Chapter 2185: Physical Battle

On the field.

Han Fei stood proudly with his long knife floating by his feet. He looked at Chu Mo who was walking over slowly with a solemn expression.

The latter said in a deep voice, “Are you good at close-range combat? Why don’t we fight in close-range combat?”

Chu Mo opened his hands and clenched them into fists, making cracking sounds. A pair of boxing gloves appeared on his hands, and the scales on his body gradually began to glow red.

Han Fei said indifferently, “Okay!”

Many spectators who were about to leave immediately stopped when they heard this. If a king fought in close-range combat, it seemed worth watching.

Just now, when Han Fei killed Lin Qijun in two rounds, the speed was too fast. Except for the Sea Establishers, the Venerables could only see the scene of them colliding.

Perhaps because Han Fei’s attack was too simple, most people didn’t see clearly in the first round. They only knew that Han Fei was very strong and was a body cultivator.

Someone said, “OK! I have a feeling that this Ye Fengliu is not an ordinary person. I’ve never heard of a newcomer who can defeat the Snake King within two rounds. There is going to be a good show in the arena!”

Someone said, “I’m really not trying to learn anything from him. I just want to see how two body cultivators fight.”

Among them, many body refiners couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of body tempering technique does Ye Fengliu cultivate? He looks very strong.”

In fact, Han Fei had also thought about this problem. Body tempering was his advantage, which had to be shown. The character he had transformed into had an astonishing physique. In terms of body tempering technique, Han Fei used the body tempering techniques deduced from the ones he obtained from Xue Fei, Ding Yi, and some other Sky Opening Realm powerhouses he had killed.

The result of the deduction was naturally not as good as the Void Refining Technique, not even the Purity Mystic Body. It was probably only about the same as the Chaotic Origin Body that Taiyuan cultivated.

Therefore, the body tempering technique he cultivated could withstand scrutiny.

After another half an hour, the number of spectators increased from a million to about 1.3 million.

The referee roared, “In the second battle, Han Fei’s opponent is Chu Mo, who has won 19 battles in a row. He has participated in 687 battles in the arena, won 498 battles, tied 54 battles, and lost 135 battles. Chu Mo, nicknamed Chu Fist King, and I believe many people know about his Great Nirvana Fist. I guess you can’t wait to see the close-range combat of the two body cultivators, right? Now… the battle begins…”

As the referee shouted, Chu Mo, like Lin Qijun, took the lead to attack.

In a battle between strong masters, there were always benefits to being the first to attack. After the power was stimulated to a certain extent, it needed to be released. The so-called attacking later to find the other party’s weakness was actually a little nonsensical. In a situation where the difference in strength was not very large, it was very difficult to gain the upper hand if you attacked later.

Chu Mo’s combat style was very similar to Han Fei’s in the past. He immediately launched a big move. He jumped into the air, and a spiral formed by Chaotic Qi appeared on his fist. He rolled the void and punched out a big fist mark in the void vortex.

“What! The Desolation Fist is so fierce?”

“Good lord, they’re both body refiners. Let’s see how this Ye Fengliu will resist now.”

“This ranking competition is worth it. This fist mark, with the Chaotic Qi as the guide and the great technique circulating in the meridians, can instantly trigger a void vortex and trigger a large amount of void power. Let’s see how Ye Fengliu can block it.”

Faced with Chu Mo’s punch, the scales on Han Fei’s body also began to shine, spiritual energy and Chaotic Qi were shaking, and his blood and Qi soared to the sky.

Han Fei also punched, but this was not the Sacrificing Punch, but an ordinary fist mark that had fused with the Great Dao of Gravity and borrowed a trace of the Heavenly Dao’s natural runes.

Behind Han Fei, a huge tide surged, helping him punch out a scarlet light.



Ripples flashed, and the waves of explosion hit the protective barrier of the arena one after another.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The protective barrier shook from the impact, and turbulence surged in the place where the two of them were fighting. Chu Mo’s Desolation Fist was shattered and he was sent flying thousands of kilometers away. Han Fei took half a step back and stepped on the huge wave. With a bang, he continued to rampage and quickly rushed in front of Chu Mo.

Chu Mo used his big move, but it failed to shake Han Fei. Now, Han Fei started to really fight him in close-range combat. The two were fighting fiercely, neither willing to give in.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

No matter what kind of battle it was, the battles of body refiners had always been the craziest and most exciting. No matter how strong the audience was, they would watch seriously when the body refiners’ fists collided powerfully.

