Chapter 2161: A Way to Kill a Sky Opener

Under the furious gaze of the human kings, Xue Fei forcibly took these women into his Origin Sea. In the City of Scavengers, the Ten Thousand Scale Race was the real ruling race, not to mention that Han Fei was a lord-level powerhouse. No one dared to object.

These human kings sighed in their hearts. This scene happened again and again. They were even used to it. If possible, they really regretted coming to the City of Scavengers.

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret now. Most people were lost and couldn’t open the sky at all. Only a few people could stabilize their minds.

And the female cultivators who had just tried to make Han Fei choose them were all as cold as ice at this moment. They had basically suppressed all their emotions and tried their best to become stronger.

Chen Yan and “Xue Fei” left happily, and Chen Yan asked, “Brother Xue, what about the strong masters of our race?”

“Xue Fei” smiled and said, “The kings of our race should be enough. They are easy to pick…”

When choosing the powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Scale Race, Han Fei picked the strongest. Almost with a glance, he had decided those he wanted to pick.

After saying goodbye to Chen Yan, Han Fei didn’t leave but came to the cultivation ground of the City of Scavengers. As a good actor, Han Fei had been acting from the beginning to the end because he didn’t know if someone was watching him.

And now, as a relatively low-level lord, when he obtained the Mystic Yellow Soil and the Heavenly Dao Pill, he would definitely think of how to use them immediately instead of running back to Mountain City to use them.

In fact, as Han Fei expected, until he entered this cultivation place to cultivate in seclusion, there had actually been a gaze following him.

Zhao Honghuang shook his head slightly and saw everything that had just happened. He commented, “I’m a bit disappointed with this guy.”

The Mystic Yellow Soil was still useful to Han Fei’s Origin Sea. At present, such a large piece of Mystic Yellow Soil could probably help Han Fei consolidate his Origin Sea by ten thousand kilometers, but that was all.

Han Fei put the Mystic Yellow Soil into his Origin Sea. After feeling that his strength had improved a little, he stopped paying attention.

At this moment, Han Fei took out the Heavenly Dao Pill.

Information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

< Name > Heavenly Dao Pill

< Introduction > This is an eighth-grade divine pill that contains the laws of the Heavenly Dao. It can be refined after being baptized by the heavens and earth for five hundred years. The Heavenly Dao Pill contains the laws of the Heavenly Dao and can be fused into the Origin Sea. It can be combined with the runes of one’s own Great Dao and can strengthen the fusion of the Heavenly Dao and his own Dao. After taking it, the effect will last for ten years and depends on the user’s talent.

<Level> Sky Opening Realm

< Quality > Ultra-Quality

< Contained Immortal Qi > 1,042 wisps

< Effect > Taking this pill, you can consolidate your Origin Sea and have a certain chance to comprehend the Heavenly Dao.

“Huh? Is this pill’s effect so long?”

Han Fei’s eyes lit up. If it was a pill of this level, the reward of the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch was not bad. When the Heavenly Dao fused with his Origin Sea, it could enhance his Origin Returning characteristic. If he guessed right, it could greatly consolidate his Origin Sea.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t take this kind of pill now. Otherwise, it would be bad if it caused a reaction of his and exposed his identity. It just so happened that when he returned to Mountain City this time, he would have to start a new round of seclusion.

Three days later.

Han Fei pretended to cultivate in seclusion for three days. When he came out of seclusion, he didn’t find anything wrong. No one must have noticed him.

Han Fei didn’t intend to go to Mo Qi’s side, but he sensed the anomaly of his Great Dao of Time. In his Origin Sea, Han Fei looked up at the Sea of Stars and saw a star shining abnormally not far away.

Therefore, Han Fei still went there.

As soon as he entered, he heard Mo Qi shout, “Hey, are we still allies? Why didn’t you come to see me now that you’ve come to the City of Scavengers?”

Han Fei was lost for words. “Haven’t I just been here? It’s only been a few days. I don’t need any information for the time being.”

“Are you sure?”

Han Fei asked, “What information do you have?”

Mo Qi said, “Just tell me if the Wanderers’ attack this time has anything to do with you. Zhang Wei, Long Yunfeng, Zhang Li, and Qiu Chen went to hunt with you but they all died. I didn’t expect that you’re quite capable.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but say, “This is just a coincidence.”

Mo Qi glanced at him sideways and said, “Then why aren’t you dead? And you can even go to the Holy Land to meet the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch. Do you think I will believe you? We are allies. There’s no point in hiding it from me.”

Han Fei said, “This matter really has nothing to do with me. As for why Zhang Wei and the others died, it’s because we encountered the seven emperors of the City of Origin and competed with them for a primitive graveyard that was thought to be an Origin Ground. Isn’t this normal?”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Mo Qi seemed to be calculating silently, as if judging the correctness of Han Fei’s words. After a while, she seemed to be sure and said, “What you said seems to be true. Um! Five on seven, and four of the five died. I think the people from the City of Origin are all dead, right?”

Han Fei shook his head. “There’s still one alive.”

Mo Qi said indifferently, “The Wanderers’ attack is such a big event. Why didn’t you take advantage of such a good opportunity?”

Han Fei said, “Would you believe me if I said I didn’t?”

