Chapter 2213: Fuse with the Emperor Sparrow

Han Fei couldn’t bear it anymore.

In the past, Han Fei didn’t seem to feel tired no matter how he fought.

However, when he really killed more than 200 Sky Opening realm evil spirits, he felt that Sky Openers were really difficult to fight.

These creatures couldn’t be killed easily. In fact, it was thanks to the Emperor Sparrow’s crazy absorption of their broken bodies. Otherwise, many of these spiritual bodies could revive, and perhaps they could reassemble their bones and continue to fight Han Fei.

For the first time, Han Fei knew his current limit of combat power. Although he could continue to reverse time, mental exhaustion was the real reason why he couldn’t hold on.

This was because this group of creatures in the Sky Opening realm launched too many soul attacks. If he wanted to block these soul attacks, the consumption would be astronomical.

In addition, in this battle, Han Fei discovered that reversing time couldn’t actually reverse mental weakness.

He hadn’t noticed this before because his soul was strong enough and he hadn’t reversed time for too many times, so he couldn’t feel how tired he was mentally.

However, this time, he experienced it.

“Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique.”

Under the bombardment of countless Sky Opening realm evil spirits, Han Fei activated the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique, not for the wounds on his body, but to relieve the pressure on his mind.

At this moment, the Emperor Sparrow shouted, “Fuse.”

Han Fei was shocked and immediately shouted, “Fuse!”


The color of the world changed. With Han Fei as the center, a blood cloud enveloped the sky. On Han Fei, a black mist was dispersing.

Han Fei’s pupils turned scarlet, and behind him, a pair of black wings more than ten meters long spread out. Countless silver lines appeared on his body, as if they were imprinted with divine patterns.

At that moment, Han Fei felt that his spiritual power was replenished, and it was extremely strong, so strong that he felt that he could fight another 200.

Of course, Han Fei’s fusion with the Emperor Sparrow couldn’t be so weak.

The Emperor Sparrow was not an ordinary bird in the first place. It could be seen from his inherited techniques, such as the Eye of Disaster, Inner Demon Summoning, the Heavenly Fiend Battle Body, and the Frenzying Eye… After entering the Sea Establishment realm, the Emperor Sparrow also had the Fiend Eating Divine Technique.

Looking at these inherited techniques, except for the Heavenly Fiend Battle Body, the others didn’t seem to be proper techniques.

The moment Han Fei fused with the Emperor Sparrow, he felt that the murderous aura around him seemed to be a kind of endless energy, and he seemed to be able to swallow this energy to fight at any time.

Han Fei subconsciously took a breath and felt that his body was like a vortex, absorbing the murderous aura into his body. It felt a little sweet, as if there was a sweet mist in the air.

Before Han Fei could study it further, a bunch of attacks arrived and blasted Han Fei away.

Han Fei suddenly felt an inexplicable anger in his heart. You mere evil spirits dare to mess with me?

When Han Fei had this idea, he was a little surprised, but he wasn’t surprised when he thought that he had fused with the Emperor Sparrow.

However, his fusion with the Emperor Sparrow was a bit stiff. When he was subconsciously angry, his eyes flickered with red light, and he saw that the three Sky Opening realm evil spirits closest to him suddenly froze and then suddenly began to fight their companions beside them.

The Emperor Sparrow said, “This is the Frenzying Eye. With your current strength, you can use the Frenzying Eye on about eight or ten evil spirits of this level. Any more won’t work.”

Hearing that, Han Fei immediately looked around and activated the Frenzying Eye.

Among the Sky Opening realm evil spirits, five more went mad and began to attack their companions.

When it came to the ninth one, the flood dragon evil spirit shook its head and broke free from the frenzying power. Besides, Han Fei felt his eyes hurt.

Han Fei said, “No! Only eight. There are probably eight hundred more here. Can’t your Eye of Disaster summon Sky Fiends?”

However, the Emperor Sparrow said, “The Eye of Disaster can’t be used easily. Although it can summon Sky Fiends, it will often cause other accidents. The Eye of Disaster means that a disaster will descend. It’s fine to use it in a place that’s not very dangerous, because in a relatively safe place, no matter how big the disaster is, it’s not a disaster. But here, the lowest combat power is in the Sky Opening realm. If I release a disaster here, I’m afraid I’ll create a Monarch-level evil spirit.”

