Chapter 2133: Remove Out the Source of the Trouble

Xue Fei lived in the Sea Realm since he was young, which was a great world, and there was a super powerhouse like the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch in his clan.

But so what? He had never seen a crazy, fearless, and bold person like Han Fei.

A few days ago, he said that he would kill him, and a few days later, he did kill him.

Therefore, no matter what race you were from and no matter how strong this race was, you yourself being strong was what really mattered.

However, Xue Fei couldn’t be blamed. Even if it were another Sky Opening realm powerhouse, he wouldn’t be able to survive Han Fei’s trick today. Of course, there were definitely some particularly abnormal Sky Opening realm powerhouses. Perhaps they could even fight five alone.

However, such a strong master wouldn’t be in a remote place like the 80th Scavenger Sea Area.

When Han Fei came out of Xue Fei’s Origin Sea, the Chaotic Qi and Immortal Qi in his Origin Sea had almost been emptied by Han Fei. Han Fei didn’t care about the rest. Anyway, this guy would be his puppet later.

Xue Fei’s soul was seriously injured, part of his soul was shattered by Han Fei, and his Origin Sea was crazily absorbed. At this point, it was impossible for him to fight back.

In the lord’s residence, Han Fei forcibly appeared with the red scale. He said, “Senior Snail Emperor, Senior Tai Yuan, from now on, detain all the Sea Establishers who come to the lord’s residence. I’ll deal with them after I refine the lord of Mountain City.”

With that, Han Fei dove into his Origin Sea.

At this point, he didn’t have to guard against Xue Fei anymore. When the full power of his Origin Sea pressed on Xue Fei, this guy, who was already weak, couldn’t resist Han Fei’s suppressing pressure.

As the saying went, the winner takes it all. Xue Fei still had some backbone. He said, “Human, even if you trap me and kill me, so what? As long as the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch is here, you humans will never be able to make a comeback. Humans will forever be like ants, unable to walk out of here…”


In Han Fei’s Origin Sea, the Great Dao of Time drew seven Time Spears and nailed them to Xue Fei’s soul.


Feeling the pain of his soul, Xue Fei roared, “Kill me if you have the ability! Do you dare? You coward human! How dare you call yourself the Human Emperor…”

Han Fei chuckled. “You know what, I will refine you into a corpse puppet and all the kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race in the city into corpse puppets. I will use your resources and sit on your throne… and rise step by step. Perhaps one day, I will step into the City of Scavengers and kill your Ten Thousand Scale Monarch in the same way. At that time, I will trample the Ten Thousand Scale Race under my feet and return the favor… Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I will let your remnant soul witness this scene…”

“Don’t even think about it…”

While Xue Fei roared, Han Fei performed the refining technique of the Living Dead Puppet step by step. This time, Han Fei didn’t hesitate to invest ten thousand points of soul power.

When the soul vortex in Xue Fei’s soul stirred the souls of the two, Xue Fei gradually lost himself. Han Fei was surprised to find that it only took him 8,500 points of soul power to control a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse like Xue Fei. Although it was 17 times higher than controlling a Sea Establishment Realm powerhouse, this number was completely acceptable to him.

Han Fei was even prepared to invest another ten thousand points of soul power.

It only took Han Fei half a day to refine the lord of this Mountain City in his Origin Sea, which was only dozens of seconds outside.

After the corpse puppet was refined, Han Fei immediately began to plunder Xue Fei’s Origin Sea.

With a thought, Han Fei obtained as many as 209 Star Shells. In the Sea Realm, no one used the Sun-Moon Shells.

Among the 209 Star Shells, 142 of them stored Clean Stones. Each Star Shell had 10 million Clean Stones. It was not hard to imagine what it meant. Although Han Fei didn’t know how much Zhao Jing and the others could dig out in a year, according to the difficulty of mining in the Clean Stone Mine and the refinement of the Clean Stone, it was hard to say if they could dig out 10 million in a hundred years.

Among the 142 Star Shells that stored the Clean Stones, 52 were Xue Fei’s personal belongings. Han Fei took out 12 Star Shells from them for the city defense.

He estimated that Xue Fei must be giving out as few Clean Stones as possible, which would inevitably increase the mortality rate of the people in the city.

Although there were less than 30% of the human race in Mountain City, there were still 800,000 to 900,000 humans. Therefore, he couldn’t be careless about this.

In addition to the Star Shell, Han Fei calculated the Chaotic Qi and Immortal Qi he had absorbed.

For Han Fei, obtaining the Chaotic Qi was not difficult, so he stuffed another 300,000 of the 800,000 wisps he got from Xue Fei’s Origin Sea back. Anyway, Xue Fei had already become his puppet.

As for the Immortal Qi, Han Fei had absorbed a total of 120,000 wisps.

