Chapter 2211: Evil Spirit Disaster

When he jumped into the dark abyss, Han Fei had already summoned the Emperor Sparrow.

Han Fei said, “We will enter an extremely dangerous place. If we encounter any danger, I hope you can unleash your strongest strength.”

The Emperor Sparrow was lost for words. “In the end, I’m not very strong now. In terms of combat power, I’m only in the Sky Opening realm. Huh! Why do I feel that this place has the smell of ancient times?”

Han Fei thought to himself, Wherever you go, there will be the smell of ancient times.

Han Fei said, “This is a primitive graveyard that has been dormant for a long time. Now that nearly half of it has recovered, this is the only and most dangerous place in this world.”

As if to confirm Han Fei’s words, or maybe to confirm the Emperor Sparrow’s words, a scorching and pungent smell full of sulfur instantly rushed into Han Fei’s nose.

When Han Fei took a closer look, he found that it was no longer dark but a dark red world. When Han Fei looked back, he found that he wanted to enter an independent small world.

The Emperor Sparrow said, “This is not an independent small world, but an ancient desolate land. This place is very nutritious for me. You are really…lucky.”

Han Fei’s face changed slightly. “Lucky? There must be great danger here.”

The Emperor Sparrow sneered. “Then let’s see who is fiercer.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei released his perception. Although this so-called ancient desolate land wouldn’t reject perception, maybe because of the high level of power here, Han Fei’s perception was more than ten times less than before, and his perception only reached a hundred thousand kilometers.


Han Fei landed on the ground, which was still burning in many places. There were often some exposed barren land that emitted sizzling sounds, caused by the pale yellow flammable gas spewing out of the ground.

As far as Han Fei could see, there was a huge fish bone more than 200 kilometers long. Only a small part of it was left outside. The fish bone was covered with various yellow dust and dark red plants, so it was not easy to recognize.

There were many corpses of marine creatures everywhere. There were even broken clam shells and other things scattered everywhere.

Standing on Han Fei’s shoulder, the Emperor Sparrow held his head high and said, “I smell something bad.”

Han Fei’s lips twitched. “There must be a great danger here, but I haven’t seen it yet.”

Han Fei thought that he should search with the Vast Ocean Navigator first. Where was the opportunity in this damn place?

As soon as Han Fei took out his fishing rod, the ground suddenly trembled. Then, sand and stones flew in the air, and the messy bones began to gather. The murderous aura in the surroundings was also gathering.

Under Han Fei’s watch, at least tens of thousands of bones flew into the sky and combined into a bone dragon.

The bone dragon’s eyes were ignited by murderous aura and then spread throughout its body, forming a feeling of being possessed by fiery murderous aura, as if its entire body was burning with raging flames.

The Emperor Sparrow narrowed his eyes and said, “an evil spirit?”

Han Fei was puzzled. “What is an evil spirit?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “In ancient times, a massive number of people died here, causing the resentment of the creatures here to persist for a long time. That’s why the murderous aura here is so strong. It’s because their corpses, their bones, and their souls that have dissipated in the past are all filled with resentment. When this murderous aura accumulates day by day, after a long time of gathering and precipitating, it will give birth to evil spirits. The evil spirits have already given birth to their own consciousness…”

Han Fei was about to take a closer look, when the Emperor Sparrow said, “For me, this is a great tonic.”

Han Fei said, “Whether it’s a great tonic or not, let’s cripple it first.”

Therefore, Han Fei flashed and came to the huge bone dragon. Information popped up in his eyes.

< Name > Blood Dragon Evil Spirit (Mutated)

< Introduction > The Blood Dragon that died in the past, because of its obsession, swallowed the murderous aura on the battlefield and became an evil spirit. The evil spirit can drive the violent side of the Blood Dragon. The evil spirit has an incomplete consciousness, is brutal, and likes to kill. The powerful evil spirit will attract more evil spirits.

< Level > 100

< Quality > Primordial Mutant

< Realm > Sky Opening

< Evil Energy > 16,589 wisps

< Battle Technique > Bloody Storm, Eyes of Corrosion, Blood Fiend Breath

< Collectible > Evil Bead


< Remarks > Evil spirit can disturb the mind.

When Han Fei saw the level of this thing, he couldn’t have felt worse. Sky Opening realm? A pile of bones could be considered a f*cking Sky Opening realm?

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Are these evil spirits also going to transcend the heavenly tribulation and explore their Origin Seas?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “No need. In this world, not all creatures want to explore the Origin Sea. Evil spirits are essentially a kind of high-intensity spiritual body. Just like your soul, when the soul strength reaches the level of the Sky Opening realm, the evil spirits formed have the strength of the Sky Opening realm. After all, their strength might have reached the Sky Opening realm when they were alive.”