Mo Qi shook her head. “I don’t believe it. I calculated that your wealth has soared. You must have taken advantage of the situation.”

Han Fei was stunned. “Didn’t you say that you couldn’t use the Great Prophecy Technique on me?”

Mo Qi said matter-of-factly, “Yes! But I’m just calculating your wealth luck. There’s no need to predict. I just need to calculate a little.”

Han Fei thought to himself, This girl should be a Psychic. It seems that she is better at divination even than Old Han. Where is she from?

At this moment, Mo Qi changed the topic. “By the way, the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch doesn’t suspect you at all?”

Han Fei said, “As you can see, I’m Xue Fei now.”

“That’s not right!”

Mo Qi frowned and said, “Although you haven’t turned your Origin Sea into a star yet, I feel that your Natal Star is sometimes distant and sometimes close, drifting erratically. You seem to be wandering near the City of Scavengers. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to touch you with my Great Dao.”

Han Fei asked, “Natal Star?”

Mo Qi said, “Since a Sky Opener has opened the sky, his Origin Sea is actually his Natal Star to be formed. Many stars we see in the Sea of Stars are actually the Natal Stars of countless strong masters.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but smile. “Are you kidding me? The sky is full of stars. Are they all Natal Stars?”

Mo Qi said, “They include the dead and the kings’ Natal Stars. Even a Venerable or a fishing master has a natal star. It’s just small. It might only be the size of a stone, but it’s still a natal star!”


Han Fei’s heart did a flip. He seemed to have heard a saying before that people would turn into a star in the sky after they died. He didn’t expect it to come true here.

Han Fei couldn’t help being interested. “Are you saying that everyone has a natal star?”

Mo Qi chuckled. “Look, you won’t suffer a loss if you come to me, right? Everyone has a natal star, but only when you become a king will your natal star be officially formed. However, it’s not big or complete. After you open the sky, your natal star will shine in the Sea of Stars, and then it can be observed.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “What’s next?”

Mo Qi was lost for words. “You can figure it out yourself later! I’m just a Sky Opener. If I’ve proven my Dao, will I still care about you?”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was about to complain, when his heart did a flip. Mo Qi should know a lot. After all, she had seen too many emperors, and many people had to buy information from her.

Han Fei said, “Let me ask you something. If you want to kill a Sky Opening realm powerhouse, can it only be done by destroying his Origin Sea or his intrinsic item in the Origin Sea?”

“Yes and no.”


Han Fei asked, “Why do you say that?”

Mo Qi said, “Do you want to pay some money? The answer is simply too valuable. I’ll charge less. How about 500 million energy crystals?”

Han Fei’s face immediately turned black. “Are you crazy? Didn’t you just say that we are allies? Now you want 500 million from an ally?”

“Correct counting keeps good friendship, right? Forget it, I’ll charge you 50 million, okay? Look at how petty you are. How can a man be so petty?”

Hearing Mo Qi’s nagging, Han Fei couldn’t help but say with a black face, “Speak!”

Mo Qi smiled. “Pay up. The boss is the one paying.”

Han Fei: “…”

Indeed, Han Fei really wanted to know the answer to this question, so he had no choice but to pay. He muttered in his heart, It wasn’t easy for me to get the energy crystals, but now I have to pay 50 million for a problem. My heart hurts!

Mo Qi, who had taken the energy crystals, said with a smile, “Theoretically speaking, it’s extremely difficult to kill a Sky Opening realm cultivator if he fuses his Dao in his Origin Sea, condense his intrinsic item, or do the two at the same time. However, nothing is absolute. It’s difficult to kill a Sky Opening realm cultivator before they turn their Origin Sea into a star. However… once you turn your Origin Sea into a star, you’ll find that there are actually other ways to attack the Origin Sea and the intrinsic item of a Sky Opening realm cultivator.”

Han Fei was immediately refreshed. He knew it! It was too easy for Gu Tingnan and the others to kill a Sky Opening realm cultivator. With a tap of their fingers, a Sky Opening realm cultivator would collapse.

If they couldn’t penetrate the other party’s Origin Sea with a finger, they must have another way to kill a Sky Opening realm powerhouse.

Mo Qi continued, “One way is to descend outside the other party’s Origin Sea through the Sea of Stars and penetrate it from the periphery. Of course, this method is even more difficult than breaking into their Origin Seas. This is because even if two Sky Opening powerhouses are close to each other, it’s difficult for them to cross the Sea of Stars directly. At least, it’s difficult for anyone in the Sky Opening realm to do this.”

Han Fei asked, “What about the other one?”

Mo Qi said, “The other is simple. Most people in the Sky Opening realm don’t know before they turn their Origin Seas into a star that a wisp of origin mark will be born in the deepest part of their soul when their Origin Seas form. Everyone has it. You can go back and find it. Because the mark is hidden too deeply, even they themselves can’t find it. Therefore, if you find that mark and shatter it, his Great Dao will basically collapse.”

Han Fei couldn’t help being shocked. “So simple?”

Mo Qi tilted her head and looked at Han Fei. “You think it’s simple? You haven’t even found your own origin mark. How is it simple?”

Han Fei asked, “What about after I turn my Origin Sea into a star?”