of death, what he desired most now was to break through to the divinity. Once he reached divinity, he would have a lifespan of 129,600 years.

If he didn’t want to become a god, he wouldn’t have to keep his realm at the peak of the Banshi Isshou Realm after practicing three trillion rules of precept.

In the end, Master Ye You didn’t leave. He continued to build the dimensional teleportation array with Zhang Ruochen.

It took them three months to carve all the inscriptions needed for the dimensional teleportation array.

Of course, with the sundial, only six hours had passed in the outside world.

Ji Fanxin, Xue Tu, and Moyin, which had significantly improved her cultivation, entered the array one after another.

The dimensional teleportation array began to operate with violent dimensional fluctuations and dazzling brilliance. In an instant, they disappeared from the array. They crossed a few hundred million miles and arrived in a pitch-black, cold, vast universe space.

Zhang Ruochen had thought he would be teleported directly to the Southern Sword Realm. But he was clearly in the Triangular Starfield of Darkness now.

Ji Fanxin immediately became alert. Beautiful Saint Flowers bloomed in the void space beneath her feet.

“Geezer, how dare you play tricks?” Xue Tu asked.

Master Ye You said, “What are you nervous about? The Southern Sword Realm is ahead. It’s just that the teleportation array can’t teleport directly into the realm. Master, come with me. We’ll know at a glance.”

Zhang Ruochen saw a chaotic zone in the distance after flying for hundreds of miles. It was like a chaotic wall. He couldn’t see the end of it from up and down or from left and right.

The so-called chaotic zone was a broken zone filled with Dimensional Rifts, Dimensional Vortexs, and Dimensional Storms.

He couldn’t see this chaotic zone because cultivators’ vision and perception would be severely affected by the Power of Darkness in the Triangular Starfield of Darkness. Even a Supreme Saint could only see hundreds of miles away.

Master Ye You said, “The entire Southern Sword Realm is covered by the chaotic zone. The thickest part is more than 300 miles. Even the thinnest part is more than 100 miles.”

“It won’t be so difficult to pass through with the dimensional teleportation array even if there is a chaotic zone that covers the Southern Sword Realm,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Master Ye You said, “Master, you don’t know this. This chaotic zone is filled with a special power. It’s hazardous to teleport by force. Master, you can use the Great Dimensional Shift if you don’t believe me. Let’s see if you can teleport directly to the Southern Sword Realm.”


Zhang Ruochen released Saint Qi wrapped around Master Ye You, Ji Fanxin, Xue Tu, and Moyin. Ripples appeared around him.

Everyone disappeared in the center of the ripples.

When they reappeared, they were already above the clouds in the Southern Sword Realm.

Xue Tu stared at Master Ye You and couldn’t help but laugh. “Senior’s Great Dimensional Shift can pass through directly. Why can’t the dimensional teleportation array?”

Master Ye You didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He unconsciously knelt down and said, “Master’s Great Dimensional Shift is marvelous. Teach me.”

Master Ye You had always been proud of his dimensional attainments.

But now, he realized the gap between his and Zhang Ruochen’s practice of Great Dimensional Shift was like heaven and earth.

He might really have the ability to escape from the pseudo god once he learned this move.

Saint Monk Xumi’s technique was indeed extraordinary.

Xue Tu was also tempted, but he had some bottom line. He was not as shameless as Master Ye You, who kneeled like tofu.

“I’ll pass it on to you after this trip.”

Zhang Ruochen turned into a streak of flowing light and dived into the sea of clouds.

He landed on the ground and stood on the top of a protruding ring-shaped mountain range a moment later.

In the center of the mountain range was a massive pit with a diameter of nearly 1,000 meters. The soil in the pit was charred black, and the chaotic energy emitted from it was extremely shocking. It could affect an area hundreds of miles away.



Master Ye You, Moyin, Ji Fanxin, and Xue Tu flew down one after another and stood not far from Zhang Ruochen.

Master Ye You sucked in a breath of cold air. He said in disbelief, “This place is the encampment of Dishastan, Hall of Permanence, and Roopkund Sea in the Southern Sword Realm. There are dozens of Supreme Saints gathered here. How could this place be razed to the ground? And they didn’t even have time to send out the Communication talisman.”

Apart from Zhang Ruochen, everyone else looked nervous.

Some powerful figures had arrived at Southern Sword Realm before them.

Although Lord Ming’s attack didn’t use divine force and hid his aura completely, Zhang Ruochen’s Heart of Truth could still feel the faint aura. He was sure that it was him.

The aura grew fainter and fainter.

This was normal. Once Lord Ming broke into the Fane of Origin, there might be some anomalies. He had to clear the cultivators from the three dead souls forces to prevent the news from leaking.

The environment in the Southern Sword Realm wasn’t as dark and lightless as Zhang Ruochen had imagined.

