Chapter 2132: You Can Call Me Human Emperor

The reason why Han Fei asked the three puppets to put on an act was naturally that he wanted to completely take this city.

These Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouses had been in Mountain City for countless years and knew this place like the back of their hand. Similarly, many people in Mountain City knew them.

If the three of them didn’t return before the tide wave but returned after it, there would obviously be a problem. They might be suspected. Even if he refined the lord of Mountain City and all the other kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race into puppets, there might be other spies in the city.

After experiencing so many things, he knew that there were all kinds of people in such a big city.

Besides, he had other purposes for bringing the three puppets back.

“Come to see me.”

These words fell into Erqing’s ears.

A moment later.

In the lord’s residence, the lord of Mountain City was sitting on his throne, waiting for Erqing’s explanation.

“My lord, there is a problem with the tax collection this time. It forced us to come back slowly, and… and the tax is not fully collected.”

“Oh? What happened? Tell me about it.”

Erqing said, “My lord, there seems to be something wrong in the space around the Little Sea Village. Six human kings have come. Although they tried to hide themselves, I noticed them. I suspect that they are from a primitive graveyard.”


The lord of Mountain City, who looked lazy, suddenly became serious. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Are you sure they’re from a primitive graveyard? Six kings. How can a primitive graveyard have so many strong cultivators?”

Erqing said, “I suspected that too, so I searched nearby, only to find an ice-sealed barrier. I wanted to go check it, but I was trapped in a mist and didn’t come out for several days. Considering that the tide wave was coming, I didn’t alert the enemy, but came back quickly to report.”

The lord of Mountain City narrowed his eyes as if recalling something. After a long time, he said, “Are you saying that all the people who came are human powerhouses?”

Erqing: “Yes.”

Mountain City Lord’s heart stirred. Others might not know, but he knew what happened before. Although he hadn’t entered the Sky Opening Realm at that time, he remembered that a human giant boat had once appeared in the scavenger sea.

It was only then that the number of humans in the land of scavengers increased.

At that time, humans tried to use the City of Scavengers as a springboard to leave the Chaotic Wasteland. However, they were discovered by the Ten Thousand Scales Monarch and intercepted. If it weren’t for the fact that there seemed to be a strong master on the human side, the people on that ship would have been wiped out.

This matter happened near the 80th domain, so he chose this place when he chose territory. However, after so many years, he hadn’t found any Origin Ground nearby.

What Erqing said made him excited. If it was really an Origin Ground and he could enjoy the resources there alone, maybe… he could become one of the top ten powerhouses under the command of the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch.

Mountain City Lord asked, “Are you sure those humans didn’t discover you?”

Erqing said firmly, “Absolutely not.”

With that said, Erqing took out the tax money he had collected. “My lord, I was really lost in that barrier for a few days this time. After this tide wave, I will definitely go to the remaining villages to collect the uncollected tax.”

Mountain City Lord said, “Well, there’s no rush. It’s just the taxes of a few villages. Tell me about the barrier in detail.”

Erqing immediately took out a jade slip and said, “My lord, that place is extremely close to the sea, among countless icebergs. This is the map of that place. As for the barrier, it’s just a white mist. I walked out along a dark barrier in the end.

The Lord’s eyelids twitched. “Okay, thank you. Don’t tell anyone else about this. What I’m saying is that only I know about this, except for the three of you.”

Erqing: “Yes, my lord.”

Holding the map given by Erqing, Mountain City Lord glanced at it and couldn’t help but grin.

“Sure enough, my choice was right. There is indeed something wrong with the 80th domain. If it’s really an Origin Ground, after this tide wave, it will be the time for me, Xue Fei, to rise.”

Only a minute after Erqing left the mansion, on the battlefield in the east side, Tai Yuan and the others had quietly disappeared, leaving only a puppet frogman guarding there.

In a courtyard in the city.

Wang Yijian: “My sword is ready.”

Kong Shen said, “I can turn the city lord’s mansion into an abyss, waiting for the moment the poison takes effect.”

The Snail Emperor said, “When you attack, the void above the entire city lord’s mansion will freeze. He won’t be able to leave the city lord’s mansion.”

