Chapter 2158: Arrive at the Main City Again

When Han Fei arrived at Mountain City, it wasn’t much better. As he expected, without Xue Fei guarding it, almost all the kings here had been slaughtered.

Han Fei’s more than twenty puppets were all gone.

Fortunately, there were basically no casualties among the strong masters below the king level in Mountain City. It seemed that the City of Wanderers still left some leeway. Otherwise, if the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch was really forced to a corner, the two sides would completely start a war, and it was even possible that the Ten Thousand Scale Race would slaughter humans.

The Ten Thousand Scale Race probably didn’t do this because they didn’t want to go too far. Once they did, it could be imagined that with the craziness of the City of Wanderers, they would only fight to the death, and the Master of Silence would probably take action personally. At that time, except for the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch, who in the Ten Thousand Scale Race could withstand the attack of a Monarch?

“Hong Yue!”


Han Fei saw Hong Yue sitting in a courtyard, thinking about life. Yes, he was thinking about life. He only felt that this Sea Realm was too dangerous. More than 20 kings, who were all Han Fei’s puppets, were wiped out in just a moment.

Hong Yue still remembered that someone asked him if he wanted to go to the City of Wanderers with him. Hong Yue refused solemnly, “I still have clansmen to protect. I can’t leave.”

Seeing that Hong Yue had made up his mind, the other party didn’t insist.

Someone even reminded him that he could take his clansmen away.

Hong Yue’s answer was very simple. “You can conquer a city, but it’s impossible for you to conquer all the cities. The humans in the scavenger sea area are actually hostages, the only reason to stop the final battle between the City of Wanderers and the City of Scavengers. Once this reason is gone, a real war will break out. If humans can’t evacuate at once, we’d better not evacuate.”

Hong Yue’s words actually obtained the approval of the emperor who attacked Mountain City. The emperor even left him some resources.

In fact, only the people in power could understand what Hong Yue said. Hong Yue used to be the master of the Mad Corpse World and presided over a world. He had seen all kinds of schemes.

From the layout of the City of Scavengers that Han Fei had told them before, he knew that since the Ten Thousand Scale Race could become an overlord and stand in the Chaotic Wasteland for hundreds of thousands of years, it was impossible for them to not have any abilities. Otherwise, they would have long been wiped out.

It was impossible for the City of Wanderers to conquer all the cities here, and they would have to suffer a lot of casualties themselves. Otherwise, how could there still be the City of Scavengers?

In fact, as Hong Yue had expected, most of the cities the City of Wanderers conquered had low rankings. The higher the ranking, the stronger the lord was, and the harder it was to destroy the city. At most, the both sides would lose some Sea Establishers.

In fact, among the peak-level combatants, Duan Qingsi, who was one of the four generals, was not around, nor was the leader of the four generals. The remaining two, the strongest one had to deal with Zhao Honghuang, and the remaining one had to guard against the top ten lords. Therefore, the target of this surprise attack was only the cities ranking after the 50th.

As for the top 50 cities, they didn’t attack at all. This was why Pan Litian could leave the front line battlefield and appear in the No. 93 farm.

Under such circumstances, although they could take away a large number of humans in the rear, it would take time for them to take away a large number of humans while fighting.

Besides, there were more than 10,000 domains in the entire Scavenger Sea Area. How could the City of Wanderers send more than 10,000 Sea Establishers to take away all the humans in the villages while attacking the cities?


Han Fei appeared in Hong Yue’s courtyard. The latter shivered and hurriedly got up. “Master Human Emperor, all the kings have died. I really could do nothing about it…”

Han Fei waved his hand. “It doesn’t matter. They are just puppets. When the main city sends another batch of Kings over, these people will all be your puppets.”


Seeing that Hong Yue was dumbfounded, Han Fei said, “Let me tell you a secret. The City of Wanderers is our ally. The Monarch of the City of Wanderers is the former Human King of the Raging Sea, the one who successfully traveled to the east. If I’m not wrong, you should know him, right?”


Hong Yue gasped and was dumbfounded. “Gu, Gu Tingnan?”

Hong Yue was actually an old-timer. When the former Human King went east, he had already become a Venerable. However, he didn’t expect that the former Human King had built the City of Wanderers with his own hands.

Han Fei said, “When I found out his identity, I wondered if it was necessary for you to go to the City of Wanderers. However, I don’t think you want to go there. There, you are nothing except for knowing Gu Tingnan. There are many strong masters there. The identity of Gu Tingnan’s old acquaintance won’t let you develop well, and he won’t take special care of you. However, you’ll have a promising future in the City of Scavengers.”

