Chapter 2580: Seizing the Canon

Moyin stood on the head of a female deity statue, her face extremely pale.

Around her delicate body was a Precept Domain condensed from 1500 billion Precepts. Her hair turned into purple vines that floated in the water, releasing wisps of Divine Purification Flames.

Lord of Sword stood in the palm of the deity statue, his body gathering and dispersing at times. He was in a terrible state.

After Lord of Stone was swallowed by Hai Ke, both felt sorry for him. Their morale dropped to rock bottom.

“Do you still want to struggle? In Infernal Court, following me is more promising than following Zhang Ruochen.” Hai Ke stretched out a giant hand with divine chains. He slapped down and smashed the statue into pieces.

Moyin moved nimbly and flew out from between his fingers. The moment she was stuck in the water, five fingers grabbed out through the air. They tore open five Dimensional Rifts hundreds of feet long and flew toward Hai Ke’s face.

Before the five Dimensional Rifts could reach Hai Ke, they were closed by Hai Ke’s Precept Domain.

“In my Precept Domain, dimensional attacks are useless.”

Hai Ke grabbed Lord of Stone from the rubble.


His five fingers exerted some force, and Lord of Stone’s body exploded, turning into a ball of light cloud.

Hai Ke exclaimed in surprise. He looked at the light cloud in his palm and said in shock, “It’s actually a strand of sword intent. It gave birth to consciousness and condensed into a spirit body. This is the core sword intent left behind by a Sword God after he died, right?”

Hai Ke felt like he had obtained a treasure. A sword comprehension cultivated to the Supreme Saint realm was enough to sell for a sky-high price.

Moyin sensed that Zhang Ruochen was nearby, so she released all the remaining Saint Qi in her body and turned it into the divine fire. She stretched out her arms and turned them into thousands of vines wrapped around Hai Ke’s divine body.

The divine fire burned on the vines, turning Hai Ke into a vast fireball.

Hai Ke roared, “You’re courting death.”

Two Divine Qi light pillars with a diameter of dozens of feet surged out of his eyes and shot toward Moyin.

At this moment, Hai Ke’s expression changed. He sensed an extremely explosive power appearing above him. He roared, “Zhang Ruochen!”

“It’s me.”

Zhang Ruochen escaped from the dimension and slashed down with his sword.

Ancient Abyssal Blade was as heavy as a planet. It became 300 meters long, like a black waterfall.

Zhang Ruochen had chosen to attack at this time. Thus, he would not give Hai Ke any chance to dodge. Sneak attack and direct confrontation were two completely different concepts.

Hai Ke did not have time to think about how Zhang Ruochen could use Great Dimensional Shift in his Precept Domain. In a hurry, he had to mobilize as many Precepts in the Precept Domain as possible to form a defensive light wall.


Ancient Abyssal Blade broke through the defensive light wall and stuck to Hai Ke’s scalp. It dragged from the back of his head to the bottom of his back, forming a sword cut thousands of feet long.

The wound was shocking.

Large amounts of divine blood surged out of the sword cut, instantly dyeing the water red.

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t happy about it. Instead, his face turned ugly. He hadn’t been able to kill Hai Ke with one strike.

Hai Ke’s divine body was too strong. With the advantage of Ancient Abyssal Blade and the power of Qiankun Realm that Zhang Ruochen had mobilized, he had only hacked a few feet deep.

In fact, he hadn’t even hurt Hai Ke’s bones, let alone split his divine body.

Two beams of Divine Qi shot out of Hai Ke’s eyes. They had already severely injured Moyin. It flew out like charcoal and fell into the depths of the sea.


Hai Ke broke the vines that wrapped around his body. His body shrank rapidly and became only two meters tall. He took the opportunity to dodge the sword that Zhang Ruochen had slashed toward his neck.

His Precept Domain couldn’t restrain Zhang Ruochen’s Power of Dimension. His huge divine body would become his weakness, giving Zhang Ruochen more opportunities to take advantage of it.

The smaller the divine body, the more advantageous it would be for him.

The second sword missed, and Zhang Ruochen decisively retreated far away. He had a deeper understanding of Hai Ke’s strength.

Although this person looked overbearing, impulsive, and bloodthirsty on the surface, he had a lot of battle experience. Zhang Ruochen would be at a significant disadvantage if he underestimated him.

The disciple of that important figure in Apeiron Sea was not an ordinary person.

Sword Qi had invaded Hai Ke’s back, making it difficult for the wound to heal. Divine blood kept flowing out.

Thinking that he’d been injured by a weak cultivator like Zhang Ruochen, anger surged in Hai Ke’s heart. He summoned Catastrophic Ax and said in a deep voice, “Since you dared to show up, I naturally can’t let you escape today.”


More than nine trillion Precepts enveloped the wider underwater water area.

The temperature of this water area dropped rapidly, condensing into strange-shaped ice crystals. The cold slowed Zhang Ruochen’s blood flow and Saint Qi.

The space seemed to be frozen.

Hai Ke strode over, “I know you are the Master of Time and Space. Your ability to escape is great. However, the Divine Marks and arrays in Fane of Origin will greatly limit your power. What chance do you think you have to escape?”

“When did I say I would escape?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“You couldn’t break my physical defense even when I was defenseless. Do you think you have a chance in a head-on confrontation? I’ve been practicing in Apeiron Sea for many years. The environment here can make my combat power stronger.” said Hai Ke

“Our strengths are not based on words,” Zhang Ruochen said.

