Chapter 2157: Who Is He?

Ma Qiankun and the others were rushing forward when the communication jade slip shattered.

Immediately, they felt terrible. Why didn’t you break earlier? If you had broken earlier, we wouldn’t have met Pan Litian face to face, and Brother Ren wouldn’t have stayed behind to cover for us.


Just as Ma Qiankun and the others were retreating, a white light suddenly appeared.

“Qinghua, why did you run away by burning blood?”

The person coming had white hair and sharp eyes. Although she was a woman, she looked heroic and intimidating.

Wu Qinghua and the others were running wildly. When they suddenly saw this figure, they stopped.

Wu Qinghua, Ma Qiankun, and the others’ eyes lit up.

Wu Qinghua hurriedly asked, “Master Qingsi, why are you here?”

It was Duan Qingsi, who came out of the primitive graveyard almost at the same time as Han Fei. The difference was that Han Fei was taken away by the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch, while Duan Qingsi was sent away by the historical projection of the Master of Silence.

In fact, not long after the two of them left the primitive graveyard, the projection of the Master of Silence dissipated. Duan Qingsi could only walk the latter half by herself.

Han Fei, on the other hand, didn’t need to. The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch had sent him out of that sea area, so he was faster. At this moment, Duan Qingsi had just come out and went to the nearest cities of the City of Scavengers.

But when she entered one city, he found that the emperor there had been slaughtered. When she entered another, the emperor there was slaughtered too.

After passing several cities in a row, she found that all the emperors in these cities had been slaughtered.

To be honest, Duan Qingsi was confused. When did the combat power of the City of Wanderers become so strong? The war had just started, right?

If one of the lords of the Ten Thousand Scale Race was killed, it might be because of strength. If there were two, it might be a coincidence. But if there were three, four, or five, it was a little confusing.

However, before she found the reason, she saw Wu Qinghua and the others who were fleeing with their blood burning.

Ma Qiankun hurriedly said, “Master Qingsi, hurry up and save Brother Ren. In order to cover our retreat, he fought Pan Litian, the leader of the top ten lords, alone. Hurry up, go back, or it will be too late.”

Duan Qingsi couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “Who? Which Brother Ren?”

Ma Qiankun: “Human Emperor, Ren Tianfei! Didn’t he participate in our master’s secret mission with you?”

“Ren Tianfei?”

Duan Qingsi was stunned. “I don’t know this person!”


Immediately, Ma Qiankun, Wu Qinghua, and the others were all confused. Why didn’t she know him?

Wu Qinghua was dumbfounded. “Brother Ren led us to kill five emperors in a row. Master Qingsi, did he use another name when he was with you?”

Duan Qingsi’s heart did a flip. She knew that there was something wrong with this person. She was acting alone. How could he be her teammate? However, no matter what, this person was willing to fight Pan Litian alone to cover the escape of Ma Qiankun and the others. She should save them.

Duan Qingsi shouted, “Let’s walk and talk. Where is he?”

In the No. 93 Scavenger Farm, Han Fei didn’t know who Ma Qiankun and the others would meet. Anyway, he was very uncomfortable now. Pan Litian was too strong. He seemed to be no match for him!

At this moment, All Great Daos in One Sword was Han Fei’s strongest technique. Even so, he wasn’t sure if he could withstand the Emperor Sword.


Pan Litian was also surprised. After seeing Han Fei’s sword, he couldn’t help but frown.

Han Fei’s sword was very strong. He felt that many Dao runes were fused in it, and there was even a trace of the Heavenly Dao hidden in it. In addition, ten thousand streams of Immortal Qi burst out. An ordinary emperor couldn’t resist it at all.

From Han Fei’s sword alone, Pan Litian concluded that this guy might be qualified to become one of the top ten lords. Of course, it was not now, but when Han Fei could use such combat power at will.

What made Pan Litian feel bad was that the drop of sword intent origin injected into Han Fei’s sword greatly strengthened the power of his sword.



The sword intent ripples exploded crazily, collapsing all the ice within hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Wherever the swords passed, a black hole burst out of the endless void.

At that moment, Pan Litian saw a golden flash. When he glanced around, he found that Han Fei was already 600,000 kilometers away, fleeing frantically.

“He ran away?”

Pan Litian was speechless. You’ve already unleashed all your strength, but you just turned around and ran away? Do you have the bearing of a strong master?

Pan Litian was about to chase after him, when another perception swept over. Who else could it be but Duan Qingsi? Duan Qingsi also glanced at the golden light that Han Fei left, thinking that being able to escape from Pan Litian, he was indeed strong.

“Duan Qingsi?”

