Chapter 2221: Is the Crab the Strong Master Behind the Scenes?

As Han Fei expected, once there was no ambush, the terrifying combat power of the City of Scavenger and the City of Origin would be reflected.

In the year he entered the Primordial Ancient Land, according to the emperors, less than 50 enemies on each side had died, and this was with the help of the City of Wanderers.

After all, although there were nearly a hundred peak-level Sea Establishers in the No. 3 Revived Place, there were still too few of them compared to the City of Scavenger and the City of Origin.

If it weren’t for the help of the City of Wanderers, most of them might have been killed by now.

The four emperors complained to Han Fei that more than half of their top Sea Establishment-realm powerhouses had died. If this went on, they would have no kings left.

Han Fei confirmed that in the year he was away, all the major camps had suffered damage. Since entering this place, more than 40% of the people of the City of Scavengers had died. The City of Origin was slightly better, but not much better.

This was mainly because of the ambush in the first three months, which killed a group of strong masters in advance.

As for the City of Wanderers, although under the leadership of Nezha, they mainly ambushed the other two major forces, they had lost the right to hunt resources.

In fact, many people were very uncomfortable about this. After all, they were not only here to fight this time. This was a revived place. These creatures had a large amount of Life Origin and World Origin in their bodies.

But now, they couldn’t get any benefits, which was equivalent to them becoming pure thugs. How could they be happy?

Near a certain cave, someone said, “Boss Nezha, how long do we have to cooperate? Although we don’t mind cooperating with the native creatures, they can’t just give us nothing! Can they at least give us some World Origin?”

“Yes! Boss Nezha, we’ve been fighting here for more than a year, but we haven’t seen anything. Others are constantly getting stronger, but we just keep fighting.”

“Boss Nezha, should we ask the natives for some resources?”

Han Fei had always been a domineering person. He said indifferently, “You don’t have to gain anything from this trip to the No. 3 Revived Place. When you return to the City of Wanderers, the Master of Silence will give you enough compensation.”

“Hiss ~”

“Boss Nezha, was this matter arranged by the Master of Silence?”

“Boss Nezha, this can’t be a joke. Will the Master of Silence personally give us rewards?”

Beside Nezha, Long Yue roared, “Don’t you trust Boss Nezha? We’ve been cooperating with the natives for so long. How can we suddenly turn to attack them now?”

Suddenly, Nezha stood up. “Okay, it’s time. Let’s play big.”

Everyone: “???”

The corners of Nezha’s mouth curled up slightly. His original body had finally returned.

Three days later.

In the depths of an undersea jungle, Bai Ranran said, “The primitive natives seem to have given up resisting and even abandoned the ground veins here. It seems that the native powerhouses are indeed short-handed.”

Ghost Blade asked, “Could it be an ambush?”

Bai Ranran said, “The probability is very high, but it’s just right. We can finish the battle in one fell swoop.”

On the other side.

Butcher An cut open a mountain range and looted the ultra-quality spiritual stones and Earth Vein Spring Water hidden here. He sneered. “They are retreating in an orderly manner. Now they don’t even want to fight an ambush. It seems that they don’t have many people left.”

“Butcher, should we chase them?”


The person who spoke was slapped away, and Butcher An cursed, “Chase my ass! This is clearly bait. When the enemy gives up all the battlefields, the only possibility is that they want to fight an unprecedented ambush. Am I so stupid?”

“Yes, yes! Boss Butcher, I’m overthinking.”

Butcher An snorted and said, “There must be a strategist behind these natives. From the moment we entered the No. 3 Revived Place, we were ambushed and then were forced to fight head-on. If it weren’t for a top powerhouse like me, most people might still be fighting head-on on the battlefield.”

“Boss Butcher, do you mean to let the City of Scavengers go first?”

Butcher An smiled and said, “Not only let the City of Scavengers go first, but also let the guys from the City of Wanderers go first. Since we came in, we rarely see the people from the City of Wanderers fighting. Instead, we often meet the guys from the City of Scavengers. It seems that they are watching us and the people from the City of Scavengers make a joke of ourselves.”