Because Han Fei didn’t appear, he only said to them via voice transmission, “Listen to my order. Prepare to attack in a hundred seconds.”

Han Fei had always been decisive. When he learned the Living Dead Puppet Technique, he had already begun to plan. He was waiting for the first wave of ominous creatures to attack the city.

At this time, the ominous creatures had just retreated. The people of the city were busy cleaning up the battlefield while clearing the remaining ominous power. The city was the emptiest, so no one would discover the problem with the lord’s mansion.

Xue Fei, the lord of Mountain City, was fumbling with the jade slip in his hand, wishing the tide wave would end immediately. An Origin Ground could bring far more benefits than a tide wave.

However, as he rubbed it, Xue Fei suddenly felt that something was wrong. It was not that something was wrong with Erqing, but that something was wrong with him.

Why was the blood in his body surging uncontrollably? Was it because he had been waiting too long for this day?

At first, he didn’t think much of it.

However, when he tried to suppress the excitement in his heart, he felt that something was wrong. Why was he a little tired?

Immediately, Xue Fei felt that something was wrong. He was a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse. How could he be unwell?

“Oh no ~”

Only at this moment did he look at the map given to him by Erqing.

At this moment, Han Fei said, “Attack.”


In an instant, the void above the entire City Lord Mansion became abnormally viscous, as if it was filled with glue water. And inside the City Lord Mansion, a dark curtain suddenly descended, like a bottomless abyss, directly enveloping the City Lord Mansion. Outside, everything in the City Lord Mansion seemed normal, but inside, it was already empty.

“Erqing ~”

Xue Fei shouted and wanted to attack, but a blue halo twisted and time slowed down.

Xue Fei was shocked. The Great Dao of Time? How could there be a Great Dao as advanced as the Great Dao of Time in the entire Mountain City?

Time Deceleration was not a big deal, but the problem was that Xue Fei saw a blue halo bloom, and then as if an invisible barrier was broken, he fell into the river of time.

At this moment, a sharp sword shadow appeared. When he found it, he had already touched the river of time. When the sword shadow hacked at him, Xue Fei wanted to block it, but he couldn’t control his body because time had seriously slowed him down.

“Puff ~”

As the sword slashed across, Xue Fei’s scales turned into nothingness, and his body was instantly destroyed.

At this moment, a big hand reached out from the river of time and grabbed a crystal-clear ruby-like scale.


At that moment, Han Fei extended the Void Lines and grabbed Xue Fei’s soul. With a Soul Slaying Strike, he destroyed a large number of souls in this scale in one fell swoop.


“Who are you?”

Although Han Fei’s speed was already extremely fast, two of the Void Lines still exploded in a row. However, when Xue Fei frantically activated his soul, a dark green poison instantly swept across his entire soul.


A blue light flashed in the lord’s mansion, and everything here returned to normal, and Xue Fei only had a faint blue soul fire left.

At this moment, the Vast Ocean Navigator in Han Fei’s hand revolved.

In the next moment, Han Fei broke through the void and entered Xue Fei’s Origin Sea.

“How dare you enter my Origin Sea?”

Xue Fei instantly mobilized almost all the power in his Origin Sea to crush Han Fei.

However, Han Fei opened his arms, and between his eyebrows, a small vine extended out, crazily absorbing the spiritual energy, Chaotic Qi, and Immortal Qi in Xue Fei’s Origin Sealike a bottomless hole.

“Ah! Who are you?”

Xue Fei was horrified. This wasn’t just one person attacking him. Just now, in total, there were at least four Sky Opening realm cultivators attacking him. Among them, the sword cultivator’s Sword Dao was too terrifying, and he couldn’t even block his single slash. And this person not only knew the Great Dao of Time, but also could enter his Origin Sea and forcibly take all his power. How could he not be horrified?

However, nothing was more important than his life. Xue Fei roared, “Who are you? You can’t kill me. Ten Thousand Scale Monarch won’t let you go…”

Han Fei grinned. “I’ve already told you! Six strong masters came to the Little Sea Village. We’re from an Origin Ground… Oh, I lied to you about one thing. We’re not in the Sea Establishment realm… You can call me Human Emperor.”