Chapter 2203: When Enemies Meet

Had Nezha met Bai Ranran?

Han Fei thought to himself, I haven’t seen Bai Ranran’s strength, but I know the strength of Tian Hong and Ghost Blade. In terms of pure strength, Nezha shouldn’t be as strong as Tian Hong.

However, if the potential of Nezha had been fully tapped, neither Tian Hong nor Ghost Blade would be a match for him.

Han Fei had never seen Bai Ranran fight in person. This should be the strongest in the City of Scavengers. He didn’t know the difference between the strongest, second strongest, and the top seven or eight.

However, with his understanding of the peak of the Sea Establishment realm, she shouldn’t be stronger than him back then, even if Bai Ranran had used World Origin to fully tap her potential when she was in the Sea Establishment realm.

After all, whether it was bloodline, spiritual heritage, talent, combat skills, or cultivation techniques, Bai Ranran shouldn’t be able to compare to him in any of them.

Another reason why Han Fei felt that Bai Ranran wasn’t as strong as he was back then was that from the memories of Nezha, he learned that Bai Ranran once fought Butcher An one-on-one. Although Butcher An was beaten up, he didn’t die.

And Nezha had also fought Butcher An one-on-one. Their strength was about the same, and neither of them was stronger than the other. From this, it could be seen that the combat power at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm became comprehensive combat power in the end, although Han Fei felt that after reaching a certain realm, comprehensive combat power was simply impossible to measure.


Han Fei was considering whether to kill Wu Hai first before Bai Ranran came in, but then a roar came. It was none other than Butcher An.

“Damn it, another one. I’d like to see who can kill my people again.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Wow, all the strong masters of the three parties are here.

With the arrival of the strong masters from the three parties, Zhao Mo, who was actually Han Fei, completely erupted. The fake Triangular Divine Seal appeared between his eyebrows, and his body was covered in blood. He didn’t hesitate to burn his life force. One of his arms was cut off and turned into a cold knife light.

Seeing this, Wu Hai’s expression changed drastically. “Are you crazy? This is just a trial. Why should we fight to the death?”

However, Han Fei didn’t listen at all. He pretended to attack with all his strength, but Wu Hai could only bite the bullet and block it. He took out another token. It seemed that he was going to continue to kill Han Fei with his “plug-in”.

Han Fei’s lips curled. If you want to die, I can help you!

At this moment, a soul mark burst out between Han Fei’s eyebrows, unleashing the combat power of the sky opening realm. When the sword light in the token slashed down, it wasn’t unstoppable as just now.

However, it was an attack of the top ten lords level after all. Han Fei pretended that he could only barely resist it, but after holding on for five or six seconds, his defense was finally broken.

“Puff ~”

Han Fei’s body was minced into pieces, and Wu Hai was not much better. He was secretly seriously injured by Han Fei and half of his soul was destroyed. For a moment, he was stunned and couldn’t even distinguish north, south, east, and west.

The battle in the sandstorm naturally attracted the attention of Bai Ranran and Butcher An. Bai Ranran didn’t tangle with Nezha and directly rushed into the sandstorm.

Butcher An also rushed in without stopping. Yu Nan had already died, so he didn’t want another one to die. Otherwise, almost all the people he led this time would die.

More importantly, this was only the No.9 Revived Place. In their opinion, this was just an ordinary trial that wasn’t very dangerous! It was just to nurture newcomers.

Controlling Zhao Mo, Han Fei roared, “The Ten Thousand Scale Race doesn’t care about morals. They used the combat power of the sky opening realm.”


After Zhao Mo shouted this, he exploded. However, no one knew that he had controlled time to construct a Great Dao Crack in the sky.

At the moment when Butcher An rushed over, Zhao Mo was gone. The Heavenly Dao crack appeared, and thunder rumbled nonstop.

“F*ck you…”


This time, Butcher An was furious. He had almost arrived, but in less than a second, Zhao Mo was gone.

Ghost Blade arrived at the battlefield almost at the same time as Butcher An. Seeing that Wu Hai’s token was still there, there were still remnants of the power of the Sky Opening realm here.

At this moment, half of Wu Hai’s mind and soul had been destroyed and he had lost his combat power. Butcher An immediately rushed at this person angrily.



Two lights collided in the void. Butcher An roared, “Get lost!”

The big fodder chopper slashed out horizontally for three thousand kilometers. Ghost Blade blocked with his two knives but failed to snatch Wu Hai away. After all, he was fast, but the talent of the Heavenly Cicada Family was speed.

At this moment, Butcher An was trembling with anger.

“Good, good, what a City of Scavengers, what a great sky opening-realm combat power. You don’t follow the rules. F*ck, do you still want to play? If you have balls, wait in the No.3 Revived Place. I’ll kill you all.”

