Chapter 2165: You Can Call Me Human Emperor

Two days later.

Han Fei returned to Mountain City. He didn’t kill the other Sky Opening powerhouses at all, at least not now.

The Sky Opening Realm powerhouses in the City of Scavengers were not stupid. Knowing that Ding Yi had been killed, they would either travel together or set up a trap.

As for what they wanted to do, Han Fei didn’t care. He just needed to leave a seed of suspicion in the heart of the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch.

Next time, if the City of Origin wanted to cooperate with the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch again, the latter would have to consider carefully.


In Mountain City, everyone was in a panic. The battle had just erupted, and God knew what else was going to happen. The lord was not around, and almost all the Sea Establishers had been killed. The only king left had become the dependence of most people.

Therefore, the impression of the human race in Mountain City of Hong Yue was getting better and better.

On this day, Hong Yue was patrolling the human areas, asking questions and looking around.

Many human Venerables were wondering if they should go out to hunt.

Someone said, “Master Hong Yue, I heard that the villages are safer. No one fought their way over. Can we secretly return to the village to take refuge?”

Hong Yue said, “Don’t think too much. If you all secretly run away, do you know how serious the consequences will be when the lord returns?”

Someone sighed. “But we don’t dare to go out at all now! I heard that people have come to our Mountain City. It’s said that they’re from other cities.”

Hong Yue said, “Don’t worry. The war of the strong will only involve the strong. If it really involves you, Mountain City would have been gone long ago. Just do what you need to do now. You can hunt in a small area nearby. If you’re really worried, wait a few more days. If nothing goes wrong, the lord will return soon.”

At this moment, a voice sounded in Hong Yue’s heart. “Come see me.”

Hong Yue’s heart stirred as he comforted everyone. “Alright, don’t panic. In my opinion, this war should have ended.”

After comforting some human cultivators and getting to know most of them, Hong Yue hurried to the Lord’s Mansion.

At this moment, there were almost no Sea Establishers in the city. Only Hong Yue was a Sea Establisher. No one knew where he was going or what he was going to do.

In the Lord’s Mansion.

Seeing that Han Fei had returned, Hong Yue hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Master Human Emperor.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “Open your mind and follow me to Xue Fei’s Origin Sea.”

In Han Fei’s Origin Sea, the kings who came in were all limited to specific areas.

At this moment, the five female human cultivators of the human race were restricted in the same area with the 15 kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race.

When they saw the human female cultivator, these kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race understood. In the past few days, this woman was often mocked.

At this moment, a king of the Ten Thousand Scale Race said, “It’s been more than ten days, right? We’ll probably reach Mountain City soon. Brothers, this will be another starting point for us. Work hard!”

Someone smiled and said, “I heard that the lord is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. Now that there is a shortage of strong masters in Mountain City, I wonder what position we will be given.”

Everyone looked at each other and smiled. Of course, they were willing to be tax envoys. It was said that tax envoys were very profitable, much more than guarding the city.

“Hey! What do you think will happen to these five human female cultivators?”

“Hahaha! Do you have to ask? If they can serve the lord well, it’ll be fine. If not, hehe… their path will come to an end.”

Someone looked at Yingyue and the others, and the person said, “Yingyue, this is what you get for overestimating yourselves. Different lords have different preferences. I advise you to think about how to please the lord.”


The kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race all laughed.

On the other side, the five female cultivators led by Yingyue looked extremely angry. Yingyue spat, “Do you think the lord will be as dirty as you?”

Immediately, the Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouses’ faces changed slightly.

Someone shouted, “Yingyue, how dare you? Have you forgotten where you are now? This is the Lord’s Origin Sea. How dare you insult the lord?”

Chu Lingyu said, “We didn’t. You slandered us.”

“Humph! Slander you? Who doesn’t know you humans? You are clearly very weak, but you still keep your pride. Why are you so arrogant? Since you are a subordinate race of our Ten Thousand Scale Race, you have to give up your dignity. We are your masters.”

Jiang Yue, who was the youngest, couldn’t help but spit. “In the world of cultivation, strength is everything. The lord is strong because he is the lord. But how do you deserve to be our masters?”

