Chapter 2181: My Name Is Ye Fengliu

Han Fei’s words shocked Ling Ran. Is this person crazy? He wants to kill Chen Feng just because of this?

In the dark, there were also human kings who frowned. “Idiot, he doesn’t even know how to hold back. He’s just in the Sea Establishment realm, but he’s already so arrogant. He can’t even tolerate a few mocking words. How long can he survive under the hands of the Ten Thousand Scale Race?”

Someone shook his head. “He’s simply stupid. Even if he is really a Heavenly Talent, so what? Is there no Heavenly Talent in the Ten Thousand Scale Race?”

“Alas! No matter what he becomes, he is still a human. Do we have to watch him being ganged up on by the Ten Thousand Scale Race?”

“Then what can we do? Can you stop him? Or can anyone?”

Someone muttered, “If he just bowed his head, wouldn’t it be over? Is there a need to raise this matter to the level of life and death?”

In the field, Han Fei didn’t care what the onlookers said, but repeated clearly, “Is killing allowed here?”

Ling Ran didn’t know what to say for a moment. Instead, Chen Feng sneered. “Do you think you can kill me?”

Han Fei looked at Chen Feng. “Do you dare to bet? With our lives.”

With that, Han Fei took out the Star Shell that Chen Yan had just given him and said, “This is what Master Law Enforcer gave me just now, the resources enough to expand the Origin Sea by 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers… If you win, this will be yours. Let me ask you again, do you dare to bet with me?”

Chen Yan, who was watching the show, couldn’t help but curse when he saw the Star Shell he had just thrown out. “This guy is really bold. He wants to fight Chen Feng to the death? However, this is more exciting…”

So Chen Yan snorted. “If you want to fight to the death, go to the Life and Death Ring. Don’t disgrace me there, OK?”

As soon as Chen Yan spoke, Chen Feng’s momentum decreased and he hurriedly bowed to the void. “Yes, Master Law Enforcer.”

Han Fei was indifferent and generous. He took out such a large amount of resources so easily. If it were Ling Ran and the others, they might not be able to save so many resources in thousands of years, but Han Fei took it out as a gambling stake.

On the second floor, a Ten Thousand Scale Race powerhouse said, “Chen Feng, since you started it, don’t disgrace the Ten Thousand Scale Race. He has challenged you. If you don’t go now, we won’t be able to stand it anymore.”

Someone said with a smile, “Chen Feng, he’s giving you resources. It’s up to you whether you can take them or not. If you don’t dare to take them, get your ass to the graveyard battlefield!”

Any race had pride. The Ten Thousand Scale Race had ruled the City of Scavengers for a long time. They had always been the ones bullying outsiders. Since when did an outsider dare to provoke them in their territory?

At this moment, Chen Feng was caught between a rock and a hard place. “The Life and Death Ring? Fine, then let me see what you lowly human is capable of.”

Han Fei sneered in his heart. What an idiot. It wasn’t easy for him to cultivate to the Sea Establishment Realm, but he was going to lose his life just because he wanted to show off.

This was just like how white people discriminated against black people. Some racists might have some ability and means, but some people discriminated blindly. If they really fought those they discriminated against, he would be knocked down with several slaps.

In the law enforcement camp, there was a Life and Death Ring, but the Life and Death Ring was only used once every few years on average. After all, where there were people, there were fights and conflicts. Now it could be changed to where there were intelligent creatures, there were fights and conflicts. Members of the The Ten Thousand Scale Race even fought each other in the Life and Death Ring, let alone with other races.

Chen Feng, who was in a dilemma, came to the Life and Death Ring only a thousand kilometers away from Han Fei.

This was a place sealed by an array. The array seal here would only be activated when someone stood on the arena. In front of the Life and Death Ring that hadn’t been opened for several years, Han Fei stood on the Life and Death Ring without hesitation.

When a dense array of light lit up, Han Fei looked at Chen Feng and said indifferently, “Aren’t you coming up? I, Ye Fengliu, want to fight you…”

Chen Feng just wanted to lord it over. If he really wanted to fight all humans, then how could there be any humans left in the law enforcement camp now?

But who could have known that Han Fei would be so arrogant? And he was going to fight a life-and-death battle less than a day after he came to the law enforcement camp.

Chen Feng calculated in his heart. Even if Ye Fengliu entered Death God Mountain’s top hundred list, no matter how strong he was, he was only about the same as Shan Ze. Even if Shan Ze was stronger than him, it would be wishful thinking for him to kill him first.

Besides, his Great Dao was the Void Phantom. He had infinite clones. If his clones weren’t destroyed, his true body wouldn’t die. How could he kill him?

Immediately, Chen Feng stepped onto the Life and Death Ring and sneered. “Ye Fengliu, you asked for this. Remember not to join the human race in your next life.”


