Chapter 2182: I Want to Fight Ten Battles A Day

Before anyone could react, Han Fei had evacuated.

If he was strong, he would definitely be challenged. It was fine to fight Chen Feng now, but once a stronger person came to challenge him, should he fight or not? If he won, his strength would be ridiculously strong. Even if he was really ridiculously strong, he had to slowly show his strength.

Besides, temporarily suppressing his strength to the Sea Establishment Realm, or even lower than these people, could also promote his rapid growth.

After all, there weren’t so many kings to fight in the past. Now, there were kings almost everywhere in the law enforcement camp. If he fought them one by one, his understanding of combat would definitely improve.

Of course, now was not the time to attack them one by one.

Ling Ran said, “The cultivation tower consumes a lot of resources. Even the lowest-level cultivation rooms require a hundred energy crystals a day. Therefore, although cultivating in the cultivation tower is good, it’s very expensive.”

Han Fei asked, “What about the most expensive cultivation room?”

Ling Ran said, “There are no the most expensive cultivation rooms. After all, they are open to Sea Establishers. I can only say that there is a batch of the best cultivation rooms. The price is a thousand energy crystals, which is 365,000 energy crystals a year. This consumption ability is comparable to that of a lord.”

Han Fei sneered in his heart. What do you know about being a lord? Less than 40 million energy crystals in a hundred years. How can you call yourself a lord if you can’t even get this?

Of course, although lords could get so many energy crystals, they wouldn’t use them here.

Han Fei grabbed Chen Feng’s Star Shell and said, “Oh! There are 320,000 energy crystals here, which are enough to pay for half a year of cultivation.”

Han Fei estimated that it was because the last tide wave had just passed, so Chen Feng could store so many energy crystals. Otherwise, Sea Establishers’ consumption of energy crystals was very fast too.

They needed to exchange for all kinds of resources required in the Origin Sea with this. If they didn’t use it sparingly, it might be used up immediately.

Ling Ran’s eyes widened. That was more than 320,000 energy crystals! It could be exchanged for many resources, but this person was using it to pay rent?

Han Fei took out ten thousand energy crystals and threw them to Ling Ran. “Go back! I’m going to cultivate.”

Ling Ran was stunned and quickly said, “No, no need. I just told you a little bit of knowledge that everyone knows.”

However, Han Fei was still cold. “Time is equivalent to resources. I never waste other people’s time.”

Sensing the determination in Han Fei’s words, Ling Ran couldn’t help but hold the Star Shell and say via voice transmission, “You shouldn’t have come here.”

Han Fei tilted his head and looked at Ling Ran. “Everyone has their own fate.”

Another moment later.

The so-called cultivation tower was an underground cave like an abyss cave. This cave had a total of a thousand floors and 5,000 cultivation rooms. Among them, there were a total of 500 cultivation rooms that consumed 1,000 energy crystals a day.

Han Fei stood on the ground in front of the cultivation tower. On the top floor, there was an old man guarding it. Although this old man looked like he was at the peak of the Sea Establishment Realm, in fact, when Han Fei sensed his aura, he knew that this person was definitely a hidden Sky Opening Realm powerhouse.

Of course, even a Sky Opening realm powerhouse might not be very strong.

When Han Fei came to the old man, the latter asked lazily, “What level do you want?”

Han Fei threw down a Star Shell. “The highest-level cultivation room. Rent it for a year.”


The old man couldn’t help but look at Han Fei up and down. It was rare to see someone who could rent a cultivation room for a year in one go! For Sea Establishers, energy crystals were still very important resources.

But since Han Fei paid, the old man let him go.

He casually threw a sign over and said, “Room 5 on the 32nd floor at the bottom. Remember to come to renew your fee when the time is up. Otherwise, the seal will automatically be removed and I’m going to chase you away.”

As if he didn’t hear it, Han Fei grabbed the sign and jumped down.

Only then did the old man look at the void. “Chen Yan, you think so highly of this seedling? Why is your perception chasing him all the way here?”

Chen Yan laughed. “Haha! He is a good seedling indeed.”

Chen Yan retracted his perception and stopped tracking. Han Fei went straight to the cultivation tower to cultivate, which surprised Chen Yan. However, Han Fei chose the fastest way to cultivate.

“Idiot Chen Feng, he gave this Ye Fengfeng an opportunity to cultivate in the cultivation tower for a year for nothing. If this guy can cultivate here for ten years, tsk, tsk… Isn’t it equivalent to at least a hundred years of cultivation? Then his thirty-year agreement with Master Honghuang seems quite likely to be fulfilled.”