Bai Ranran and Tian Hong arrived one after another. Bai Ranran frowned slightly. She didn’t expect this either. She knew Wu Hai. He was a member of the Wu family who ranked seventh in the top ten lords and one of the strongest seedlings among the top ten lord families in the past hundred years. He was ranked 67th in the inner camp.

Wu Hai was one of the people in Bai Ranran’s heart who was most unlikely to die this time, but at this moment, he was held in the hand of Butcher An. It seemed that he was doomed.

As for Butcher An, he was full of killing intent. The dragon on the fodder chopper seemed to be half alive. It bit Wu Hai and tore him in half.

Bai Ranran saw hundreds of ghost shadows tearing Wu Hai’s body and swallowing him alive.

Rumble! Rumble!

The Great Dao crack appeared again, but this couldn’t appease Butcher An’s anger.

He gnashed his teeth and said, “It’s just the No.9 Revived Place. Can’t you play fair and square? Bai Ranran, this is the second time. Do you really think I’m afraid of you?”

Bai Ranran didn’t care about Butcher An’s words at all. Instead, she glanced at Ghost Blade. “The World Origin.”


Ghost Blade disappeared and came to find World Origin.

However, Nezha arrived before Ghost Blade.

Nezha arrived with Long Yue and another young man.

Long Yue exclaimed in surprise, “Nezha, isn’t your navigator too useful? If others knew this, they would definitely chase you like crazy.”

Nezha said, “Shh! Shut up! Only the three of us know this. If you keep shouting, the whole world will know.”

Long Yue didn’t think much of it. “Heh! Bai Ranran and Butcher An are probably fighting now. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be such a chaos this time. It’s only the No.9 Revived Place, but they’re already fighting like this. Wouldn’t they go crazy when they reach the No.3 Revived Place?”

Nezha thought to himself, What do you know? If it weren’t for my original body causing trouble, do you think a lot of people on both sides would have died? And this is only what we could see. There must be several people who were killed, which we didn’t know.

Suddenly, Nezha’s heart stirred. He waved his Chaotic Sky Silk and flew out.

“Ghost Blade, now that the thing is in my hands, you think you can snatch it?”

With that, Nezha rushed out, and Long Yue harvested the World Origin with her sickle.

Beside Long Yue, a strange-looking tree man demonic plant with six spears on his back was spinning the two short spears in his hand. “Should we keep Ghost Blade here forever?”

Long Yue said, “You’re thinking too much. Ghost Blade is too fast, and he has a Death Replacement Art. Nezha has killed him three times but still hasn’t really killed him. How can you keep him here forever?”

Boom ~

The World Origin Fruit was picked, the power of the Devouring Worm disappeared, and the entire sandstorm suddenly stopped in the void and scattered.

Bai Ranran and Butcher An were fighting.

However, no matter how much Butcher An clamored to kill Bai Ranran, at this moment, he was sent flying in the sky by a series of seals, and the Wall of Ghouls was useless.

Butcher An was also a little puzzled. You f*cking ambushed and killed two of my people first. Now, someone on your side actually used the power of the sky opening realm to kill two more of my people.

Shouldn’t I be the angry one? Why do I feel that you are even angrier than me?

Butcher An didn’t know that a certain someone had already used his image to provoke Bai Ranran and blatantly shouted that he wanted to bed her.

How could Bai Ranran tolerate it? She didn’t speak much in the first place. Since they were enemies, she certainly wouldn’t show any mercy.

However, this rude Butcher An was full of obscene words and provoked her to her face. Besides, Wu Hai, whom she valued the most, had been killed. How could she not be angry?

While the battle was going on, a fiery light flashed across the sky, and Ghost Blade returned to the battlefield where Bai Ranran and the others were.

Tian Hong and Ghost Blade blocked Nezha.

Nezha said indifferently, “The City of Scavengers recklessly used the power of the Sky Opening realm. Do you have any explanation?”

Butcher An also roared, “Bai Ranran, you b*tch, when we go back this time, I will definitely not let you off. Nezha, do you dare to join forces with me to kill these three?”

Nezha pretended to think for a moment. “Okay!”

Bai Ranran naturally disdained to explain. Wu Hai’s identity was not ordinary, and it was normal for him to have the means of the Sky Opening realm. Even the City of Wanderers and the City of Origin demanded explanations, she would have plenty of excuses.

The Nezha avatar charged at Ghost Blade and Tian Hong alone.

Outside the chaotic battle, Long Yue and the strange tree man were watching the battle.

Long Yue asked, “Li Kanli, are you going to help him?”

The two of them estimated that if they attacked with all their strength, they might really have a chance to kill one of them.

Suddenly, the two of them looked back at the same time. A million kilometers away, they saw a man covered in red scales and with a long knife floating behind him appear in their vision.