Chapter 2578: Wrath Sword

Zhang Ruochen had already seen that the strength of Nan Sheng’s spiritual power had reached the 68th class. With his age, this was an outstanding achievement.

Although Zhang Ruochen’s spiritual power was also in the 68th class, a Supreme Saint who specialized in the Path of spiritual power and a Supreme Saint who used spiritual power as support were not in the same category. Moreover, Nan Sheng comes from South Haven as well.

Even ten Zhang Ruochens combined would not be a match for the Nan Sheng if it were a spiritual power battle.

Therefore, Zhang Ruochen had no intention of competing with Nan Sheng’s spiritual power.

Zhang Ruochen was extremely cautious. First, he took out the Myriad Curse Bead and channeled his spiritual power into it. Then he formed a spiritual power defense with the Supreme Artifact and activated the Armor of the Fire God. Afterward, he spread out the 12 wings on his back and rushed into the dark clouds of the Will of Death, approaching Nan Sheng.

Only in close combat could Zhang Ruochen have a chance to win.

“This is unexpected! His spiritual power has also reached class 68.”

Nan Sheng smiled. He closed his eyes and waved his arms. The Will of Death gathered around his body and formed a group of deathly demonic butterflies.

The butterflies were only the size of a palm. They were gorgeous and had wings colored in three vibrant colors.


The butterflies flew out like flying knives, leaving behind streaks of triple-colored lights. They kept hitting the Armor of the Fire God, making sounds that resembled metal and stone colliding.

Each butterfly hit Zhang Ruochen like a heavy punch.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen was getting closer, Nan Sheng frowned. The most important part of his “Deathly Demonic Butterflies Dance” was not the impact force of the butterfly but the vigorous Will of Death contained in the butterfly.

Once a butterfly hit his body, the Will of Death would instantly invade into the body. It corrupts flesh and blood and also devours vitality. Even a Regal Artifact class saint armor could not block his Will of Death.

However, the armor on Zhang Ruochen seemed to restrain the Will of Death and could not be penetrated at all.

In an instant, Zhang Ruochen was already 300 feet away.

“Butterfly Emperor, break out of the cocoon.”

With the sound of Nan Sheng’s voice, a large group of three-colored deathly demonic butterflies gathered in front of him and formed a cocoon ball with a diameter of three meters.

When Zhang Ruochen slashed down with his sword, the Butterfly Emperor formed itself in the cocoon ball. A slender five-colored light arm stretched out to block the edge of the Ancient Abyssal Blade.


The sword that could break the stars and moons has been blocked!


The cocoon ball shattered, and a huge butterfly empress appeared. Its entire body emitted light in five colors. Besides three pairs of long, pointed, five-colored light arms, she had a surprisingly completely naked and stunning feminine body.

The vast butterfly wings spread out and flapped gently. They released five-colored light dots and wrapped them around Zhang Ruochen.

The five-colored light dots contained powerful spiritual power and could hypnotize cultivators.

In Zhang Ruochen’s eyes, the feminine beauty with giant butterfly wings became more and more attractive.

Of course, these illusions could not charm Zhang Ruochen’s mind.

He sensed vigilantly that Nan Sheng had once again mobilized the Precepts, which condensed into light sabers and flew toward him from behind.

The situation was extremely dangerous with the butterfly empress in front and the rain of sabers behind.

“It’s over!”

Nan Sheng thought that victory was within his grasp, and the smile in his eyes grew wider.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his heart. The smile in his eyes disappeared, and he shouted, “Chant of Death!”

The saint’s heart was where the spiritual power was stored. Being attacked right there by the power of Zhang Ruochen’s curse, Nan Sheng’s spiritual power was undoubtedly greatly affected. Even the five-colored lights on the deathly butterfly empress, controlled by spiritual power, quickly dimmed.

Zhang Ruochen knew that his only chance to win had appeared!

Without hesitation, he activated one of the Seven Shaft Spirit Swords hanging in his sea of Qi.

“Wrath Sword!”

A bright sword light flew out from between Zhang Ruochen’s eyebrows and pierced through the butterfly empress’s body. Following that, it then struck Nan Sheng’s chest.


The thirty-six beast engravings and blood-red inscriptions simultaneously appeared on Nan Sheng’s body. However, the sword light still penetrated his body, causing him to shoot out like a cannonball and crash heavily into the ruins.

The Seven Shaft Spirit Swords corresponded to Zhang Ruochen’s seven emotions: Sorrow, Love, Desire, Wrath, Joy, Hate, and Fear.

Among them, the Sorrow Sword was the strongest, and the Fear Sword was the weakest.

However, the strength of the seven swords was related to the cultivator’s emotions. They could burst out with unparalleled power if any feelings were extreme enough.

As long as Zhang Ruochen was terrified, even the Sword of Fear could be stronger than the Sorrow Sword.

The power of the sword spirit was very destructive to a cultivator’s spiritual power, Saint Soul, and emotions, but it was less damaging to the physical body.

“The power of the sword spirit is so powerful that it can even break through the physical defense of Nan Sheng.” Zhang Ruochen was shocked. After all, he knew very well that because he was not angry enough, the power of the Wrath Sword he used just now was quite subpar.

It was like how he had 100 million saint stones, but he could only take out 10,000 saint stones to show off. Other saint stones were on him, but he could not take them out.

Zhang Ruochen immediately struck out with the Ancient Abyssal Blade and flew straight toward the place where the Nan Sheng had fallen.


However, the Ancient Abyssal Blade was hit by a seal, and it flew back.

