Chapter 2576: The Battle with Nan Sheng



After the Ancient Abyssal Sword cut off the crocodile-headed Deathkin Supreme Saint’s body, it flew towards the three other Deathkin Supreme Saints.

The first Deathkin Supreme Saint was pierced through the center of his brows.

The second Deathkin Supreme Saint’s head was separated from his body.

The third Deathkin Supreme Saint’s chest was shattered.

The three Deathkin Supreme Saints were prepared and used their ultimate defensive powers.

However, it was useless.

The first Deathkin Supreme Saint used his Precept Domain, but it was broken by the Ancient Abyssal Sword. The second Deathkin Supreme Saint used his battle weapon to defend, but his battle weapon was broken by the Ancient Abyssal Sword.

With the sharpness of the Ancient Abyssal Sword, how could an ordinary Regal Artifact be able to defend against it?

The three corpses fell to the bottom of the sea, and the water became even redder.

The life force of the Supreme Saints was strong. Even if their bodies were shattered, they had a chance to regenerate. However, the four Supreme Saints, including the crocodile-headed Deathkin Supreme Saint, died instantly after being struck by the Ancient Abyssal Sword.

The reason why it was so terrifying was that Zhang Ruochen had cultivated the Heaven Sword Soul.

The sword didn’t just slash at their bodies. It also slashed at their Saint Souls.

Since their souls were destroyed, they could not regenerate their bodies.

The Ancient Abyssal Sword flew around in the water and refined and absorbed all the Saint Weapons of the four Deathkin Supreme Saints before returning to Zhang Ruochen’s hands. In addition, Zhang Ruochen also took away the Sainthood Source of the four Deathkin Supreme Saints.

The whole process ended in an instant.

In the distance, the Supreme Saints who were about to leave sensed the mighty power of the Swordsmanship. They all stopped and looked over.

“Zhang Ruochen has finally shown himself!”

“He killed a Supreme Saint with one strike, leaving no chance of survival. The Swordsmanship is comparable to the Deathkin’s Deathly Swordsmanship and the Asura’s Sword of Slaughter.”

“Now, Zhang Ruochen and the Fane of Death have become enemies. He can’t deny it even if he wants to.”

“Nan Sheng is nearby. Zhang Ruochen will probably run away soon.”

Sikong the Elder and Sikong the Younger were exhausted. They were covered in wounds, but their faces were full of anxiety, “Senior Uncle Master,” they urged. “Let’s run quickly. There’s someone even more powerful behind us. Zhen Sha, Zhen Tan, and Zhen Wang are blocking them, but they won’t be able to hold them off for long.”

“Zhen Sha, Zhen Tan, and Zhen Wang have joined the Buddhist sect and called me Senior Uncle Master. How can I abandon them?”

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes glared at Nan Sheng.

Nan Sheng stood on the shoulder of the stone sculpture, more than 30 meters tall. In his hand, a green talisman flew out from the fan of green talismans. The talisman turned into a 30-meter-long palace, suppressing Zhen Sha, Zhen Wang, and Zhen Tan below.

Feeling Zhang Ruochen’s gaze, the corners of Nan Sheng’s mouth curled slightly. His body flew up and landed only 30 meters away from Zhang Ruochen.

Nan Sheng wasn’t angry at Zhang Ruochen for killing the four Fane of Death Supreme Saints. Instead, he was happy. Waving his fan, he smiled. “I didn’t expect you to show up so quickly. That’s good.”

Zhang Ruochen was dressed in white. He had a heroic aura. “I didn’t expect you to arrive at the Southern Sword Realm quickly. You even broke into the Fane of Origin.”

“Your methods are beyond my expectations. If we hadn’t followed Ji Fanxin to the Southern Sword Realm, we would have thought you were in the Yakshas’ Ancestral Domain.” The two strands of long white hair on Nan Sheng’s temples fluttered in the water.

