Chapter 2143: News of the Origin Grounds

Han Fei read the memories of the people who were teasing Xue Fei in the mountain palace.

Among them, a brawny and even slightly chubby lord was Zhang Wei from the No. 68 farm. This person’s strength was among the middle of the lords in the City of Scavengers. However, this person had climbed all the way up from the No. 109 farm. In the past, he had ambushed the emperors of the City of Wanderers with Xue Fei. Xue Fei had killed a Sky Opening realm cultivator in that battle, so he was conferred the title of lord of the No. 80 farm. From this, it could be seen that this person was scheming.

The other one with a cold expression was Long Yunfeng from the No. 72 farm. This person was ruthless, domineering, bad-tempered, and irritable. He had hunted with Xue Fei and Zhang Wei before.

Of the remaining two, one was Xue Fei’s good friend, and the other, a cold-looking guy, was Qiu Chen from the No.101 Farm, who had come to Mountain City to borrow resources before the tide wave. Xue Fei didn’t know him at all.

Xue Fei didn’t know this person well at that time. He didn’t understand why this person came to borrow resources from him, so he refused. He didn’t expect this person to be here.


The last person was Zhang Li from the No. 86 farm. This person was familiar with Xue Fei. The two of them had explored a primitive graveyard many times and had a good relationship. He should be the one who had the best relationship with Xue Fei among this group of people.

Han Fei wondered why the four of them were together.

“Xue Fei” flashed his lord’s token at the gate of the City of Scavengers. Immediately, the Kings guarding the city bowed their heads. “Greetings, my lord.”


After flashing the token, “Xue Fei” came to the mountain palace where they were by a few steps.

Xue Fei said to Qiu Chen, “Brother Qiu, have you borrowed any resources? I was really short of resources back then. Otherwise, I would have helped you!”

Qiu Chen snorted in his heart. Help my ass. When I went to your Mountain City, you greeted me with a smile, but when it came to resources, you immediately changed your face. If it weren’t for the situation, I really didn’t want to see you.

So Qiu Chen smiled dryly and replied, “Brother Xue, it’s alright. Brother Long lent me a portion of it. My No. 101 farm has barely survived the crisis.”

“Xue Fei” couldn’t help but look at Long Yunfeng. In Xue Fei’s memory, Long Yunfeng and Qiu Chen should have nothing to do with each other, right?

Also, it was a little strange for them to meet today. Why did they bring Qiu Chen with them?

Xue Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Old Zhang, Yunfeng, Brother Li, why are you so free today? Who are you waiting for?”

Zhang Li said, “Can’t you tell? We’re waiting for you.”


Han Fei couldn’t help being surprised. Why were these people waiting for Xue Fei for no reason? How did they know that he was coming today?

Zhang Wei said, “Old Xue! You’ve always been proactive in the past. Why are you so late this time? We’ve been waiting for you for five days.”


“Xue Fei” said in surprise, “You’re waiting for me? Did I hear it right? When did I become so important? Why are you waiting for me here?”

At this time, the cold-looking Long Yunfeng said firmly, “We’re waiting for you to go hunting. More than twenty years ago, we agreed to do another big job. This time, the opportunity has come.”

Han Fei’s heart stirred. He had no time to check Xue Fei’s memory, his eyes lit up, and he asked in a low voice, “Oh? What chance?”

Long Yunfeng took a deep look at Xue Fei and then looked at Qiu Chen. “Wasn’t Brother Qiu’s No.101 Farm hunted? They said that Brother Qiu was plotted against because he wanted to fight for a higher ranking. In fact, that’s not the case.”


Han Fei’s heart did a flip. “Is there anything secret about this?”

Zhang Wei and Long Yunfeng couldn’t help but look at “Xue Fei”. They thought to themselves, You refused him too easily, so Qiu Chen didn’t tell you about it at all. The two of them seemed to be speechless, thinking, Couldn’t you refuse him a little slower? It’s all because our old brothers miss you. Otherwise, Qiu Chen probably wouldn’t have taken you with us.

Han Fei looked at Qiu Chen and immediately guessed the reason. It turned out that they wanted to make Xue Fei and Qiu Chen bury the hatchet with each other.

Qiu Chen said, “Brother Xue, you are all famous hunters. You have joined forces more than once. Many strong masters have been killed by you. What I said must be done by experienced hunters.”

“Oh? Please elaborate.”

“Xue Fei” seemed to have completely forgotten the grudge between him and Qiu Chen and listened attentively.

Zhang Wei glanced at Han Fei who had turned into Yan Dong and waved his hand, pushing Han Fei away and sealing this place.

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Interesting. It seemed to be something big.

Zhang Wei said, “Old Xue, only the five of us know what will happen next. Although Yan Dong is your capable subordinate, this matter is not something he can participate in.”

Han Fei sneered in his heart. I’m everywhere. This Xue Fei is now equivalent to my avatar. You’re welcome to tell me your secrets.

