Chapter 2162: Wait for Your Performance

Han Fei had always felt that it was f*cking difficult for a Sky Opener to beat a Sky Opener.

If it weren’t for the Vast Ocean Navigator, he wouldn’t have been able to break into the other party’s Origin Sea. Without the Demon Purification Pot, even if he broke into the other party’s Origin Sea, the power that the other party had accumulated for tens of thousands of years could crush him easily. How could he break through their Origin Seas?

It was already so troublesome for him to kill a Sky Opening realm cultivator, let alone others. Because of the restrictions of the Vast Ocean Navigator, theoretically speaking, he could kill at most three Sky Opening realm cultivators a day.

Although this number was definitely a lot, and the interval was only one day, it was not good to have an upper limit. For example, in the battle a few days ago, when the times of the Vast Ocean Navigator were used up, he could only enter the enemy’s Origin Sea through other means.

For those who didn’t have the Vast Ocean Navigator or the Demon Purification Pot, what could they do? For example, Ma Qiankun and Wu Qinghua were in this state. Although they said that they were attacking the City of Scavengers, in fact, they couldn’t even kill a single Sky Opening realm cultivator.

Mo Qi said, “After you turn your Origin Sea into a star, a Star Bead will be born in your brain. When the Star Bead is broken, your Origin Sea will collapse and your Great Dao will collapse. And then if your body is destroyed and your soul is slaughtered, you’re a dead meat.”

Han Fei couldn’t help frowning. “An obvious Star Bead will appear after the Origin Sea is turned into a star. Doesn’t it mean that the stronger one is, the easier he is to be killed?”

Mo Qi sneered. “That’s Star Bead! That thing can instantly mobilize the infinite power in the Origin Sea. With that thing, it’ll be harder for you to die. Assuming that the normal combat power can be 100, but with the Star Bead, you can erupt with the strength of 1,000 at most, do you think you can break it easily?”

Han Fei opened his mouth. “Infinite outburst? How can I kill my enemy?”

Mo Qi said leisurely, “It can’t be said to be an infinite outburst. It depends on the reserve power in your Origin Sea first. If the power erupted through the Star Bead is too much, it will affect the strength of the Origin Sea. It’s equivalent to releasing your foundation. Then wouldn’t it be a waste of your efforts to cultivate? Therefore, under normal circumstances, even powerhouses who have transformed their Origin Seas into stars won’t choose to frequently erupt with combat power through the Star Beads. If this goes on, they won’t be able to prove their Dao at all.”

Han Fei finally understood that the Star Bead could actually allow Sky Openers to easily release their power. However, it existed for the purpose of Dao Proving, so it was equivalent to a life-saving function.

Han Fei asked, “Then is there any skill or divine technique to find the origin mark?”

Mo Qi: “…”

Mo Qi looked at Han Fei as if looking at a fool. “If there is such a thing, how easy would it be for a Sky Opening realm cultivator to die? If the strong master this technique, how can the weak survive? The Heavenly Dao has its own rules. It wasn’t easy for one to cultivate to the Sky Opening realm. When you are in danger, the Heavenly Dao will also give you a way to resist danger.”

Han Fei’s face turned green. “That’s it? You charged me 50 million?”

Mo Qi quickly put away the energy crystals. “Isn’t that enough? If you think about it yourself, you won’t be able to figure it out no matter how hard you think. Besides, you asked this question yourself, not me.”

The corner of Han Fei’s mouth twitched. “No, you should give me two more pieces of information. You can charge others a high price, but we’re allies. This price is too expensive for me. 50 million energy crystals. Don’t you know that my city has cut taxes by 20%?”

Mo Qi shrugged. “Okay! Then I’ll answer you another question and give you some information. What do you want to know?”

Han Fei asked without thinking, “When should I turn my Origin Sea into a star?”

Anyway, it would be a waste if Han Fei didn’t ask. He still knew too little about the Sky Opening realm. Although his combat power was very strong, if he didn’t know enough about this realm, it would definitely become a burden in the future.

Mo Qi said, “There’s no final verdict on when to turn your Origin Sea into a star. One thing I can tell you is that the size of your star is not the only factor in strength. Some people pursue quality instead of size. Although their Origin Sea is small, it has been refined to the extreme. Most people pursue the size, so their overall combat power will be large, but the resources consumed will be an astronomical figure. And after turning their Origin Seas into stars, they are still far from proving their Dao. Therefore, for many people, when they feel that it’s about time, they can turn their Origin Seas into stars. After all, those who have turned their Origin Seas into stars are usually stronger than those who haven’t.”

Hearing that there was no answer to this question, Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t there some examples? For example, when do gods usually turn their Origin Seas into stars?”

