Chapter 2156: All Out

When Han Fei saw Pan Litian, he couldn’t have felt worse. Wasn’t it said that there were four divine generals in the City of Wanderers? Even if Duan Qingsi wasn’t here, there were still three divine generals. They sent Pan Litian here to stop them. Thn how could they deal with the three divine generals? Had they considered the consequences?

At this moment, Han Fei was still at the front. If he retreated, with Pan Litian’s means, he would definitely bypass the others and sweep the kings in the rear immediately.

It was not easy to cultivate to the Sea Establishment Realm. If so many kings died, it would be a huge loss for the City of Wanderers.

Therefore, he roared, “Pan Litian, take my punch.”


At that moment, behind him, Ma Qiankun shouted, “Brother Ren, be careful. The Litian Seal is not a joke.”

However, when was Han Fei ever afraid? Even if his strength hadn’t reached its peak, his Great Dao was still extremely terrifying. He had killed an emperor alone before.

He also wanted to see how strong the so-called leader of the top ten lords was.

Han Fei activated his Dharma Idol, but didn’t make it too big. As he activated his Great Dao, his combat power was five times more violent. With Han Fei’s current physique, he could still withstand such a high-intensity outburst.

As his fist blasted out, in the endless void, an invincible aura erupted, and golden light dazzled, illuminating the sea.

Pan Litian narrowed his eyes. “Huh? He walks the path of invincibility?”

“What? The path of invincibility?”

“I didn’t expect Brother Ren to take this path.”

“Brother Ren is so bold. Those who dare to walk the path of invincibility are all heroes of their generation. None of these people are afraid of death.”

Ma Qiankun and the others were also stunned by Han Fei’s punch. When the huge fist mark struck the void, the void collapsed, the endless void turned into a vortex, and billowing ripples swept out for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

In the rear, the kings all retreated. This scene was really extraordinary!

Someone had seen Han Fei’s fist mark, and his eyes even showed a trace of confusion, almost falling into an epiphany on the spot.

Crack… Crack…

The Litian Seal in the void, with Han Fei’s dazzling punch as the center, quickly cracked outward, and its momentum weakened by more than half.

However, the Void Litian Seal didn’t collapse. This scene made Han Fei’s heart turn cold. Even his violent blow failed to shatter the Litian Seal?

Behind him, Ma Qiankun shouted, “Brother Ren, let me help you… Roar…”

The people in the City of Wanderers were all brave. The seawater within thousands of kilometers around Ma Qiankun boiled, and the double axes formed a storm. With lightning, they instantly charged at Pan Litian.

Wu Qinghua also rose. Two rows of white bone long knives appeared in the sky, surrounded by immortal energy.

The saber array blocked the way, trying to slash at Pan Litian.

The other three emperors didn’t have the time to care about the kings behind them. All of them ignited their blood and erupted. One of them gathered half of his Dao runes and a massive amount of Immortal Qi, turned into a spike, and shot across the sea. Behind him was a surging fish tide, which shot towards the whistling azure dragon shadow like an arrow.

“Humph! You overestimate yourself. A group of people who haven’t even turned your Origin Seas into stars dare to fight me? Dragon God Strike…”

The azure dragon spat out an Extreme Cold Ice Flame at the emperors.

Boom Boom Boom ~

This space completely exploded, the seawater raged, the sea completely collapsed, and a terrifying shock wave surged into the sky.

Ma Qiankun’s axe light was shattered by the blow. The storm froze halfway, and he was sent flying. If it weren’t for the protection of his Immortal Qi, he would have been frozen into an ice sculpture.

Ka ka ka ~

In Wu Qinghua’s knife array, frost and snow fell. Wherever the ice flames passed, the scimitars shattered.


Wu Qinghua vomited blood, her hands exploded into powder, and she was sent flying.

The other three were not much better. The spike was frozen and could no longer move forward a thousand kilometers away from Pan Litian. Then it collapsed and exploded.

The Fish Tide Array exploded, and this emperor was the weakest among the emperors.

As for the arrow, it was the only attack that reached Pan Litian. However, when the arrow hit the bright red armor on Pan Litian’s body, the latter didn’t even block it because when the arrow reached Pan Litian, it was already powerless to break his defense.

With just one blow, Ma Qiankun and the other four were all defeated, and this was only the leader of the top ten lords. There was no telling how strong Zhao Honghuang, who was stronger than this person, would be.

At this moment, an Azure Dragon Ice Flame swept across Han Fei. Han Fei’s heart sank when he failed to penetrate the Litian Seal. If others couldn’t withstand it, he had to. Otherwise, after this battle, even if he could run, at least two Sky Openers on his side would die.

With a flip of his hand, Han Fei took out the Phoenix Feather Violent Saber. The saber dyed the sea red, and a thousand wisps of Immortal Qi were injected into it. The fire waves turned the sea area thousands of kilometers into magma.

