Chapter 2159: Ten Thousand Scale Monarch

Although Han Fei had met the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch in a hurry once, it was only a quick meeting. Perhaps the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch didn’t pay attention to him, so he didn’t find anything wrong at that time.

But this time, before Han Fei came, he knew that he might see the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch.

Even so, Han Fei still controlled Xue Fei to come. Of course, his black-mist body was still far away, and he had already taken sufficient countermeasures.

What he wanted to bet was that the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch couldn’t see through his disguise and the puppet he controlled.

In Han Fei’s opinion, although a Monarch was strong, there should be a limit. This test would decide whether Han Fei could keep a foothold in the City of Scavengers in the end.


The Holy Land of the City of Scavengers was where the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch cultivated. However, in Xue Fei’s impression, he rarely heard that the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch stayed in the city. Usually, it was Zhao Honghuang who was in charge. No one knew if the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch was around.

There was a lone peak in the Holy Land, surrounded by various ordinary marine creatures. This peak was a million feet high, and there was a small palace made of black crystal on it.

“Xue Fei” came to the foot of the mountain and bowed nervously. “Xue Fei greets the Monarch.”

“Xue Fei” lowered his head and waited for more than ten seconds. Suddenly, he heard a voice, “Lift your head.”

Han Fei suddenly realized that something was wrong. When he controlled Xue Fei to raise his head, his heart trembled.

He didn’t move at all, and there were no spatial fluctuations around him, but he had come to the palace on the peak of the mountain from under the mountain.

Han Fei couldn’t help being surprised. Were the methods of a Monarch so powerful that even a Sky Opener couldn’t detect them?

At this moment, even though Han Fei was only in the form of a bracelet, he didn’t dare to look at the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch. In order to prevent himself from being discovered, he could only look through Xue Fei’s eyes.

Seeing the scene change, “Xue Fei” looked up again, trembled, and said again, “I, Xue Fei, am here to apologize.”

The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch snorted. “Why?”

“Xue Fei” braced himself and said, “I failed to protect the others. It’s a big crime for me to live alone.”

Sitting on the throne, the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch said solemnly, “You don’t mean what you say. You should be proud enough to survive Duan Qingsi and avoid the projections of the Master of Silence and the Monarchs of the An family, right?”

“I dare not.”

The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch said in a dignified voice, “Alright, don’t use such a trick on me. Your strength is ordinary, but why could you kill three emperors in a row this time?”

“Xue Fei” hurriedly said, “My lord, my Nightmare Dao has improved. Unfortunately, my physique and soul power are still lacking. I was able to kill the emperors because of the help of Zhang Wei, Long Yunfeng, and Zhang Li. Otherwise, how could I have killed three emperors alone?”

The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch nodded slightly. What Xue Fei said was true. If he could kill three emperors in a row, he would at least be ranked in the top twenty of the lords, but now, he only ranked the 80th.

The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch said, “On this trip, you’ve seen the Master of Silence and the two Monarchs of the City of Origin. When you came back, you should have known that the City of Wanderers attacked our scavenger sea area. Tell me, how do you feel?”

“Xue Fei’s heart stirred. He wouldn’t comment on a Monarch-level powerhouse, but his heart stirred and he said, “My lord, when I passed by several cities on my way back, I found that almost a large number of Sea Establishment Realm powerhouses had died, but there were very few casualties under the Sea Establishment Realm. I dare to think that the Master of Silence must be afraid of your might and dare not really start a war. Otherwise, he would have slaughtered everyone in the cities and destroyed the foundation of the birth of the strong masters in our City of Scavengers. Once our people die, the strong masters of our Ten Thousand Scale Race will definitely be wiped out.”


The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch couldn’t help but glance at Xue Fei, thinking that this guy was not stupid.


“Xue Fei” continued, “As long as the City of Wanderers doesn’t dare to start a real decisive battle, we don’t have to worry about them. I think that we were most likely implicated by the City of Origin this time…”

With that, “Xue Fei” looked up at the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch, as if to see his reaction and play it by ear.

However, the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch said solemnly, “Continue.”

“Xue Fei” could only bite the bullet and say, “Although this trip to the primitive graveyard was a trap, there is clearly another trap in this trap. I walked on the path of nightmares. After meeting the emperors in the City of Origin, I set up a nine-layered nightmare. I know that they really want to kill us. They don’t want this matter to be known by others. Secondly, from your conversation with the Master of Silence, it seems that you had just participated in this battle. I’m thinking, if you hadn’t participated in this battle, what would have happened?”

The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch’s heart did a flip. He had thought about this question too. If he didn’t participate in this battle, with the nature of the City of Wanderers, they would probably attack the City of Origin.