This time, it was Mo Qi’s turn to be speechless. “Do you think I know?”

Han Fei asked, “Don’t you have the Great Prophecy Technique?”

Mo Qi rolled up her sleeves on the spot. “I have an urge to hit someone now.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei said, “Fine, forget it! Then how large was your Origin Sea when you turned your Origin Sea into a star?”

Mo Qi tilted her head. “Do you think I can tell you that? But I can tell you that Zhao Honghuang began to turn his Origin Sea into a star when his Origin Sea was about 400,000 kilometers long.”


Han Fei couldn’t have felt worse. 400,000 kilometers? But now his Origin Sea was less than 200,000 kilometers long. Besides, with the size of his current Origin Sea, every 10,000 kilometers he expanded required an astronomical amount of Immortal Qi and energy resources.

He Daoyuan and the others had cultivated for tens of thousands of years, but their Origin Seas were only slightly more than 200,000 kilometers long. The real gap in resource consumption was not small at all.

And the process of turning the Origin Sea into a star also required an astronomical amount of resources.

With this in mind, Han Fei immediately gave up. His Origin Sea was only less than 200,000 kilometers long. What was the rush?

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “What information do you have for me?”

Mo Qi said, “I guess you don’t know the casualties of the two parties in this battle and the strength of the people in the major cities.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. “Why should I know that? But just tell me!”

Mo Qi said angrily, “Don’t you know that intelligence is to start from the smallest details and find a chance that others can’t see?”

Han Fei asked, “Tell me about it.”

Mo Qi said, “In the City of Scavengers, 13 people in the Sky Opening realm have died, including Zhang Wei and the others. A total of 591 Sea Establishers have died. I’ve prepared a list about how many people from which city have died. Because of this, in the short term, the City of Scavengers will have to send at least 13 emperors to garrison the cities. I’ve already made a list of their time of action for you…”

Han Fei looked at the jade slip Mo Qi pushed over and was lost for words. F*ck, you are literally asking me to kill and rob them. Is this really appropriate?

It seemed that this girl was really angry at the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch. She told Han Fei all the information about the appointment of the Ten Thousand Scale Race so quickly. As for how many Han Fei could kill, it was up to Han Fei.

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. “I can only kill one or two at most, but thank you for the information.”

Mo Qi seemed to be shocked. “You can kill one or two of them with such accurate information?”

Han Fei was equally shocked. “Wait, do you think I’m the Master of Silence? I can kill as many as I want?”

However, when Han Fei said this, his heart suddenly stirred. It didn’t seem impossible. Since he could fish Gu Tingnan once, he could fish him a second time. It wasn’t easy for him to kill so many Sky Openers, but Gu Tingnan could!

No, that was not right. Now the battle was already over. Gu Tingnan just wanted to warn the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch. If Gu Tingnan attacked again and the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch found out, the consequences would be bad.

If not Gu Tingnan, then who could he catch?

Han Fei reached out and put away the jade slip. In any case, this was a good thing. Since when did he even look down on a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse?

Han Fei asked, “Okay, anything else? If not, I’m leaving.”

Han Fei thought to himself, I still have to go back to cultivate in seclusion. My strength isn’t in the peak state. It doesn’t feel good to be weak.

However, Mo Qi said, “I’m just curious. How did you trick a Monarch? You actually went to the Holy Land and came back safely.”

Han Fei was lost for words. “Do you think I can tell you such a secret?”

Mo Qi said, “We can exchange!”

Han Fei said, “No, no one can learn my natal talent.”

Mo Qi said, “What a pity. Since your disguise can even trick the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch, when are you going to take me away?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but look at Mo Qi sideways. “Well, we’ve only been allies for a few days. My plan on the City of Scavengers hasn’t been launched yet. You’ve been waiting for tens of thousands of years. Can’t you wait for another thousands of years? Besides, Ten Thousand Scale Monarch has persecuted you to this point. Are you willing to just leave like this? Don’t you want to destroy the City of Scavengers…”

“Hiss ~”

Mo Qi was dumbfounded. “Are you going to f*ck up a Monarch?”

“Bah! Be more civilized. What do you mean I want to f*ck up an emperor? Why do I have to fight him myself? Besides, it’s hard to say what will happen in the future. Perhaps I can’t do anything to him for the time being. But when I leave, I’ll take you away.”

Mo Qi sighed. “Okay, ally. Remember not to lie to me. Otherwise, I can easily trace back time to trace back everything about you…”

Han Fei smiled. “Don’t worry. I, Han Fei, never go back on my word.”

“Huh? So your name is Han Fei! Hehe… Then I’ll wait for your performance.”