Chapter 2170: World Origin

Without his original body, no matter how strong Han Fei was, he was only at the peak of the Sea Establishment Realm.

Besides, this peak was discounted. Others thought that Han Fei had reached the limit of the Sea Establishment Realm, but in fact, only he knew that it was just because Nezha had a good foundation, and he was actually still far away from the limit of the Sea Establishment Realm.

Seeing that something happened to his teammates, Han Fei thrust out his spear, and a spear beam shattered the gauze mist.

However, when a large area of sand mist was pierced through, the person’s flesh and blood were already blurred and a massive amount of white sand surged up from under him. Han Fei’s Chaotic Sky Silk broke out of the void and turned into a blade, sweeping across the surroundings and finally picking up the person.

“Thank you for saving my life, Captain.”


Han Fei shouted, “Everyone, follow me.”

At this moment, he certainly couldn’t run outward. Han Fei took out the Vast Ocean Navigator and said in his heart, “The weakness of the Devouring Worm.”

The Universe Ring turned into countless wheels and attacked crazily. The Chaotic Qi in Han Fei’s body was consumed a lot. These things couldn’t be shattered easily. In fact, they were very powerful.

Sun Youcai said, “Captain, don’t worry about us. It’s said that when this Devouring Worm swallows the origin of the world, it can borrow the power of the origin of the world, so we are equivalent to being enemies with this world.”

Han Fei snorted. “I’ve never seen such a weak world. It’s already a graveyard. Even if it recovers a trace of vitality, what can it do to me? Follow me…”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

They rushed forward with Han Fei. Along the way, the eight of them attacked continuously. After running for about a million kilometers, except for Han Fei, everyone had basically used up their Chaotic Qi.

Jun Xing said, “Captain, I’m exhausted. Don’t worry about us. Think of a way to escape.”

Someone shouted, “Captain, you won’t leave unless we jump into the sand sea?”

At this moment, Han Fei perceived that there was a sandstorm in all directions.

At this moment, the Vast Ocean Navigator had been used once. There were still two times left. He had to make good use of them.

Although he had the jade slip of his original body to protect him, he didn’t want to use it unless he had to. He was out to gain experience, not to ask his original body for help.


A golden light cover descended, and the Nine Dragon Divine Fire Cover protected Sun Youcai and the others in.

Han Fei said indifferently, “It’s just a demonic plant. No matter how big you are, you’re just a small tool. Licking Dog, come out…”


Han Fei pulled the Licking Dog out and rode on it. “Doggie, this white sand has the ability to devour flesh and soul. If you don’t want to die, show me your ability to devour everything.”

The Licking Dog couldn’t have felt worse. “Master, how can I eat so much sand? Should I use the Heavenly Shield Technique to help you leave?”

Han Fei said, “We can’t leave. If I’ve guessed right, the surrounding hundreds of thousands of kilometers have been enveloped by this white gauze. We’ve fallen into a trap. If you can’t use your devouring power today and hold on until I find this creature’s weakness, your master, I, will have to die with you.”


The Licking Dog exclaimed, “Master, don’t scare me. Also, you said that this sand is a creature? What realm is it in?”

Han Fei sneered. “It’s just a pile of loose sand. How can it have a realm? It’s just some weak borrowed power. Hurry up, don’t dawdle. Otherwise, when you die, I’ll call my original body’s projection to save me.”

“Woof ~”

The Licking Dog was timid and gluttonous, but this was the first time he was forced to eat sand. Han Fei forced him to rush into the white sand.


The Chaotic Sky Silk rolled into a cone and blasted away the sandstorm with a bang, clearing a way for him. The Licking Dog had to open his mouth wide.

This kind of swallowing was similar to Le Renkuang’s swallowing, but the Licking Dog’s swallowing power could cover an area. However, the Licking Dog didn’t seem to want to swallow too much of this sand, so the area he covered wasn’t large, only about ten meters.

“Master, this sand is too sharp and has seriously reduced my swallowing speed. My speed is more than ten times slower. Can you kill this thing quickly?”

“Shut up. You talk too much.”

In Han Fei’s hand, the Vast Ocean Navigator pointed in a direction, and Han Fei said, “Dog, Sky Escape.”


At that moment, a light passed through the sandstorm, and the Licking Dog’s speed increased by about four times.

Han Fei sneered. No matter how fast the Devouring Worm was, it was impossible for it to set off a sandstorm spanning billions of kilometers in a short period of time. Since it wanted to mobilize all its power to kill them, there must be some weakness in the sandstorm.

Therefore, after only five seconds, the Vast Ocean Navigator reacted.