“Hiss ~”

Han Fei was horrified. “Are you f*cking scaring me? Isn’t the Eye of Disaster supposed to only summon Sky Fiends? It can also summon monarchs? And you don’t even know the strength of your own skill?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “It’s not to summon a monarch, but to make an unexpected disaster happen in a certain place. What kind of power is needed to destroy a certain place full of Sky Openers?”


Han Fei was dumbfounded. It turned out that the Eye of Disaster was not an ordinary technique at all, but a destructive technique that could destroy an entire area.

Han Fei couldn’t help being horrified. The Emperor Sparrow had used this Eye of Disaster many times before.

Because the two parties had fused, the Emperor Sparrow knew what Han Fei was thinking. He said, “My using it is fundamentally different from you using it. I used to be in charge of disasters and can control this kind of power well.”

Han Fei said, “Then let’s fight first.”

Han Fei was about to attack, when the Emperor Sparrow said, “You should be able to control the Evil Eating Divine Technique now. Combine it with the Heavenly Fiend Battle Body and unleash it together.”

Han Fei was about to activate the Heavenly Fiend Battle Body, but the Emperor Sparrow reminded him to use the Fiend Eating Divine Technique at the same time.

When these two great techniques were imprinted in his mind, he saw that darkness surrounded Han Fei. Han Fei’s body was mutating, turning into a hundred-meter-tall demon covered in darkness.

At the same time, Han Fei felt an explosive power, which increased his physique by about two or three times.

It must be noted that Han Fei couldn’t maintain his Great Dao for long. Therefore, even if his Great Dao could provide him with five times more super combat power, what was the use if it didn’t last long?

Although the power brought by the Heavenly Fiend Battle Body wasn’t that strong, Han Fei sensed that as long as there was murderous aura, he could keep activating this technique.


Han Fei wanted to punch out, but then he moved. Although he didn’t exert his maximum speed, his instantaneous speed was not far away.

Shocked by the speed, Han Fei wanted to punch out, but his fist subconsciously turned into a claw.

“Chi la ~”

Ka ka ka ~

A ferocious beast that looked like a giant elephant was torn apart by Han Fei’s claw, and the giant elephant was instantly wrapped in thick black fog.

The evil spirit body in the black fog wanted to struggle, but its mind was enchanted by the black fog.

Han Fei was a little surprised. “Is this an ominous aura?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “You’re right. This is the ominous aura. However, this has become my own ominous aura, not the ominous ones in the Chaotic Wasteland.”

Han Fei asked, “Is there a difference?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “The difference is that these ominous things carry the darkness in my fate. They can demonize the mind more. Try controlling this evil spirit with the ominous aura.”

Han Fei was shocked. Can I do this?


The overwhelming dark mist spread in all directions. Some evil spirits didn’t care and even tried to attack Han Fei.

Some attacked Han Fei while resisting the dark mist.

The difference was that the murderous aura on those who didn’t resist was gradually swallowed by the dark mist, and in their eyes, the black flames replaced the murderous aura.


When Han Fei saw creatures being swallowed by the ominous mist one after another, their murderous aura was absorbed into his body and turned into his power, and their skeleton bodies became his puppets.

Han Fei immediately used the ominous aura unscrupulously. It was awesome to fight without doing it himself. This was like the difference between a mage and a warrior. He was only launching long-distance attacks and Dao technique control.

Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. When Han Fei controlled the 32nd evil spirit, the ominous aura on his body became fainter and fainter and was almost gone.

The Emperor Sparrow said, “After all, I haven’t reached the Sky Opening realm yet. I can only produce so much ominous aura.”

Han Fei looked at the countless remaining evil spirits. What could he do? Keep fighting.

Indeed, with the Emperor Sparrow joining the battle, his combat time and combat methods had improved greatly. However, as the Emperor Sparrow said, he was only at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm now. It was already shocking that he could control dozens of Sky Opening realm evil spirits. In addition to the Frenzying Eye, the Emperor Sparrow alone was comparable to more than a hundred evil spirits.

When Han Fei fought for a while with the Heavenly Fiend Battle Body and the Fiend Eating Divine Technique and killed another hundred Sky Opening Realm evil spirits, his soul was exhausted again.