Chapter 2163: Your Companion Spirit Tastes Good

Three days later.

A team of eight kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race hurried past.

The major cities could lack Sky Openers, but not Sea Establishers.

The lords only made some arrangements on major matters. However, they would never sacrifice too much time for a city. At most, they would be more active when the tide waves came.

Therefore, most things were carried out by the kings. Basically, for hundreds of years, the kings were in charge of the affairs in the city.

Therefore, the Sky Opening Realm powerhouses who were chosen and arranged to be lords of the ownerless cities didn’t set off in a hurry. But the kings were different.

In this battle, so many kings had died, and all the major cities needed to replenish kings.

Therefore, the kings would leave first. The kings selected from the law enforcement camp would leave the City of Scavengers one after another from today on.

In this team, someone said, “Is it really okay for us to go there like this? Although the battle has subsided, who knows if those wanderer lunatics have left anyone behind?”

Someone said, “Otherwise, do you want to disobey the order? Don’t worry. This battle is over. If anyone dares to stay, I’m afraid he will be doomed if he is caught by the powerhouses of our Ten Thousand Scale Race.”

Someone smiled and said, “Don’t think too much. It’s better to go to the city. The danger in the city is much lower than in the law enforcement camp. Besides, in the city, the emperor basically won’t care about the affairs of the city, so it’s actually we who dominate the city. After so many years, we’ve finally made it.”

Someone sighed. “But we’ve also lost the chance to explore the primitive graveyards or even participate in various trials. It’s probably not easy for us to improve our strength, right?”

Someone sneered. “Do you really think there’s anything good in the primitive graveyards? I think it’s better to dig for resources in the scavenger sea area. There will always be resources. At least, it’s safe!”

They chatted as they flew.

Suddenly, someone felt that something was wrong.

He said, “Do you feel that we’ve been here before?”


Suddenly, a terrifying suppressing pressure descended, and their minds seemed to be impacted by an invisible mental power, instantly falling into chaos.

In the blink of an eye, they were forcibly taken to an unknown place.

In Han Fei’s Origin Sea, the eight powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Scale Race looked at Han Fei in shock. They found that their bodies couldn’t move at all, they couldn’t even mobilize their bloodlines, and their souls were forcibly suppressed by Dao runes. They didn’t even have a chance to attack.

“An emperor?”

They were shocked, and someone shouted, “Wanderer Emperor, the battle is over. Do you want the City of Wanderers and the City of Scavengers to start a war again?”

Someone hurriedly said, “We are from the Law Enforcement Camp of the City of Scavengers. If you kill us, the commander of the Law Enforcement Camp will definitely find out. Master Zhao Honghuang might notice it. At that time, you will be doomed.”

Han Fei smiled. “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. Hehehe… You are all good seedlings.”

A moment later.

In Han Fei’s Origin Sea, there were eight more Living Dead Puppets.

Han Fei said, “When you go to the city, do what you should do. If I don’t summon you, just go about your business.”

The eight of them said in unison, “Yes, Master.”

“OK, go!”

Perhaps it took some time in his Origin Sea, but it only took a very short time in the outside world.

These kings were refined into puppets and allowed to go.

Anyway, Han Fei felt that he had a lot of ownerless souls. It only cost him a few hundred points to refine a Sea Establisher. Even if some of these Sea Establishers were stronger, it would only cost him two or three hundred points of soul power more.

Five days passed.

Han Fei had already caught 42 waves of Sea Establishers, controlling a total of 218 Sea Establishers.

Because the major cities in the City of Scavengers were not in the same direction, Han Fei could only hunt within a certain range. If the kings were too far away or in the other direction of the city, he didn’t do anything to them.

Five days later, the first Sky Opening Realm powerhouse left the City of Scavengers.

This person was the new lord of Li City, the No.86 Farm, whose lord used to be Zhang Li. His name was Ding Yi.

If Han Fei guessed right, this person would take at least 15 Sea Establishers with him.

If Han Fei’s method for the Sea Establishers was to refine them into puppets, then his methods for the Sky Openers were more than that.

If he wanted to instantly break through a Sky Opener, suppress his soul, seriously injure him, and refine his soul, he couldn’t with his current strength. It was with the help of the other emperors that he managed to kill Xue Fei back then.

But now, although Han Fei had the ability to defeat or even kill this person, he couldn’t control him quietly.

