Chapter 2222: The Last Ambush

Bai Ranran, Ghost Blade, and Nezha charged at the crab who was actually Han Fei at the same time.

However, the combat power Han Fei showed far exceeded their imagination. They felt the terrifying vitality in Han Fei’s body, and at the same time, they could feel that Han Fei borrowed the power of the Heavenly Dao.

Therefore, Bai Ranran thought that Han Fei could unleash such strong combat power because he borrowed the power of the World Origin of the world.

This was because she discovered that this guy’s strength far exceeded Tian Hong’s. His speed was completely erupting at the ultimate speed, and his Dao runes secretly conformed to the Heavenly Dao. All of this told her that this crab was a powerhouse of the same level as her. Furthermore, after borrowing the power of the world’s origin, its strength surpassed hers.

In an instant, Bai Ranran activated the Great Dao in her body, and the airwaves around her shook. Her speed reached the ultimate speed and caught up with Han Fei’s.

This was the first time Han Fei had seen Bai Ranran really attack. It turned out that this woman also used knives. Her knife light was attached with the power of soul swallowing, which could disturb the soul.


When Bai Ranran collided with Han Fei’s hammer, the terrifying force had sent her flying thousands of kilometers away.

“Puff ~”

Bai Ranran wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. She couldn’t believe that she was injured after just a head-on blow.

However, when Bai Ranran saw that Nezha’s Universe Ring was sent flying and his Chaotic Heavenly Silk Array was broken by the two hammers, she immediately felt much better.

She thought to herself, Sure enough, Nezha is no match for this crab either.

After Bai Ranran and Nezha were repelled, Han Fei sneered in his heart and immediately targeted Ghost Blade. He could actually hunt the kings of the City of Scavengers crazily, but it would arouse suspicion if he only hunted them.

But Ghost Blade was extremely strong. Everyone could understand why he wanted to hunt him because he might want to solve the strongest first.

On Han Fei’s giant hammer, there was golden light and thunderous sounds in the void. It was Han Fei chasing Ghost Blade. In an instant, the two had already crossed tens of thousands of kilometers and fought three times.


On the third time, there was a cracking sound, and Ghost Blade’s double knives were pierced through. The double knives, which were Ghost Blade’s hands, were broken by Han Fei.

A terrifying blood Qi immediately erupted from Bai Ranran’s body. She held a long blue knife in her hand, and a white light appeared between her eyebrows. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be a sea pen-type creature with very ethereal white feathers.

When Bai Ranran fused with her companion spirit, Han Fei vaguely saw the void distort, and the other party attacked him.

“Huh? In terms of speed, I feel that it’s even beyond the ultimate speed.”

Apart from her speed becoming faster, Bai Ranran’s companion spirit actually created an afterimage for her. And this afterimage actually had 100% of Bai Ranran’s combat power.

“No wonder.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. No wonder Bai Ranran could be the strongest in the Law Enforcement Camp. It was because her Companion Spirit was very powerful. In terms of combat power, it might be even stronger than his Twin Divine Technique.

However, the function of her Companion Spirit was far inferior to the Twin Divine Technique.

Seeing that Han Fei had withstood the attacks of four top powerhouses alone, the onlookers were shocked. Could the natives be so strong?

On Han Fei’s side, the battle speed was too fast and the combat efficiency was too high. Even if it was four against one, they couldn’t suppress him. Han Fei even killed Ghost Blade under the siege of the four of them.

Ghost Blade’s characteristics were high speed and strong attack power. However, his shortcomings were also obvious. His physique was not strong enough and his methods were limited.

Unfortunately, Ghost Blade had mastered a death replacement art. The moment he was cut, he seemed to have shed a layer of shell and appeared thousands of kilometers away.


Han Fei could feel that even if he killed Ghost Blade again, it was useless. He should be able to continue to shed his shell. However, he knew that this kind of molting technique couldn’t last forever. He thought that as long as he killed him a few more times, he should be able to kill him until he couldn’t shed his shell.

At this time, in addition to the battle on Han Fei’s side, the native powerhouses he led were already powerless. After all, the two cities’ teams had twice as many people as them. At this time, it was already good enough that they didn’t die.

Han Fei shouted, “Everyone, retreat into the ancient land.”

The ancient land that Han Fei was talking about was naturally the Primordial Ancient Land. There were evil spirits everywhere there. It could be said that if these people went in, no one could survive.

As for the primitive creatures in the No. 3 Revived Place, they felt that they were going to die. Although they didn’t know Han Fei, the emperor here had already ordered them to listen to Han Fei.

Therefore, although many creatures knew how terrifying the Death Abyss was, they might as well die instead of watching these invaders seize their Life Origin and World Origin and then kill them.

Therefore, under Han Fei’s command, these creatures retreated without hesitation and swarmed into the Death Abyss.

As for the crab that Han Fei turned into, because it was too strong, Bai Ranran and the others wanted to stop it, but they couldn’t, so they could only let Han Fei lead his people into the Death Abyss.

However, in the eyes of Bai Ranran and the others, the Death Abyss was clearly a trap. They felt that this was the last place for the strong masters to fight. How could they not have any trump cards?

