Chapter 2149: Death of Three Emperors (2)

Han Fei didn’t expect that Xue Fei would become so strong when he had the ability to materialize the Vast Ocean Navigator. Ten million energy crystals in exchange for a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse was really a good bargain.

This meant that as long as he experienced a tide wave, with the harvest of the tide wave, he could kill a dozen Sky Opening Realm powerhouses. If Xue Fei had such means in the past, he wouldn’t have been reduced to the lord of Mountain City.

Of course, a large part of the reason why Xue Fei was so strong today was that someone in the outside world had blown up these two people, and Zhang Li had suppressed and destroyed the other party’s soul. Otherwise, if the other party was still conscious and could guard his soul, even if Xue Fei entered the other party’s Origin Sea, he would only be suppressed by the other party. It was almost impossible to kill two emperors in a row in this short period of time.

Xue Fei’s nine-layered dream had been broken. Four Sky Opening Realm powerhouses from the City of Origin had left the dream. Seeing that two of them had died, how could they not be shocked?

But when they took a closer look, they found that there seemed to be only four people on the other side. The person from the An family immediately shouted, “Qiu Chen? I didn’t expect you to scheme against us!”


Qiu Chen snorted. “How dare you slaughter all the tax envoys in my city? Do you really think I’m easy to bully?”

At this moment, the people from the City of Origin saw that there were only four people on Qiu Chen’s side and snorted. “You’re courting death.”


This person had the Heavenly Cicada Wings. He was fast like lightning and instantly rushed out.

Han Fei, on the other hand, didn’t care how they fought. He would just let them fight. It would be best if they all died. Then he could reap the benefits.

How many resources did so many Sky Opening powerhouses have?

Besides, these two parties were both his enemies. If they were all dead, it would only be beneficial to him.

Therefore, while watching the battle, Han Fei asked Xue Fei to fight the weakest person left in the dream. Yes, the weakest one. Only a fool would leave the strong to himself.

If it was just a one-on-one battle, Xue Fei could almost use infinite dreams. If he used the power of his soul to forcibly create a dream and drag someone into this dream, it would be a soul battle. Even if the other party was stronger, it was almost impossible for him to win on Xue Fei’s home ground.

The sky-opening battle spanned hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The surroundings had completely collapsed, and shattered icebergs rolled in the seawater. The void here was abnormally chaotic.

The person from the An family who had awakened the Heavenly Cicada bloodline was extremely fast. Furthermore, the sound of the cicada, like a demonic sound, could offset Zhang Li’s bell sound, so he fought Zhang Li and Long Yunfeng at the same time.

“Divine Technique, Heavenly Cicada Soul Devouring.”

At that moment, Han Fei was surprised to find that the bell sound of Zhang Li suddenly stopped, and he vomited blood.

Han Fei could only see through the Primordial Chaos Umbrella that a cicada in the eyes of the person from the An family was biting something.

Zhang Li’s aura was getting weaker and weaker.

Rumble! Rumble!

A crack appeared in the sky again, and Zhang Li’s head suddenly exploded. It seemed that he was killed by the emperor of the An family in a soul battle.

Han Fei was confused. What was going on? Did the other party break into Zhang Li’s Origin Sea? If the other party didn’t break into Zhang Li’s Origin Sea, how could he kill Zhang Li so easily?

Besides, Zhang Li was conscious! He must have been resisting. Even if the strong master of the An family could enter Zhang Li’s Origin Sea, couldn’t Zhang Li suppress him?

Immediately, Han Fei was horrified and had a guess. Did one have to destroy an emperor’s Origin Sea or his intrinsic item to kill him?

If not, then what other means could directly kill a Sky Opening realm cultivator?

In Xue Fei’s dream, the two souls were fighting, neither able to do anything to the other.

Han Fei had planned to watch the show, but the strong master of the An family suddenly looked at the Primordial Chaos Umbrella and shouted, “Who is peeping?”

Han Fei was shocked. Has he been discovered? He immediately realized that when he was looking at that person, that person sensed his gaze.

At this time, Han Fei’s location was seen through. If he was attacked by the person from the An family, the person in the dream would have a chance to come out. If she came out, the battle would become five against four. This was not good. The other party was not weak at all. If it was five against four, he would have to run.

However, how could Han Fei allow them to run away? How could he just watch these people break into the Raging Sea?

Even if the Beast King was guarding the Raging Sea, the Monarch of the An family must have attacked the Beast King more than once. This time, he actually arranged for so many Sky Opening realm cultivators to break in. How could he not have some backup plan?