Therefore, since he couldn’t refine this guy into a Living Dead Puppet, this person could only be killed.

Of course, even if it was a dead person, Han Fei had to make the best use of it.

Ding Yi’s speed was naturally not something ordinary kings could compare to. At this moment, he was quite excited. This time, among the cities that needed new lords, Li City’s ranking was not bad. He bribed a lot of people to get the chance to take office in Li City.

Ding Yi, who was rushing, suddenly felt that something was wrong. Suddenly, he felt that something was wrong with his Companion Spirit.

To be precise, so far, only humans could have spiritual beasts. But the other races mostly had Companion Spirits. Han Fei didn’t know what special significance this had.

But the two were similar. The Ten Thousand Scale Race also had Companion Spirits, and what Han Fei needed to do was to eat their Companion Spirits all.

Little Black and Little White’s growth was much slower than that of the Emperor Sparrow. If it weren’t for his intentional nurturing, Little Black and Little White’s growth would have been even slower than now.

And the growth of the Emperor Sparrow had temporarily stopped. He had reached the threshold of opening the sky, but now he couldn’t make any progress.

Of course, the Emperor Sparrow’s growth speed was already extremely shocking. He rarely came out, but occasionally came out to fight and experience tribulations. Han Fei didn’t know why he could grow so fast.

When Han Fei appeared in the Soul Sea again, he found that the quality of the primitive spiritual beasts here had clearly changed.

The primitive spiritual beasts in the Sea Realm were of a greater variety and higher quality.

Han Fei saw a flood dragon rampaging, an angel-like Spirit Fish, and a Dragon Turtle with mysterious carvings on its back.

Seeing Han Fei come in, the Emperor Sparrow asked, “Did you come in to hunt again?”

Han Fei said, “I want to hunt an emperor’s Companion Spirit.”

The Emperor Sparrow had no feelings for emperors. He said, “If you have time, find me a place full of primitive murderous aura in this world. I need to cultivate and break through to the Sky Opening realm.”

Han Fei asked, “Can you break through to the Sky Opening Realm now?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “I’m the Emperor Sparrow. It’s inevitable for me to become an Emperor. However, I even need to start constructing my Origin Sea and turning it into a star.”

Han Fei was surprised. “I never asked. Hasn’t your Origin Sea been established long ago?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “Although it has been established, I’ve always been in your Soul Sea and the Origin Sea. How can I have the chance to collect resources and cast the Origin Sea? Therefore, after this, you’d better get your contractual spiritual beasts and little black fish and little white fish out. It’s time for them to transform into humans. Except for Little Black and Little White, they need to undergo their own training. However, you need to provide the resources Little Black, Little White and I need.”

Just as Han Fei was about to respond to the Emperor Sparrow, he suddenly saw a seahorse flying over.

“A seahorse?”

Han Fei thought to himself, Seahorse Companion Spirits are quite rare.

Han Fei said, “Emperor Sparrow, it’s this guy. Stop him.”

The Emperor Sparrow took a look. “A Companion Spirit at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm?”

Red light flashed in the Emperor Sparrow’s eyes, and the seahorse that was flying over was suddenly confused as if it was entangled by something.

Han Fei, who was possessing Little Black, bit him crazily.

While the seahorse was still in a frenzy, it was the best time to kill him. At this moment, even his master couldn’t summon him out.

The master and his Companion Spirit had the ability to communicate telepathically, but now that the seahorse had lost his mind, even if Ding Yi discovered it immediately, he couldn’t be saved.

“Munch! Munch!”

In the outside world.

Ding Yi shouted, “Come out… Fuse!”

Seeing that his Companion Spirit was not listening to him, Ding Yi was shocked and tried to enter the Soul Sea himself. However, just as he felt that he could enter, he suddenly felt that he could summon his Companion Spirit again.

However, after he summoned, what came out was a level-one pony.

At that time, Ding Yi couldn’t have felt worse. Was someone plotting against him?

The Sea Realm was different from the Raging Sea, so Ding Yi knew what was going on. His Companion Spirit had been killed.

Companion Spirits were different from cultivators. They lived in the Soul Sea. The only possibility Ding Yi could think of was that there were strong masters nearby.

Sure enough, when Ding Yi was vigilant, a human youth walked out of the void not far away.

The young man grinned. “Your Companion Spirit tastes good.”