Chapter 2189: Entering Death God Mountain Again

By the time Tian Lei and the others realized what was going on, Han Fei had already disappeared from their sight.

Han Fei had his reasons for rising so quickly and even creating the illusion of atavism. Although the Chaotic Wasteland only belonged to the most remote place in the East Sea Divine Realm.

However, this was also a part of the East Sea Divine Realm. Every ten thousand years, the Divine Capital Dynasty, which was at the core of the East Sea Divine Realm, would hold a ten-thousand-year competition.

At that time, all the Heavenly Talents in the East Sea Divine Realm would go to the Divine Capital Dynasty. And Ye Fengliu’s current strength was far from enough to reach that level.

The kings who could go to the Divine Capital Dynasty had all had their Origin Seas reach the limit. The ten-thousand-year competition was the cradle of the birth of Sky Openers. During or after every ten-thousand-year competition, a large number of Sky Opening realm powerhouses would be born.

And the Ten-Thousand-Year Competition this time was even more extraordinary.

This time, it was a once-in-a-hundred-thousand-year competition, which was divided into three levels, including the Venerable realm, the Sea Establishment realm, and the Sky Opening realm.

This was the information Han Fei had learned from Xue Fei’s Origin Sea, so he had already had a plan back then. Because the spots for the Ten-Thousand-Year Competition were very rare, he wanted to get a spot in the City of Scavengers.

Nezha went to the City of Wanderers not only to gain experience but also to get a spot. Gu Tingnan probably would give him a spot.

However, one spot was not enough. Han Fei’s idea was to get Zhang Daqian a spot too. With Zhang Daqian’s potential and talent, if he worked hard before the hundred-year competition, he should be able to fully expand his Origin Sea.

At that time, he would prepare some resources and weapons for him.

Han Fei could definitely get this spot. In his current bloodline, there were signs of an octopus bloodline atavism. At that time, Zhang Daqian could replace Ye Fengliu.

The only thing he lacked now was a slot for the Sky Opening realm, which Han Fei hadn’t planned how to use yet.

At this moment, Han Fei walked into the valley of the law enforcement camp.

However, after he walked in, he found that it was his second time here. He didn’t know where the way to the inner camp was.

But after Han Fei walked in, many people immediately looked at him strangely. Last time, many people thought that Han Fei was a human and despised him for his poor bloodline.

However, Han Fei’s last battle in the Scavenger Arena showed signs of atavism. The Dragon Octopus Blood Shadow made countless people brag for him. Outside, it was already rumored that Ye Fengliu alone had the combat power of nine dragons.

As the saying went, fame was not without merit. Han Fei had entered the top 3,000 in the arena in ten years and experienced the Atavism of the bloodline. His current strength had become a mystery.

Many people didn’t treat Han Fei as a human at all, because at this moment, Han Fei didn’t look like a human at all. Everyone would only think that he had turned into a weird octopus, an octopus with dragon bloodline.

Since he was here, Han Fei wasn’t afraid of not knowing the entrance to the inner camp. But before entering the inner camp, he was going to do one thing first, which was to fight another battle in Death God Mountain.

Earlier, Chen Yan had told him that he could consider fighting the Death God Mountain again when he entered the inner camp.

And Han Fei had the same thought. The difficulty of the Death God Mountain was increasing in battle. This was an excellent training ground.

As the difficulty increased, Han Fei could show his true talent in front of these kings.

Last time, he hid his real strength and only entered the top hundred. This time, Han Fei’s goal was not the so-called top hundred, but the first place.

Han Fei ignored the countless perceptions of the Law Enforcement Camp and walked straight to the trial ground of the Death God Mountain.

At this time, Tian Lei and the others had already returned.

The moment they came back, they were asking around who this person was.

“Huh? Brother Lei! When did you come back?”

Someone noticed Tian Lei and the others and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

Tian Lei glanced at the second floor and immediately said, “Qing Huo, it doesn’t matter when I came back. That… the one walking in front. Tell me who that guy is first.”

The king named Qing Huo couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Lei, your blood Qi fluctuations are so strong. Did you fight him?”

Tian Lei said, “I was almost killed by him. This b * stard, tell me where this new person came from, what Great Dao he took, and what floor he lived on…”

“Uh ~”

Qing Huo said, “Well, Brother Lei, I advise you not to provoke this guy. He’s not human at all.”

Tian Lei was lost for words. “Of course I know he’s not human. How can he be human when he looks like this?”

“No, Brother Lei, what I mean is that this guy is a little abnormally strong. Just don’t provoke him.”


Tian Lei couldn’t help but ask, “What do you mean? Isn’t he a newcomer?”

Qing Huo said, “Yes, but… he might be the strongest newcomer in history.”

Tian Lei’s eyelids twitched. “What do you mean?”

Qing Huo sighed. “This guy killed Chen Feng on the first day he entered the law enforcement camp. He killed him with a single slash in a life-and-death battle…”

Tian Lei couldn’t help but look serious. “Chen Feng from the third floor? Isn’t that guy very good at escaping?”

Qing Huo said, “Yes! But it was useless. He died before he could even withstand a single slash.”