However, they only felt that there would be a trump card here, but they didn’t think this was a dangerous place. After all, they saw Han Fei lead a large group of peak-level Sea Establishment-realm powerhouses into it.

Bai Ranran looked at Nezha. “Although we obtained a lot of resources this time, we obtained very little World Origin. This place has all kinds of creatures growing within a hundred thousand kilometers. Especially near this abyss, it’s a place where earth veins gather, and heaven and earth spiritual energy and Dao laws abound. If I’ve guessed right, this is probably the place where World Origin was born.”

Nezha asked, “So?”

Bai Ranran said, “This is an Origin Ground. There must be a lot of World Origins here.”

Nezha said, “The World Origin is shared by all creatures, and the World Origin here is not infinite. At most, it’s the amount of a dozen World Origin Fruits. Why should I take the risk?”

Long Yue said, “That’s right. This is clearly a trap.”

Nezha looked into the distance. “Butcher An, since you’re here, why hide? I’m afraid it’s impossible for you to wait and reap the benefits.”

Butcher An was also good at arrays and was a master of arrays. Besides, this person was not as weak as he seemed on the surface. He had a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

After being exposed by Nezha, the latter didn’t hide anymore. After all, the City of Wanderers and the City of Scavengers didn’t fight, so it was meaningless for him to hide.

Butcher An laughed. “Why? You didn’t think of me until you didn’t dare to chase them in? Now you want to invite me to join you? When you killed my people in the No. 9 Revived Place, did you ever expect today?”

Nezha shrugged. “I didn’t kill your men. She did.”

Han Fei pointed at Bai Ranran as if it had nothing to do with him.

Butcher An sneered. “Bai Ranran is not a good person, and neither are you, Nezha. I know you called me out because you want me to join you, but why should I? I don’t care about those World Origin Fruits. If you really want me to join you, then take out real benefits, such as Life Origin, World Origin crystals, earth vein spring water, energy crystals, and ultra-quality spirit stone mines.”

Han Fei and Bai Ranran asked at the same time, “How much do you want?”

At this moment, no one would run into the Death Abyss at will. Everything inside was unknown. But the An family was different. If they cheated with the God’s Arrival Technique, it could completely allow many powerhouses in the City of Origin to have the power of the Sky Opening realm for a short period of time.

If the strong masters of the An family joined in, they could even fight Sky Opening realm powerhouses.

Therefore, if the An family didn’t participate in the exploration of the Death Abyss, no matter how many people from the two factions entered it, it wouldn’t be appropriate.

If not enough people entered and they couldn’t beat these natives, the crab alone could kill many people.

If too many people went in, the City of Origin would become the biggest winner if anything happened.

Furthermore, once too many people from the City of Scavengers and City of Wanderers died, with Butcher An’s personality, he would definitely cause trouble outside.

Of course, they could completely give up on the Death Abyss, but if they did, there would be nothing to explore in the No. 3 Revived Place. If they didn’t go to the biggest secret place, how could they gain much benefit? And if they didn’t enter the Death Abyss, it meant that they had lost so many people for nothing this time, but they hadn’t even killed the natives. At that time, who could stand it?

Besides, the last thing they could be sure of was whether the teleportation jade slip could work in such a secret place. It would be fine if it could work, but if it couldn’t, they would have to face the ambush of the natives. Without enough manpower, there wouldn’t be enough people to fight.

Therefore, Nezha and Bai Ranran asked Butcher An how much he wanted.

Although Butcher An said that he didn’t care about the World Origin of the world, in fact, how could he really not care? This was not a revived place, but a semi-origin ground. There must be a lot of resources here.

Therefore, Butcher An said casually, “Energy crystals, 100 million per city. Ultra-quality spiritual stones, 10 billion per city. Earth Vein Spring Water, 100,000 catties per city. Life Origin, 100 per city. World Origin Crystals, 30 per city…”


Immediately, the City of Wanderers and the City of Scavengers were in an uproar.

Bai Ranran said, “Are you sure there are so many resources down below?”

Long Yue asked, “So as long as you send someone out, you can become the biggest winner?”

Butcher An said, “Hahaha, I can take a step back. I can spare the World Origin Crystals, but I want all the rest. Otherwise, I’ll go back and you guys continue to dawdle here. Anyway, I can wait. When the time comes, I can ask the emperor to take action and barge in.”

Nezha: “Half, or else it’s not worth it.”

Bai Ranran said, “I agree. Butcher An, it’s up to you whether you want the free resources or not. To me, this is just a mission.”

Butcher An: “80%, no less, or I’ll suffer a loss.”

Nezha said, “60%. One more percent, the City of Wanderers will leave.”

The three parties bargained and in the end, the two parties decided to give Butcher An 60% of the resources he demanded.

Butcher An said, “The City of Origin will send out 30 people. You know how powerful the God’s Arrival Technique of the City of Origin is. I’ll also send out a member of the An family. Similarly, you need to send out some capable people.”

Bai Ranran: “Ghost Blade, go.”

Ghost Blade nodded. “Okay!”

Nezha looked at Long Yue. “Long Yue, Li Kanli, you two go together.”

Long Yue: “No problem.”

Li Kanli: “Okay!”