Han Fei jumped off the Licking Dog and combined the Yin-Yang Dual Swords. As he launched the Heavenly Door Knocking, the white gauze was quickly destroyed.

In the sandstorm, a fruit appeared. This fruit was the only green in the sandstorm. Han Fei slashed at it, and the roots connected to the fruit broke. The million-mile white sand seemed to be out of control and instantly shattered, falling from the sky.

“As expected, it’s just a pile of sand that borrowed some power. If it was really in the Sky Opening realm, I wouldn’t have been able to come here.”

Han Fei reached out and grabbed the fruit floating in the air. Unfortunately, there was no Demon Purification Pot, so he couldn’t see what it was. However, this fruit was transparent, like a light green glass ball, containing dense flowing gas.

Another moment later.

The Licking Dog’s eyes widened. “Master, can I eat it? This thing looks delicious.”

“F*ck off! I haven’t even eaten it. How can I let you eat it?”

Another moment later.

When Han Fei rode the Licking Dog back to the Nine Dragon Divine Fire Cover, Sun Youcai and the others couldn’t help but exclaim, “Captain, you’re… done? This is a Devouring Worm! Its combat power is in the Sky Opening Realm…”

The group of people swallowed crazily.

When the Nine Dragon Divine Fire Cover descended, they regretted letting their captain waste such a good Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure.

However, only a few seconds had passed, but the sandstorm spanning hundreds of thousands of kilometers had been penetrated?

Han Fei said indifferently, “There have never been any creatures in the Sky Opening realm here. The Devouring Worm just borrows the power of the origin of the world, and its main power is swallowing. It doesn’t have strong combat attributes. Otherwise, if it were a Sky Opening realm powerhouse, you wouldn’t be able to resist a random tentacle of it. This thing just looks scary.”

With that, Han Fei took out the fruit he had snatched without hesitation. Although he wasn’t sure if this thing was the origin of the world, it must be related to the origin of the world, because the entire sandstorm was supported by the power of this thing.

At this moment, everyone looked at the fruit Han Fei took out and exclaimed, “Is this the origin of the world?”

Han Fei asked, “I don’t know him. Do you know it?”

Sun Youcai said, “I’m not sure. Only Sky Opening Realm powerhouses are qualified to obtain such a high-level thing. We’ve never seen it before!”

Jun Xing said, “Captain, no matter what, this must be good stuff. With your current battle record, you can completely keep this thing and no one will have any objection. It’s true that we’re here to find treasures, but there’s obviously something wrong with this information. There is a dangerous creature like the Devouring Worm here, but the safety rating of this world is actually nine-star. The person who sent this information either made a mistake or deliberately sent this wrong information. Therefore, no matter what, Captain, you can keep this thing.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “Continue exploring. Since it’s good stuff, let’s see how many there are.”

With that, Han Fei was about to put this thing in his Origin Sea for temporary preservation. Any normal person would do that.

However, the moment Han Fei put the fruit into his Origin Sea.


Waves of air surged around Han Fei, and Sun Youcai and the others were sent flying.


Han Fei said with difficulty, “This thing can’t be put in the Origin Sea. Guard me.”

The land in Han Fei’s Origin Sea was strengthening at a visible speed. The entire Origin Sea was full of infinite vitality, a large number of spiritual plants were growing, and the Origin Sea could slowly produce Chaotic Qi on its own.

This feeling was like spring had come and everything was revived. The world in his Origin Sea was more like a real world.

Han Fei realized that this thing was more than ten times better than the Mystic Yellow Soil.

Although the Mystic Yellow Soil could consolidate the Origin Sea, it could only strengthen the land of the Origin Sea. However, the origin of the world could strengthen the Origin Sea in an all around way, making the resources in the Origin Sea better integrated with the Origin Sea.

To be honest, although the origin of the world didn’t boost his strength much, it made Han Fei feel that his potential suddenly soared.

One day later.

The origin of the world finally stopped acting. Han Fei sensed that his strength had increased by less than 5%. However, the improvement of his potential seemed to be unknown. He might not know it until he fought.

Besides, he felt that one fruit was not enough, because he didn’t feel the upper limit, which meant that this thing was completely within his capacity.

“No wonder, no wonder the people of the Sea Realm are desperate to explore the Origin Grounds. This is just a primitive graveyard that has just shown signs of recovery, but someone has already come to steal the origin of the world here. What if it’s a real Origin Ground?”

Han Fei thought to himself, The origin of the world in the Raging Sea can even give birth to a peak-level Sky Opening realm powerhouse. It can be imagined how many world origins it has and how strong they are?