Han Fei was lost for words. “So, this thing can directly skip Sea Establishment and Sky Opening?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “In my inherited memories, there were emperor-level evil spirits. Special creatures like them are like the convergence of ominous energy. Most of them grow by swallowing each other.”


With a dragon roar, the Bone Dragon evil spirit rose to the sky and spewed at Han Fei in midair. The raging flames with destructive power swept across the ground and burned at Han Fei.

How could Han Fei be repelled by this mere dragon flame? He sneered. “I’d like to see how different the evil spirits of the Sky Opening realm are.”

As Han Fei slashed out, invincible Dao runes burst out, and he shattered the dragon flames with a single slash. The remaining power slashed at the head of the Bone Dragon, producing a loud clang.

The echo echoed, but the bone dragon resisted it as if nothing had happened.

The Emperor Sparrow said, “In this place full of murderous aura, unless you shatter it, you won’t be able to kill it.”

Han Fei sneered. “Then I’ll shatter it.”

Han Fei stepped across the sky and slashed out with the Draw Technique, and billions of sword streams surged like a tide.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Ka ka ka ~

The bone dragon was instantly cut into countless pieces. It tried to resist, and condensed the murderous aura into a storm, and two waves of fire spewed out of its eyes. When its weird eyes stared at Han Fei, Han Fei felt extremely angry.

However, this anger was quickly suppressed by Han Fei. He knew that the murderous aura was corroding his mind. However, how could a bone dragon shake him, the Human Emperor?

When the Invincible Fist wrapped the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique and the purification power fell on the bone dragon, the latter wailed and writhed. Han Fei stepped in front of the bone dragon, grabbed the dragon skull with his void hand, and suddenly tore it apart, tearing the bone dragon’s body apart and blowing up its head on the spot.

The Emperor Sparrow said, “Let me.”

“Tweet ~”

A sharp cry sounded, and the infinite murderous aura was swallowed by the Emperor Sparrow. While the Emperor Sparrow was swallowing and spitting, Han Fei saw that there seemed to be a twisted thing struggling ferociously in the murderous aura.

An evil bead was held in the Emperor Sparrow’s mouth. He raised his head and swallowed it.

Unfortunately, the bone dragon encountered an abnormal creature like the Emperor Sparrow, who was born with part of the power of a Monarch. It was very difficult to deal with him.

After dozens of seconds, after the Emperor Sparrow swallowed the evil spirit, he seemed to become more handsome.

However, when the Emperor Sparrow swallowed the bone dragon, Han Fei was speechless. Within his perception range, one evil spirit after another was gathering again.

Some gathered into a strange big bird, some turned into a one-horned ferocious beast, and some turned into a beetle. These creatures were all charging at Han Fei.

It was not that Han Fei was afraid of these creatures, but why were there five or six evil spirits in a mere hundred thousand kilometers?

When Han Fei took a closer look, almost every one of them was as powerful as the Bone Dragon evil spirit just now.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Han Fei didn’t hold back anymore. He activated his Great Daos and attacked aggressively, shattering one evil spirit after another. As for the Emperor Sparrow, he didn’t need to do anything but just needed to absorb the evil spirits and the evil beads along the way.

However, Han Fei’s killing of the evil spirits seemed to have caused anomalies in a further area. All kinds of strange creatures, flying in the sky, running on the ground, and swimming in the void, rushed at him from all directions. Their numbers increased until there were hundreds of them.

“F*ck! So many?”

Han Fei didn’t expect that there would be so many evil spirits in this place. These weren’t as simple as Sea Establishers. These were all real Sky Opening Realm creatures!

The Emperor Sparrow shouted, “This place has been quiet for too long. The evil spirits have grown bigger. I’m afraid there are no evil spirits under the Sky Opening Realm.”

Han Fei said, “There are too many of them. If there are only these, it’s fine. If there are more, we won’t be able to hold on.”

Han Fei was powerful, but he could easily fight a hundred Sky Openers alone. Even if he had the power comparable to the top ten lords after activating his Great Daos, he couldn’t withstand such frequent high-energy explosions!

Han Fei took out his fishing pole and fished in the void while fighting. This was a small world in a Revived Place, so he couldn’t fish Gu Tingnan from time. However, he could try fishing Xing Yu who was closest to him.

At the exit of the revived place, Xing Yu’s heart suddenly stirred, and she looked a little absent-minded.

“Who’s looking for me?”