Chapter 2183: Ranking Competition

“Ten battles a day?”

Lu Chen never expected that someone would make such a request. Was this guy stupid or crazy? Ten battles a day?

Lu Chen said, “Sir, the cooperation between Sea Establishers and the Scavenger Arena can’t be established easily. Even if I apply for the second kind of sparring match, it can’t be approved in a day or two. It’s even more impossible to fight ten battles a day…”

“I’ll definitely win!”

Han Fei said indifferently, which Lu Chen found incredible. Where did this lunatic come from?

Han Fei said, “My name is Ye Fengliu.”

When Lu Chen heard the name Ye Fengliu, for some reason, he felt a sense of familiarity. But since this was the first time this person came to the Scavenger Arena, he definitely didn’t know him.

He said, “Fellow Daoist, this arena is not meant to be played like this. You can’t fight as many battles as you want. There are tens of thousands of Sea Establishers in the City of Scavengers. If even one of them does this, how can our Scavenger Arena find so many opponents to fight with you? Besides, in a Sea Establisher battle, you can’t guarantee victory just because you say so. There are countless people and countless energy crystals involved…”

Lu Chen was talking when he suddenly heard a voice.

“Say yes.”


Lu Chen’s heart did a flip. Was this the voice of the arena lord?

Lu Chen couldn’t help but look at Han Fei in surprise. Who was this guy? Why did the arena lord speak in person because of him?

Lu Chen’s attitude immediately changed 180 degrees. “Sir, it’s not a problem for you to fight ten battles a day. However, we still need some time to find your opponents. May I ask, Brother Ye, are you from…”

Han Fei said, “Law enforcement camp, outer camp.”

Lu Chen’s heart stirred. Just an outer camp disciple, and he wants to fight ten battles a day? How could this person be valued by the arena lord?

However, since the arena lord had spoken, Lu Chen could only do as he was told. He continued to ask, “Brother Ye, may I ask how large your Origin Sea is?”

Han Fei said, “More than 70,000 kilometers.”

Lu Chen asked, “What weapon are you good at?”

Han Fei: “Saber!”

Lu Chen: “…”

After Lu Chen learned some basic information about Han Fei, he took out a thick book and said, “Sir, the Scavenger Arena needs you to attend three basic battles to confirm your strength. Then, we’ll give you a ranking according to your strength…”

Lu Chen smiled. “At present, there are a total of 26,872 kings in the Scavenger Arena, but there are only about 10,000 people left in the city. Therefore, if you want to fight ten battles a day, you can only confirm your strength first and then challenge the other kings one by one.”

Han Fei asked, “When are the basic battles?”

Lu Chen said, “Well, it can be carried out today, but you still need to wait a moment for us to choose your opponents.”

After a while, Lu Chen came to a place that looked like a library in the depth of the Scavenger Arena and bowed to a middle-aged man who was reading a combat skill book.

Lu Chen said, “Master.”

The middle-aged man casually raised his hand and said, “Arrange for one who ranks around 7,000, one who ranks around 6,000, and one who ranks around 5,000.”


Lu Chen couldn’t help but say in surprise, “Master, to be ranked at around No. 5,000 in the Scavenger Arena, they must have expanded their Origin Seas to at least 80,000 kilometers, about 90,000 kilometers. There are even some who have completely opened the Origin Sea. Even in the Scavenger Hall and the law enforcement camp, they are really among the top.”

The middle-aged man snorted. “Don’t underestimate this person. A top powerhouse on the third floor of the law enforcement camp can’t withstand a single blow from him. The ranking I gave him is conservative. If he wins all three battles, rate his combat power at about 4,000th place. Otherwise, this person can probably get 50% of the profits.”

“Hiss ~”

Lu Chen was dumbfounded. Who the hell was this guy? Why did Master think so highly of him? He actually saw his strength as the 4,000th place on the combat power ranking in the Scavenger Arena.

The weakest king in this position had expanded his Origin Sea to at least 90,000 kilometers. Basically, they were all powerhouses at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm. What they were waiting for was just an opportunity, an opportunity to open the sky.

Lu Chen’s expression turned solemn. This person was so powerful, but he had never heard of his name. This was simply unforgivable. Lu Chen cupped his hands. “I’ll arrange it now.”

When Lu Chen returned, he directly invited Han Fei into the VIP area. There were strong and weak Sea Establishers. As hinted by the arena lord, Lu Chen felt that this person was probably much stronger than he imagined.