Nan Sheng was surprised that Zhang Ruochen didn’t run away when he saw him. Nan Sheng was careful. He used his spiritual power to secretly check his surroundings to ensure no other superior was hiding. Only then did he relax.

‘It seemed that Zhang Ruochen didn’t have any tricks up his sleeve. He was just being arrogant.

‘Good. Today, Zhang Ruochen would know how painful the price of arrogance was.’ Nan Sheng thought.

Nan Sheng smiled. “This isn’t the Royal City of Hundred Clans. You can’t fight me with your physical strength alone. Are you sure you don’t want to run?”

“If I want to leave, can you stay?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Nan Sheng narrowed his eyes. His body turned into a bolt of lightning. In an instant, he was in front of Zhang Ruochen. His right sleeve fluttered, forming a powerful print.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t use the Power of Dimension to dodge. The sword in his hand came first. He swung it.


Nan Sheng’s palm condensed the extreme Death Qi. It formed a circular print plate and collided with the Ancient Abyssal Sword.

The Sword Qi and Death Qi shot out in all directions, with the two at the center.

Nan Sheng’s cultivation was at the pinnacle of the Banshi Isshou Realm. He cultivated a technique comparable to the divine power treasured book on the Taiyi Divine Power Board. The Death Qi in his body was naturally of a higher level than Zhang Ruochen’s Saint Qi and Blood Qi of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. The power he unleashed was even more robust.

This was the difference between realms!

Zhang Ruochen retreated backward. With every step he took, a large area of debris would be crushed.

“Is this all the power of the so-called Demigod-level physique?” Nan Sheng laughed coldly.

Sikong the Elder hid in a corner. He laughed even more coldly. “My uncle-master’s cultivation is only at the Hundred-Shackle Realm, but you’re at the peak of the Banshi Isshou Realm. How can you say such things? Be careful, or you’ll lose to my uncle-master later. You’ll lose all face.”

Nan Sheng thought to himself. ‘The bald donkey was right. As a direct descendant of Tiannan, he was two realms higher than his opponent. If he could not win quickly, it would be a disgrace.’

He snorted, and 36 pictures of Saint Beasts appeared on his body.

Each picture of Saint Beasts was refined by a Supreme Saint-level Saint Beast.

The power burst out from his palm print technique increased significantly. With a world-shaking beast roar, the power wave that distorted space sent Zhang Ruochen flying.

Zhang Ruochen flew hundreds of feet and landed lightly on the ground.

This famous Nan Sheng was indeed worthy of his name. He didn’t disgrace Tian Nan’s reputation. Once he broke through to the Paramount Realm, he would definitely become one of the top existences in the secular world.

Nan Sheng was shocked. He wasn’t as calm as Zhang Ruochen.

One had to know that Nan Sheng had the power of 36 Supreme Saint beasts. With his extreme physical quality, he wasn’t afraid of Zhang Ruochen’s Demigod-level physique regarding physical strength.

Since his physical body was not at a disadvantage and was two realms higher, how could Zhang Ruochen resolve his power so easily?’ Nan Sheng thought.




The sound of beasts came from inside Nan Sheng’s body. Huge Beast Shadows appeared in his body. He changed his palm into a claw and clawed it across the air. The claw was as big as a cloud cover, and its power was like a thousand mountains.

Zhang Ruochen still didn’t use the Power of Dimension to dodge. Instead, he activated 12 pairs of golden wings. The chaotic Saint Qi in his body turned into the Blood Qi. He activated the ancestral ley lines on the golden wings.


Zhang Ruochen swung his sword.

Regal Inscriptions appeared on the Ancient Abyssal Sword. They exploded with black light.

Boom Boom

The sword and claw kept clashing. In an instant, Zhang Ruochen and Nan Sheng exchanged more than 100 blows.

This was the purest power attack. The divine light from Zhang Ruochen’s Demigod-level physique became brighter and brighter. His use of the Demigod-level physique’s power became more and more flexible. He could use some of his hidden power.

