Chapter 2194: Ten-Layered Tribulation Pill

Just like when Han Fei challenged the arena ranking every day, this crazy challenge lasted for more than a month.

In just a month, Han Fei had reached the 500th place. In the inner camp of the law enforcement camp, this was a record that almost never appeared before.

Chen Yan would take some time to check Han Fei’s challenge progress every day.

Today was the critical moment for Han Fei to enter the top 500 of the inner camp. Therefore, all the strong masters in the inner camp that didn’t go out were basically watching the battle here.

In fact, there were less than 300 people in the top 500 in the inner camp. The others had all participated in various missions.

Therefore, the top 500 was not the key. This ranking only represented Han Fei’s potential in the City of Scavengers.

Being able to enter the top five hundred of the inner camp meant that Han Fei was qualified to be one of the top powerhouses in the City of Scavengers. His opportunity to open the sky and his strength after opening the sky would be greater.

In fact, those who could enter the inner camp all had the possibility of opening the sky.

However, the ones who could really win the higher-up’s favor were still the top hundred.

At this moment, standing opposite Han Fei was a king of the Ten Thousand Scale Race who exuded a strong murderous aura. This person must have cultivated some strange technique to have such an aura.

The man said, “The more you fight, the slower you will be. At this point, you can only fight six people a day. I might not be able to win, but I don’t believe you can enter the top hundred all the way. Then, let’s fight!”

A huge dark red axe appeared in this person’s hand, and with the axe, a black chain appeared.


This person grabbed the chain and waved it in an arc. His strength was comparable to Tu Meng.

Han Fei wanted to rush forward, but this person clearly deliberately revealed a flaw. He was holding a chain in his left hand.

Han Fei raised his long knife to his side.


Han Fei’s figure was knocked dozens of meters away. Receiving this blow, Han Fei couldn’t help but realize that this giant axe had the ability to absorb power.

“Interesting. You want to absorb my power to increase your strength?”

After the tentative attack, seeing that Han Fei didn’t attack, the man suddenly drew back the giant axe and grabbed it. At that moment, Han Fei saw that he was also holding a dark red giant axe in his left hand.

“Your saber Dao has entered the Heavenly Dao. Then let me show you my axe Dao who has entered the Heavenly Dao too.”


Behind this person, a huge shadow appeared, and the two axes slashed angrily. It was as if a light broke through the sky, and the suppressing pressure of the Great Dao descended. Under the murderous aura, Han Fei was a little surprised. This person’s murderous aura was really strong.

Among the powerhouses watching the battle, someone said with a faint smile, “Guo Meng has been to the Infinite Mining Area to study. He has been in seclusion all these years. His real strength is more than the 500th place. I wonder if Ye Fengliu can block this axe.”

After seeing this axe, Han Fei knew that he couldn’t continue to hide his strength. This person’s strength was definitely not the 500th place. Compared to the people before, this person’s strength was almost doubled.

Han Fei didn’t believe that any random king ranking 500th could produce such an attack. In this axe, murderous aura soaked the soul, power was mixed in, and the will of the Heavenly Dao enhanced its power.

Han Fei guessed that it didn’t make sense for this person to rank 500th.

Boom ~

Han Fei raised his hand and pried open the sheath with his thumb.

Instantly, everyone’s eyes widened. Was this guy finally going to draw his knife?

“Good lord, he has been holding it in until now. Does he nurture his saber again?”

“It shouldn’t be a saber nurturing technique in such a short time. It should be what he comprehended in the Scavenger Arena.”

A strong master ranking about 300th said solemnly, “I can’t withstand Guo Meng’s axe. He has been in seclusion since he came back from the Infinite Mining Area. I didn’t expect him to hide his real strength so well.”

Someone nodded. “That’s right. This axe has already fused with the Heavenly Dao. We can’t tell if it’s his own Dao or the Heavenly Dao.”


With the sound of metal friction, Han Fei held the sheath in one hand and the knife in the other. The sound of the long knife pulling seemed to have been ringing for a long time, but in fact, it was only for a moment.

With a shining knife light, before the knife was completely unsheathed, within a thousand kilometers, it formed a knife hell, attracting all things into knives. The moment the long knife was drawn out, many people seemed to be frozen in the moment Han Fei drew out the knife, as if Han Fei would never finish drawing his saber.

“Drawing Technique ~”

When the Draw Technique and the Blade Inferno fused, the kings couldn’t tell if Han Fei had pulled out the knife or if he had hidden billions of knife lights in the sheath.


The knife and axe collided, and the sound was crisp and continuous. At that moment, the sky changed color and streams of light flew everywhere. It seemed that the winner hadn’t been decided, but billions of knife lights swept across where Guo Meng was.

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Knife marks kept appearing on Guo Meng’s body, one turning into ten, ten into a hundred, and then densely covering his body.

