Chapter 2172: Chosen Team


For countless times, Han Fei’s body was smashed to the bottom of the sea, causing a quake within tens of thousands of kilometers.

Finally, the power of this guy from the City of Origin seemed to decrease.

Han Fei smiled and said, “Continue. Let’s see if the people from the City of Origin or the City of Wanderers arrive first.”

As for the powerhouse from the City of Origin, he was also shocked and in disbelief. How could this person be so good at fighting? His strength level was indeed at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm, but his physique and means were too ridiculously strong.

From the beginning, Han Fei fought with a large number of treasures. In the end, Han Fei only used a spear and kept trying his limits.

Originally, because the Nezha avatar was refined from the original body of the Water Immortal, the original body of the Water Immortal hadn’t opened the sky yet, so his potential was relatively limited. Although the Water Immortal died early and might still have a lot of room for improvement, the avatar created with her original body was still a little lacking.

When the bloodline level and talent of Han Fei’s original body were improving by leaps and bounds, his Nezha avatar didn’t improve so much. He was growing like an ordinary king. Although he had the resources and cultivation techniques provided by the original body, he was only in the Sea Establishment Realm.

Therefore, in the battle with the powerhouse of the City of Origin who had the combat power of the Sky Opening realm, Nezha didn’t gain any advantage.

However, he knew that one world origin had increased his potential by about 30%.

Although his soul, strength, and other foundation hadn’t changed much, his utilization of this body had increased too much. This improvement was comparable to the soaring of his bloodline.

However, it was already his limit to be able to block the combat power of someone who had just entered the Sky Opening realm. Under the suppression of the other party’s Great Dao, his chances of winning were almost zero.

He just tried to keep undefeated.

Of course, this was also because the other party obtained the power of the Sky Opening realm via the God’s Arrival Technique. If the other party’s true body was here, he might not be a match for him.

Therefore, the combat power of the Nezha avatar was still not as good as his original body. However, he saw a different way to improve, which was to devour the world origin.

At this moment, Han Fei grinned and said, “If I don’t die, the traitor you hid in the City of Wanderers must die. Also, You killed my people. I must avenge them. From today on, the City of Origin better send some real Heavenly Talents over. Otherwise, I’ll fight you until you collapse in the king-level battles on the graveyard battlefield.”

At this moment, Han Fei sensed several figures crossing the void in the distance.

Among them, Han Fei knew Jiang Buping, and he didn’t know the other one, but he seemed to be from the City of Wanderers.

Han Fei looked at the man. “Look, the people from your City of Origin haven’t arrived yet.”


The power in this person’s body receded like a flood. In the end, this person still tried to blow himself up, and Han Fei shouted, “Nine Tails.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Nine chains sealed the void, and the chain storm clasped the soul of the king who was about to blow himself up, and he failed to blow himself up.


Han Fei sneered. “You’re just a king now, do you think you can blow yourself up in front of me?”

Swish ~

Jiang Buping and a brawny bald man descended. The bald man grabbed the king of the City of Origin and began to search his soul.


Han Fei carried the Fire Pointed Spear on his shoulder and knocked it heavily. He looked at Jiang Buping and said, “This information is wrong. We have a traitor.”

Jiang Buping looked at the battlefield that spanned hundreds of thousands of kilometers, then at Han Fei whose battle suit was shattered and whose body cracked all over, and couldn’t help taking a breath. “When we found that someone died in this place, we had already begun to keep an eye on the intelligence provider. The people related to this intelligence will be quickly and thoroughly investigated. He can’t escape. What’s the situation on your side?”

Han Fei twisted his head and said, “This primitive graveyard did revive a little, but the City of Origin already found it and set up a Devouring Worm inside. Fortunately, it hadn’t been long. The Devouring Worm wasn’t strong enough and was killed by me.”

Jiang Buping’s face couldn’t help but change, and then the corner of his mouth trembled. Is this what a human should say? A person killed a Devouring Worm alone? And so casually?

Jiang Buping said, “I’m talking about this battle. Were you ambushed? I only find Jun Xing, Long Er, and Xu Zhen’s Life Tablets shattered. Where are the others?”

Han Fei smiled. “A Sky Opening Realm powerhouse from the City of Origin used the God’s Arrival Technique and temporarily owned the power of a junior Sky Opening Realm powerhouse. It’s difficult to fight him.”

When the bald man who was searching souls next door heard Han Fei’s words, he couldn’t help but look at Han Fei.

Jiang Buping: “…”

With a thought from Han Fei, Sun Youcai and the other three were released from his Origin Sea.

As soon as he came out, Sun Youcai saw Jiang Buping at a glance. When he saw the bald man, he couldn’t help taking a breath. “Master Xing Yu?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Is this Xing Yu? One of the four generals in the City of Wanderers, responsible for the entire graveyard battlefield camp. It was said that this person walked the path of body refinement. With his physique alone, he could withstand the attack of a Sky Opening realm cultivator and could cut apart a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure with his bare hands. He had once fought a Monarch and survived.

