Chapter 2167: Which Brave Warrior Is This?

Three years later.

A big dog was galloping in the sea, and a person was riding on the dog’s back. This person was holding a spear, wearing a golden ring and a red ribbon around his neck.

Behind him, tens of thousands of maple conchs that emitted an ominous aura chased after him.

On the other side, a large number of Flying StarFish charged at him.


When the two groups of ominous creatures collided, in the torrent of collisions, a spear tip could be seen swimming among the fish and conchs. Every time there was a soft crack, an ominous creature died.

Although it was the safest way to purify the ominous creatures with the Clean Stone, it didn’t mean that they couldn’t be killed in other ways. However, even if they died, there would be an ominous aura left, so no one was willing to take the risk to fight the ominous creatures.

However, Han Fei’s Nezha body was an avatar that had entered the Sea Establishment Realm. Since this avatar was created, he had been fighting until Han Fei found the Nine Palace World. Even if the Nezha avatar stayed in the Nine Palace World, he had been fighting in trials.

With this avatar, Han Fei had naturally built the image as a battle maniac.

Han Fei’s body was like a fish dragon in the sea of ominous creatures. No ominous aura could touch him.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

In the fish tide and conch tide, cracking sounds were heard like beans exploding. In just half an hour, without the purification of the Clean Stone, there was only one living creature left.

Han Fei extended his hand and absorbed the energy crystals floating in the sea. Seeing that a large amount of ominous energy was swallowed by the last maple conch, its strength soared to the Sea Establishment Realm.

Han Fei, who was already prepared, instantly raised his fiery spear, leaving a fiery mark in the seawater, and the big conch instantly exploded.

Brandishing the fiery spear, Han Fei put the spearhead on his shoulder and patted the Licking Dog under him. “Licking Dog, I heard that the City of Wanderers and the City of Scavengers have designated a group of primitive graveyards as the front line battlefield. Let’s go and take a look.”

The Licking Dog said, “Master, that’s a battlefield! There must be many strong masters, even including Sky Openers. What if they don’t want us when we take the initiative to go there?”

Han Fei said, “Don’t forget, we are wanderers, itinerant cultivators, and travelers from the Sky Hole World. As long as we can fight, how can the City of Wanderers not want us?”

The City of Wanderers and the City of Scavengers bordered, and the two parties were separated by a group of primitive graveyards. As for the City of Origin, there were actually a large number of strong masters stationed here. The three parties stipulated that the group of primitive graveyards would be turned into a trial field, and no one would be held liable if anyone died in the battles that happened here.

In short, the three major forces in the Chaotic Wasteland had always been competitors, or enemies.

At this moment, on the battlefield, a team of seven Wanderers was being besieged by the Ten Thousand Scale Race.

On the Ten Thousand Scale Race’s side, there were as many as 14 Sea Establishers, twice more than the Wanderers.

At this moment, on the Wanderers’ side, a human wanderer shouted, “No, we’ve been tricked this time. That primitive graveyard is simply a trap. No matter what, we have to find a way to rush out and spread the news to the rear.”

One of them turned into a green snake and shouted in a low voice, “Who will cover my retreat? These people clearly planned it. Sun Youcai, you are the fastest. Only you can run out of here. Leave quickly.”

The one called Sun Youcai was a human powerhouse, but his expression was extremely ugly at this moment. “How can I live alone?”

Someone shouted, “Then are you going to die with us? Don’t waste time!”

Swish ~

Three white lights flashed in an instant. It was three speed-type powerhouses from the Ten Thousand Scale Race who were charging at Sun Youcai.

“You want to escape? Three of you have already died. You failed to escape just now. How can I let you escape now?”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One of them stopped Sun Youcai, and the other took out a black pearl and squeezed it. In an instant, the surrounding void was sealed. The big snake among the people from the City of Wanderers attacked the air with its tail, and a jade pearl shining with white light spewed out of its mouth.

Someone shouted, “Brother Jun, that’s your life core.”

The green snake shouted, “I’m going to be used. What’s the use of this pill?”

Rumble! Rumble!

A huge piercing force swept tens of thousands of kilometers around. However, the sealed void was only slightly damaged before it instantly condensed again.