In reality, the plants in this great world would emit light for a certain amount of time, illuminating the world. It was very dreamy.

It was daytime in the Southern Sword Realm!


The world was pitch-black when the plants all went to sleep.

It was nighttime in the Southern Sword Realm!

Xue Tu looked at Zhang Ruochen with anticipation. He couldn’t wait any longer. But seeing Master Ye You beside him, he didn’t ask immediately when they would go to the Fane of Origin.

Master Ye You flew to the massive pit and studied it carefully.

After a moment, he returned with a solemn expression. He said, “Master, I think we have to leave the Southern Sword Realm immediately. The strong who killed all the cultivators of the three forces must be extraordinary. Moreover, the three forces will never let it go. We can’t defend the Southern Sword Realm alone.”

Xue Tu said, “Leave quickly if you’re afraid.”

“Master, can I really leave?” Master Ye You asked.

Zhang Ruochen said, “I won’t stop you if you want to leave. But you’re no longer my disciple.”

“Survival is more important. No one wants to be your disciple. At worst, I won’t learn your Great Dimensional Shift.”

Master Ye You laughed inwardly. His heart skipped a beat just as he was about to fly away.

That’s not right. Why is Zhang Ruochen so calm? Does he know who killed the cultivators of the three forces?

Moreover, all the cultivators in the world were attracted to the Royal City of Hundred Clans because of the Light of Origin. Why did Zhang Ruochen suddenly come to the Southern Sword Realm while staying in the Royal City of Hundred Clans?

Could he have another purpose?

Master Ye You felt something was wrong when he thought of the eager look on Xue Tu’s face when he wanted him to leave. Perhaps, there was something extraordinary about the Southern Sword Realm, just as he had guessed.

As one of the top strong among the wandering cultivators, they were all brilliant figures. After knowing a great world had appeared in the Triangular Starfield of Darkness, they felt that this great world must be extraordinary.

Master Ye You had agreed to the Dishastan and help them set up the dimensional teleportation array because he had the intention to investigate. However, his luck was not as good as the Seven-Armed Elder’s, so he did not discover anything.

In an instant, Master Ye You had a hundred thoughts running through his mind. He laughed and said, “Master, you need me now. How can I leave? Master, tell me. Just tell me if you have any tough work.”

“There is one thing I need you to do.”

Zhang Ruochen released Zhou Zhen, Shentu Yunkong, and Lord Sinluo from the Qiankun Realm. He gave each of them an Exquisite Dimensional Orb. Inside each sphere of Exquisite Dimensional Orb was a planet suitable for human survival.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Take the three of them to take as many cultivators from the Southern Sword Realm as possible. You should have a Spatial Treasure, right?”

Master Ye You thought for a while and asked, “Why did you do that?”

“Don’t ask so many questions. Just do as you’re told,” Xue Tu said to Master Ye You in such a tone.

Perhaps he really thought he was a junior of his Master.

“Remember to watch out for them. Don’t let them escape!” Zhang Ruochen pointed at Zhou Zhen and Shentu Yunkong.

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on them.”

The one who said this wasn’t Master Ye You but Lord Sinluo.

After Master Ye You, Lord Sinluo, Zhou Zhen, and Shentu Yunkong flew away. Ji Fanxin said, “The Southern Sword Realm is extremely vast. With just four of them, I’m afraid they won’t be able to save even one in ten thousand before many strong figures arrive.”

“How can we save a realm with our current cultivation? Let’s do our best. They still have plenty of time,” Zhang Ruochen said.

It would definitely take a long time for the cultivators of Infernal Court to find out that Zhang Ruochen had come to the Southern Sword Realm.

The only worry was that Bai Qing’er would swiftly break out the encirclement and draw all the masters of the Infernal Court here. She had the Supreme Grade Divine Crystal of Origin and was the Master of Origin. She could sense the location of the Fane of Origin.

No matter the situation, the cultivators from all the significant forces of the Infernal Court, would arrive in this great world sooner or later.

The gods of the Heavenly Realm and Infernal Court would also arrive if nothing unexpected happened.

When that time came, Zhang Ruochen was unsure whether the Southern Sword Realm would be destroyed. The only thing he could do now was to save more native creatures and preserve the flame for them.

“My perception is even stronger!” Ji Fanxin dragged the Supreme Grade Divine Crystal of Origin and looked in one direction.

“Wait a minute.”

Zhang Ruochen suddenly sensed something and took out the Wordless Sword Manual in the form of a stone sword. He was surprised to find that golden characters flashed and appeared on the surface of the stone sword.

The sword’s body trembled. It would have flown out if Zhang Ruochen had not suppressed it.

“What’s going on? Is the Wordless Sword Manual related to the Southern Sword Realm? Or is it related to the Fane of Origin?”

Zhang Ruochen found that the direction the Wordless Sword Manual was about to fly was exactly where Ji Fanxin was looking.