Chapter 2210: Into the Impasse

Three months later.


On the City of Scavengers’ side, two kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race appeared one after another.

This was the 12th time in the past three months that someone had abandoned the competition. A total of 17 people of the City of Scavengers had returned.

The emperor who led the team this time was Qiu Shoucang, who was ranked second among the top ten lords. Currently, among the three major powers, the City of Scavengers had the most people who abandoned the competition, which made him lose face.

After all, the people who participated in the exploration of the No. 3 Revived Place were all elites among elites, and almost no one was weak. Why did so many of them abandon the competition?

On the City of Origin’s side, there were only 11 people who had given up on this competition, and there were only 5 people from the City of Wanderers. How could he accept it?

He could actually understand why few people in the City of Wanderers gave up the competition. After all, those guys from the City of Wanderers were all like lunatics in combat. How could you expect lunatics to quit the competition?

But on the City of Origin’s side, the number of people who abandoned the competition was so much less than theirs. This made him feel terrible.

Besides, Qiu Shoucang knew that in addition to those who abandoned the competition, many strong masters from the City of Scavengers had died. Those who participated in the exploration of the No. 3 Revived Place all had life tablets left with him.N

However, in just three months, 46 life tablets had been broken.

Qiu Shoucang knew that the exploration of the No. 3 Revived Place this time was very difficult. Because the three major powers were exploring together, it was inevitable for them to fight each other, so he could understand why there was a high probability of death.

However, he estimated that it was normal for about 20% of the participants to die in a year.

But it had only been three months, and more than 20% of the people had died. What if a year later?

Qiu Shoucang looked at the two people who were teleported back with an ugly expression and snorted. “Tell me, were you ambushed too, or did you encounter a powerful enemy?”

One of them said, “My lord, we were indeed ambushed. The four of us encountered nine sea beasts. These sea beasts are mostly demonic plants and have concealment methods that we can’t defend against. We knew that we would die if we stayed, so we had to…”

Another person hurriedly said, “My lord, you might not believe it, but this is the second time we’ve been ambushed.”

Qiu Shoucang frowned. It was only natural since these natives were intelligent, but this crazy ambush was infuriating.

But Qiu Shoucang still said angrily, “Are you all f*cking idiots? They know how to ambush, but why didn’t you stay together?”

One of them said, “My lord, we discovered as early as a month ago that these primitive creatures like to stay together in a forbidden place. Therefore, we all summoned our compatriots and moved out together. However, we guess that the others should have the same thoughts as us. They all formed teams one after another. Some people formed large teams, while others formed small teams. Now, when we summon our compatriots, we basically can’t find anyone who is alone.”

Another person added, “Besides, there are more treasures in the No. 3 Revived Place, and most of the areas we explore are different. The two of us encountered each other before and explored together. However, there were eight of us back then, but now only the two of us are left.”

On the other side.

Xing Yu shouted, “Qiu Shoucang, there are so many people in the City of Scavengers who are afraid of death! Now that two more have returned, you might as well let them all abandon the competition. If you guys are not capable, don’t force yourselves!”

Qiu Shoucang sneered. “Humph! Xing Yu, I don’t believe that the number of casualties in the City of Wanderers will be small.”

Xing Yu smiled faintly. “Which person in the City of Wanderers hasn’t wandered on the edge of death? We know better about how to seize the opportunity! Which path of cultivation isn’t full of bones?”


While Xing Yu was teasing Qiu Shoucang, the strong masters in the City of Origin were also disappointed. Four members of the An family had died, and 37 had died. This number had greatly exceeded his expectations.

They had also scanned this place with their perception, but there were indeed only Sea Establishment Realm creatures in this world! These primitive natives could only borrow the power of their Life Origin. Was it really so difficult to fight them?

Xing Yu didn’t know what Qiu Shoucang and the emperor of the An family were thinking, but he knew that so far, only five people had died on the City of Wanderers’ side.

Besides, he had asked the people who had returned from the competition and already knew about the cooperation between Nezha and the primitive natives. He thought that before he came, the Master of Silence had specially instructed that no matter what happened on this trip, he should watch more and say less and let Nezha do whatever he wanted.

At first, Xing Yu thought that Nezha would stir up a storm and cause a few big melees. However, who knew that this guy could cooperate with the natives? Judging from the looks of Qiu Shoucang and An Taiping and the number of people on their side who had abandoned the competition, many of them had probably died, at least two or three times more than on their side.