Lu Chen said, “Brother Ye, please follow me into the small world. I need to confirm your basic strength, so I’ll arrange three Sea Establisher battles. During this period of time, our Scavenger Arena will inform all the kings in the city above the standard range. At that time, if there are no special problems, your challenge will be accepted.”

Han Fei nodded. “Okay!”

Lu Chen continued, “Because our arena is fair and just, your ranking competition will be open to the public. The rules are as usual. If you win, you can take 1% of the ticket sales.”


After half an hour.

In front of the small world entrance of the scavenger hall, three Sea Establishers had arrived.

One of them said, “Boss Lu, why are you here? Your ranking is a thousand places higher than mine. Is there a need for such a ridiculous ranking competition?”

The burly man snorted. “Who knows? But if we help the arena confirm this guy’s combat power, we can get 2% of the profits if we win. It won’t be a waste of time.”

Among the three of them, the Ten Thousand Scale Race woman said, “I’m ranked 7,000th. It seems that I’m here just to make up the numbers, right?”

The person next to him smiled and said, “The 7,000th place is not weak. I wonder which guy is so strong even in the ranking competition.”

At this moment, Han Fei was watching the audience of more than 500,000 people in a small world. In the field, only two mediocre kings were fighting fiercely. The frequency and trajectory of the battle were obvious even to Venerables.

To put it bluntly, these two people were acting, and these audience members were probably here to see if there was any experience or inspiration to absorb.

Han Fei did a rough calculation. For a competition with 500,000 people, the price of a ticket was 8 energy crystals at a time. For the City of Scavengers, the price was not high. In this competition alone, the income could reach 4 million energy crystals. If one percent was extracted, there would be 40,000 energy crystals.

No wonder there was a queue for such a competition. For Sea Establishers, wasn’t this just picking up money?

Although Sea Establishers could obtain a large number of energy crystals, they could get tens of thousands of appearance fees from a single battle. Who wouldn’t do it?

Of course, for Han Fei, resources were not his purpose. His real purpose was to let everyone see that he was becoming stronger.

After half an hour, the battle on the arena subsided, and a Sea Establishment realm host’s voice echoed, “This sparring battle is over. Today, an unexpected situation occurred. Only half an hour later, a Sea Establishment realm strength ranking competition will begin.”

“A ranking competition?”

“It’s just a ranking competition. Forget it. This kind of ranking competition is too advanced for me to understand. It’s a waste of energy crystals.”

Someone sneered. “What do you know? Even if you comprehend a trace of Heavenly Dao in the ranking competition, it’s a great gain.”

Someone exclaimed, “How many people can comprehend that subtle trace?”

“Shut up and listen to what the host has to say.”

The host said, “The contestant whose strength to be confirmed in this ranking competition is Ye Fengliu, a newcomer from the law enforcement camp, whose Origin Sea is 75,000 kilometers long and who is good at saber techniques… His opponents are Lin Qijun, who is ranked 6,962nd on the Sea Establishment List, Chu Mo, who is ranked 6,012nd, and Lu Ziming, who is ranked 5,007th. The strength gap in this ranking competition is huge. It can be seen that Ye Fengliu’s strength must be extraordinary. Even a ranking competition will be extremely exciting…”

“What? The difference of almost 2,000 places in three battles?”

“Why are his opponents so strong at the very beginning? The 7,000th place in the arena should have already had an Origin Sea seventy or eighty thousand kilometers long, right?”

“Not only that, Lin Qijun is known as the Snake King. I heard that she’s also good at poison and her weapon is the Void Whip.”

Someone said, “Heavy Vajra Rod, Chu Mo. This person’s rod has gravity comparable to a mountain, but he’s a body refiner and hasn’t showed up for long. I don’t know if his strength has improved after so long.”

Someone sneered. “Although Chu Mo is strong, even Lu Feiming is here. This guy’s Companion Spirit is a flood dragon. It’s said that it shows signs of atavism. That flood dragon is probably no weaker than him.”

The referee shouted, “Those who want to watch can stay. Those who don’t, leave the field quickly. The battle is less than half an hour away.”

After some communication, only a few people left.

Someone said, “What if we can get something from this ranking competition? The cost is only a few energy crystals. I want to bet…”

Someone said, “Anyway, from the moment they attack, we’ll know whether we should watch the next round or not. If we can’t even tell that, it will be meaningless for us to continue to watch.”