Chen Yan muttered to himself and didn’t care anymore. A Sea Establishment Realm cultivator wasn’t worth his attention for so long.

In the cultivation tower.

When Han Fei opened the so-called cultivation room with his token, he found that there seemed to be a problem with the space here. He felt that the density of the Chaotic Qi here was especially high, as if this place was only a wall away from the endless void. A large amount of Chaotic Qi could escape from the endless void here.

In addition to feeling the Chaotic Qi, Han Fei also saw a large number of Dao Patterns on the wall of the cultivation room.

Obviously, the existence of these Dao patterns was to let cultivators visualize and comprehend them. If they were lucky and could comprehend even a trace of them, their strength would definitely soar.

In addition to this, there was also a pill fragrance lingering in the cultivation room, which seemed to be coming from the walls of the cultivation room. This fragrance could calm and focus the mind. It was probably very valuable.

But Han Fei estimated that it couldn’t be dedicated to his cultivation room alone.

What Sea Establishers needed was a large amount of Chaotic Qi, a large amount of spiritual energy, and comprehension. If he could calm his mind and cultivate, the effect of a year would probably be comparable to ten years elsewhere, or even longer.

“Heh! Useless tricks.”

Han Fei sneered in disdain, but he still began to cultivate like a normal Sea Establisher. However, the speed at which he absorbed the Chaotic Qi was at least three times faster than ordinary Sea Establishers.

Therefore, after only half a month, the old man in the cultivation tower realized that something was wrong. He even muttered, “Damn, I charged too little for this cultivation room.”

One year later.

Han Fei came out of the cultivation room and went straight to the old man. “May I ask how to get to the Scavenger Arena?”

The old man said, “Hey! You’re going to fight immediately after cultivating? You work really hard!”

Han Fei said, “I’m going to earn some resources and pay the rent.”

The old man: “…”

The old man was speechless. Come on, you make it sound as if the Scavenger Arena is your ATM.

The old man pointed casually and said, “There’s a small world 800 kilometers away. You’ll see it when you go there. There’s an entrance.”

It was indeed a good choice to build the arena in a small world. With the strength of the Sea Establishment Realm, it was difficult to shatter a small world. And a small world could carry many people. It was indeed a good choice to use it as an arena.

There were many people going to the arena, so Han Fei found the place without any effort. The entrance to the small world was built into a magnificent building. People came and went every day, and the population might be dozens or even millions.

When Han Fei walked in, a supervisor at the front desk of the arena immediately looked at him.

Every day, there were too many people coming to the Scavenger Arena, including Sea Establishers. After all, there were a high-level, a medium-level and a low-level arena here to deal with Sea Establishers, Venerables, and those below Venerables.

“Sir, do you want to buy a ticket to enter? The Sea Establishment realm competition will begin in four hours. The ticket this time only costs eight energy crystals.”

Han Fei said indifferently, “I’m here to join the challenge!”

The man’s eyes lit up. “Join the challenge? Then we’ll welcome you even more. What mode do you want to participate in?”

Han Fei asked, “Mode?”

The man’s heart did a flip. “Sir, have you never been to the Scavenger Arena before?”

Han Fei shook his head. “It’s my first time here.”

The man’s interest was obviously greatly reduced, but since it was his job, he still explained, “There are several modes to participate in the battle. The most common one is to become a permanent challenger in our arena. Every time the battle begins, the winner can win 1% of the gains. The loser can only get a consolation prize of 100 energy crystals. If you win ten battles in a row, the share can reach 2%, and so on, and the highest share can be 50%.”

Seeing that Han Fei’s eyes were calm, the man couldn’t help but say, “The second mode is a sparring match, where the participants have to use as many combat skills as possible, produce as many Dao runes as possible, and fight brilliantly. However, the two parties aren’t really fighting. They’re just fighting for the audience to see. In this way, after the competition, both parties can get 2% of the profits.”

Han Fei thought to himself, Isn’t this a fake competition? This is cheating.

Han Fei asked, “What about the third mode?”

The man said, “The third is not common. For example, a life-and-death battle. If the participant wins, not only can he take away all the other party’s resources, but he can also get a tenth of the arena’s gains. Of course, a life-and-death battle is extremely rare. Generally, people who don’t have a deep grudge won’t come here to fight a life-and-death battle. In fact, most of the audience are Venerables, and most of them are here to study. Since it’s the first time you’ve come, I can apply for a sparring match for you.”

Han Fei shook his head. “No, just the first one. But your competition speed is too slow. I want to fight ten battles a day.”