Chapter 2192: That’s It?

Tu Meng’s heart was in turmoil. He really couldn’t understand how such a thin and weak guy could be so powerful.

Also, this guy was already so strong. Why did he only think of entering the inner camp now? According to his strength, he could have entered the inner camp a hundred years ago.

What Tu Meng didn’t know was that Han Fei had only been here for ten years.

In the outer camp, countless kings who were watching the battle were speechless. Fine, they had long known this result. It seemed that Ye Fengliu had never lost in fighting.

In fact, many people in the inner camp knew Han Fei. Many people had been invited to the arena to watch the battles, but Tu Meng didn’t know about it.

At this moment, the brawny man said, “I admit defeat.”

Han Fei retracted his hand and watched the entrance of the inner camp slowly open indifferently.

When Han Fei stepped in, Tu Meng followed him and asked, “Brother Ye, what race are you from? You completely crush me in strength. Even in the inner camp, your pure strength is at least in the top 500. How did you develop this strength in the outer camp?”

Han Fei said indifferently, “It’s all about bloodline.”

Tu Meng immediately understood. His disappointment just now was swept away. It seemed that this person’s bloodline was extremely strong. He thought to himself, That’s right. This guy looks strange, so there must be something wrong with his bloodline.

Han Fei stepped into the inner camp and found that this was not a valley, but a small world. This small world was rich in vitality, a bit like an undersea jungle. However, there were not many creatures here.

In the first place, there were not many normal creatures in the Chaotic Wasteland. Except for the ominous creatures, there were almost no normal marine creatures here, so it was not easy to see some here.

Unfortunately, the area of this undersea jungle was only less than a million kilometers, about 600,000 kilometers. And the further he went, the sparser the plants became.

As soon as Han Fei came in, he felt many perceptions sweeping over him. Because Han Fei wanted to fight, he didn’t care if there were rules here and simply swept his perception over.

As his perception scanned, he found that a million kilometers away, there were caves that had been opened. These caves seemed to be next to an earth vein, which should contain a large amount of vitality.


Before Han Fei could figure out why these people built caves based on the ground veins, he heard someone snort coldly. In the next moment, Han Fei felt that his soul was attacked by other souls.

Although he could easily shatter the soul, he still pretended to collapse. The two perceptions collided in the void, shattered, and exploded.

Han Fei’s eyes turned cold, and he looked at a cave. In front of the cave, there was a stone tablet with the number 827 engraved on it.

Seeing Han Fei cast his gaze over, someone in the cave snorted. “The inner camp hasn’t reached the point where you can pry into it as you please. Since Tu Meng was defeated, he will naturally explain it to you.”

Tu Meng didn’t expect Han Fei to be so bold. He immediately said, “Brother Ye, no matter if it’s in the inner or outer camp, no one is allowed to snoop on others at will. Since you have defeated me, you can enter my number 990 cave. I’ll clean it up briefly. There will be a detailed introduction of the inner camp in the cave.”

However, Han Fei said indifferently, “Just tell me the rules! I don’t think I can use your cave.”


Before Tu Meng could react, someone sneered. “What an arrogant newcomer. You are that Ye Fengliu who entered the outer camp for ten years and ranked 3,000th in the arena, right? Why, you’ve just entered the inner camp, but you’re already so arrogant. Are you planning to enter the top 300 in another ten years?”

Someone snorted. “Ye Fengliu, I heard that your saber Dao is extremely powerful. Not only have it fused with the Heavenly Dao, but you have also awakened your bloodline. However, are you dreaming if you think you can defeat the entire inner camp?”

Someone was puzzled. “Oh! No wonder he’s so arrogant. It turns out that he’s a top Heavenly Talent. Humph, however, those who can enter the inner camp are all Heavenly Talents.”

Someone sneered. “You might not believe it, but he is a human who accidentally ate foreign blood and became like this. Otherwise, heh, what kind of bloodline awakening can the human race have?”

“What? A human?”

“Ridiculous. How dare the human race enter the inner camp?”

“Interesting. How dare the human race be arrogant in the inner camp?”

Earlier, these people in the inner camp were only a little unhappy with Han Fei’s strength, but when they learned that Han Fei’s original body was actually a human, many people were furious.

Han Fei was speechless. What’s wrong with humans? Did humans eat your rice or abduct your daughter?