Xing Yu was very curious. What would Nezha do in the end?

Now, inside the No. 3 Revived Place, the exploration had changed from individual exploration to team exploration. This must have been deliberately done by Nezha. He wanted to force the City of Origin and the City of Scavengers to gather their people through the natives.

“Is this guy trying to kill all of them in one fell swoop? This is too outrageous!”

Inside the No. 3 Revived Place, Han Fei was standing outside a dark abyss. The World Origin was dissipating from here.

According to the degree of dissipation of the World Origin, the speed of dissipation was at least ten times faster than ordinary primitive graveyards that had just recovered.

Unfortunately, it was still too little for him.

He had thought that he could go in and take a look, but when Han Fei calculated with the Nine Palace Luck Ruler, he found that the divination result was an impasse.

Han Fei didn’t quite understand. After all, this was just a revived place and had once been destroyed. What danger was there here that could put him in an impasse?

However, Han Fei also knew that an impasse often represented great opportunities. If it weren’t for the fact that there was a hunt going on outside, he might have already gone down.

At this moment, the Clam Girl walked over. “Brother Ren, the people of the two major forces have basically joined forces. If we don’t show up, it will be difficult for us to ambush them again.”

Han Fei didn’t answer the question but asked, “Have any of you tried going down?”

The Clam Girl was briefly stunned. “Yes, but all those who went down were killed.”

Han Fei curled his lips slightly. If he fully unleashed his strength, he was definitely on the level of the top ten lords of the City of Scavengers. Besides, now the Emperor Sparrow no longer resisted him. If they joined forces, he might have a chance of survival.

Han Fei raised his head. Killing the kings of these two forces was not his purpose. In addition to Nezha’s hunting behavior, Han Fei had asked the four primitive Sky Openers to set up as many as a dozen traps in the No. 3 Revived Place. Each trap was guarded by at least seven or eight Sea Establishment Realm powerhouses. Those were not ordinary Sea Establishment Realm powerhouses, but peak Sea Establishers. This was already all the peak Sea Establishers in the No. 3 Revived Place.

Han Fei said, “There are many kings in this world, and we can’t kill them all. Besides, there are still emperors outside, which is not something a small world can resist at all. Next, we need to sacrifice.”


The Clam Girl frowned slightly. “What do you mean?”

Han Fei said, “We’ve been lying in ambush for three months, and we’ve killed a lot of people. However, we can’t keep winning like this, or the other party will be suspicious. Once their Sky Openers take action, we can’t play this game anymore. Therefore, we have to pay the necessary sacrifices. On my side, there will also be many sacrifices.”

Clam Girl: “Fight them head-on?”

Han Fei said, “If you can, just ambush them. Anyway, when the number of strong masters on both sides is about the same, you can only fight them head-on. Of course, my men will help. You won’t fight alone.”

The Clam Girl was silent for a long time. “How do we know that you’re not using us to suppress your opponent?”

Han Fei chuckled. “Do you think it’s fun for me, a Sky Opener, to sneak into the Sea Establishers?”

While the Clam Girl was puzzled, Han Fei said, “If it’s just these Sea Establishers, I can kill them all in two years. But why did I cooperate with you?”

The Clam Girl asked, “Why?”

Han Fei said, “I once came from a small world like yours. Therefore, I don’t have any intention of destroying you. We’re both in the same boat. After you leave this place, you’ll probably walk the path of resisting these two forces. It’s only natural that I help you. You have no reason not to believe me, because you won’t be of much use to me, and you won’t become one of my helpers…”

The Clam Girl took a deep breath. “Okay, but I still want to avoid large-scale casualties as much as possible.”

Han Fei smiled. “Of course.”

After another few months.

Han Fei went to see Nezha. After synchronizing some of his thoughts and information, he returned to the black hole abyss.

He decided to take the risk.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t been in an impasse before. If it really didn’t work out, he could turn to Eldest Senior Brother for help.

But now, he had to grab all the opportunities. Obviously, although the opportunity in front of him was extremely dangerous, the benefits would definitely not be small.

Therefore, in the eyes of the Clam Girl and the other emperors, Han Fei jumped into the black hole abyss.

The big crab sighed. “Is he crazy? Did he really jump in?”

The squid asked, “If he dies, who will do what he promised me? His avatar?”

Clam Girl: “He said that it has been arranged.”

The jellyfish asked, “Can we believe him?”

The Clam Girl said, “He seems to have no need to lie to us. He even dares to jump into the Abyss of Death.”