Chapter 2218: Path of Star Transformation

At this moment, Han Fei was already in his hands, but as a very good actor, he certainly couldn’t let his guard down.

A large amount of soul power condensed between Han Fei’s eyebrows, and an ownerless soul covered his body. He tried to attack this person while trying to resist.

However, blood fiends condensed between this person’s eyebrows, and a strange spiritual power erupted.


In place, a terrifying explosion occurred, and the airwaves spread out for a hundred thousand kilometers. Han Fei and the ancient human didn’t move.

Most importantly, the ancient human didn’t move.

He said, “What a pity. If you have turned your Origin Sea into a star, the consequences would be unpredictable. But now, you’re still too inexperienced.”

With that, the ancient human gathered the power of his soul and tried to break through Han Fei’s resistance and enter his sea of consciousness.

Although the ownerless souls on the surface of Han Fei’s body were endless, they were constantly shattering. In the end, Han Fei couldn’t resist anymore and his mind was suddenly attacked by an extremely powerful soul.


“I will carry your past and walk towards your future. If I take revenge, I can prove my Dao with a snap of my fingers. Perhaps I will even become a god with your body…”

Han Fei’s soul was suppressed, but he didn’t panic at all. He said, “Hey! Have you had enough fun?”


In Han Fei’s sea of consciousness, the ancient human felt something strange. He found that this person was not afraid at all, but extremely relaxed, like… a winner.

“Humph! No matter how powerful you are, how can you resist me in this state?”


Just as the huge soul pressure of the ancient human race was trying to crush and occupy Han Fei’s sea of consciousness to suppress his soul, suddenly, a small calabash appeared in Han Fei’s sea of consciousness.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

As the Demon Purification Pot revolved, six small vines slowly extended out, not giving the ancient powerhouse any chance to escape.

“What is this? I’m going to be a Monarch. How can I be suppressed by you?!”


The soul of the ancient human began to resist violently, but no matter how he resisted, he couldn’t break free from the restraints of the vine.

Han Fei said with a smile, “Do you really think I dare to play with you without any trump cards? If it weren’t for the fact that I’m afraid of waste, I would have beaten you to death before you could even enter my sea of consciousness. Tsk, tsk. Now, do you still covet my body?”

Han Fei was relieved. He had laid so many foundations and wasted 5,000 years of vitality to lure this person into his sea of consciousness just for this moment.

If this person didn’t want to possess him, then Han Fei could only ask his Eldest Senior Brother to help. However, he had been possessed more than once. These people always coveted his body.

Under the suppression of the Demon Purification Pot, Han Fei was confident that even if the soul of a Monarch came in person, it would still be suppressed, not to mention that this person was not a Monarch yet.

“Roar! We’re of the same race after all. I don’t want to kill you. Let me go. I’ll let you go…”

Han Fei sneered. “Do you think I’m an idiot? Let you go and then let you continue to kill me?”

With that, Han Fei issued an order in his heart, “Demon Purification Pot, destroy him, crush his soul, and obliterate his consciousness.”

After all, Han Fei had been growing and his compatibility with the Demon Purification Pot was getting higher and higher. At this moment, he could already partially control the Demon Purification Pot.

And this ancient human was indeed powerful. If the Demon Purification Pot didn’t take action, Han Fei would be doomed.

Therefore, the Demon Purification Pot obeyed his order. As it spun, the soul and consciousness of this ancient human being were slowly obliterated amidst his crazy roars and howls.

However, because the soul of this ancient human was too powerful, even if his consciousness dissipated, Han Fei could see countless memories of him in his sea of consciousness.

Among them, the most prominent memory was the memory of the destruction of this place. From that memory, Han Fei saw the figures of the Heavenly Cicada Family, and the Heavenly Cicada Wings were flapping.

The mountains, rivers, and the earth were collapsing, and billions of creatures were being killed. A strong master forcibly took the World Origin and deprived this world of its Great Dao. Han Fei even saw someone swallowing the luck of the world and absorbing the Qi of living beings.

When Han Fei saw these big means, he was shocked. Wouldn’t these guys be burnt with karmic fire after he cruelly killed so many creatures?

Or did these people not care at all?

Or was the so-called negative karma actually a lie?

Han Fei wasn’t sure about this, but he did see a world being destroyed. If it were the Raging Sea, Han Fei would probably be driven even crazier than this ancient human.

“Don’t worry. Your enemy is also my enemy. The Heavenly Cicada Family and that special race that swallows human energy. One day, I will trample on them one by one and obliterate them. Because I am the human emperor.”

At this moment, the soul of the ancient powerhouse was finally completely obliterated and he couldn’t struggle anymore. It seemed that he had heard Han Fei’s words and gave up struggling.