The Master of Silence was in charge of the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique and was simply an unkillable cockroach. If he attacked the City of Origin again, he would definitely kill at least a dozen Sky Openers. And if he really fought like that, the City of Wanderers wouldn’t be much better. At that time, the City of Scavengers would just sit idle and reap the benefits.

However, because of his participation, the City of Wanderers launched such a large-scale war. It was more like a warning.

“Xue Fei” continued, “I’m thinking that the conflict between you and the City of Wanderers is just because of the human race. Even if the Origin Ground really has some shocking secret, the bigger the secret, the greater the battle between the City of Origin and the City of Wanderers. The stronger the battle between them, the better it will be for our City of Scavengers!”

The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch seemed to have thought about what Xue Fei said, so he didn’t react when he heard Xue Fei’s guess.

He said solemnly, “Okay, you have to completely forget about this matter. Don’t mention it to anyone, okay?”

“Xue Fei” nodded quickly. “I will keep it a secret and never tell anyone.”

Only then did the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch nod in satisfaction. “Although you didn’t succeed this time, you’re not bad. However, the cultivation of the Sky Opening realm is mainly about the comprehension of the Great Dao. You lords don’t lack resources. I’ll reward you with a piece of Mystic Yellow Soil and a Heavenly Dao Pill. As for what achievements you can achieve, it depends on you.”

“Xue Fei” pretended to be overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Thank you for your reward, my lord.”

Taking the piece of Mystic Yellow Soil and a golden pill that flew over, Han Fei put them away without looking at them carefully.

“Well, leave! Zhao Honghuang told me that you are nurturing a good seedling. When you are done, go to the No. 68 farm to be the lord!”

“Xue Fei” was overjoyed again. “Thank you, my lord.”

As soon as Han Fei said so, he had already appeared outside the Holy Land.

It wasn’t until he completely left the Holy Land that he secretly despised in his heart. “It’s just a piece of Mystic Yellow Soil and a pill, and you want to send me away? You’re really stingy. As for the No. 68 farm, that’s not bad.”

In addition, since they asked him to choose people, the stronger the better.

The law enforcement camp in the City of Scavengers was usually responsible for guarding the City of Scavengers. They were powerhouses born after careful selection.

In the law enforcement camp, there were two kinds of powerhouses. One was the Sea Establishment Realm powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Scale Race, and the other was the powerhouses of the other races that had submitted to the Ten Thousand Scale Race.

In the talent selection, the Ten Thousand Scale Race always gave priority to their own race and usually only looked for strong masters of their own race. Unless they saw particularly outstanding strong masters of other races, they usually wouldn’t accept them.

In the entire law enforcement camp, there were as many as 30,000 Sea Establishers.

In fact, there were more than that. Most of them were either training, carrying out missions, or patrolling the city.

When Han Fei arrived, someone had already recognized him.

A fierce-looking instructor of the law enforcement camp who was in the Sky Opening realm grinned and said, “Fellow Daoist Xue Fei, Master Honghuang has instructed that you can choose any Sea Establisher here.”

Although Han Fei didn’t know this person well, he vaguely remembered that this person’s name was Chen Yan.

“Xue Fei” smiled and said, “Brother Chen, can I really choose freely?”

Chen Yan laughed. “Master Honghuang instructed that you can choose whoever you want. Do you need me to help you choose? To be honest, I have a batch of excellent seedlings here that I can’t bear to give away. Brother, Xue, I told you because you can win the favor of Master Honghuang. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have told you.”

“Xue Fei” grinned. “Thank you, Brother Chen. How many people can I choose?”

Chen Yan said, “Twenty.”

“Xue Fei” couldn’t help frowning. “Only 20? Except for my capable assistants, all the Sea Establishers in my city have died!”

Chen Yan patted Han Fei on the shoulder and said, “Brother Xue, 20 is not a small number. Do you know how many lords have come to ask for reinforcements? Even if their people are all wiped out, I can only give them each 15. Brother Xue, you came in person, and Master Honghuang favored you, so you can have 20.”

“Xue Fei” nodded slightly. Many strong masters of the major cities had died this time. There were dozens of cities, if each city wanted three or five on average, then there would be three or five hundred Sea Establishers.

Unlike Venerables, Sea Establishers weren’t easy to nurture. Three or five hundred Sea Establishers was indeed not a small number. If it were in the Raging Sea, three or five hundred kings was unimaginable.

Therefore, Xue Fei said, “Okay, thank you, Brother Chen, but I’d like to take a look myself first.”

Chen Yan said, “No problem, Brother Xue. You can take away anyone you like. By the way, Brother Xue, I have a few good human female cultivators here. Haha… It’s up to you…”