“Hiss ~”

Tian Lei couldn’t help but ask, “So strong?”

“Alas! Brother Lei, is this still considered strong? You might not believe it, but this guy started from the 7,000th place in the arena. In just ten years, he reached the 3,000th place. After thousands of battles, he has never been defeated and has a thousand consecutive wins. Do you believe it?”


Tian Lei and the kings who followed him were speechless. What the hell? How could someone have a thousand consecutive wins in a place like the Scavenger Arena?

Instantly, Tian Lei’s desire for revenge disappeared without a trace. He couldn’t afford to offend this person…

At this moment, seeing Han Fei standing at the gate of the Death God Mountain, Tian Lei couldn’t help but ask, “Is this guy here for the test of the Death God Mountain?”

Someone behind Tian Lei said, “With his strength, won’t he enter the top 100?”

Qing Huo sneered. “The top 100 list? He entered the top 100 list on the first day he came. Look, the last on the top 100 list, the one named Ye Fengliu, is this guy.”

Tian Lei: “…”

All the kings: “…”

On the Death God Mountain, Han Fei stood there again, listening to the roars.

Faced with the first wave of more than a hundred living corpses, he didn’t even move. With a casual tap of his finger, a living corpse exploded.

This scene continued until the 401st living corpse. At that moment, Han Fei finally moved.

Han Fei only knew that the first place was Li Hui, who had killed 702 enemies.

According to the rules of the Death God Mountain, the strength of the living dead would increase by 1.2 times every hundred people. Han Fei felt that there was still a problem.

If Li Hui could fight 702 people, his real combat power would probably be stronger than when he was at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm.

But this was something Han Fei wanted to explore.

At this moment, facing the 401st living corpse, Han Fei resisted with his strength and burst out.


“It turns out that the amplification of the undead has decreased. No wonder. I thought it would continue to increase with this amplitude.”

According to Han Fei’s actual test, the strength of the living dead above the 400th had reached an astonishing 370,000 to 380,000 waves. This power was already top-notch in the Raging Sea. Of course, it was also because the kings of the Raging Sea hadn’t fully expanded their Origin Sea.

A moment later.

Above the 500th, the pure strength of the living dead could reach between 410,000 and 420,000 waves.

Above the 600th, the pure strength of the undead could reach more than 450,000 waves.

At this time, Chen Yan had quietly appeared on the Death God Mountain and was calculating Han Fei’s strength again.

“His strength has exceeded 450,000 waves? In ten years, it has increased by 130,000 waves?”

Chen Yan was speechless. This time, Ye Fengliu’s rise was unstoppable.

In the outside world.

Countless people had already gathered around the void stone monument outside the Death God Mountain.

When Ye Fengliu’s name appeared at the 98th place, these people became energetic. Although they knew that he would definitely improve his ranking, they still couldn’t help but want to see how high he could climb.

“Yes, the 97th place.”

“Oh, it jumped to 91st place. So fast?”

“Look, he’s ranked 80th. His ranking is rising so fast.”

“What? Why is his ranking still rising even though he has reached the 50th place?”

For a moment, everyone was speechless. At first, they exclaimed, but later, they became numb.

At this moment, Han Fei had become the 16th place. Many people were shocked.

Tian Lei asked, “Will he make it into the top ten?”

The name Ye Fengliu was climbing at a visible speed. His kills corresponded to 616, 617… The number kept going up without any sign of stopping at all.

Finally, when Han Fei killed 668 people, he entered the top ten.

Someone sighed. “This time, the Ten Thousand Scale Race actually gave birth to a super powerhouse who is not from our race?”

Someone sighed. “No, in the inner camp, there are also many Heavenly Talents of our Ten Thousand Scale Race. After all, this list is made by our Ten Thousand Scale Race.”

In the Death God Mountain.

When Han Fei killed the 700th living corpse, the phantom of a dragon octopus erupted behind him. Chen Yan keenly observed that the scales on Han Fei’s body were softening.

When the 701st living corpse hit Han Fei, the fist marks collided, and Han Fei’s body trembled like ripples, and a lot of the huge force was removed.

Chen Yan was about to record it when he suddenly found that there was another person beside him. It was Zhao Honghuang.

“Master Honghuang?”

Zhao Honghuang nodded slightly. “This is this guy’s trump card. His deflective power has reached more than 50%. It seems that it is indeed the atavism of the bloodline of the Ancient Demonic Octopus.”

Chen Yan said, “But, Master Honghuang, even if he can deflect the force, how can his soul withstand it?”

Zhao Honghuang said, “Look at the flickering faint blue ripples on his body. What is that?”

Chen Yan couldn’t help being puzzled. “Ownerless souls? Hiss… He can mobilize ownerless souls to protect his own soul?”

Zhao Honghuang couldn’t help narrowing his eyes. “It seems that his atavism this time is not simple!”


When Han Fei killed 702, Zhao Honghuang’s voice fell.

“Young man, you should know how to hide your strength. Stop at 703!”

At this moment, outside, on the void stone monument, Ye Fengliu was already ranked first.