However, Han Fei found that Xue Fei’s Immortal Qi was not as pure as the Immortal Qi he refined, so he didn’t take any of them and stuffed them back.

In the end, Han Fei kept 40 Star Shells of Clean Stones, 500,000 wisps of Chaotic Qi, half of the refining materials, as many as 30 million energy crystals, and a sea chart of the Chaotic Wasteland.

Han Fei and the others had guessed right about this sea chart. As a lord-level powerhouse, Xue Fei did have all the sea maps of the City of Scavengers. Not only that, but he also had a map of the location of primitive graveyards. Of course, there was definitely no entrance to the Raging Sea on it.

However, Han Fei discovered that Xue Fei’s sea chart only included the sea area of the City of Scavengers and the simple sea area layout of the City of Origin. However, the sea area map of the City of Wanderers was missing. Xue Fei didn’t know the sea area of the City of Wanderers at all.

However, whether Xue Fei knew it or not, with this sea chart, he could already leave the Chaotic Wasteland.

After collecting the things, the second thing Han Fei wanted to do was to search Xue Fei’s soul and dig out his memories.

In Xue Fei’s memory, Han Fei saw the so-called City of Scavengers, a magnificent city built under an undersea waterfall.

Han Fei saw the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch from a distance, because Xue Fei wasn’t qualified to meet him yet.

In the City of Scavengers, there were Venerable-level powerhouses almost everywhere. Although there weren’t that many Sea Establishers, there were definitely a lot of them. This was because only when one’s strength reached a certain level would they be sent to the City of Scavengers. Not everyone could enter the main city.

In Xue Fei’s memory, Han Fei found that there were many human beings in the City of Scavengers. However, this human race had completely submitted to the Ten Thousand Scale Race.

Seeing this, Han Fei’s heart sank. Sure enough, under the oppression of the Ten Thousand Scale Race, there was no lack of human powerhouses who surrendered to the Ten Thousand Scale Race. Han Fei couldn’t judge these people easily.

Perhaps these people had lost the honor of a great race, but they had saved their own lives. In the sense of living, they were not wrong.

Han Fei couldn’t help but think of Xu Mao and Chen Qing in Mountain City. Xue Fei must have neglected them for two hundred years to wear down their will and make them completely surrender to the Ten Thousand Scale Race and become their slaves.

“Humph ~”

Han Fei’s eyes turned cold. He had thought that the first enemy he would face after leaving the Raging Sea would be the An family, but he didn’t expect it to be the Ten Thousand Scale Race he was completely unfamiliar with.

However, as for the Ten Thousand Scale Race enslaving the human race, this grudge had been formed.

Only then did Han Fei understand that the number of strong masters in the City of Scavengers far exceeded his imagination. There were more than a hundred Sky Opening Realm powerhouses in the City of Scavengers.

In fact, the lords who could control the domains alone had all made contributions in the past, which was why they were conferred the title of lord. In the City of Scavengers, there were at least twice as many emperors. They seemed to have some conflicts with the City of Wanderers and the City of Origin, mostly because of the primitive graveyards.

Therefore, the three main cities in the Chaotic Wasteland were actually not on good terms.

Xue Fei was conferred the title of lord because he had once killed a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse from the City of Wanderers alone.

According to Xue Fei’s memories, the status of the human race in the City of Wanderers didn’t seem to be bad. The person he killed back then was from the human race.

Han Fei couldn’t help being tempted. Being able to open the sky in the City of Wanderers meant that the human race’s status in the City of Wanderers was much higher than in the City of Scavengers.

Because there was too little information, Han Fei didn’t think too much about it. In the end, he estimated that in addition to hundreds of lords, there were hundreds of Sky Openers left in the City of Scavengers.

In addition, in the City of Scavengers, there were at least hundreds of Sky Opening Realm powerhouses, but these people were not in the Chaotic Wasteland.

These people crossed the Godfiend Sea and went to a place called the Infinite Mining Area to become mine owners.

Unfortunately, Xue Fei had never been to the Infinite Mining Area, so he didn’t have any memories of that place.

Three days later.


In the lord’s residence, when Han Fei came out, he saw the lord of Mountain City with a complete body appear in front of Wang Yijian and the others.

However, when the lord faced Han Fei and the others, he still had the same momentum as before, but he ignored Han Fei and the others.

The Snail Emperor exclaimed, “Your puppet doesn’t look like a puppet at all! Why does it feel much more agile than Hong Yue’s puppet?”

Han Fei said with a smile, “In a sense, he’s not a puppet. He preserved his soul, Great Dao, and combat skills. The only difference is that his soul is controlled by me and won’t betray him. Okay, we have to remove the source of the trouble. The lord of Mountain City has already become a puppet. We don’t have to worry about being discovered anymore.”