Where did the Ten Thousand Scale Race and the human race get such a huge grudge?

However, Han Fei didn’t care about their reaction. He said indifferently, “Since you’re not convinced, let’s fight! Does that 827 guy dare to accept my challenge?”

Han Fei didn’t know if the inner camp could fight in disregard of ranking. If they could, who would be willing to fight them one by one? If he fought ten battles a day, it would take months, right?

“Humph! Ridiculous. Come and provoke me after you understand the rules. Besides, I’m waiting for you.”

In Cave Number 827, a voice sounded with disdain.

Han Fei couldn’t help looking at Tu Meng, who also looked at Han Fei speechlessly. In fact, he didn’t like humans either, but he had lost. Besides, how could Han Fei be considered a human now?

Therefore, Tu Meng explained, “You can only challenge one by one according to their rankings in the inner camp. This is an Origin Ground where the world origin hasn’t been deprived at all. Ranking means how much world origin you can enjoy. If you know something about world origin, you will know how rare an opportunity to cultivate in the inner camp is.”


Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Could he obtain world origin by cultivating here? He couldn’t help but look at the caves. He had thought that they were just connected to the ground veins, but now it seemed that it was a kind of release of world origin.

“No wonder, but in that case, it suits me.”

Han Fei asked indifferently, “Where is the 989th place?”

Someone sneered. “Is this brat really going to challenge us one by one?”

“How arrogant. Let’s see how far he can go.”

As soon as Han Fei said so, a female powerhouse of the Ten Thousand Scale Race stood up and sneered. “Tu Meng’s soul is not strong enough. I’m not surprised that he lost. If you want to challenge me, come on!”

Tu Meng thought to himself, I didn’t see Ye Fengliu’s soul power. However, I can’t suffer alone. You should see how strong this newcomer is.

The battlefield of the inner camp was actually very vast. What Han Fei saw was only the caves of these people, which were their cultivation places. All other places were considered the battlefield of the inner camp.

As for the inner camp, it was also a training ground. Outside these people’s caves, in the depths of the small world, there were some powerful sea beasts. People often went to fight sea beasts to stimulate their potential.

The place Han Fei was was only a million kilometers away from the cultivation places of the kings.

At this moment, opposite Han Fei, the woman sneered. “Ye Fengliu, I’ve seen you fight. You’re a body refiner like Tu Meng. Your soul power is mediocre, but your saber technique is not bad. If you use your saber, you might have a chance to win.”

Han Fei said, “I won’t draw my knife easily.”

Hearing Han Fei’s cold words, many people joked.

“Lin Shuang, look, he doesn’t take you seriously at all. I definitely can’t stand it.”

“Lin Shuang, the newcomer is too arrogant. Let’s see if you have the ability to take him down.”

“Lin Shuang, if you can’t take him down, you can let him come over. I don’t mind teaching him a lesson for you.”

Lin Shuang sneered. “You want to take away my cave? In your dreams.”

Han Fei didn’t know how much of the World Origin they were talking about here. If there were as many as the World Origin Fruit Chen Yan gave him, it would be perfect.

“Puff ~”

Lin Shuang immediately took action. She weaved a net with her soul power and grabbed a black steel needle, which turned into thousands of needles and seemed to pierce Han Fei into a beehive.

Han Fei casually slashed at the net, but his knife didn’t leave the sheath. The knife light cut through the soul net and found that there was an abnormal power absorbing his knife Qi.

“Humph! This net can swallow all forces. Otherwise, why do you think Tu Meng can’t beat me?”

However, in the next moment, Han Fei’s body moved slightly, and the soul power between his eyebrows burst out, turning into a sword and slashing at the void. The soul net was instantly torn apart.

“Huh? His soul turned into a knife? This person’s soul is not weak!”

Lin Shuang’s expression changed slightly. Ye Fengliu’s soul was much stronger than she had imagined. However, she wanted to see how he would block her Soul Subduing Needle.

Unfortunately, Han Fei’s body emitted a faint blue light, which was the materialization of ownerless souls.

Clank, Clank, Clank ~

When the dense flying needles fell on Han Fei, none of them could break the ownerless soul barrier that was protecting him.

Han Fei took a deep look at Lin Shuang and said indifferently, “That’s it?”