Chapter 2177: Basic Test of the Death God Mountain

City of Scavengers.

“Xue Fei” led Ye Fengliu into the enemy’s city again.

Han Fei had been planning for three hundred years, but it wasn’t the time yet. Now, Han Fei believed that his strength had reached a peak. Next, he just needed to focus on exploring his Origin Sea.

This time, Han Fei didn’t intend to leave for the time being. Their goal was not the graveyard battlefield at the front line, but a big event that he had been preparing for hundreds of years. He wanted to get a chance in the City of Scavengers.

Law Enforcement Camp, Zhao Honghuang’s residence.

Since Han Fei had come, he had been fully prepared. In the past three hundred years, his Zhang Daqian avatar had already transcended the tribulation and continued to train in the No. 68 White Jade City with Little Fatty.

And in the past three hundred years, with the top talent of his Zhang Daqian avatar, his growth speed was not much slower than that of Yingyue and the others. Although Zhang Daqian’s Origin Sea hadn’t been opened to a hundred thousand kilometers, that was because Han Fei didn’t want to pull a seedling to help it grow.

His Nezha avatar could go to the City of Wanderers to gain experience. He had given him the Vast Ocean Navigator, the Nine Palace Luck Ruler, and many magic treasures. When Nezha came to the City of Wanderers, he would participate in a lot of battles to digest his growth himself.

However, his Zhang Daqian avatar didn’t have the combat environment of his Nezha avatar. Therefore, he had only expanded his Origin Sea to 70,000 kilometers. With only 300 years of hunting experience, he was still lacking in strength.

Therefore, it would still take some time for him to improve.

Now, in the City of Scavengers, as long as Mo Qi didn’t betray him, Han Fei was confident that even the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch wouldn’t be able to see through his disguise.

In order to make Mo Qi think that Ye Fengliu was not his original body, Han Fei even forcibly sealed his Great Dao of Time.

At this moment, in the depths of the law enforcement camp, Zhao Honghuang was looking at Ye Fengliu up and down.

Zhao Honghuang’s eyes seemed to have a magic power. He looked at Ye Fengliu as if he could see through him.

However, Han Fei was not easy to deal with. He completely simulated a race. From flesh and blood, to scales, to hair, eyelashes, nails, breathing, the flow of Qi and blood in his body and the bloodline, Ye Fengliu was completely different from the human race.

“Oh! It’s actually a Heavenly Heritage. No wonder you were so confident back then and wanted to cut taxes for three hundred years in exchange for him.”

After a long time, Zhao Honghuang retracted his gaze and asked indifferently, “How big is his Origin Sea?”

“Xue Fei” said respectfully, “Master Honghuang, this child has expanded his Origin Sea to 70,000 kilometers.”

“Three hundred years, seventy thousand kilometers?”

Even Zhao Honghuang couldn’t help being slightly stunned. This speed wasn’t impossible. If one forcibly used resources and expanded his Origin Sea every day, it wasn’t impossible to achieve this.

Of course, even if it was possible, there were not many such Heavenly Talents.

This was why after Han Fei gave Yingyue and the others enough resources, only Yingyue and Wen Ruqing’s Origin Seas had been opened to a hundred thousand kilometers.

This was because even if there were enough resources, it was not so fast for a king to open up his Origin Sea. Yingyue and Wen Ruqing could expand their Origin Seas to 100,000 kilometers because firstly, they were extremely lacking in resources, so after obtaining the resources, their bodies were like dry deserts, crazily absorbing resources. Secondly, they had already opened up their Origin Seas to nearly 70,000 kilometers before meeting Han Fei.

But in Zhao Honghuang’s opinion, it wasn’t easy for a person who had just established the Sea of Origins to establish a 70,000-kilometer Origin Sea in 300 years even if he could get enough resources.

Zhao Honghuang looked at Han Fei and asked, “How long will it take for you to expand your Origin Sea to a hundred thousand kilometers?”

Han Fei said respectfully, “If there are enough trials, battles, opportunities, and resources… at most a hundred years, or even less.”

“Humph! You’re quite confident.”

Han Fei bowed. “This is the basic confidence of becoming a strong master.”

Zhao Honghuang looked at Han Fei, whose eyes were cold and murderous, and knew that Xue Fei must have nurtured this person a lot over the years.

He even felt that Xue Fei probably wanted to become Ye Fengliu’s guide. Xue Fei probably felt that Ye Fengliu would definitely surpass him one day, so he took care of Ye Fengliu so much.

However, Zhao Honghuang would never have thought that Han Fei was just a fake Heavenly Talent in disguise.

Zhao Honghuang said, “I’ll give you thirty years to enter the top thousand of the Sea Establishment List of the Law Enforcement Camp. If you can do it, you’ll have all the trials, battles, opportunities, and resources you want. If you can’t, I’ll throw you into the graveyard battlefield. You can only return when you kill a hundred powerhouses of the same level as you.”

Han Fei shook his head. Scavengers had their own way of nurturing the strong. The law enforcement camp was a place to nurture the strong. But in any case, he would definitely win this bet.