Seeing that even Master Xing Yu was here, Sun Youcai was finally relieved.

He asked Han Fei, “Captain, Jun Xing and the others…”

Han Fei said, “Dead. There’s no time to save him. No chance.”

Immediately, Sun Youcai and the others frowned. They didn’t expect that the farewell in the primitive graveyard would be forever.

They looked solemn, but Han Fei didn’t see much sadness. However, he saw more determination in their eyes. Han Fei knew that this was faith. Jun Xing and the others must have died for faith.

At this moment, Xing Yu suddenly said, “Are you Nezha?”

Han Fei nodded slightly. Even though he knew that Xing Yu was one of the four generals, the strong had the pride of the strong. There was no respect in Han Fei’s eyes, but a strong fighting intent.

“It’s me!”

Seeing Han Fei’s attitude, Jiang Buping felt a headache. He had rarely seen a person as arrogant as Nezha. Most kings were arrogant, but Han Fei was kinda too arrogant. He was clearly a king, but he behaved like a f*cking Monarch. Sometimes, Jiang Buping felt that he was too conceited.

Xing Yu couldn’t help but smile. “You killed a Sky Opener and eleven kings alone. Not bad.”

Han Fei was not moved by the praise at all. He said, “I swallowed a world origin, which stimulated my potential. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for me to fight them.”

With that said, Han Fei gestured. “It’s this big. I put it into my Origin Sea, and it automatically fused with my Origin Sea.”

Xing Yu said, “That’s not big. If there’s more time, this restored primitive graveyard can provide at least three or five world origins.”

“Hiss ~”

Even Han Fei was shocked when he heard that. So many? He had only eaten one, but he felt that his potential had been greatly improved. If he ate three or five of them, he might really be able to fight a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse.

Xing Yu extended her hand and squeezed, directly crushing the king in her hand. “What a City of Origin, what a traitor.”

Then, Xing Yu looked at Han Fei. “I heard from Old Jiang that you want to join the City of Wanderers, but you will still leave?”

Han Fei said, “Yes, wandering is my fate. Becoming stronger is also my fate. When the City of Wanderers can’t continue to improve me, I’ll choose to leave.”

As he spoke, Han Fei looked straight at Xing Yu. Xing Yu’s gaze was very dignified, but it couldn’t intimidate Han Fei at all.

Jiang Buping, Sun Youcai, and the others listened on the side and felt that what Han Fei said was actually quite normal. A Heavenly Talent like Han Fei couldn’t be regarded as an ordinary king at all. He was a real Heavenly Talent. Sun Youcai and the others even felt that Han Fei might have the potential to prove his Dao.

Jiang Buping felt that it was only a matter of time before someone like Han Fei opened the sky, so it was only a matter of time before he left the City of Wanderers.

Xing Yu asked, “What do you want?”

Xing Yu knew that it was not difficult for Han Fei to open the sky, but with such a proud personality, he wouldn’t do anything like betrayal because he disdained it.

Jiang Buping might not be able to realize it, but he could.

Therefore, Xing Yu just asked, “What do you want?”

Han Fei looked at Sun Youcai and the others. “This level of trial is not enough. I need more battles, stronger opponents… and the origin of the world.”

Xing Yu said, “I’ll give you chances to snatch it yourself. What do you think?”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered. “Okay!”

Xing Yu said, “I have a special team here. Join them. Your opponents will be the strongest group of Heavenly Talents of the City of Origin and the City of Wanderers. There, everyone has trump cards. The strongest combat power they can unleash may reach the Sky Opening realm. In addition to the enemies of these two main cities, you may also encounter the danger of some revived primitive graveyards. Although I know your answer, I still have to ask you.”

Sun Youcai and the others widened their eyes. Could it be the Chosen Team that was said to have taken countless selections in the entire City of Wanderers to select a hundred people?

Jiang Buping sighed in his heart. A real Heavenly Talent would shine wherever he went. If he joined that team, he would have a chance to become a Monarch!

Han Fei naturally noticed the change in the expressions of Sun Youcai and Jiang Buping, but he didn’t care. This was because his goal was to surpass the Master of Silence, so the mysterious team in the City of Wanderers was just the beginning for him.

Han Fei said, “As I said just now, I will kill my way to the City of Origin and make it collapse.”

Xing Yu said, “Okay, but before you join this team, you may need to go to the City of Wanderers. This is because you only join this team after being approved by the Master of Silence.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. He didn’t expect to see Gu Tingnan here.

Han Fei nodded slightly. “Okay.”

Seeing this, Xing Yu smiled and then looked at Jiang Buping. “From today on, Nezha will leave your camp.”