Nan Sheng became increasingly impatient, unable to take the attack for a long time. He grunted.

Golden Flare appeared on Nan Sheng’s claws. The divine flames instantly boiled the seawater around him. At the same time, the 36 Supreme Saint Beasts Claws reached out and pressed down on Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen raised the Ancient Abyssal Sword above his head. The purple divine stone embedded in the sword was activated and released mighty divine power. At the same time, the purple divine stone absorbed the precepts of heaven and earth.


The sword hacked down and cut off the 36 Supreme Saint Beasts’ claws.

The purple divine stone was condensed from a planet beside the black hole. After it was activated, its weight burst out, making the Ancient Abyssal Sword as heavy as a planet.

The sword tip collided with the golden claws of Nan Sheng.


The golden divine flames scattered.

Zhang Ruochen and Nan Sheng separated and opened up a long distance.

A blood line appeared on Nan Sheng’s arms, and the blood of a Supreme Saint flowed out.

The Supreme Saints who were wandering in the distance were all shocked. They witnessed Zhang Ruochen had injured Nan Sheng first.

Zhang Ruochen had taken advantage of the weapons, but that was Nan Sheng, a direct descendant of Tian Nan. How could he be injured by a Hundred-Shackle Realm Supreme Saint? Even if he was a Yuanhui-level genius, he shouldn’t be so powerful.

The light of death flashed on Nan Sheng’s arms. The wounds disappeared instantly. He looked at the Ancient Abyssal Sword, “The sword made of natural iron is extraordinary. The purple divine stone embedded in the sword seems like a treasure.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “The so-called direct descendant of Tian Nan is just so-so.”

“Don’t be so smug. I was just playing with you!”

Nan Sheng was angry. He spread his arms, and countless precepts flew out from his glabella, filling the entire underwater space. There were seven trillion precepts. The Precept Domain appeared and wrapped Zhang Ruochen inside.

The precepts were like chains, locking Zhang Ruochen up and not giving him any space to move.

“Zhang Ruochen, I’ve said it before. This is not the Royal City of Hundred Clans. You can’t show off just by having a strong body. In front of me, you’re as weak as an ant. I don’t even have to fight. I can suppress you with my Precept Domain,” Nan Sheng said.

Zhang Ruochen’s arm, which was holding the sword, was lowered by hundreds of billions of precepts. He wanted to lift the Ancient Abyssal Sword with all his strength, but he couldn’t move his arm even if he used all his power.

“As expected, the gap between realms is too big. If I don’t use the power of Canon, I won’t be able to fight back against a superior of this level.”

Zhang Ruochen sighed. Then, subtle spatial fluctuations appeared around him, and his body disappeared.

“The Great Dimensional Shift! How is this possible?”

Nan Sheng narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t believe that Zhang Ruochen could still use the Great Dimensional Shift under the absolute suppression of the Precept Domain. He thought, ‘Was I wrong about the ability of the Master of Space?’

No, Zhang Ruochen must have grasped some kind of spatial treasure. It might even be the Canon of Dimension.

It was better this way. After killing him, the rewards would be even greater.

Suddenly, Nan Sheng sensed something, and Zhang Ruochen appeared behind him.

He didn’t even need to turn around. Nan Sheng used his Saint Soul to control the precepts in the Precept Domain. It turned into a massive wave of precepts and attacked Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen used the Great Dimensional Shift again and appeared above his head. He said silently, “Moonlight Melody.”

The dense light spots of Marks of Time appeared in Nan Sheng’s Precept Domain. Where the light spots of Marks of Time were the thickest, they condensed into a bright moon that hung above Zhang Ruochen’s head.

Nan Sheng wanted to activate the precepts, but he found that the flow of time slowed down. The precepts surged toward Zhang Ruochen at a very slow speed. He knew something was wrong.

Zhang Ruochen was not only a Master of Space but also a Master of Time.