As Butcher An spoke, his eyes were cold. In fact, he had a vague guess, but he felt that it was unlikely.

In the Death Abyss, at this moment, 46 ferocious beasts at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm and 103 sea demons in the Sea Establishment realm had gathered. This was already the last power of the No. 3 Revived Place.

In front of the four emperors, Han Fei’s body began to twist and finally turned into a big crab.


Seeing Han Fei’s actions, the four emperors were speechless. How can he change so easily? You are not even of the same bloodline as ours!

The crab that Han Fei transformed into was at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm. If it became too strong, no one would dare to fight it when it reached the Sky Opening realm.

Han Fei felt that as long as Bai Ranran and Butcher An weren’t fools, they should be able to sense that someone was directing the natives of the No. 3 Revived Place.

However, with the pride of these people, they wouldn’t be afraid. This was because they must have discovered that the strong masters in the revived place were not enough.

Another eight days passed.

In the City of Wanderers, Nezha led a hundred people and encountered the people from the City of Scavengers on the way.

However, this time, the two parties didn’t show any signs of fighting. When Bai Ranran saw Nezha, she asked, “Fight?”

Han Fei replied, “I’m not free.”

Just these simple words explained the state of the two parties. This trip to the revived place took a total of two years. They didn’t gain much, but they had lost nearly 50% of their people. How could they still want to fight the other two major forces?

Even if they wanted to fight, it wasn’t the time. They should settle the natives of this revived place first before settling the grudges among the three major powers.

The two parties met not because of a coincidence, but because their destination was the same. However, the only ones who hadn’t shown up yet were the guys from the City of Origin.

When Nezha, Bai Ranran, and the others arrived at the Death Abyss with more than 170 people, they saw that the battle had already been set up.

A crab man was guarding a big pit with a group of ferocious beasts at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm.

Immediately, Nezha said indifferently, “Fifty against two hundred. I don’t know where you get your confidence from.”

The leading crab shouted, “Why did you break into our world?”

Nezha said, “Hand over the World Origin of the world. I won’t be your enemy.”

Seeing that Nezha spoke without hesitation, Bai Ranran thought to herself, This guy is quite bold. If you ask for the World Origin of the world, it’s equivalent to breaking their foundation. How can they give it to you? This kind of thing still needs to be solved by fighting.

However, the problem now was who would fight first.

Nezha looked at Bai Ranran and said, “Shall we each send 50 people?”

Bai Ranran replied quickly, “Okay!”

Nezha was the first to stand out, followed by 49 people.

He said, “Everyone else, pay attention to the rear. The City of Origin may set an ambush. We have to be on guard.”

On Bai Ranran’s side, he glanced at Tian Hong, who immediately took a few steps back. He stayed behind to guard. Ghost Blade and another group of people followed her.

It seemed that this was just a final battle. Bai Ranran didn’t have any special thoughts. The only thing she found strange was that these people were really here to die.

Bai Ranran didn’t think so. She was thinking about whether the cave behind these creatures was an ambush or an opportunity.

However, no one thought too much now. They felt that no matter what, they should kill these natives first.

At this moment, Nezha, Long Yue, Bai Ranran, and Ghost Blade attacked at the same time.

As for the other party, the big crab held two giant hammers and charged at them, looking like it was risking its life.

“Kill ~”

Han Fei held the sledgehammers, and lightning marks appeared in the void. To Bai Ranran’s surprise, the leading crab turned into a ray of light, even faster than Ghost Blade.

Boom! Boom!

With two strikes, two strong masters from the City of Scavengers were directly hammered into powder, and their souls were obliterated by Han Fei.

With a flip of his hand, lightning exploded, and another person from the City of Wanderers was also shattered, but he didn’t really die.

This scene shocked Bai Ranran. She looked at Nezha, who looked also very surprised.

Nezha shouted, “Everyone, avoid this crab.”

Bai Ranran and Nezha made the same command. She found that this crab was very strong, so strong that she couldn’t react in time.

It had to be known that even a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse couldn’t instantly kill two Sea Establishers in front of her, but this crab did it.

Bai Ranran had reason to suspect that this crab was the powerhouse behind the scenes in the No. 3 Revived Place.