He didn’t expect that something big would happen the moment he arrived in the City of Scavengers.

Qiu Chen said, “The tax envoys of my No. 101 farm didn’t die because of competition among his own kind, but… someone from the City of Origin killed them.”

“Xue Fei” pretended to narrow his eyes. “City of Origin?”

Zhang Li said, “Old Xue, don’t be surprised. In fact, this time, not only did Brother Qiu’s No. 101 farm have tax envoys die, but even two groups of tax envoys died on my side. At first, we suspected that it was done by the people from the City of Wanderers. After all, it’s a fact that we raised human beings in captivity and made them mine for us. However, Brother Qiu was careful…”

Zhang Li’s words gave Han Fei valuable information, which was that the City of Origin was hostile to the City of Scavengers because they enslaved humans.

Qiu Chen nodded. “I was watched by a Sky Opening Realm cultivator from the City of Origin, but he didn’t know that I had an avatar. I secretly intercepted a person. After searching his soul, I discovered that these people were actually from the City of Origin. From that person’s memories, I learned that they seemed to be secretly looking for a primitive graveyard. For some reason, they actually went to my side.”

Han Fei asked, “Since it’s a secret search, why did they attack the tax envoys?”

Qiu Chen: “Soul Search!”

“Their purpose for attacking the tax envoys was just to search their souls. Tax envoys are the people most familiar with the farm. If they want to know the information of the farm, it’s most convenient for them to search the tax envoys’ souls. There are some things that I have to say. My No.101 farm did find a place that seems to be a primitive graveyard, but it’s very likely to be an Origin Ground. Because of this, my tax envoys were killed without a single one left. The Clean Stones we collected in the past hundred years were all looted… I must take revenge.”

“What? An Origin Ground?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. He couldn’t help but think of the Raging Sea. Just before the tide wave, they left the Raging Sea. Just after they left, someone from the City of Origin came to investigate and killed all the tax envoys of the city to find their target. Could it be that they came for the Raging Sea? Or did they come out and touch something that made the people of the City of Origin discover them?

If they were really here for the Raging Sea, the identities of these powerhouses from the City of Origin were probably obvious. Except for the An family, Han Fei couldn’t think of anyone else.

Outside the palace, Han Fei couldn’t help narrowing his eyes. Could it be that the exit of the Raging Sea wasn’t the only one? There was also one at the No.101 farm?

An Origin Ground! The people of the Sea Realm were obsessed with Origin Grounds. An Origin Ground represented a lot of rich resources.

Besides, from Xue Fei’s memories, Han Fei found that they were obsessed with Origin Grounds not only because of the resources of Origin Grounds, but also because of the Great Dao origin in Origin Grounds, which was the foundation of all lives.

Those born in Origin Grounds wouldn’t want to destroy this world, but outsiders didn’t care! In order to become stronger, outsiders could do anything.

In fact, this kind of world origin wouldn’t give them an extremely explosive improvement. However, if too many people stole the origin, this world would slowly lose its vitality and eventually collapse.

Therefore, when Qiu Chen mentioned this, Han Fei’s heart skipped a beat. Now, Qiu Chen had only found them, and the news hadn’t spread yet. He had to find a way to hold them back.

Fortunately, the Beast King was still guarding the Raging Sea. He had to find a way to take these people over and then kill them all.

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “An Origin Ground? How many people know such a big thing now?”

Seeing that “Xue Fei” was refreshed, Zhang Wei and the others smiled. They knew that this guy couldn’t hold it back.

Qiu Chen said, “I’ve only found some clues, but I’m not completely sure that it’s an Origin Ground. It’s because of these people from the City of Origin that I have some clues. My temporary explanation is that it’s the people from the City of Wanderers who attacked. However, there will definitely be people suspicious. Therefore, we have to attack quickly and divide that Origin Ground first. However, before splitting the Origin Ground, we have to kill the people from the City of Origin first. Otherwise, this matter will be easily exposed.”

Han Fei asked, “How could they not notice you searching the souls of the people from the City of Origin?”

Qiu Chen said, “I erased that person’s memory. Not only that, but I also stuffed some other memories in, which are hints about the location of the Origin Ground. In the past three years, I deliberately patrolled the area, and those people didn’t dare to act rashly for the time being. But when I came to the City of Scavengers to report, they would definitely take action while I am away.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled. Why would Qiu Chen want to split the Origin Ground with five people?

Seeming to see Han Fei’s doubts, Qiu Chen said, “If the City of Origin really wants to take action, they won’t just send one Sky Opener. Therefore, I can’t handle this alone.”

When Han Fei heard that, although he still felt that something was wrong, he reacted quickly on the surface. “Then what are you waiting for? I can set off immediately after I finish reporting… Brother Qiu, if we succeed this time, I, Xue Fei, owe you a favor.”