After sorting out his thoughts, Han Fei immediately jumped up, intending to kill the Sky Opening Realm cultivator who was still trapped in the dream. He wanted to kill this person and balance the strength of the two parties.

But how could the strong master of the An family allow that? He was only faster than Xue Fei and blocked in front of him.

Even Zhang Wei said via voice transmission, “Old Xue, think of a way to retreat.”

However, “Xue Fei” roared, “B*stard, Zhang Li is my best friend. How can I not avenge him?”

Xue Fei’s essence blood was ignited, and his soul condensed into a dream vortex. He clenched his fists and faced the emperor of the An family who was blocking him.

However, the other party sneered. “You overestimate yourself.”

“Heavenly Cicada Soul Devouring.”

When the eyes of the emperor of the An family lit up again, unfortunately, this time he was instantly backlashed. This was because “Xue Fei” was controlled by Han Fei, and Han Fei had turned into a bracelet and stayed on Xue Fei’s wrist.

No matter how strong the An family’s divine technique was, Han Fei’s current soul power was more than 3 million, 50% higher than Xue Fei’s.

Therefore, when the soul power surged, the other party didn’t gain any benefits at all but vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Xue Fei” took the opportunity to weave three dreams for this person.

The first dream was the scene of Xue Fei and Zhang Li’s soul fighting.

The second dream was the scene of him fighting “Xue Fei” a second ago.

There was also a dream where he defeated “Xue Fei”.

Even though Han Fei knew that these three dreams couldn’t last long, he only needed one second.

“Xue Fei” flashed and punched the emperor who was still trapped in the dream.

However, the power of this blow borrowed Han Fei’s power and blasted the man to the sea.

Once a dream encountered reality, it would immediately collapse. Therefore, after this person suffered a heavy blow, he immediately tried to detonate himself. Even if he exploded, he wouldn’t die and could quickly be reborn.

However, an invisible black color on “Xue Fei’s” wrist instantly stuck to this person.

Han Fei’s black-mist body grabbed this person with the Void Lines.


When the guy was blasted out of the sea, his will erupted crazily, trying to shatter the Void Lines. In fact, one of the Void Lines had indeed shattered.

However, this person was entangled by the black-mist body and couldn’t control his body at all. On the sea, the big hole was instantly frozen again.

That person couldn’t return quickly, which meant that he was destined to die. On the sea, it was extremely cold, which was not something a Sky Opening realm cultivator could withstand!

This person turned into an ice sculpture in the blink of an eye. After being frozen for only three seconds, his frozen body was shattered to pieces. And Han Fei’s black-mist body almost collapsed in the chill. Fortunately, Xue Fei punched out and shattered the void, and then a black light flashed in front of him. And Han Fei’s black-mist body took the opportunity to instantly fuse with his white-mist body. No one noticed anything wrong.

“Dragon Spear!”

The moment “Xue Fei” blasted the emperor out of the sea, Long Yunfeng’s eyes lit up. He thrust his spear at the An family powerhouse who was instantly trapped in the dream.

Unfortunately, the latter’s reaction was too fast. Although the power of Long Yunfeng’s spear shattered half of his body, the latter immediately turned into a light and dodged.

The man shouted, “Why don’t we join forces and split the Origin Ground in half? Do we have to fight to death? What we want is just opportunities.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. He didn’t expect the other party to give up fighting under such circumstances. As for Zhang Wei and the others, they were here just for money. Now it was four against four. If they were not careful, they might be injured or even killed.

Therefore, Zhang Wei looked at Xue Fei, asking for his opinion.

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. If he took them to the Raging Sea, he could join forces with the Beast King and Chu Hao to take all of them down.

It was unrealistic for him to kill so many people now.

Therefore, “Xue Fei” nodded.

Long Yunfeng retreated and exchanged a look with Zhang Wei and Xue Fei. He had neglected Qiu Chen. If it weren’t for this guy, they could still fight. But now, he felt that the killer weapon “Xue Fei” had been exposed. It would be difficult to continue to fight.

Therefore, Long Yunfeng also nodded.

Zhang Wei immediately shouted, “Okay! As you wish, we’ll split the resources in the Origin Ground evenly. Don’t think that you’re the only one with trump cards. Since we dare to stop you, we’ve naturally been well prepared.”

The man from the An family sneered in his heart. He thought to himself, I’ll let you die a horrible death soon. But on the surface, he said in a low voice, “We’re all looking for money, not death. We just killed a group of Sea Establishment-realm tax envoys. What’s the big deal? We can give you 5% more resources.”

Seeing the situation, Qiu Chen seemed to accept it. “I have no objection.”