“Knife Drawing.”

Han Fei never lost in knife technique. He spun a few times and his Dharma Idol held a long flame knife in his hand too. As he slashed down, the sea split.

“A godly weapon? Interesting. No wonder you can destroy several cities in a row. So there’s a variable like you. Then I’ll kill you.”

Pan Litian saw that one of his azure dragon flames was pierced, but he didn’t take it seriously. He reached out and grabbed, recalling all his tools. Then he stepped on the ground, saying, “Separate the sky and suppress the sea, and the sky will collapse and the emperor will be slaughtered.”

Above Han Fei, the Litian Seal continued to press and roll, and its power was soaring crazily. Han Fei felt the pressure of the Heavenly Dao. Pan Litian had already fused with the Heavenly Dao and tried to kill him with it.

In the distance, the emperors who had just stopped their bodies from being sent flying watched this scene in horror. The saying that no one could survive from the Heavenly Emperor once he attacked was not for nothing. Pan Litian was comparable to the four generals of the City of Wanderers in strength. No matter which city of the Chaotic Wasteland he was in, he would be one of the strongest.

Even outside the Chaotic Wasteland, in the East Sea Divine Realm, among the Sky Openers, Pan Litian was one of the top powerhouses. However, they knew too little about Ren Tianfei. In their minds, only the four generals could resist a powerhouse like Pan Litian. Ren Tianfei… they had never heard of him!

As for the kings of the City of Wanderers, they were even more frightened.

Someone was shocked. Is this the leader of the top ten lords of the City of Scavengers? He repelled five emperors with a single blow. Even Senior Human Emperor is no match for him?

“Not necessarily. Senior Human Emperor killed five emperors in a row. How can he be defeated so easily? A mere Litian Seal definitely can’t suppress him.”

However, all the kings looked gloomy. They all knew that words didn’t count. Han Fei did look a little tired!

Han Fei couldn’t believe that he felt a little exhausted. This f*cking Litian Seal was too powerful. His physique and strength were so strong, but he still couldn’t break this thing?

Han Fei knew that it was not that he was weak, but that the other party borrowed the power of the Heavenly Dao.


Han Fei roared, golden light flowing on his body, and an eye of golden light opened between his eyebrows.

“Invincible Eye, open.”

“Sacrificing Punch.”

Boom! Boom… Boom…

The crack of the Litian Seal was widening but it was still a little bit away from breaking.

“Dragon Transformation Technique.”

At this point, Han Fei had no time to hold back. A drop of essence blood of the Azure Dragon shattered, and one of his arms turned into a dragon claw.

Crack… Boom…

At that moment, the Litian Seal was pierced through. This was probably the first time Pan Litian’s Void Litian Seal had been pierced through with force. God knew how powerful it was.

“It’s pierced, it’s pierced.”

In the rear, a king exclaimed with joy and pride.

However, Han Fei roared, “Retreat! I’ll cover you!”

Ma Qiankun and Wu Qinghua, who had just returned to their senses, didn’t dare to be negligent. They were not on the same level as Pan Litian at all. Only Han Fei could fight Pan Litian here, but they could tell that Han Fei was also fighting with difficulty.

In the blink of an eye, Wu Qinghua flashed, opened her Origin Sea, and stored all the kings inside.

Then, Wu Qinghua shouted, “Brother Ren, I’m sorry.”

Ma Qiankun roared, “Brother Ren, we’re leaving.”

They didn’t dare to stay any longer. Every second they stayed here would increase Han Fei’s danger.

At this moment, Han Fei felt that his body couldn’t hold on anymore. The power carried by his body was too strong, so strong that even his jade bones couldn’t hold on anymore, and his flesh and blood were cracking.

Pan Litian didn’t chase after Ma Qiankun and the others. In his opinion, even ten Ma Qiankun couldn’t compare to Ren Tianfei. This person hadn’t even turned his Origin Sea into a star, but his strength level was already so strong. More importantly, he could bear such strong power. If such a person didn’t die, he would definitely grow into a strong master at the level of four generals.

Pan Litian snorted. “Do you really think you can escape from me just because you pierced through the Litian Seal? Nine Dragons Become One, Emperor Sword.”

At that moment, Han Fei was horrified. What the hell is this? Can one of the top ten lords unleash the combat power of a Monarch?

“No, not the combat power of a Monarch. He is imitating Monarchs.”

“F*ck! Do you think only you can unleash the Monarch-level fighting intent? I can do it too.”

Han Fei directly grabbed ten thousand streams of Immortal Qi. He extended his hand and pointed, and launched All Great Daos in One Sword.

However, in this slash, Han Fei added a drop of green sword fluid.

This thing was the Barrierless Sword Fluid, the source of sword intent born in a Monarch’s Sword Embryo, and the only Monarch-level treasure he had obtained from He Daoyuan’s Origin Sea.

Han Fei roared, “All Great Daos in One Sword!”