Shan Ze, whose record was broken by Han Fei, couldn’t help but nod slightly when he saw the power Han Fei showed. “It’s not that Chu Mo is weak, but that this Ye Fengliu is too strong. If I’ve guessed right, it should be because his bloodline level is very high. In addition, he is a body refiner, so his strength is naturally strong.”

Someone snorted. “Fortunately, the ranking had risen by 1,000 all at once. He can’t end the battle in two rounds like just now.”

Suddenly, someone said, “Look.”

The scales on Han Fei’s body suddenly spewed out a dazzling sheen, and Han Fei’s punching speed became faster and faster.

“What? Can he change his strength so quickly? If he wants to exert such powerful force with every blow, he must at least have a ninth-grade spiritual heritage.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Han Fei’s speed was getting faster and crazier. He didn’t care about the power of Chu Mo’s punches at all. Han Fei’s fists almost turned into light.

“No, look, the seawater around Chu Mo is seriously squeezed… Ye Fengliu has mastered the Great Dao of Gravity.”

“Good lord, body refinement and the Great Dao of Gravity. How strong is his power?”

Chu Mo was unable to keep up with Han Fei’s rhythm. Finally, everyone saw Chu Mo use his rod. As soon as the Vajra Heavy Rod was used, it was as powerful as a huge mountain collapsing.


At the moment Chu Mo attacked, Han Fei held his long knife horizontally and took three steps back. The long knife was brandished like a stick. He turned it gently, grabbed the stick backhand, and swept it with his foot. Then Chu Mo was sent flying thousands of kilometers away like a cannonball.

Han Fei snorted, spun the long knife in his hand, and threw it out. In midair, Chu Mo tried to block it with his stick, but his power was obviously not enough.



Chu Mo smashed into the bottom of the sea again. Han Fei flew thousands of kilometers, held the long knife, and jumped in midair.


At the bottom of the sea, billowing ripples surged in all directions. When everyone took a closer look, they found that the long rod in Chu Mo’s hand was bent, and Han Fei’s sheath was placed on Chu Mo’s neck.

“Gulp ~”

“He won again?”

“This guy is so strong. What a powerful explosion.”

“Isn’t his Origin Sea only eighty thousand kilometers long? How can he be so strong?”

Someone said, “The Origin Sea is the Origin Sea. This person’s bloodline is definitely not low, his spiritual heritage is extremely high, and he has mastered the Law of Gravity. How can his strength be weak?”

Countless spectators gasped. Even the kings who came to watch were shocked.

Many kings sighed. “Can a newcomer reach the 5,000th place?”

Someone was moved. “Don’t forget, he hasn’t used his knife yet.”

The referee roared, “The second round of the ranking competition is won by Ye Fengliu. The third round is about to begin. You have half an hour to buy a ticket or leave.”

In the dark, Lu Chen, who was receiving Han Fei, was speechless. Is this guy really so strong? Fortunately, the arena lord was right. Otherwise, he would have offended him.

The referee was promoting, “The third person to fight is the Dragon King, Lu Feiming. Everyone, do you want to see the dragon fight? Do you want to see the dragon fight? Today, your chance has come. The Dragon King ranked 5,007th has participated in 892 battles in the arena, winning 782, drawing 37, and losing 73. This is the Scavenger Arena, a real king has come… Let us welcome the Dragon King…”

The moment Lu Feiming walked onto the battlefield, he looked at the long knife at Han Fei’s feet and said casually, “It seems that you don’t intend to unsheathe this knife?”

Han Fei said indifferently, “It depends on your strength.”

Lu Feiming smiled and said, “I’m very curious about what your Companion Spirit is.”

Han Fei smiled. “You will see it when you should.”

In the outside world.

Chen Yan had already received the news. As a seedling that even Zhao Honghuang valued, Chen Yan naturally didn’t dare to be careless.

In the dark, Chen Yan arrived. Seeing that Han Fei had won two rounds in a row and hadn’t drawn his saber yet, he couldn’t help but say, “Brother Nie! I’m afraid your arena won’t be at peace for a while.”

The arena lord was called Nie Yunxiang. Needless to say, he was very strong. To be able to control such a large arena in the main city, he couldn’t be weak, just like Chen Yan.

At this moment, the third round was about to begin, and the audience had reached 1.5 million people.

Many people rushed over when they heard the commotion in the arena.

At this moment, the referee shouted, “Seal the entrance to the arena. The third ranking competition will begin in a hundred seconds…”