With a swoosh, the Nan Sheng rushed out of the ruins. He stuck a talisman on his body and threw another talisman at Sikong the Elder and Sikong the Younger. Then, he retreated far away at a breakneck speed.

He thought he could withstand the injuries to his body.

However, the injuries to his spiritual power and Saint Soul were severe. He also couldn’t figure out the origin of Zhang Ruochen’s sword attack, so he ran away decisively.

Zhang Ruochen moved in front of Sikong the Elder and Sikong the Younger. He shoved his palm forward and used Dimensional Freeze.


The talisman exploded. Its power was comparable to a Neverwilt Realm Supreme Saint exploding his Sainthood Source, and the frozen space was instantly torn apart.

Zhang Ruochen carried one in each hand and brought Sikong the Elder and Sikong the Younger to a distance of roughly five kilometers away. When he turned around, the talisman’s destructive power was weakened and dissolved by the ancient Divine Marks, but it still flattened a large area.

The vicious voice of Nan Sheng came from somewhere. “Zhang Ruochen, I will remember today’s sword blow and repay it twice in the future!”

Zhang Ruochen could roughly sense his location, but he did not chase after him.

A figure like Nan Sheng must have many life-saving treasures. In addition, his cultivation was powerful. The probability of being left behind was very small if he chased after him. Instead, he might be ambushed and suffer a significant loss.

“If you see me again, you will fear me like a deity,” Zhang Ruochen said.

The Supreme Saints who had stayed nearby were all frightened and fled.

It was too terrifying!

Nan Sheng had lost to Zhang Ruochen. If this news were to spread, it would definitely alarm the Infernal Court’s Ten Clans.

None of them believed that Zhang Ruochen was still in the Hundred-Shackle Realm. They all thought that Zhang Ruochen must have gotten a great opportunity in the Fane of Origin and had broken through to the Thousand-Koan Realm.

“Master, you’re so handsome. I also want to cultivate Swordsmanship now,” Sikong the Elder said excitedly.

Zhang Ruochen put away the Ancient Abyssal Blade and took out two Godstones. “You’re not suitable for Swordsmanship! But I see that you and Sikong the Younger have very impressive physiques. What race are you exactly?”

“What race?” Sikong the Elder was stunned. “Aren’t we the same? Oh, no. Master is a half-human and half-Immortal Vampire. Sikong the Younger and I must be pure-blooded humans.”

“Is that so?”

A sword-shaped Sword Qi flew out of Zhang Ruochen’s eyes.

The Sword Qi flew past Sikong the Elder’s round face. When the blade touched his skin, it made an ear-piercing scraping sound, and sparks also flew out.

The sword didn’t cut his skin.

Sikong the Elder fell to the ground. He covered his face and screamed. “Master, can we talk? Cultivators don’t lie, and I am really a human.”

“Do you have any guesses?” Sikong the Younger pressed his palms together and asked calmly.

Zhang Ruochen nodded. “Forget it. When I ask you, you probably don’t know too. When I have the chance, I’ll ask your Master myself.”

Sikong the Elder got up from the ground. Rubbing his fat face, he muttered, “Luckily, I didn’t get a scar from that.”

Zhang Ruochen sat on a huge rock, “Now,” he said, “Tell me what happened. Why were you chased by the cultivators of the Fane of Death? Where is Moyin, Fairy, the Lord of Stone, and the Lord of Sword?”

At this moment, Zhen Nu, Zhen Tan, and Zhen Wang walked out of the muddy ruins while dragging their injured bodies. They bowed to Zhang Ruochen, Sikong the Elder, and Sikong the Younger.

Their cultivation was strong, and they were no longer near the center. That’s why the broken talismans couldn’t kill them.

Zhang Ruochen was about to take out the Spring of Life to help them heal, but they had already taken sacred medicines at the Yuanhui class and stuffed them inside their mouths like carrots.

Come on!

They now had more sacred medicine than Zhang Ruochen.

If the Fane of Death cultivators didn’t chase after them, who could they chase after?

After taking the sacred medicine, Sikong the Younger began to explain, “After Master left, we kept picking in the area full of sacred medicine, and we all gained a lot. Oh, right. Shortly after Master had left, a strange thing happened. After that, the Fairy disappeared!”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “What strange thing?”

“There was the sound of a flute,” Sikong the Elder said.

“What sound of the flute?”

Zhang Ruochen sat up straight, and his eyes became serious.

Sikong the Elder said, “It’s just a musical sound of the flute that is wonderful to the extreme. When the sound of the flute was heard, the sacred medicine, whether in the form of trees, grasses, or flowers… all swayed with it. They all bloomed with ten times more light than usual.”

Sikong the Younger nodded. “That’s when the fairy disappeared.”

“How can this be? The sound of the flute shouldn’t be Lord Ming. Could it be the new deity of Kunlun who’s been following us?” Zhang Ruochen frowned worriedly and muttered to himself.

Like Le, Zhang Ruochen had also felt a faint feeling that something had followed him since he’d been in the Royal City of Hundred Clans.

At first, he thought it was his imagination and didn’t pay much attention to it. But he felt it extremely clear when he activated the dimensional teleportation array.

Therefore, he had guessed that it was the new deity of Kunlun that the Dragon Lord had mentioned.

If a deity entered the Divine Plane, Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t be able to sense it even if he was standing in front of him. Only by using the Heart of Truth could he feel something there was strange.

“No, if the new deity of Kunlun plays the flute, why would the sacred medicine respond? Could it be that… there are some strange creatures in the Fane of Origin who have survived for thousands of years?”

The more he thought about it; the more Zhang Ruochen could not help but feel a chill running down his spine. He was even more deeply worried about Ji Fanxin.