In any case, this person had been obliterated, and his soul had turned into endless ownerless souls. However, Han Fei felt that his soul had been seriously contaminated, so he didn’t take any of them. If he needed ownerless souls, there were plenty of ownerless souls in the energy crystals.

However, when the terrifying soul was ground into a milky pearl by Han Fei, it attracted Han Fei’s attention.

At this moment, all six small vines were inserted into the pearl, as if they were extracting the energy in the milky pearl.

Information popped up in Han Fei’s mind.

< Name > Primordial Star Bead

< Introduction > A star left behind after a powerhouse whose Origin Sea had been turned into a star dies. It’s usually difficult to preserve. This star bead contains the power of the soul at a higher level. Consuming it can greatly increase the power of the soul. You can gain experience on how to turn the Origin Sea into a star and have a chance to comprehend the profound meaning of the Origin Sea. And you can also obtain the inheritance of the dead.

<Level> Sky Opening Realm

< Quality > Ultra-Quality

< Soul Power > 10,021,301

< Effect > It can help you understand the Origin Mark, the star transformation process, and even the entire Sky Opening realm.

When Han Fei saw the information, he couldn’t help being shocked. Good lord, more than 10 million points of soul power. No wonder this guy could crush him in strength. This was more than twice what he had.

If it weren’t for the previous major improvement og Han Fei’s soul power, this guy’s soul power would be three times his.

Besides, this might be what was left after this person’s soul was obliterated.

However, Han Fei was a little puzzled. Could he eat so much soul power now? Would his combat power be greatly reduced because of the huge gap between his soul power and his physique like hundreds of years ago?

However, such a good thing was placed in front of him, and how could he not eat it? Even the Demon Purification Pot said that it was extremely difficult to keep this thing. Others might not even have a chance to see this Primordial Star Bead.

Therefore, when Han Fei slowly opened his eyes and the Primordial Star Bead floated out between his eyebrows, he reached out, took out his fishing pole, and immediately fished out the Nine Palace Luck Ruler.

Combined with the Nine Palace Luck Ruler, Han Fei divinated and found that the divination result was flat. This meant no great danger or great fortune. First of all, he was sure that the divination result of Impasse had been broken. The real Impasse was this ancient human being.

Secondly, if he took this Primordial Star Bead, although it didn’t seem to be dangerous, it didn’t seem to be beneficial. He didn’t know how the divination result became like this.

But in short, this Primordial Star Bead was edible.

With a thought, Han Fei ignored the Blood Fiend’s body that was standing there like a statue. With his soul gone, the threat of this body was zero.

Han Fei looked back at the evil spirits and found that they still didn’t dare to come in. Perhaps they were used to it. After all, Blood Fiend’s body was still there.

Han Fei ignored it, sat cross-legged, and swallowed the Primordial Star Bead.


The Star Bead turned into nothingness. A large amount of information instantly appeared in Han Fei’s mind. The information began as if he were turning his Origin Sea into a star.

After the Origin Sea was opened to more than 400,000 kilometers, it began to transform into a star. It must be because this ancient human didn’t have good resources, so he could only borrow endless murderous aura to transform his Origin Sea into a star.

His Origin Sea was filled with blood. The entire Origin Sea began to bend like a piece of paper, from face to arc, from arc to ball.

When a ball was formed, Han Fei seemed to be standing on a star, but the star he saw was full of magma, flames and broken walls.

Han Fei sensed anger and hatred from the endless flames. The broken walls that covered the ground seemed to be the source of the power on this star.

Han Fei saw that on the star, there was an evil Great Dao nourishing the demons in the flames. Countless ferocious faces seemed to be crawling out of the ground.

The entire planet was full of this evil.

The scene changed, and Han Fei suddenly felt that he was standing in the distant starry sky, looking at this star, which was suddenly covered by the flowing fire in the starry sky. When the flowing fire surrounded it, this star formed its own star belt.

However, this was not the end. It seemed that all the evil in the starry sky was gathering here. Broken stars floated over and surrounded the star.

A strange red demonic sun illuminated the hellish stars.

Han Fei was a little frightened. He seemed to understand the path after turning his Origin Sea into a star. He turned his Origin Sea into a star and then gathered the same Great Dao in the sea of stars with the power of his own star.

Han Fei also understood one thing at the same time, which was that the absorption of the same Great Dao existed. Because of the absorption of the same Great Dao, stars could gather.

In reality, if one killed someone with the same Great Dao, he might be able to keep his Origin Sea and attract it to his natal star, gradually making it his own. This was the fundamental reason why the same Great Dao would absorb each other.

“I see…”