Hong Yue recalled the scene when those people came to attack the city and couldn’t help but smile. “Yes, the City of Scavengers is full of enemies. It’s indeed more suitable for me.”

Han Fei said, “I’m going to the City of Scavengers later. If nothing goes wrong, I’ll bring a group of people back. Be prepared to receive them.”

Hong Yue immediately perked up. “I won’t let you down, Master Human Emperor.”

Although Hong Yue didn’t know what Han Fei was planning, he knew that he could do a lot of things in the City of Scavengers. The reason why Hong Yue wasn’t strong enough was that he didn’t have enough materials for refining corpses. Han Fei’s current intention was probably to let him control the city. He wanted to nurtur him. Hong Yue felt that as long as he didn’t die, his rise was inevitable.

Besides, Hong Yue knew Han Fei’s personality. He was a lunatic who had unified the Raging Sea in just a few hundred years. He was the new Human Emperor, a real Heavenly Talent.

Once Han Fei rose in the Chaotic Wasteland, he might be one of his most trusted henchmen.

Han Fei just felt that it was necessary to tell Hong Yue that the Master of Silence was Gu Tingnan, the former Human King. This was not a secret, or he wouldn’t have known it so easily.

Besides, Gu Tingnan became a Monarch as a human and fell out with the City of Scavengers because of the human race, these were all very obvious. He had never wanted to hide anything.

Of course, that was because Gu Tingnan had already proven his Dao. When he just came out, his situation wasn’t any better than his. Han Fei guessed that he must have already gone to the East Sea Divine Realm. Otherwise, how could he have had the connections to build the City of Wanderers?

However, there was one thing that Han Fei didn’t understand. It seemed that Gu Tingnan was the Monarch behind the scenes who helped the Beast King and Chu Hao deal with the two Monarchs of the An family.

However, Han Fei still felt that something was wrong. A hundred thousand years ago, when some human beings traveled to the east, how could Gu Tingnan have the ability to escape from the Ten Thousand Scale Race? From Xue Fei’s memory, it seemed that a strong master helped the human ship, so some people escaped.

Then, who was the person who helped Gu Tingnan?

Although Han Fei wanted to know this question, he was not in a hurry. At the right time, he should talk to Gu Tingnan, but not now.

Now, Gu Tingnan was the Master of Silence, the city lord of the City of Wanderers, and extremely powerful. How could Han Fei, the new Human Emperor, talk to him with his current strength?

After this battle, Han Fei estimated that neither the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch nor the two Monarchs of the An family could stand Gu Tingnan’s madness. In this case, there shouldn’t be a problem with the Raging Sea for the time being.

After sorting out his thoughts, Han Fei turned into a bracelet again, and Xue Fei appeared again.

Han Fei pretended that Xue Fei had returned, roared angrily, and then headed for the City of Scavengers.

If he guessed right, the City of Scavengers would change a lot this time.

First of all, as far as Han Fei knew, ten cities in the City of Scavengers were doomed. Among them, except for Mountain City that was controlled by him, the No. 101 farm was clearly controlled by Duan Qingsi. Including Zhang Wei, Long Yunfeng, and the other people, as well as the five Sky Opening Realms that he had slaughtered, eight emperors had died.

Two days later.

“Xue Fei” returned to the City of Scavengers again. With him were some Sea Establishers, who were sent by the other lords to ask for reinforcements from Zhao Honghuang.

However, those lords hadn’t come in person. They still had a mess to clean up, so they didn’t have the time to come. But Xue Fei was different. Xue Fei was specifically called by the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch to come to the City of Scavengers to recuperate.

Although it was called recuperation, it actually meant reward. Regardless of whether the matter was done well or not, Xue Fei didn’t disgrace the Ten Thousand Scale Race.

After Han Fei entered the city, the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch didn’t send him a voice transmission. He didn’t know if it was because the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch wasn’t around or something, so he went to find Zhao Honghuang first.

A moment later, Han Fei stood outside the undersea forest where Zhao Honghuang lived. “Xue Fei, the lord of Mountain City, asks to see Master Honghuang.”

Those Sea Establishers could only apply to the law enforcement camp for reinforcements and wait for their response. Han Fei, on the other hand, went straight to Zhao Honghuang. This was the privilege of a lord.

However, Zhao Honghuang replied, “The Monarch allows you to go directly to the Holy City. After you meet him, you can go directly to the Law Enforcement Camp to select people.”

“Xue Fei” pretended to be flattered and quickly replied, “Yes, Master Honghuang.”