Han Fei inserted the long knife into the ring and smiled. “Let me teach you a lesson. Discrimination requires capital. You? You’re even worse than the maggots in the wasteland. How dare you enter the Life and Death Ring?”

“How dare you!”

Chen Feng roared, and his voice echoed with a soul sound, but Han Fei’s expression didn’t change at all.

Below, Ling Ran said to Han Fei countless times, “You can admit defeat in the Life and Death Ring. As long as you bow your head and admit defeat, the fight can stop.”

However, Han Fei ignored the girl’s suggestion.

Admit defeat? I will never admit defeat in my life.

At this moment, the Life and Death Ring had been activated.

Those who were still in the law enforcement camp valley were basically all here to watch. Those who weren’t here were mostly watching with their perception. Even Chen Yan was watching with interest.

One or two Sea Establishers had died. Chen Yan didn’t care at all. Death would only motivate cultivators to grow. Of course, in Chen Yan’s opinion, Chen Feng was dead for sure. He didn’t underestimate Chen Feng, but when Han Fei fought in the Death God Mountain, he controlled his strength. If he really went all out, his explosive power would only be stronger.

However, the death of a Sea Establisher could warn more people to think twice before doing anything next time. How could the person I personally brought to the test be defeated by you so easily?

At this moment, outside the Life and Death Ring, some people had already begun to waver.

Someone was guessing, “How long do you think Ye Fengliu can last before he admits defeat?”

Someone smiled and said, “I estimate a hundred seconds! This guy can break the record of the Death God Mountain. Although he’s ranked last, he still broke the record. He shouldn’t be weak.”

Someone shook his head. “Chen Feng is reckless. I’m not worried that he will be killed. However, if he doesn’t take down Ye Fengliu quickly, it will be embarrassing.”

Someone guessed, “Have you never thought that Chen Feng would lose? No matter if the top hundred list of the Death God Mountain can show the real strength or not, it’s not easy to get on that list. Otherwise, why don’t you, you, you, you, get on it?”

The audience was in an uproar.

On the field, Chen Feng’s figure turned into thousands of clones. These couldn’t be considered clones. The iron ball in Chen Feng’s hand also had thousands of changes. However, the ball was no longer the size of a fist, but the size of a water drop. Every drop was trying to mobilize Han Fei’s Qi and blood.

Besides, Han Fei’s body was like a magnet. The moment the iron ball turned into small balls and dispersed, Han Fei seemed to be restrained by an invisible force.

Seeing that Han Fei was still standing still, Chen Feng shouted tentatively, “Blood Devour.”

At the moment when the small balls rushed at Han Fei crazily, with a clang, it was as if a string in the sky was broken.

The kings who were watching the battle saw a flash of knife light. The knife light surrounded the entire Life and Death Ring, and the knife Qi soared to the sky. The small balls that could trigger blood Qi exploded crazily.

All of Chen Feng’s clones couldn’t even resist this knife Qi and were instantly blown to pieces. The only one left was Chen Feng’s original body. He looked shocked and tried to recall the small ball to block this knife.

However, Han Fei’s Draw Technique had already risen to the Dao. The Heavenly Dao and the Dao of nature were fused with the knife Dao. When this knife slashed out, the entire space was filled with infinite knife Qi.

Chen Feng was horrified. He wanted to admit defeat, but the strong knife Qi suppressed him so that he couldn’t make a sound. He wanted to roar out with his soul, but his soul was completely suppressed in his body and couldn’t jump out at all.

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!”

All the kings saw that Chen Feng’s body was torn apart in the blink of an eye.


When Chen Feng’s body exploded, the knife light that Han Fei personally slashed out had just arrived. The knife light crushed the void, giving Chen Feng no chance to be reborn at all.


At the same time as the king-death astronomical phenomenon appeared, Han Fei held the knife in his hand backhand and the long knife floated behind him. He had learned this from Wang Yijian, mainly because this looked really cool.

“Humph! So fragile.”

Then, Han Fei looked around and said indifferently, “My name is Ye Fengliu. Remember this name. In the future, it will make you tremble.”

Han Fei said indifferently, grabbed Chen Feng’s resources, and then walked to Ling Ran. “Let’s go to the cultivation tower.”


Ling Ran was dumbfounded. She didn’t come back to herself until Han Fei walked to her and spoke.

However, at this moment, Ling Ran was full of admiration for Han Fei. Among all the words she knew, there was only one word “strong” that could be used to describe this man. If she had to add another word, it would be “so strong”.


At that moment, the onlookers were all dumbfounded, and countless people gasped.

The people who had just bet were all stunned.

Someone murmured, “One slash, it’s really one slash.”

The strong masters on the first and second floors narrowed their eyes. Ye Fengliu was much stronger than they had imagined.

Even Chen Yan couldn’t help frowning. “His Saber Dao has already entered the Heavenly Dao? How can his comprehension ability be so terrifying?”