The distance between the two closed to 30 meters.


Hai Ke raised Catastrophic Ax and hacked down.

Catastrophic Ax instantly became 30 meters long, as big as a house, releasing purple-black lightning brilliance.

Zhang Ruochen turned sideways and dodged quickly.


Catastrophic Ax hacked a crack hundreds of meters long at the bottom of the sea. Countless Divine Marks were triggered. Beams of destructive light surged out from the bottom of the crack.

Although Zhang Ruochen dodged the axe, he could not avoid the ubiquitous lightning.

In the water, the power of lightning could not be avoided.

Dozens of lightning struck the Armor of the Fire God, penetrated the armor, and attacked Zhang Ruochen’s body. Each bolt of lightning pierced his body like a sword.

Hai Ke laughed and swung his axe.


This time, Zhang Ruochen took out Zangshan Demonic Mirror. The mirror became as tall as a person and reflected the lightning in the water.



Hai Ke was confident and calm. He said, “If you keep dodging like this, you won’t be able to hide for long.”

Zhang Ruochen looked around and noticed that the edge of Hai Ke’s Precept Domain had completely frozen into white ice. It was shrinking rapidly.

Zhang Ruochen’s space to move would become smaller.

More importantly, the white ice and Hai Ke’s Precepts combined utterly. Even if Zhang Ruochen used Canon of Dimension and Great Dimensional Shift, he wouldn’t be able to pass through.

“It seems like there’s no other way!”

Zhang Ruochen murmured. Then he turned to Hai Ke and said, “Do you really think no one can break your divine body?”

“Only a Demigod can break my divine body’s defense,” Hai Ke said.

Zhang Ruochen took out a copper coffin from his Ring of Dimension. With a bang, he slapped the lid away.

Faint divine light surged out of the coffin.

It was the coffin that held half of the god’s corpse.

Hai Ke was slightly surprised. He smiled. “You’ve even prepared a coffin for yourself?”


A strange sound came from the coffin.

Numerous God-Eater Bugs flew out of the coffin. Their bodies were blue and green. Blue flames radiated from their bodies as they flew toward Hai Ke.

“God-Eater Bugs!”

Hai Ke’s expression finally changed. He stopped immediately and released his Divine Qi. It formed a substantial spherical shield. Then he swung his axe.

God’s corpse was most afraid of God-Eater Bugs.

There were so many of them. The bugs ate everything and chewed on the Divine Qi shield.

Hai Ke’s attacks were strong, but the God-Eater Bugs weren’t weak. He could only kill a few with his axe.

Zhang Ruochen took out Sevenstar Imperial Palace and found Saint Devourer, which had been beaten back to its original form. He brought it into the palace and put it into Spring of Life to recuperate.

Palace Guardian Huang Tian knew that Hai Ke was a powerful existence. He immediately activated the array, Divine Marks, and Supreme Saint Inscriptions.

At Sevenstar Imperial Palace’s entrance, Zhang Ruochen looked at Hai Ke surrounded by the God-Eater Bugs. He then released the Realm-frame of Truth in Boundless Universe.

At the same time, a crystal-clear diamond-shaped gem flew out of his body. It had 129,600 facets and was brighter than the thousands of stars in the realms.

Hai Ke, who was trying to stop the God-Eater Bugs from getting close was shocked to find that Canon of Truth in his body flew toward Sevenstar Imperial Palace uncontrollably.

“Zhang Ruochen, you really have a rare treasure of Truth. But don’t you even think about taking away my Canon.”

Hai Ke jumped out of the swarm of insects. He grabbed Catastrophic Ax with both hands and struck it down with lightning speed.

The ax became 300 meters long, and the lightning turned into an ocean.


The layers of defensive array light screen of Sevenstar Imperial Palace were broken by him. The colossal battle axe slowly fell down.

Zhang Ruochen had already absorbed two-tenths of Canon of Truth in Hai Ke’s body into Heart of Truth. He looked up and said, “Desire Blade!”

A bright sword light flew out from between his eyebrows and hit Hai Ke’s body.


Hai Ke was thrown back and fell back into the swarm of insects.

Zhang Ruochen frowned. “He doesn’t seem to be hurt. My desire is still not strong enough.”

Desire Blade did not hurt Hai Ke’s divine body, but it hurt Hai Ke’s spirit and saint soul to a certain extent.

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged and held Myriad Curse Bead in his palm. He mobilized his mighty spiritual power and fused it into his body. He chanted, “Chant of Death.”

This curse directly attacked Hai Ke’s heart.

Hai Ke’s spiritual power was not as strong as Nan Sheng’s. When attacked by the Chant of Death, he was immediately severely affected. His defense was broken, and a God-Eater Bug took the opportunity to drill into the wound on his back.

“Curse of Abandon.”

“Aprameya Curse.”

“Blood-devouring Curse.”

One curse after another came out of Zhang Ruochen’s mouth.

Hai Ke roared again and again. He ignored the God-Eater Bugs and rushed toward Sevenstar Imperial Palace.

Zhang Ruochen knew that Hai Ke was powerful. Of course, he couldn’t clash head-on with him. With a thought, Sevenstar Imperial Palace became the size of a fist and disappeared into space. In the next moment, he appeared behind Hai Ke.