A Ten Thousand Scale Race member smiled and said, “This is the Void Poison of the Sky Opening Realm. How can you, a king, break it so easily?”


As he spoke, the green snake was cut in half by a single slash. The others didn’t have the time to save him because their speed was slowed down. They were instantly attacked by a group of Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouses and were all seriously injured.

Sun Youcai ignited his blood but was still about to be killed by the three kings. Suddenly, a golden cover that was ablaze suddenly descended. The three Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouses were caught off guard and were trapped into the golden cover.


Nine azure dragons raised their heads and spewed out terrifying flames with infinite killing intent. They heavily injured the three of them with one blow. At the same time, a strange power in the flames seemed to be able to burn their souls.

The bodies of the three kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race cracked under the terrifying heat.


While everyone was shocked that someone had helped them, they saw a figure holding a fiery spear and wearing a red ribbon a hundred feet long, stepping on the huge light cover that turned from gold to red.

Sound waves vibrated in the cover, and the bodies of the three Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouses exploded.

“How dare you! Who dares to ruin our plan?”

Seeing that Sun Youcai was saved by a human, a powerhouse of the Ten Thousand Scale Race immediately took out a Soul Devouring Awl.

Han Fei sneered and thrust his spear at the Soul Devouring Awl, which exploded on the spot. The person who attacked suddenly felt his body tighten and was bound by a golden circle.

“My name is Nezha, a traveler walking in the darkness. It’s your honor to die at my hands.”

Under Han Fei’s feet, the Nine Dragon Divine Fire Cover was retracted. With consecutive bangs, the weather changed, and the three people who were enveloped died at the same time.

The person who was trapped by Han Fei tried to break free from the Universe Ring, but he found that part of his power was locked by this thing. When he wanted to call for help, Han Fei said leisurely, “Sword Opening the Heavenly Gate.”

“Puff ~”

All the kings saw a flash of light and this person exploded.

Han Fei stepped out and pointed at the void, and this person died again.

It had only been less than two seconds since Han Fei appeared and the four kings died.

The Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouses were all shocked. Where did this f*cking powerhouse come from? He was only in the Sea Establishment Realm, but how could he be so strong?

One of them shouted, “Retreat!”

There were originally fourteen of them, but in the blink of an eye, there were only ten of them. And on the side of the City of Wanderers, there was suddenly a strong master like Han Fei, instantly reversing the balance of this battle.

However, just as they were about to retreat, the red silk on Han Fei’s neck floated up. In the next moment, the red silk covered ten thousand kilometers, directly sealing this place.

Han Fei said leisurely, “Death will be your only destination. When the red silk falls, you will no longer feel pain.”

Sun Youcai and the others saw Han Fei stepping in the air as if he were taking a stroll. With elegant steps, his spear ignored the void, the barrier, and even the distance. As soon as the spear was extended, the tip of the spear had already shattered a person.


Sun Youcai and the others were all shocked. “So strong.”

The remaining powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Scale Race roared and their blood and Qi erupted. The scales on their bodies glittered, and it was obvious that they were using a secret technique.

However, Han Fei chuckled and his body began to change. Two more heads popped up, and two more pairs of arms grew out of his body.

Han Fei held the spear with two hands, held the Universe Ring with one hand, held the sword with one, and held the Chaotic Heavenly Silk with two remaining hands. Then he entered the battlefield alone.

The green snake roared, “Thank you for your help, Fellow Daoist. Brothers, kill!”

Han Fei turned the situation around alone. When everyone came back to their senses, Han Fei had already killed six kings in a row. They felt as if they were fighting with a Sky Opening realm powerhouse side by side.

A moment later.

On this battlefield, some strong masters looked at this side. The main reason was that the noise here was too loud. Even on the front line battlefield, there was no reason for so many kings to die at once.

Therefore, the strong masters of the City of Wanderers and the City of Scavengers all looked here.

Soon, they saw a cold young man with three heads and six arms erupt alone, completely outshining the seven kings of the City of Wanderers.

At this moment, Han Fei killed two more kings alone.

A Sky Opening Realm powerhouse from the City of Wanderers was shocked. “Which brave warrior is this? I don’t know anything about him?”