Pan Litian frowned. Where did Duan Qingsi pop up from?

At this moment, Duan Qingsi looked at the terrifying power that Han Fei had just erupted. She really didn’t know when the City of Wanderers had such a strong master.

His physique was unparalleled, his Dharma Idol World was powerful, and he could fight his way into the enemy’s Origin Sea and return safely.

If there was such a person, how could she not know? But now, when she saw the terrifying aftershock of the battle between this person and Pan Litian, she was even more confused.

This person was definitely not from the City of Wanderers. Few people in the City of Wanderers could fight Pan Litian like this.

Besides, this person told Ma Qiankun that he had gone on a secret mission with her, but she didn’t know him at all.

Of course, Duan Qingsi had no time to care about that person at this moment. From the way he escaped, he seemed to have been seriously injured.

This person was flowing with golden blood but didn’t even leave a drop of blood at all. He was really a tough guy.

Pan Litian snorted coldly. “One ran away, and another came. Duan Qingsi, I didn’t meet you on the front line. Why, have you been reduced to bullying the weak?”

Duan Qingsi’s eyes turned cold. She came back to save that guy. Now that the man had run away, she didn’t need to save him. The communication jade slip had been broken, which meant that the army had retreated. Now was not the time to fight Pan Litian.

Duan Qingsi said coldly, “This is the consequence of the City of Scavengers interfering in the war between the City of Wanderers and the City of Origin. Wanderers are never afraid of war.”

Pan Litian narrowed his eyes and said, “I heard that the Master of Silence is also from the human race. Aren’t you afraid that we will attack the human race here?”

Duan Qingsi smiled contemptuously. “Do you dare? Have you forgotten the battle when the wanderers attacked the City of Origin?”

With that, Duan Qingsi left grandly, and Pan Litian had no intention of attacking.

Pan Litian knew very well that Duan Qingsi was different from the Ren Tianfei who ran away. Ren Tianfei relied on secret techniques, precious techniques, and treasures to forcibly increase his strength and unleash a powerful blow or two.

However, Duan Qingsi was different. She was one of the four generals in the City of Wanderers and was really strong, no weaker than him. He could fight her alone, but it was almost impossible for him to take her down.

Several hours later, in a very remote place in the City of Scavengers, Ma Qiankun and the others were waiting for Duan Qingsi.

When they saw this woman, they all came to her.

“Master Qingsi, how is it going? Where is Brother Ren?”

When they saw Duan Qingsi return alone, their hearts sank.

Duan Qingsi was speechless. “A mere stranger seduced your souls away in a few hours?”


Ma Qiankun said, “Well, aren’t we fellow cultivators? We got along quite well.”


Duan Qingsi said, “When I arrived, that guy had already run away. If this person is from the City of Wanderers, I can definitely find him. I’m just afraid that he is not from the City of Wanderers at all.”

Wu Qinghua said, “How can that be? This person is a real human. If he’s not one of us, where is he from?”

Duan Qingsi asked, “What if this person might be from the City of Origin?”

Ma Qiankun shouted, “How can there be such a manly emperor in the City of Origin?”


A white hair swept across and Ma Qiankun was sent flying. Duan Qingsi said with a black face, “He claims to be the Human Emperor. What if he just wants to sow discord between our City of Scavengers and the Ten Thousand Scale Race? If the Ten Thousand Scale Race attacks the human race here, with our master’s identity and temper, will he fight to the death with the City of Scavengers?”

“Hiss ~”

Ma Qiankun and the others were all horrified. They had never thought that there might be such a possibility.

Duan Qingsi said, “The hatred can be deepened. This person slaughtered five cities in a row. What benefits did he leave for you? Apart from hundreds of millions of energy crystals, what else?”

Everyone looked at each other. If what Duan Qingsi said was true, then Ren Tianfei was really good at pretending.

Duan Qingsi said, “Let’s go! We must have suffered a lot in this battle. Boss is dealing with the City of Origin. We have to return to the City of Wanderers quickly.”

On the other side, Han Fei gave himself seven or eight Heaven Enlightenment Divine Techniques in a row, which consumed about 3,000 years of vitality. Only then did he recover with a pale face.

It was too strong. Pan Litian’s sword was too strong. The Dharma Idol world was pierced through, the Infinity Water was pierced through, and even All Great Daos in One Sword was pierced through.

If it weren’t for his strong physique and many treasures, he would have been killed by him.

Under such circumstances, once he was killed by Pan Litian, the consequences would be disastrous.


At this moment, Han Fei was almost to Mountain City. Fortunately, he saw Duan Qingsi appear last. Otherwise, if he encountered a strong master like Pan Litian again, he might not have been able to escape.