Besides, Han Fei never liked to rise slowly. Being ranked in the top thousand on the Sea Establishment List was underestimating him. What he wanted was a strong rise.

Zhao Honghuang casually threw three pieces of Mystic Yellow Soil to “Xue Fei” and said bluntly, “If this guy is as you expect, I’ll give you three more pieces of Mystic Yellow Soil.”

“Xue Fei” was overjoyed and said excitedly, “Thank you, Master Honghuang.”

“Chen Yan!”

As Zhao Honghuang issued the order, Law Enforcer Chen Yan quickly flashed over.

“Master Honghuang, I’m here.”

Zhao Honghuang said, “There’s no need to throw this guy into the newcomer camp. Throw him into the Death God Mountain to test his basic strength.”

“Death God Mountain?”

Chen Yan couldn’t help but look at Han Fei in surprise. The Death God Mountain?

Having been in the main city all year round, Chen Yan was very smart. It seemed that the seedling Xue Fei nurtured was very strong! There was only one in a thousand years who was sent to the Death God Mountain. If this kid was really not bad, Xue Fei should make friends with him.

Chen Yan said, “Brother Xue, I won’t send you off. I’ll take Ye Fengliu away.”

“Xue Fei” nodded. “Brother Chen, feel free.”

The City of Scavengers was built on a group of primitive graveyards. There were more than a dozen primitive graveyards that could be reached nearby.

Among them, there were five or six that were specially used for the law enforcement camp’s training. Among them, the Death God Mountain was one of the most dangerous. It had been personally set up by the Monarch and turned into a place for strength testing.

Although it was a testing ground, it was also relatively dangerous.

Han Fei didn’t resist Chen Yan’s power, so in the blink of an eye, Han Fei came to a valley depression deep in the law enforcement camp. There were six caves here, enshrouded in multicolored light.

In this valley, Han Fei sensed that thousands of Sea Establishers had established caves to camp. When Chen Yan brought Han Fei to the entrance of the cave, many people looked at him in confusion.

“Huh? Master Chen Yan personally brought someone over? And it’s a newcomer?”

“What race is that person from? Although his body is also covered in scales, he doesn’t have a tail! He doesn’t seem to be from our Ten Thousand Scale Clan.”

“Please remove the word ‘seem’. He is clearly not. I don’t know what kind of strange race he is from.”

“It doesn’t matter. No information in the city can be kept from us. But what does this person want to do? These are all trial grounds. Is he, a newcomer, already starting a trial?”

While the kings were discussing.

In the valley, Chen Yan said to Han Fei, “The Death God Mountain, as its name suggests, is a mountain. On the mountain, there is a testing ground. When the time comes, waves of Sea Establishment realm undead will attack you. The Death God Mountain has no limit. I will judge you based on your combat power, speed, soul strength and other comprehensive powers. Of course, the premise is that you have to be alive. Oh, by the way, you can’t connect to your Origin Sea in Death God Mountain. The world origin there is sealed by the Monarch. You can only rely on the power stored in your body… How much you can kill depends on your own ability.”

With that, Chen Yan extended his hand and pointed. “That’s a void stone monument. On it, the names of the top 100 people in the Death God Mountain are recorded. Among them, the last place is called Shanze. He killed 356 people.”

Han Fei frowned slightly. If they were really opponents of the same level, it was unbelievable for one to kill 356 kings alone. Even he couldn’t kill 356 kings of the same level without using the power of his Origin Sea.

Therefore, Han Fei was sure that there must be something wrong with the strength of the undead. Otherwise, the 100th place on the rankings would be at the level of the top ten lords. If the City of Scavengers was so strong, the City of Wanderers and the City of Origin would have long been wiped out.

Han Fei asked, “Shall we start now?”

Chen Yan shook his head slightly. As expected, this young man was too confident of his strength.

He said, “You can just enter from this entrance. Xue Fei values you so much. Let me see what’s different about you. Go!”

All the kings around were shocked.

Someone said in surprise, “F*ck, a newcomer directly broke into the Death God Mountain?”

Someone frowned and guessed, “I guess he is just sent in for a test. I don’t think he will fight much.”

“Actually, the living dead in the Death God Mountain are just projections created by world origin. They lack combat vigor and adaptability. Since this guy was personally brought here by the law enforcer, his strength shouldn’t be bad, but I don’t think he can get on the list.”

Someone sneered. “Isn’t that obvious? How can it be so easy to get on the list? Let’s wait and see how many this guy has killed when he comes out, and then we’ll probably know his true strength.”

As for Han Fei, after stepping into the passage, he passed through a chaotic mist and appeared on a dark red mountain. This mountain was a hundred kilometers high. The mountain looked extremely hard, but it was still bumpy and full of killing intent.


After Han Fei appeared, only three seconds later, a massive roar came.

When he scanned around with his perception, he found that his perception range was limited to a thousand kilometers. And in these thousands of kilometers, Venerables were slowly walking to the top of the mountain, dragging their broken bodies. There were tens of thousands of them.