“Jiang Yue.”

Her sister immediately pulled Jiang Yue over. “Don’t argue with them. We just need to make ourselves stronger than them.”

“Hahaha! Stronger than us?”

Many Ten Thousand Scale Race kings looked at each other and laughed. “With your resources? You’ve left the main city. Where can you exchange for resources in the future?”

This person’s words made Wen Ruqing and the others sad. They were not afraid of enduring torture, but without resources, how could they become stronger? Could they only rely on serving Xue Fei and obtaining those small rewards to cultivate?

Just as the female cultivators’ expressions dimmed, two figures suddenly appeared in the Origin Sea.

Everyone was surprised. Why didn’t Xue Fei just let them out but enter the Origin Sea? And why were there two of them?

However, when they saw the two of them clearly, they were even more surprised. Why were they two humans? Were they captured by Master Xue Fei?

A king of the Ten Thousand Scale Race said, “Did you two go to Mountain City to guard it, or were you caught here halfway?”

Han Fei looked at the man as if he were dead. “Me? Hehe, I’m here to send you to hell.”

“How dare you! How dare you be so arrogant in the Lord’s Origin Sea?”

“Xue Fei? This trash has such a high status in your hearts?”


Instantly, the kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race were dumbfounded. Are you kidding me? This guy insulted our lord in his Origin Sea?

On the other side, Yingyue and the others were shocked. Yingyue said, “Shut up.”

However, Han Fei and Hong Yue ignored them.

Han Fei looked at Hong Yue and said, “These people are not weak. The weakest one has established an Origin Sea of more than 50,000 kilometers.”

Hong Yue couldn’t help licking the corner of his mouth. “Hehe, the stronger the better. This kind of puppet is stronger. My lord, are these all mine?”

Han Fei nodded. “I don’t have time to manage the city for the time being. These people will be at your disposal in the future.”

Looking at Han Fei who was obviously very strong and the excited Hong Yue, these Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouses suddenly had a bad feeling.

Next door, Yingyue and the others were also stunned. What was going on with these two people? Did they still dare to be so unscrupulous in the Lord’s Origin Sea? Also, they seemed to have distributed the kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race like items?

Then, Hong Yue was overjoyed and bowed to Han Fei. “Thank you for your reward, Master Human Emperor.”

“Master Human Emperor?”

Before they could react, they felt the infinite power of the entire Origin Sea pressing down. These Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouses were instantly pressed to the ground, their blood freezing, unable to move.

With a thought from Hong Yue, a puppet sat on his shoulder. As the puppet clasped his fingers, a king of the Ten Thousand Scale Race was controlled to stand up.

Then, the puppet flew to the king of the Ten Thousand Scale Race, and its fingers seemed to be able to penetrate the soul, grabbing the man’s soul out. At this time, Han Fei saw countless fine threads being attached to the man’s soul fire, and a soul belonging to Hong Yue was slowly injected into it.

Han Fei watched with interest. Hong Yue’s method of operation was very different from his. And Hong Yue’s Thousand Puppet was a control-type spiritual beast. He just didn’t know how effective it would be after the puppet was controlled.

Under the shocked and stunned gaze of Yingyue and the others, a moment later, the king of the Ten Thousand Scale Race said to Hong Yue as if nothing had happened, “Greetings, Master.”


At this moment, Yingyue and the others were dumbfounded. Who were these two people? How did they do it?

At this moment, Han Fei ignored Hong Yue who was refining corpses and controlling souls. Instead, he walked casually towards Yingyue and the others with his hands behind his back.

Seeing Chu Lingyu and the others dodging, Han Fei couldn’t help but laugh. “Why, are you used to being oppressed by the Ten Thousand Scale Race? How can you be so scared of your fellow human beings?”

Yingyue looked at Hong Yue who was casting a strange technique, and then at Han Fei. She couldn’t help taking a breath and asking, “Who are you?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Didn’t you hear it?”

Seeing that Yingyue and the others were still looking at him warily, Han Fei shook his head. “My name is Han Fei, the emperor of the human race. You can call me Human Emperor.”