A trace of blood appeared at the corner of Han Fei’s mouth.

At that moment, a strong master in the inner camp suddenly stood up, his eyes flashing. “Both of them have already fused with the Heavenly Dao?”

A woman opened her eyes slightly. “In terms of this blow alone, these two people are close to the top 100. Unfortunately, such an attack needs a long time to be launched. Therefore, their real combat power is between the top 100 and the top 200.”

Crack ~

Suddenly, Guo Meng felt a sense of powerlessness from the giant axes. He put his axes together, and an Immortal Qi burst out, barely blocking Han Fei’s attack, and he retreated thousands of kilometers.

When he stopped, Guo Meng narrowed his eyes, looked at the giant axe in his hand that had a crack, and slowly put it away.

“Okay! You win this battle!”

Someone exclaimed, “Guo Meng, you admit defeat?”

Guo Meng sneered. “It’s just a competition. Is it more important than my battle axe?”

Then, Guo Meng glanced at Han Fei. “Your knife is about the same, right?”

Because Han Fei had already put away his knife, others couldn’t see it, but from what Guo Meng said, Han Fei didn’t seem to win anyway.

Therefore, someone heaved a sigh of relief. “Phew! I thought he was going to win again. It seems that he is finally going to stop at the top 500.”

“Stop? I don’t know where you get the confidence to say that. The strength of these two people has clearly exceeded the 500th place. Even if they increase by 200 places, no one will say anything. How can you say stop?”

“Huh? So strong?”

“Of course. Look at their expressions. Do they look relaxed?”

Someone couldn’t help but glance at the top 500 powerhouses and found that most of them looked solemn, as if they were still recalling the battle just now.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared.

The kings immediately cupped their hands. “Greetings, Master Law Enforcer.”

Chen Yan nodded slightly, glanced at Guo Meng and Han Fei, and then said, “Guo Meng has fused with the Heavenly Dao. According to previous strength tests, he is ranked 237th in the inner camp. Any objections?”

As he spoke, Chen Yan looked at a person, who was ranked 237th. However, that person hadn’t completely fused with the Heavenly Dao.

The man hurriedly said, “Master Law Enforcer, I have no objection.”

Chen Yan continued, “Ye Fengliu has already fused with the Heavenly Dao. Although he has the upper hand in this battle against Guo Meng, he has the suspicion of nurturing his saber, so he is ranked 238th in the inner camp. Any objections?”

The powerhouse who had just been replaced by Guo Meng smiled bitterly and said again, “I have no objection.”

He was speechless and took two steps back.

However, as Chen Yan said, he could resist neither Guo Meng nor Ye Fengliu according to the power that the two of them had just shown.

Even if he could barely take it, he would be powerless to fight again. Therefore, he was convinced by the ranking this time.

Then, Chen Yan said, “Ye Fengliu, come with me.”

Originally, Chen Yan didn’t want everyone to see him giving special treatment to Ye Fengliu, but there was nothing he could do. This was the will of Master Honghuang.

Another moment later.

In the undersea jungle of the law enforcement camp.

Chen Yan took Han Fei here and said, “Master Honghuang, Ye Fengliu is here.”

“OK! Let him in!”

Chen Yan looked at Han Fei. “Boy, you’re lucky. Go!”

Seeing Zhao Honghuang again, the latter looked at Han Fei for ten seconds.

But Han Fei was unmoved. I don’t believe you can see through me.

Sure enough, after a minute, Zhao Honghuang finally retracted his scrutinizing gaze and said indifferently, “Who taught you this knife technique?”

Han Fei said, “Master Honghuang, I once saw a knife in my inherited memories. I visualized it every day and finally entered this realm.”

Zhao Honghuang nodded slightly. If that was the case, it made sense. However, from another perspective, if Han Fei got it from his inherited memories, then he was no longer completely a human. It could be said that he was half-beast and half-human. If he had a bloodline avatism again in the future, he might directly become an octopus.

Zhao Honghuang said, “There’s no need for you to carry out the inner camp challenge for the time being. I’ll give you an opportunity, an opportunity to obtain a World Origin Fruit. Do you want it?”

Han Fei suddenly raised his head, his eyes shining.

Zhao Honghuang was very satisfied with Han Fei’s expression.

He said leisurely, “The World Origin Fruit will only be born in revived primitive graveyards and Origin Grounds. And in the Chaotic Wasteland, such a revived place is extremely difficult to find. Every revived place is found by people at a great price. Therefore, I can’t give it to you easily.”

Han Fei wondered what Zhao Honghuang was up to.

“Please enlighten me, Master Honghuang.”

Zhao Honghuang held a red pill in his hand. “I don’t believe in absolute loyalty. Even the people of the Ten Thousand Scale Race don’t have absolute loyalty. If you want an opportunity, take this ten-layered tribulation pill.”